Merkel Woos Putin For Winter Heating As Utilitarianism Comes With Cold Weather

The cold weather is making you bitchy, says science:

No kidding!  Below zero makes a person outright swearing, pissed off.  You hop up and down and flap your arms across the chest and try hard as hell to find some warm place to run.  It is more interesting than that, it also makes a person think harder and do saner things.  People who do dumb things when it is bitterly cold, die.  I work a lot in severe cold and can attest to this fact.  You become very organized and focused on finishing the task as quickly as possible.  Mainly, shoveling snow or repairing something or going somewhere.


Here is the findings of the study:  Frontiers in Psychology


As science news website PsyPost notes, 88 Japanese undergraduates were given scarves filled with either frozen water or room temperature water and then asked a series of question.


Students wearing cold scarves were more likely to “endorse utilitarian judgements”.


And what is this utilitarian thinking?  Utilitarianism 


Utilitarianism is a theory in normative ethics holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes utility, usually defined as maximizing total benefit and reducing suffering or the negatives.


Yes!  You don’t want to suffer more.  No negative junk allowed.  This is probably why most energetic cultures are nearly always in colder climates than warmer ones.  I lived in the desert before hardly anyone had air conditioners.  Things move at a crawl in the heat in summer.  Russia knows better than any country how cold motivates people.  General Winter is coming on schedule because global warming has flopped and all the elites in Europe and the US who tried very, very hard to convince us that winter is gone and we are all going to roast to death…are now worried that Europe will freeze to death this winter.


Soooo….Fraulein Merkel ‘cautiously optimistic’ on Ukraine gas deal because she knows her goose is cooked.  This is why all the yap about the Malaysian air liner has vanished and is replaced with utilitarian thinking.


Merkel says the dispute with Russia over its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine will likely last for some time. But she told reporters in Berlin on Thursday that she hoped European Union-brokered negotiations to secure Ukrainian and European gas supplies through the harsh winter months would bear fruit.


EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has been brokering talks that hinge on Russia’s demand for Ukraine to repay its vast gas debts.


Taking advantage of this burst of sanity, TASS: Russia – Moscow to support election procedures in Donetsk, Luhansk republics because the EU has made it clear that people get to choose what country they live in and the Scots even got to vote for this and lost but we know Donetsk and Luhansk won’t copy Scotland.  Scotland’s vote, by the way, was in warm summery weather.  This poll will be in the bitter cold.


So people will be utilitarian.  They will know who is better.  Ukraine is bankrupt.  They owe a lot of money to Russia and Russia expects the World Bank and EU banks to pay up or else.  Duh.


This is also why the hysterical anti-Putin propaganda campaign has lost steam.  Or rather, is being turned into an ice cube.  As I predicted some months ago.


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7 responses to “Merkel Woos Putin For Winter Heating As Utilitarianism Comes With Cold Weather

  1. Seraphim

    Was not “General Winter” the best ally of Russia? Think Charles XII of Sweden, Napoleon, Hitler… It was not chance. Winter was indeed used as a political weapon. Russians maneuvered so that the attackers would be caught in winter when the coup-de-grace was administered. But who learn from history ever?

  2. Jim R

    In a recent interview Steven F Cohen said that the Russians corrected him and the phrase used by Russians is “General Frost”, literally translated.

    Same idea, though.

    It is coming into focus now, why the Russians painted all that stuff white in their aid convoys to eastern Ukraine.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Australian passenger on MH17 was wearing oxygen mask: Dutch prosecutors –

    One of the people on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 shot down in Ukraine in July was found wearing an oxygen mask, the Dutch foreign minister and prosecutors say, raising the possibility that some passengers might have known their plane was doomed.

    “You know that somebody was discovered wearing an oxygen mask and had time to put it on,” Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans told a talk show on national television late on Wednesday (local time).

    Dutch prosecutors have confirmed they were investigating after the oxygen mask was discovered draped around the person’s neck.

  4. Peter C.

    Russian natural Gas trumps the American dollar.

  5. CK

    And after General Winter came the spring thaws and General Mud.

  6. emsnews

    Then in Siberia comes the big swarms of black flies and mosquitos! 🙂 You can’t win.

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