Spanish Nurse Using All Methods To Prevent Contagion, Has Ebola In Madrid Hospital!

Very bad news and the EU better wake the hell up, fast!  Spanish nurse becomes first person to contract virus outside of Africa in Spain.  Madrid, Spain.  She was treating a missionary who came down with the disease and despite all precautions being taken, she got it anyways just like many before her.  This is a VERY highly contagious disease since people wearing all the gear still get it not once or twice but often.


Added:  I just learned from the EU gossip that the nurse entered the room of the patient in Spain only TWICE.  She has been showing symptoms for several days.  While on HOLIDAY.  So they have to find out where she was and who she touched for six days in same resort, I imagine.


The missionary died on the 26th of September and she came down with symptoms today which is ten days later.  Dallas Ebola victim’s stepdaughter is given all clear to return to work as nursing assistant even though she took her uncle to the hospital and was very exposed to him the entire time he was throwing up and sweating all over her.


She even says she is surprised to hear it is OK to go to work in a hospital after a mere week of ‘quarantine’ even though we know this should last 21 days.


Both nurses can spread this disease very fast indeed to sick people in hospitals!  The Madrid nurse probably has scattered a ton of germs about the landscape before becoming sick enough to go to the hospital, herself.


U.S. troops set up at first Ebola field hospital in Liberia and start with a barbed wire perimeter which makes sense since the people in Africa who are being ‘rescued’ have this ugly record, totally hidden by US news media, of attacking people who try to stop the plague.


One look at pictures of the soldiers setting up camp in this hell hole shows how impossible this task is for them, trying to keep them all clean and clear of disease while working close to infected people.  I feel sorry for them and am betting no one will be put under quarantine when they return.  God help their poor families!


Parents of NBC Ebola journalist begged him not to go to Liberia and now he is back in Nebraska where nurses will try to protect themselves while treating him.  Very sad.


My husband had to be in the hospital today to be examined in the emergency room.  On all the doors are new posters put up since yesterday showing ebola symptoms and a picture of Africa with a jet on it, flying to the US.  This, in a nutshell, shows clearly how this is to be stopped but even  now, the government will not stop these jets.


Instead, Obama’s new airport screening plan uses CUSTOMS AGENTS to spot Ebola.  They will hold ‘long shot’ thermometers to see if anyone is ‘sick’.  Great.  What of the disease carriers who have no fever or too aspirin and then throw up all over Dallas the next three days?  Obviously, this is completely stupid.


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17 responses to “Spanish Nurse Using All Methods To Prevent Contagion, Has Ebola In Madrid Hospital!

  1. vengeur

    Someone once told me people do stupid things, until they do the stupid thing that kills them.

  2. Looks like we in the US are experiencing what Ghana went through during the initial outbreak before it became a pandemic. Denial-Downplay-React-Panic!!!

  3. Christian W

    The Norwegian doctor with Doctors without Borders and the other assistants work under these strict conditions according to Norwegian media:

    * They wash their hands with chlorine 50-100 times per day
    * Never go closer than 1 meter to other people
    * No bodily contact whatsoever, including no hand shakes
    * Does not touch their face or eyes

    And that is obviously still not enough.

  4. Christian W

    The Spanish priest with Ebola landed in Spain on Sept. 22nd. He had probably been infected a few days before. He died about three days later on Sept. 25th. Sometime during those dates the nurse picked up the virus, even if she only entered the sick persons room TWICE.

    Today is Oct. 7th. The nurse reported symptoms, a slight fever on Sept. 30th, and checked in at the hospital on Sunday Oct 5th with a high fever…

    In the meantime what happened and what did she do? She went on holiday after the priest died knowing full well she could have been exposed to the virus (but obviously thinking her professional training and equipment had protected her against the virus, or simply taking a chance they had…). She was on holiday when she got sick and when she reported to the hospital. Great.

  5. e sutton

    This weekend I was chatting with some friends about ebola over a game of spades. I mentioned how ebola was something we as a country should be taking a great deal of precaution with and under no circumstances should we be allowing people from Africa to come into this country.

    Well, you would have thought I had said that we should expatriate all blacks back to Africa from their attitude (btw, one couple has a two year old child). So, yes, I got the “You just don’t want anymore blacks in this country.” routine. I said, “That has nothing to do with it. These people are coming into this country and going into the Liberian ghettos that are scattered inside of every major city in this country. This is a poor populace. Most don’t have health insurance. Frankly, many are i.v. drug users who share needles and any women (and some men) engage in prostitution. They are notoriously vagrant and can easily pass the virus on. It is that community that will suffer first and the most.”

    The Center for Disease Control is not even TALKING about the fact that this disease spreads through SEXUAL CONTACT. Additionally, there is lots of ILLICIT GAY SEX among this group of males, who don’t talk about it because it is very much against their culture to be homosexual. We have all the makings for a first class epidemic in this country and NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT IT! I would have thought we would have learned from the AIDS crisis in the ’80s, but apparently not.

  6. larry, dfh

    Good luck w/your husband!

  7. Alaskan Ice

    It’s almost as if Ebola had been transmitted to more than one unfortunate soul outside Africa, so many people are messing their pants over it.

  8. Bola

    BBC Horizon 2014 Ebola The Search for a Cure PDTV

  9. melponeme_k

    The story keeps changing continually. Now they are acknowledging Ebola in Europe is inevitable but they can handle it! I’m sure the poor nurse thought she had it handled as well.

    The comments are still hilarious. They are glad no one in Europe is panicking. The newspapers have the comments locked down so tight, you can’t hear anyone scream through that! And Europe gets the lions share of African migrants. They have plenty to be worried about now.

  10. emsnews

    Absolutely and this really saddens me.

    I was one of the very first in the US to get this from someone who stayed in Hong Kong and then flew, sick, to San Francisco.

    “By September 1968, the flu reached India, the Philippines, northern Australia and Europe. That same month, the virus entered California from returning Vietnam War troops but did not become widespread in the US until December 1968. It would reach Japan, Africa and South America by 1969.[4] The outbreak in Hong Kong, where density is about 500 people per acre, reached maximum intensity in 2 weeks, lasting 6 months in total from July to December 1968, however worldwide deaths from this virus peaked much later, in December 1968 and January 1969. By that time, public health warnings[5] and virus descriptions[6] were issued in the scientific and medical journals.”

    After I recovered from the flu, I was hit very hard by pneumonia and that took two months to recover from and I was very, very weak for three years. Went from being an athlete who was also taking a graduate level course in school at age 18 to barely functional.

    It was horrible and many people died from this disease which wasn’t the worse flu in history by a long, long shot. One thing that stopped it quickly was how fast they created a vaccine.

    My blood was used by the CDC for this purpose. I gladly assented to this.

  11. Jim R

    Spain Warns “Something Went Wrong” As Suspected Ebola Cases Rise In Madrid

    Despite being described by Spain’s public health director as “a national jewel,” the head of Spain’s Nursing Council warns “something went wrong” in the health care system’s protocols. As RT reports, Spanish health officials have 4 patients interned including infected initial nurse, her husband, and a 2nd nurse (male). Furthermore, 22 more possible Ebola cases are under surveillance having had direct contact with the infected nurse during her vacation after being infected (officials have said they ‘don’t know’ how she became infected with the deadly virus). Images within the hospital show “irregularities” and make-shift isolation units and an insider account said “I do not want to create social alarm, but explain what is still a reality everyday for a few months of nursing staff at the ICU.”. One researcher noted “air traffic is the driver.,” and added ominously, “it’s just a matter of who gets lucky and who gets unlucky.”

    Still waiting for this wisdom to sink into the little pea-brains of our “leadership”.

    I wonder if, a few years from now, they will even be able to come up with a flu vaccine as quickly as they did in 1968, what with all the dumbing-down… (as in EMS’ latest article).

  12. DeVaul


    What a perfect summary of our reaction to this disease.

    As I said before, it didn’t have to be this way, but it WILL be this way.

    And I still wonder: why?

  13. And yet the dear leaders of all these countries *still* will not do what should be obvious and BLOCK *all* travel from these countries! Granted, it won’t stop the illegal migration into the EU but at least they won’t be arriving in flying sardine cans where everyone can get it!

  14. docg

    The CDC has repeatedly explained the reason why closing the borders to flights from these countries is counter productive and could hasten the spread of the disease. People just don’t listen, I suppose. The CDC is the best and most knowledgeable to manage this situation. Take some time to read the reasons why the CDC is correct in their assertion.

  15. DeVaul

    (The above was an important communique from the Communist Department of Commissars. Please stay tuned for more important messages.)

  16. emsnews

    Yeah, allowing plague carriers to travel all over the planet at the speed of sound is a great tactic for stopping an epidemic.

  17. Ed-M

    And allowing the Ebola carriers to infect untold thousands on flights, at destination airports, and in the countries they arrive in is a better idea?

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