Most Americans Want Quarantine Of African Ebola Nations, Obama Refuses

After the press conference in the White House, everyone jokes about ebola, sneering about the dangers, laughing about the disease.

Majority of Americans Want Flights Banned From Ebola Countries while the Democrats sit on their hands so far, following Obama’s refusal to quarantine African nations.  Meanwhile, today,  Airline Cabin Cleaners Strike Over Ebola Exposure Fears which are quite reasonable.  It appears now that the sheriff in Texas might not have the disease but as I pointed out yesterday, there is no test for early stages of the disease, they have to wait until dangerous symptoms appear which is why quarantines are so necessary to stop the spread of this disease.  I hope this happens: Ebola Vaccine Trial Aims to Wrap First Phase by December – NBC


Don’t walk into A&E or doctors’ surgeries potential Ebola victims told because it will take off over time, in a place that is impossible to keep clean all the time, it is necessarily a place where disease and dirt enters as patients are brought in from the streets.  We are told not to panic while at the same time, there are good reasons to be quite angry about attempts to bring this disease into Europe, Asia and North and South America.  The only way to stop this is quarantine.  Period.  And this is the one thing Obama is refusing to do.


Ebola may end up infecting over a million and a half people this winter.  But liberals are supporting Obama in refusing to quarantine ebola in any way, shape or form.  But a Majority of Americans Want Flights Banned From Ebola Countries: Survey – NBC News


The survey found that 51 percent of respondents said they were worried there would be an Ebola outbreak in the United States, and 30 percent worried they or someone in their family would be exposed to the virus.


By an almost 2-1 margin, those surveyed disapproved of sending U.S. troops overseas to help contain the outbreak.


Most Americans surveyed said they did have an accurate understanding of how the deadly disease is spread, with 72 percent correctly answering that it is communicated through bodily fluids.


This is a disaster for liberals.  Like global warming which is a concept mainly held by people in California, many people are quite angry about liberal propaganda.  The liberal joke media on TV are bending backwards trying to make fun of ebola and poo-poo the dangers just like in the video of the Mainstream media in DC joking about this with the puppet for the White House.  HAHAHA, they sneer.


This is going to blow back on the Democrats, big time.  The most bizarre thing I think is how liberals are in hysterics about the temperature which they have imagined, is going up and up and up (mostly in Malibu, not Minnesota) while at the same time, utterly disinterested in a dangerous epidemic that menaces all of us.  Here is a typical example from delusional mainly California writers for Salon:  Why Ebola triggers massive right-wing hysteria –


Researcher Jonathan Haidt is the architect of the “moral foundations” theory that suggests that political inclinations, at least in modern times, are rooted in five different foundations: harm, fairness, ingroup, authority, and purity. Liberals and conservatives weigh these five considerations very differently. For instance, liberals are more likely than conservatives to factor in whether an action causes harm when deciding if it’s wrong or not.


Liberals also worry more about fairness and have more regard for people that are outside of their “group” than conservatives. Conservatives, on the other hand, put far more trust in authority. Conservatives are also far more obsessed with “purity” and far more likely to get hung up on the idea that the body “is a temple which can be desecrated by immoral activities and contaminants,” as Haidt explains.


You can see these differences play out with the response to ebola. For liberals, the proper response to ebola patients is to reduce harm by caring for them and to treat the people who got it fairly, by understanding that they didn’t do anything wrong to get it.


But ebola touches, for conservatives, two big, red buttons. First, it’s a disease, so of course it’s going to set off the fears of contamination that Haidt demonstrates plague conservatives far more than liberals. Second of all, conservatives associate ebola with people who are different from them—from different countries, often of different races—and they have little regard for…


The fawning, self-congradulatory rhetoric characterizes both right wing and left wing proponents.  They are always good and sweet and care about humanity but simultaneously, want all their opponents to die hideous deaths.  Both the far right and far left want mass murder.  They have different victims lined up for this treatment but the mental desires characterize both wings.


This is why fascism and communism both mass murder many millions of innocent people.  Ditto even more with religions of any sort.  This seems to be a fundamental itch in the human brain.  Ideology leads to mass murder.  The liberals have been sliding down into infamy due to radicalizing themselves into believing the only way to save humanity is to kill 90% of all humans.  It is openly talked about by global warmists, for example.


Claiming that alarm about this very dangerous and deadly disease is motivated by racism is extremely dishonest.  Africa and Asia are the well spring of many plagues due to various ecological and evolutionary forces.  There is nothing racist about noting this salient fact.  The Chinese know epidemics rise up there regularly and don’t think it is racist to notice this fact.


The real racism here is the Democrats who are scared of their black voting base, worried they will punish the party by not voting for it even though the party is ruled mainly by Zionists who get absolutely everything they want while blacks get the scraps from the table and the Zionists blame the meager dinner scraps on the Republicans who don’t work for ‘whites’ either but rather, the same Zionists who own both parties.


The White House is acting as if this epidemic is important, Obama just doesn’t want to do the proper thing which is a quarantine so he has John Kerry beg for more money: Other countries aren’t doing enough to stop Ebola – The Washington Post  Ebola crisis: global response has ‘failed miserably’, says World Bank chief | World news | The Guardian

ebola finance statistics


We have this news that Fear of Ebola could have “catastrophic” economic costs, World Bank predicts – The Washington Post


A report issued Wednesday by the World Bank forecasts that the total economic impact of Ebola could exceed $32 billion by the end of 2015 if the virus spreads from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to neighboring countries.


That single dollar amount doesn’t fully convey the extraordinary human toll of a virus that kills four in five of its victims and could infect as many 1.4 million people by January. Yet the World Bank’s estimate is a reminder that sickness and death are only part of what could be a developing regional crisis.


Already, farmers are abandoning their fields, and local authorities are restricting shipments of goods, according to the report. Fear of Ebola is spreading much faster than the virus itself, with what the report describes as potentially “catastrophic” economic consequences, including food shortages.


FEAR is going to ruin the economy.  So the mainstream media has decided…remember who owns this, the Bilderberg gang is the mainstream media owners!…to tell us there is nothing to fear while at the same time, we must spend even more money on this disease in Africa while cutting spending in England, in Europe, in the US, yes, cutting social services, reducing medical care, etc.


Because we need more money for wars against Muslims, not to mention, Russia, etc.  We need to spend a trillion dollars updating our nuclear bomb and missile arsenals.  Which are created to eliminate 90% of humanity.  The reason people are freaking out in Africa about this plague is because it is scary as all hell.  And like in the medieval times, this causes economic collapse.  This is also why, even way back in the middle ages, they used quarantines to prevent plague carriers from fleeing their region and spreading it all over the place.


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21 responses to “Most Americans Want Quarantine Of African Ebola Nations, Obama Refuses

  1. DeVaul

    Listen to this:

    The family of the LIBERIAN citizen who fled to the US and ensured many Americans will die is complaining about how he was treated.

    The mentality of these people leaves one speechless.

    We should have stoned him, like they do in Liberia. That’s considered “fair” treatment in Liberia for someone who deliberately infects others.

    Elaine said the loss of our sovereignty would lead to total system breakdown. Well, here it is. We can be sued by illegal immigrants who bring diseases into our country after lying to border agents. Wow.

  2. Maddie's Mom

    I read a couple of days ago that Jesse Jackson had involved himself somehow.

    Yeah, here we go…..

  3. emsnews

    At least Sharpton can’t bring his rapist lawyer buddy to Texas.

  4. melponeme_k

    Thank the fates they are somewhat close to a possible vaccine. I hope it is successful.

    Yes, they are very definitely trying to avoid the race issue in this matter. Which is just increasing the spread of the disease.

    I was in the ER recently due to a bad allergy attack. There were “flu” signs all over the ER with euphemistic references to recent air travel. I even heard the staff ask other patients, and myself, obliquely if we had traveled outside the country the past 6 months.

    What they should be really asking if we have lived in Africa, if we have relatives in Africa, if we have recently traveled to Africa. The pussy footing around is just making everything more dangerous than it needs to be.

  5. melponeme_k

    NIAID is also in the midst of clinical vaccine trials in Bethesda, MD. The press release states they would be expanding trials in the fall. But I could find no further updates as of yet.

  6. Luke

    Nero fiddles, Rome burns.

    So I turn on the other NPR station and hear about ole ‘ray cysm’.

  7. Luke

    ‘The mentality of these people leaves one speechless.’ The ‘victim mentality’ is inbred in Blacks worldwide. It is in Blacks DNA.

    Meanwhile in Dallas,

  8. Luke

    Rumor has it Muslim terrorists plan to snaek Ebola sufferers into the USA.
    A new weapon in Bioterror.

  9. Luke

    There is a rumor that truckers may refuse to go to Dallas. [good for them].

  10. DeVaul

    “The ‘victim mentality’ is inbred in Blacks worldwide. It is in Blacks DNA.”

    I do not believe this at all. I have seen this same mentality in white, middle class Americans and most recently, in the mentality of overpaid bankers.

    I guess it’s “inbred” in Caucasians too.

  11. DeVaul

    Off Topic:

    Mitch McConnell, an odious troglodyte, is in danger of losing here in KY for the first time ever. So, he starts running an ad showing a burglar smashing down the front door of a middle class white home in the same manner as a swat team would and then says he protects our right to defend ourselves.

    He does not show this in his ad:

    A swat team smashed down the front door of a white couple’s home and opened fire immediately, killing the owner who grabbed a shotgun but never fired it because he was behind a wall trying to protect his wife from burglars who had attacked them just two days ago. The burglar informed the police that the couple were crack dealers, when in fact they were ordinary people.

    You cannot protect yourself or your family from a swat team attack.

    (The ammo used was .40 caliber, which was bought in massive quantities by several government agencies over the past few years.)

  12. Maddie's Mom

    Re: SWAT killers
    So we’ve gone from “See Something, Say Something.” to just “Say Something.”?


  13. Maddie's Mom

    British man suspected of contracting Ebola has died in Macedonia per Reuters.

  14. DeVaul


    Yeah. Unbelievable, huh?

    People don’t realize that the “militarization” of the police is not a physical thing, but a mental one. They now think and act as if they are at war, and we are the enemy.

  15. DeVaul

    From Wikipedia about the Black Death:

    “Pistoia, a city in Italy, even went as far as enacting rules and regulations on the city and its inhabitants to keep it safe from the Black Death. The rules stated that no one was allowed to visit any plague-infected area and if they did they were not allowed back into the city. Some other rules were that no linen or woolen goods were to be imported into the city and no corpses were to be buried in the city. However, despite strict enforcement of the rules, the city eventually became infected.[18] People who weren’t infected with the plague gathered in groups and stayed away from the sick. They ate and drank with limited food and water and weren’t even allowed oral communication because merely talking with one another increased the chance of passing on the disease.[19]”

    The quarantine failed eventually because people snuck in or out or brought in supplies containing plague infested goods. The linen and woolen goods came from Constantinople, where the plague got underway in a serious way.

    Our airports will act the same as medieval trade ports, bringing the plague right into the middle of the country with little chance of quarantine.

    It will take a few Americans to survive Ebola before anyone can be saved using the method of blood transfusion developed by African doctors. That man in Nebraska did not get a blood transfusion from someone there, the blood was obviously extracted and refrigerated on the plane that brought him here. Duncan snuck in through Europe, so Dallas had no blood for him.

    His family has no right to complain. In fact, they may be sued by grieving parents if they knew he was coming here after helping an Ebola patient.

  16. emsnews

    The Spanish nurse is dying.

    The sheriff so far has no strong symptoms, hope he has none in the long run.

    It is spreading in Europe, one patient at a time.

  17. Alaskan Ice

    Don’t you mean only one patient spread outside Africa.

  18. Bella

    Here’s the thing it isn’t just Obama refusing to lock down borders the CDC and the WHO and the UN can enforce it but they WON’T!! My 15 year old daughter says no one is that stupid, therefore it must be deliberate. They want the infection to spread far and wide to look like the heroes at the end of the day when the vaccine comes out. Why do you think the virus is patented? Just Google it, ( I don’t have links right now to prove it.) So if it is deliberate there has to be a very good reason in their minds even if it is hopelessly barbaric to us. Follow the money, follow the power follow the political ideals. Then follow up and prepare to hunker down and isolate because the WHO finally told everyone including the CDC that is very possible to get ebola without direct contact. Bleach everything! Sanitize like the most obsessive germiphobe you have ever heard of and get your food as locally as you can from trusted sources I would recommend Hutterite, Mennonite and Amish people. They don’t fly all over hell and breakfast. Stock up like the craziest prepper you have ever heard of and shut your mouth about what you have and be ready to lock down for minimum several months until at least a month after you have heard of no break outs in your area. Crazy yes? It just might take crazy to survive. It’s going to be a lot worse before it gets better.

  19. emsnews

    If a vaccine is made available and it works and most vaccines work wonderfully, then there will be no epidemic so long as most sane people get their shots.

    I know this is a hard concept for an amazing number of people that are otherwise intelligent. To me, it is one of the most obvious and simple things.

    We are at war all the time with one of the oldest Empires on earth: the Virus Empire. This alternate life form is the oldest on earth and it isn’t ‘alive’ in the sense of all other creatures from single celled upwards.

    It is a REPLICATOR ENTITY and it has one goal only: to reproduce as swiftly as possible.

  20. Pingback: Wanna Hear Something Scary? EBOLA!

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