Sheriff’s Deputy In Texas Rushed To Hospital, Duncan Dead: Ebola Crisis Becomes Much More Dangerous

BREAKING NEWS: Second person rushed to hospital in Texas with Ebola symptoms after contact with ‘patient zero’ who died today


The CareNow clinic in Frisco, Texas was placed in lock-down after the person appeared and was exhibiting signs of the deadly virus today
The patient in Frisco claimed to have had contact with Ebola ‘patient zero’ Thomas Duncan
Mr Duncan, 42, died from the virus on Wednesday morning at Texas Presbyterian Hospital


MORE BREAKING NEWS: The person taken to the hospital has been identified as a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went to Thomas Duncan’s apartment is second person rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms.

This is highly dangerous now because this sheriff has been running around touching people quite intimately since Duncan was hauled to the hospital.  Dallas should shut down until all people in contact with him are accounted for and then there is the ambulance driver, the guys who hosed the vomit all over the place, the woman who walked in the hosed up vomit wearing only flip flops, everyone… this is a crisis, big time.


My father-in-law called me to day to tell me ebola isn’t dangerous because he  saw on all the TV shows people talking about how it won’t kill us here even as it is killing people.  Will the nurse in Spain survive?  I seriously doubt this since it seems only certain people get any sort of sane treatment which is the blood infusions from survivors which is difficult to get and dangerous to administer.  Duncan didn’t get this, for example.


Obama decided it is time to make a very feeble pass at protecting us sort of like how Bush, when given a security report before 9/11, warning that terrorists were in the US (and sheltered by the CIA) and were planning a terror attack.  When 9/11 happened, Bush ran off to a secret base and hid for several days and said nothing and did nothing.  I remember this really well.  Guilty, of course.


Here is Obama’s feeble attempt at Homeland Security:  U.S. to Screen for Fever at 5 Airports.  Ta-da.  Why can’t we put any and all people coming from the ebola regions of Africa into quarantine on say, an island, for 20 days if they want to come here?  We did this in the past!  A lot!  Meanwhile, others are much more forceful:  Ebola fears prevent thousands of West African Muslims from attending Hajj as Saudi Arabia implements travel ban so if they can do this, why can’t we?


Meanwhile, fear rises for example, American Airlines makes emergency landing to offload vomiting female passenger in Texas amid fears she has Ebola… despite not having been to Africa…


Nearly all the civilian volunteers from the EU and US and other nations have fled so the Pentagon has decided: US troops to have contact with Ebola virus | TheHill


Several dozen U.S. troops could come into contact with Ebola while testing for the deadly disease in Liberia, the Pentagon said Tuesday.


The highly trained troops will help operate seven mobile labs, where they could be working with the blood of infected patients, Army Gen. David Rodriguez said. The new details on the military’s response to Ebola reveals a riskier operation than previously announced by the White House, surfacing fresh concerns of troops entering high-risk zones.


The U.S. response did not previously involve military members helping to diagnose patients, though Rodriguez maintained that troops will be adequately protected against the disease.


Talking about dangerous viruses, there are computer viruses and one of these successfully attacked JP Morgan so the White House Monitored JPMorgan Breach With Alarm


Officials say no one could answer what the president wanted to know most: What was the motive of the attack?


That is, can they blame Putin?  Of course, the real problem is, JP Morgan exists in the first place.  It died several years ago in the Great Crash and was jolted alive with a few trillion bail out dollars from the Federal Reserve and is lurching about, mindlessly wrecking economic systems.


I say, if it is Putin, we should give him a Nobel Peace Prize for this service to humanity.


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15 responses to “Sheriff’s Deputy In Texas Rushed To Hospital, Duncan Dead: Ebola Crisis Becomes Much More Dangerous

  1. Jim R

    If that maintenance man with the jet-washer was really cleaning an ebola mess off the sidewalk, there will be more cases in that neighborhood. The ‘experts’ will have no idea how it was spread.

    It isn’t over by a long shot.

  2. emsnews

    The sheriff has it and this makes it a huge thing! Very huge. I believe ebola will play a big role in the looming election, we have literally a month of ebola to live through with our President refusing to shut down travel from Africa.

    Saudi Arabia just did this!!!! I say, impeach Obama if he refuses to do this.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    That sheriff, if he has it, is now the first known case of Ebola being transmitted and caught in the US.

    Number one.

    (Let’s hope he has a full recovery.)

  4. Sara

    Sure hope it turns out to be something other than Ebola!

  5. vengeur

    Yes , we can only hope it doesn’t transmit as easily as some people fear. And in this case hope the people mocking the seriousness of the possibility of pandemic are right.

  6. Luke

    ‘our President refusing to shut down travel from Africa.’ The elites want us dead.

  7. melponeme_k

    All of Dallas needs to be shut down and under martial law quarantine.

  8. emsnews

    This is one very contagious disease. More so than AIDS.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    Clearly not so contagious that it is spreading much here in the U.S. Clearly not as contagious as in an already immuno-compromised, HIV/AIDS infested continent.

    No Luke, the elites don’t want a pandemic here. MSM is giving POTUS top cover to seal off Africa and watch it die from a safe distance, repeatable with future diseases.

    LIkely there is some type of protocol at CDC/FEMA/HSA that calls for an escalation of precautions. There aren’t enough cases yet to warrant the next step. I suppose TPTB want the administration to change the rules when Africa is concerned.

  10. melponeme_k

    The only sane politician in the US so far, too bad we all can’t live in CT.


    The MSM is not reporting on how long the virus survives outside of the body. If someone infected has a soar throat sneezes onto their hand, and then touches a lavatory doorknob, then how long can the virus be transmitted from the door knob? Probably for the duration of the flight.

  12. melponeme_k

    @ Cary

    “Ebola outbreaks have historically occurred in Africa where temperatures that low are uncommon and rarely last for more than a few hours even during the harshest of winters. The upcoming winter in America could change the dynamics of transmission during the snow season if the outbreak is not contained.”

    Quote from your link. We all better pray we get an ice age winter again FAST.

  13. melponeme_k


    I meant not get an ice age winter. Cold preserves the disease.

  14. DeVaul

    I agree with Mel.

    Think about it for just a few seconds. How did it spread so easily and continues to spread easily in West Africa even after everyone knew about it and starting stoning people who tried to enter their village?

    Killing strangers from a distance did not stop it; therefore, it is VERY contagious.

    Sorry to throw water on all your hopes, but this disease is simply following the same trajectory it followed in Africa. Anyone near a sick person later became sick themselves — even people wearing hazmat suits.

    How do you clean a hazmat suit after you use it without exposing yourself to the virus? Wear another hazmat suit? And then how do you clean that?

    These are simple thought exercises.

    My boss said he was glad that I was not president because I would have sealed the borders to all travel from Africa and Europe several months ago. I asked him if he would still be glad after 100 million Americans were dead and he then made a joke about that. He also said he would not mind if his daughter traveled to the Dallas airport. My boss is not a bad person, so if this is the way he thinks… holy shit.

  15. If I were twenty years younger and several humdered million dollars richer, I’d start a Putinist party in the United States, despite a few of Putin’s policies I disagree with.

    First on the agenda if the Putinist party gets a majority in Cogress and a Prsidency: start a friendship with Russia. Second, bring Russia into NATO. Then we can bring our troops back.

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