NOAA Claims Winter Will Be Warm But Antarctic Ice Reaches Record Levels

my forest in fall

My forest this fall, yes, winter is coming and the trees began to turn color way back in mid-September.

The global warming scandal that wasn’t: Conservative media’s latest claim is full of hot air – it seems that the latest made up story has finally collapsed, that all the ‘missing heat’ has moved mysteriously and in violation of all thermal laws, to the very freezing cold bottom of the deepest oceans.  Actual measurements of deep sea temperatures shows this hasn’t happened.  This news doesn’t stop the global warmists who are cooking up more excuses, more fantastic explanations.


Salon, following the fake liberal story lines, is convinced that ‘conservatives’ are evil monsters for suggesting there is no global warming despite the fact that there really is no global warming.


No hot water hiding deep in the sea so we have this hysterical headline:  Glaciers Lose 204 Billion Tons of Ice in Three Years – The Daily Beast.  Ah, the Daily Beast.  When it was launched, I was one of the writers there, they published me.  Then it was sold to the Bilderberg gang and bang!  I was banished instantly.  Not the first time this has happened to me.


The Beast’s other headline was, this was menacing the gravity of the earth!  Wow!  We are doomed!  Glaciers shed tons of ice all the time even during Ice Ages.  This is from the weight of ice at the center pushing out and heating up the bottom of the ice fields due to gravity (which is in peril according to the global warmists!) which pushes and creates friction which is why all glacial fields have smooth rocks…this is due to MORE ice and snow, not vanishing ice and snow.


None of these clownish liberal sites carry this news, for example:  Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reaches record levels as it hits 20 MILLION square kilometers.  I am amazed, the Southern Ocean is very, very cold.

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 10.50.41 AM

NASA harps on and on about global warming.  Yet they can see this satellite photo of our Southern Pole and look! Is the ice melting there?  No?  DUH.  It is huge.  It nearly reaches South America.  I am figuring, during Ice Ages, the passage of water around the tip of South America was closed by ice and this made the Ice Ages colder.


Why is the Daily Beast and other media running the fake story illustrated with penguins jumping off of ice as if suicidal, the top story when Antarctica isn’t melting even slightly but rather, is deeply locked in ice?  Ask the Bilderberg gang!

This video was made by some warmists using lots of money given to them to show the New World Order which would force the masses to reduce their use of energy to ‘save the planet’ while their elite rulers live in palaces, drive fast cars, fly private jets and sail in gigantic yachts.  Note how terror and murder is used to force compliance with Bilderberg/global warmist demands.


This collapses if it is COLD. They are desperate to blame the super cold winters on global warming which is why they changed it to ‘climate change’ and then ‘climate disruption’.


Our beloved ruling elites are very much attached to this global warming concenpt so they continue to peddle it desperately.  Here is the warmongering, CO2 spewing super rich who own the Washington Post peddling the global warming fairy tale:  When sea levels rise, high tides will spill into communities far more often, study says – The Washington Post.


The elites loved the recent global warming march in Manhattan and happily peddled lies about its size, making it three times bigger than it was.  They are also extremely happy there are no antiwar marches, too.  There is little sign that the seas are rising but they keep peddling this story because they have virtually nothing left except for the drought in California which is local, not global.


US predicts lower heating bills this winter which is hilarious since NOAA has been dead wrong for the last decade when predicting winters in the Midwest and Northeast in particular.  Last winter was supposed to be really warm, too, with an el Nino that never showed up.  There is still no real el Nino, only a very weak one.


Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 7.59.07 AM

Note how the Atlantic Ocean near Greenland and the US and northern Europe is VERY COLD.  This means a very cold winter here, not warm as NOAA predicts.  Note, too, it is super warm next to the Gulf of California where all the tropical storms happened this summer.


Near zero Atlantic hurricanes and no wonder, the mouth of the Mississippi River has dumped so much cold water from the very cold Great Lakes, it has cooled the Gulf of Mexico so much, no hurricanes formed there this year at all.


But look at the ocean around Antarctia!  Very, very, cold! It has cooled down the Southern Pacific and the Southern Atlantic to an astonishing degree. I see no ‘ocean warming’ going on at all.  A tiny bit in the Arctic but that merely pushed the cold to the south AGAIN like last winter.


The planet is cooling.

warm cold scales on weather maps totally different colors

Here are two maps showing the same temperature data the other day.  The top one is the fake, the bottom, the real.  The top one was put out by the government. Note how green colors are for ten degrees below freezing!  The light green is freezing.  Yellow is in the 40’s.  Orange, 50’s.


The real map by a private company has the correct color codes.  Blue is at freezing, green is between 65-45 degrees.  Yellow is 55-70.


The official map is a fraud to fool people into thinking it is warm.  The changes to the maps are recent, in the last 10 years.  They are designed to fool people, not help us.  Hot red for 70 degrees which is balmy weather, not hot, is crazy.  Deliberately so, which makes it criminal.


NOAA and NASA have been destroyed by the warmists.  This is infuriating.  Up until the last ten years, both tried to be somewhat scientific but now has turned entirely into pure propaganda.


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24 responses to “NOAA Claims Winter Will Be Warm But Antarctic Ice Reaches Record Levels

  1. Maddie's Mom

    NOAA’s predictions are always good for a laugh.

    Thanks Elaine!

  2. Luke

    ‘the Daily Beast. When it was launched, I was one of the writers there, they published me. Then it was sold to the Bilderberg gang and bang! I was banished instantly. Not the first time this has happened to me.’

    Bingo. ‘Climate Change’ is a fraud and the voices of truth shall be silenced in the mainstream [joos media].

  3. e sutton

    Funny, I was thinking about you, Elaine, when very early this morning I read the above mentioned article about heating bills getting cheaper this winter. I have saved tons of money this summer not using the air conditioner in the American South! For the past few days I’ve barely cracked a window in my humble flat, as frosty breezes seem to pick up and blow out of nowhere.

    That video should serve to tell each and every one of us what the elites’ plans are for us, and just how little they care about our survival. Typical that they should invoke the name of bin laden to reinforce their terrorist message for us. Talk about tipping your hand! Really now, folks, let’s try to be a wee bit more elegant with your brutality, huh?

  4. vengeur

    The warmist fanatics want to forbid any debate on the subject, as they OPENLY STATE :”That’s a gross misinterpretation of the study’s results, starting with the FACT that the scientific consensus on climate change — that the planet is warming, and that human activity is to blame — ISN’T UP FOR DEBATE.” It isn’t up for debate BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT A DEBATE?! LOL Read that quote from the article a few times and you realize how fanatically deranged these people really are.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    Global warming is one scam to reduce fossil fuel demand now that oil production is declining. If they keep fixing oil prices low for consumer nations without matching supply and demand, they’ll get shortages, as the Soviets learned.

  6. ziff

    this is silly, if its not warming the last 100yrs why have our glaciers retreated. BUT look at DTR wheres the night time heating?, this is like the JFK theories , look at other stuff but miss the real story.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    It doesn’t matter whether the world is in fact getting warmer, cooler or staying the same: it’s about controlling oil demand and pricing.

    The West became wealthy in a century of oil boom by being consumers in a buyers market for energy. The potential change is bigger than cheap oil production merely declining. Left to the invisible hand of supply and demand, oil is about to turn into a sellers market for the first time in history. Obviously, they don’t want that to happen.

    No other “green” concern has that kind of potential for economic control or exploitation, to maintain the status quo, as it was before peak oil.

    So, money and awards flow into the pockets of global warming promoters like Gore and “scientists” plugging it. But there is no similar money or concern for equally important environmental or man-made dangers: asteroids, de-forestation, super-calderas, soil depletion, overpopulation carrying capacity (except in China), etc.

    BTW a rise from 3 ppm C02 to 6 ppm C02 probably won’t do as much to affect temperature as big volcanic eruptions that have in past centuries caused snow in summertime crop failures across Europe, etc, particularly when the geologic record goes as high as 50 ppm. Ice ages come and go naturally.

  8. emsnews

    The glaciers are no longer melting!

    DUH. 15 years ago, they were melting. This has now stopped. Yes, California is warm but it didn’t have too much glaciers in the first place.

    We DID have warmer weather in the 1990s compared to the much colder 1970’s but both were colder than the 1930s and the Little Ice Age was quite cold but the Minoan Warm Period 3,500 years ago was MUCH warmer than any time in the last several thousand years and lo and behold, people didn’t die.

    Instead, women ran around everywhere on much of the planet with their tits bared.

    Here is a conspiracy! Evidently, some powerful men don’t want us females running amok with our tits out. So they want to make it more like during the Ice Ages. Brrr.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    Of course there are (some) real conspiracies, that’s why we have laws against the criminal conspiracies.

    But one of the biggest real conspiracies is all the conspiracy theories, designed to confuse or discredit anyone who hints at any of the other real conspiracies.

  10. emsnews

    Of course. The Bilderberg gang is an international conspiracy to rule the world. Literally. And they are secretive which is why there are nearly never any news stories about their meetings!

    Surrounded by literal armies who attack anyone who approaches their various chosen strongholds.

    They created the EU, by the way. Hush hush.

  11. Alaskan Ice

    Ah, a real conspiracy within a real conspiracy.

    The Bilderberg gang is a well-deserved whipping boy, but a whipping boy nontheless.

    The other conspiracy is that they are being set up.

  12. emsnews

    What? Excuse me, but since the Bilderberg gang is all the leaders, royals and rich who we call the elites, they are our rulers, literally. Presidents and premiers, owners of vast tracts of business and land.

    Yeah, someone is setting them up…PUTIN! HAHAHA. Yeah, the one guy they never invite to meetings. Bravo to him, if true. But of course, that is ridiculous.

  13. vengeur

    Now I’ve heard everything. The Bilderbergs themselves are just victims of a conspiracy. Mega-rich, Mega-powerful, people with common interests (to remain mega-rich and mega-powerful and become mega-richer and more mega-powerful) get together in super-secretive meetings and come to a consensus that will maintain and promote their own interests. But unbeknownst to them, they are being set up by the REAL conspirators! LOL

  14. ziff

    no longer melting? i see them up close , can send pics, but they are melting slowly i’ll give you that. But they look like they are melting , lots of channels, bits falling off , winter doesn’t help.

  15. emsnews

    Even during the coldest part of the ice ages, during summer the glaciers would melt. If you are on the West Coast, it is warmer than usual but this is not the entire planet, not by a long shot.

    That is ‘weather’ in a locality. 🙂 All warmists love to pretend a local hot spot is the entire planet.

  16. Its not the melting in summer thats the problem ,there is not enough winter, not just in our west,

  17. Alaskan Ice

    No vengeur, Bilderbergers are not the only faction of international wealthy people, nor is Putin the only other, nevermind the fascist system where the statists have the wealthy by the neck and the wealthy have the statists by the neck.

    Should come as no shock to anyone that as the pie shrinks they all prepare someone to blame.

    You hear about gold price suppression but not about oil price suppression. If both are true “conspiracies” which one is the red herring?

  18. Alaskan Ice

    Back in 2008, wealthy were talking about blaming that crash on the Ivy league, producing all those wiz kids that ran circles around their non-computer savvy billionaire bosses.

    Hell there are racists who supported Obama just because they feared another collapse and wanted to be able to blame it on a non-anglo, non-mayflower-blue-blood.

    The blame game doesn’t make the finger pointers innocent, nor necessarily exonerate the blamed.

  19. emsnews

    No right winger voted for Obama for any reason.

  20. wellwell

    The world is too complex for any one person or group of persons to control it, although they can help or harm. Even nuclear war does not represent complete control of the future – it would have unexpected consequences for the lunatics who unleash it – it certainly would not destroy all life on this planet, although human beings would probably be finished. To paraphrase you, Elaine, the desire for infinite control collapses to a big fat foolish zero.

  21. emsnews

    Yes, infinity always ends up as nothingness.

  22. John

    Infinite and infinitesimal are very close in meaning. Grains of gold or grains of sand, which has greater value? The one there is less of, naturally.

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