News About Sheriff With Ebola In Brit News, A Texas Judge Moved Ebola Family, Will Roam Free

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Texas sheriff’s deputy rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms after attending the apartment of ‘patient zero’ who died today

Thank god I read the Daily Mail every day.  They broke the news about the sheriff getting ebola from vomit.  I covered it probably first in the entire US, thanks to reading the Daily Mail.  The screen shot above shows clearly not only the sheriff news but his name and even photo of him.

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The NYT has the story of the death of Duncan with a little, tiny mention of this new ebola patient and even has a photo of him in the ambulance.  But no real information unlike myself and the Brits who have covered this since mid afternoon today.  The Washington Post has zero information.



Want to see full cover up news in Texas, that supposed cowboy state that is so smartassed?  Here it is:  Dallas-Fort Worth Breaking News – News for Dallas, Texas

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NOTHING!!!  OK: if we are in a super emergency, look at how the populace is warned by the media owners.  NOTHING. Dallas is ground zero for this disease in the US and there is nothing.  Nothing!  Texans better wake up and smell the vomit and read foreign news because their owners and leaders are all creepy as all hell.


CBS news now has the story.  Update: Frisco officials say risk is low that sheriff’s deputy who visited Duncan’s apartment has Ebola which I find rather unbelievable.  The nurse in Spain got it via undressing incorrectly and touching herself, for example.  Talk about a terrifyingly easy transmission of a disease.  Seems she was worried about having ebola and was turned out of the hospital and then came back and demanded they test her.
Dallas County Judge Jenkins Not Ebola Risk: Health Officials | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


Last week, Jenkins helped those people move from the Dallas apartment where patient Thomas Duncan was staying. He said he did so to show the community that the disease could not be contracted through contact with people who are not showing symptoms of the disease.


There is no test for the early stages of this disease.  The judge cannot prove he doesn’t have it.  Look at the inability of understanding how this disease works amazes me because we have a good idea exactly how this disease works and if we make an error it must be in the direction of assuming it is even MORE dangerous not less dangerous.

judge clay lewis jenkins ebola dallas texas

The judge just doesn’t want to be quarantined.  No one wants this!  So they ignore this even though this is the only way to prevent transmission of this disease.  Here is the bizarre letter saying the judge isn’t Typhoid Mary:

texas judge ebola letter Jenkins

This is a load of garbage.  Inger Damon of CDC has no idea if anyone was actively showing the disease.  The problem is the apartment itself was filled with germs.  Letting this judge roam around Dallas is a terrible idea.  Of course, if Texas wants to look like Liberia, it is a fantastic idea.  Adult abortions: I don’t hear the religious fanatics wailing about that.


So let the dying begin.


More news:  RT on Twitter: “Spanish #Ebola-infected nurse was separated only by curtains from other patients”

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Nurses in Spain angry over being exposed to ebola with poor training and poor facilities.  The hospital claims that the nurse ‘goofed’ and ‘touched her face with infected gloves while disrobing.’  This illustrates how very easy it is to get the disease.  She should have been washed down with bleach before undressing, they do this in Africa now in the few hospitals that are run properly.

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11 responses to “News About Sheriff With Ebola In Brit News, A Texas Judge Moved Ebola Family, Will Roam Free

  1. vengeur

    I hope you are wrong this time! “Jenkins helped those people move from the Dallas apartment where patient Thomas Duncan was staying…to show the community that the disease could not be contracted through contact with people who are not showing symptoms .” This is typical liberal thought process: “I am a good person doing good deeds with good intentions, therefore bad shit can not happen to me.” We can only hope .

  2. Jim R

    This is going to be a big deal. Even if it doesn’t kill as many people as the flu does, or our highway system kills every year. Partly because the presentation of this disease is so much more dramatic than anything Americans are used to.

    I see this as the product of a confluence of factors including American exceptionalism, hubris, a century or so of medical ‘progress’ involving things like Penicillin and industrial agriculture, and plain old ignorance.

    If people like this Judge read The Hot Zone twenty years ago, they have either forgotten what it said, or they never really understood it. They thought it didn’t apply to them. And virtually none of our ‘elites’ ever took any science classes unless they were forced to. They simply have no idea what they are dealing with. No idea at all.

    It’s a lot like nuclear energy that way.

  3. csurge

    This might be the jolt people need to wake up and start looking at the world around them. If this new strain of Ebola makes it to Southern Africa, it’ll spread like wildfire. Just for starters, people cram into tiny buses like sardines to get work on daily basis…

  4. melponeme_k

    I’ve been through a number of major news sites. Absolutely no US news site is covering the stricken police sheriff. is now silent and so is The Guardian. Only the Daily Mail, which has a reputation for sleaze, is following up. Why haven’t their stories been muzzled?

  5. emsnews

    The Daily Mail has many photographs showing the ambulance,the sheriff stepping out of it, interviews with a number of people. It is still the top story there.

    This is obviously a cover up at this point.

  6. emsnews

    At RT news, it isn’t front page anymore because it has been superseded by
    news that a nurse in Australia who came back from the ebola region, now has it.

    It is most definitely beginning to go global.

  7. melponeme_k

    I wrote another email to the President, as much good that will do.

    Now we are the point where Dallas, the whole city, MUST be quarantined. Hell, I shudder to think of all the people running from their now…god forbid, ones carrying the disease.

  8. emsnews

    Looks like the sheriff isn’t infected…so far. There is no test for early stages of the disease which is why quarantine is so important.

  9. wellwell

    The Daily Mail can be accused of yellow journalism, but it does scoop an inordinate number of stories. The time difference does not explain this entirely, because other British papers do not do this. Maybe it’s because their editorial filter is thinner.

  10. Luke

    From her ‘way back in the 1970s’ days EMS may recall a violent and corrupt empire building monk [Trungpa, who founded Naropa]. His adopted son is the reporter w Ebola who is now in Nebraska.

  11. THe sheriff’s deputy in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas. Now not just Dallas, but the whole Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that MUST be quarantined. Nothing in or out. That will certainly do wonders for interstate traffic!

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