US Stocks Dive As Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse Gallop Forwards Relentlessly

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Stocks plunge: Dow drops 273 points, S&P sinks 1.5%: stocks are being hit hard by the rising wars, the destruction of trade with a major world power, Russia, chaos in the Middle East, Africa dying, disease spreading, gloom and doom always come in the Fall due to the nature of weather: there is no global warming and instead, there is cooling which is far scarier, winter is a primeval force that humans fear.  We are still in the Ice Age cycle and the Four Horsemen pursue us.  Chaos, War, Famine and Disease, we saddled up these beasts and unleashed them on the world.  Peace and plenty has been lost by the world’s greatest empire, the US.  We have debt and death chasing each other’s tails as they spiral closer.


Dow Jones closes down more than 270 points after the IMF cuts its outlook for global growth for this year and 2015 which is pathetic since the EU leaders and their Bilderberg buddies in the US conspired to create a coup in Ukraine which has totally backfired.  Now,they are stuck with a dying country torn to shreds and needing endless bail outs.  Separatist fighters in east Ukraine continue shelling campaign to capture key airport at Donetsk.  German soldiers are going into Ukraine with virtually no weapons while Russia and China both boost their nuclear weapons power and announced today they have enough to wipe out both Europe, the US and of course, tiny, totally exposed Japan.


Syria-to-Ukraine Wars Send U.S. Defense Stocks to Records – Bloomberg so one group of stocks didn’t fall like a rock this week.  Unfortunately, this merely makes our situation much worse.  First, this adds to our budget deficit which is as out of control as our trade deficit.  And it can cause WWIII.  Which is suicidal.  Russia, China capable of defeating US in nuclear war: Prof. Fetzer


“Under these circumstances it seems to me that Russia and China have every right to exercise or display their military power, which in my opinion is actually capable of defeating the United States in a nuclear exchange,” he stated.


He went on to say that the leaders of the US “have to stop and give a serious pause to where they are leading the nation because the actions of the United States have become comparable to those of Nazi Germany.”


Both Russia and China are solvent.  China is now the world’s bank, not printing money like crazy like the inflationary Federal Reserve or the feckless Bank of Japan, these nuclear powers are also banking powers, they have credit, the US has debt.  Our weakness is tremendous and getting worse and worse.  US Trade Deficit Drops to $40.1 Billion in August which is still ridiculously high and utterly unsustainable in the long run.  Our empire has had NO Balance of trade since the Vietnam War.  Britain has the second largest trade deficit.  It is a dead empire.  Our deficit is the size of the top 10 as we see below.


Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 8.05.53 PM

RUSSIA IS #3 TRADE SURPLUS!  China is #4.  The only manufacturing nation at the top ten.  And we are pushing very hard to start a war with China using Japan and some small, tiny nations easily destroyed in nuclear war, as our cat’s paws.  This is crazy.  Japan, our ‘ally’ against China has been running big trade deficits ever since Fukushima which is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  It is systematically poisoning the entire Pacific ocean and the rim nations.


Then there is the fourth Horseman, Disease:  Ebola Patient’s Pet Dog to Be Euthanized as Precaution in Spain.  Dogs are digging up shallow graves in Africa and eating the poisonous bodies there.  One of the most dangerous jobs in Africa is the burial teams:  Sierra Leone’s burial teams for Ebola victims strike over hazard pay because the government there isn’t paying them and I suspect, the money is being used to fly out of the country all the elites.


They are going to the US and EU.  CDC reviews travel screening options in US in wake of Ebola which is too little and way too late.  It is already here.  Epidemiologist says U.S. must stop all flights from Ebola-stricken West Africa to prevent more outbreaks in America and the calls for this are rising higher and higher and by Halloween, the GOP will be making this a huge election issue and the Democrats will be destroyed.


David Dausey, a Yale-educated academic who has been nationally recognized for his research on the spread of infectious diseases, says the bungling public health response to US Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan proves that the country cannot afford another case…Dr Dausey argues that screening to prevent people infected with Ebola from coming into the country is inadequate. Currently, travelers are only screened in West Africa before they leave…


Congress is becoming increasingly uneasy with the open borders and lawmakers are beginning to make public calls to close US borders to travelers from the Ebola-afflicted nations.


Popular comedians entertaining liberals are mocking ebola fears.  They are telling their audience which is terrified of warmer weather (!!!) that ebola is nothing to fear and it is fear mongering and stupid, too, and look at the dumb Republicans….har, har, har. Salon is whining about all this:  Fox News’ weapon of fear: How the right hopes to terrify America before Election Day.  The stupid Democrats could stop the GOP by doing sane things like quarantines of Africa states where this disease is raging.  But no.  This isn’t happening.


Here is just this month’s John Steward obnoxious joking about the most insidious of the Horsemen:  A Million Ways to Die in the U.S. – The Daily Show – Video Clip,  Home Alone and Ebola jokes,  Pox and the City – The Daily Show – Video Clip | Comedy CentralGerms of Engagement – The Daily Show – Video Clip | Comedy Central–he is preparing his audience for a close encounter with the Grim Reaper.   A tool of the White House, he has to take the opposite side of this ‘issue’ and make fun of ebola fears.


Teenager with ‘Ebola-like’ symptoms quarantined in Miami after falling sick while on holiday in West Africa | Daily Mail Online and I hope John Stewart visits this kid and shakes his hand and assures him that this is all quite silly.


The fool.  The Grim Reaper will go after him just like all the others in It’s unholy path.  Dallas Ebola patient on ventilator and receiving kidney dialysis which is quite dangerous to administer for the staff.  They could end up like the nurse in Spain.


There is hope for cleaning the rooms of germs:  Ebola-killing robot destroys the virus in minutes: ‘Little Moe’ uses flashes 25,000 times brighter than sunlight to kill diseases.  Meanwhile, Obama was told by his staff he has to appear to be worried about our health so here is his latest scheme:  Screen Everyone Over 45 for Diabetes: US Task Force.


Diabetes has zero transmission and is entirely a personal affair.  People with diabetes can touch me and breathe next to me and I have zero fear.  Why is this personal lifestyle choice problem suddenly so very important?  This is like worrying about acne when a teen has cancer.


PressTV – Washington is destroying the world is an editorial by Craig Roberts which is a good read.  Lavrov: Biden’s Remark Proves EU Role in Promoting Western Agenda in Ukraine | World | RIA Novosti is a good editorial by Russia’s foreign minister explaining why Russia is angry about the expansion of NATO. The Bilderberg gang just announced NATO troops can go anywhere on earth, any time with no permission from anyone including the UN.  WWIII, here we come.


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16 responses to “US Stocks Dive As Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse Gallop Forwards Relentlessly

  1. e sutton

    Meanwhile, with an adoration from the people Barack Obama can only dream of, Vladimir Putin celebrates his 62nd birthday.

  2. vengeur

    Our leaders screw up everything they touch. Then throw money at the problem they themselves created to solve it. With Obama having officially “checked out” ( I’m sure he’s suffering depression or the like, hence the “therapeutic ” obsession with golf) , the entire world knows that now is the time to grab as much of whatever they want as possible, before a new president gets elected and goes about “fixing” everything, as if they can fix entropy. I find it laughable that with everything going to hell, the progressives cling to their obsessions: global warming and gay marriage . I saw a clip of Biden on TV today, saying “we” would follow ISIS to the gates of hell to destroy it. It was truly creepy. Now we all know he didn’t come up with that himself; someone put it in his bafoon head (like they did with G.W.) for him to get up there and bellow it like a lion. And we are supposed to cheer, Kill those rag heads! Republican flag wavers (I know a lot of them) fall for that shit EVERY TIME. They never question what are the consequences, where will this leave us in five, ten , fifteen years?

  3. Companies are now buying back 95% of their own stock to keep the illusion going.

  4. Jim R

    I expect the “market” to rally tomorrow for no reason whatsoever.

    There are hardly any humans in it any more.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    Duncan arrived in the US with Ebola on September 20. It’s now been 17 days since then. The incubation period for Ebola is usually 10 days, but between 2 and 21 days.

    There are still no cases of Ebola transmission in the US.

    Let’s watch the MSM switch to talk about “enterovirus D68” before credibility is lost.

  6. emsnews

    Duncan is the beginning not the end. There may be a dozen Duncans festering away all over the country. We won’t know this until it is too late.

  7. melponeme_k

    Duncan relatives have the gall to complain about his treatment. This after putting so many people in danger across the world in his flight to get here, to go home the first time from the hospital without protest AND force his care onto the backs of AMERICAN citizens which he is not.

    And he won’t be the first.

  8. Maddie's Mom


    Who are these “leaders” you speak of???

  9. melponeme_k

    More insanity. People are trying to save the Nurse’s plague dog from euthanasia.

    How many other dogs did this dog come into contact with since the nurse was sick? Dogs have to be walked. Their waste has to be picked up. They are extremely friendly animals with other humans and other dogs. Dogs can be a dangerous vector in an outbreak. I can’t believe the stupidity.

  10. emsnews

    Yes, China is the Giant. The US is deep in debt and destroyed our internal industrial base which was beyond stupid.

    The Chinese knew way back when they were studying capitalist systems while living in my large house in NJ.

    They learned (from me) that if they can tempt the US rulers into moving their factories to China due to cheap labor and few environmental rules, the Chinese might not own these factories first, but could SIEZE them later.

    Physical possession is what matters. The US was accustomed to plopping down factories in smaller, weaker nations. China is not small and even back in 1985, was not militarily weak enough to take over easily.

    Now it is a military giant. Also, China had nukes back then and has more nukes now. We dominate disarmed states (Germany, for example, is very disarmed!). We can’t dominate militarily a nuclear armed state.

    So the US elites foolishly moves our factories to China and…the Chinese now own us.

  11. melponeme_k

    Duncan has lost his fight with this deadly disease. People are already making it a racist issue. Which will only get in the way of containment in the near future. Because, honest truth, the majority of people carrying this disease are from Africa and they are black.

  12. DeVaul

    Yes, and I also saw on the news that my mother lied to me about how the three white ebola patients recovered. There was no miracle drug. All three were given blood transfusions from those who had survived ebola. She was simply parroting the TV again.

    Blacks will see this and know deep down that only whites will get the real cure while they must face the 70% chance of death by ebola. The blood transfusion method reduces the risk to something less than 5%, which the African doctors themselves discovered.

    This is really sad because the cost of treating thousands of ebola patients in about one to two months will overwhelm us. We don’t have enough ebola resistant blood for everyone, so who will get it?

    I’m pretty sure we all know who will get it.

    @Alaskan Ice

    You are a strange bird.

    We should ignore ebola and concentrate only on enterovirus? Both are deadly viruses. The CDC and hospitals have been on full alert regarding the enterovirus for several months now, but with ebola we are just supposed to laugh it off?

    Too strange for words.

  13. Jim R

    Referring to my previous comment, #5:

    The market rallied for no reason whatsoever.

    Damn, I should have bet some money on it. The most transparently-rigged casino ever.

  14. emsnews

    Anyone playing the stock market should realize they are fighting computers and ‘robots’ not emotional people. The robotic dealing is based on ‘news’ put out by Bloomberg and the WSJ, mainly, and all trades are based on other trades by other computer robots which means they often mindlessly fall off of cliffs as we have seen over and over again in the last 15 years.

    They trade constantly, restlessly and mindlessly.

    You can’t match or compete with the robot traders.

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