Thanks To No Controls, US Sec Of Health Warns There Will Be More Ebola Here….DUH

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U.S. Secretary of health warns there WILL be more cases of Ebola on American soil: no surprise.  The laggard response in the first place, now that the disease has come here via an African man who hoped to become yet another illegal alien, brought it in with no trouble at all.  And since Duncan came, there is still virtually no controls at all and government yap about this is now proven to be all lies.  They are doing as little as possible even as the public demands more and more protection especially an end to travel without quarantine from African countries where this plague rages.


CNN Reporter Returning from Liberia ‘Horrified’ by Lack of Airport Ebola Screening IN A MAJOR US INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Yes, the vaunted screening process does not exist.  The reporter even stopped at the entryway to tell everyone she was traveling from Liberia and should be examined and they didn’t do anything, they didn’t even tell her what the symptoms are and what to do about it.  All the other travelers with her who were in Liberia with her were not even asked if they were traveling out of Liberia.


The chaos and rage in Texas continues with a toxic mix of race relations hysteria and the people who have to deal with ebola patients getting more and more worried and enraged:  Dallas deputy wife’s fury after CDC publicly announced his Ebola results before even telling HIM he was clear of the fatal disease which is quite enraging for the victim.  On top of this, there is no proof he does not have the disease, there is a 21 day range for symptoms so he can’t be cleared immediately.  Thus, the need for quarantine.


Madrid hospital staff quit over Ebola fears and I don’t blame them.  The system has let them down.  The need to minimize this plague for political reasons has led to no preparations for how to deal with handling diseased people.  Instead, hospitals, ambulances and police are expected to figure this out individually.  This is insane.  I was one of the very, very first people to get the Hong Kong flu and it was quite deadly at the beginning, it nearly killed me, and I got if from a patient in an ambulance!


British doctor who spent three weeks confined to her flat after treating Ebola victims is now returning to Liberia to continue fighting the outbreak which is very brave of her and I am glad that Britain put her under quarantine but of course, they aren’t doing this with everyone from that same region, passing through their London airport.


Dallas hospital insists Ebola victim had the best care ‘regardless of nationality or ability to pay’ after his family claimed he was treated badly because he was a ‘poor black man’ after the family (who are, I assume, all here originally rather illegally, overstaying visas) are now whining about the initial care he got.  He never told the staff the first time that he handled a dying ebola woman.  He just said he was from Liberia and due to our government refusing to issue any official warnings, the staff didn’t take note of this and isolate him because the CDC and Federal government issued no orders to do this very thing.


I would assume, if anyone from Liberia was put in quarantine by a hospital just because he was from Liberia, the professional rabble rousers would be whining about that, too.  The need to complain no matter what is irritating a lot of taxpayers who paid for the entire care this interloper got for free.  The chaos he caused is even more expensive.


Now on to this story:  Briton dies of suspected Ebola in Macedonia, his hotel sealed off — RT News


A Macedonian government spokesman told the BBC that a companion of the late Briton told the local authorities that they had travelled straight from the UK and had not visited countries affected by Ebola


The ambulance crew and the hotel staff were isolated to prevent spreading of infection, and the hotel building was also sealed off.


The problem with ebola is this: its initial symptoms and collective symptoms is very close to symptoms of other medical conditions making it hellishly hard to diagnose without extensive tests which are hard to perform because touching the patient is deadly to staff.  This is why nipping this at the original source is so highly important.  AIDS flew under the radar for a long time due to the deaths being caused by various rare cancers.


So now we have this story:  Ebola: ‘British man dies of deadly virus in Macedonia and one other is taken ill’


Dr Jovanka Kostovska, Macedonia’s head of infection control, said the Briton had ‘all symptoms of Ebola, which raises suspicions with this patient’.  But the academic added the dead man had also been seen drinking.  She said: ‘We got information from several places that the patient frequently and in large quantities consumed alcohol, which can give a similar clinical picture and other diseases’.  A second man, 72, a friend of the deceased, has also shown symptoms of Ebola, she said.


Since throwing up is a symptom, airline passengers are now very leery about anyone doing this for good reason since the US government led by Obama refuses to screen people flying about the planet spreading germs:  Hazmat team meet US plane in Dominican Republic after passenger’s joke after he threw up, he announced to everyone, he had ebola.  The cabin crew panicked, the passengers became hysterical and the pilots turned the plane to the nearest airport and waited for suited up medical pros to come in and evacuate the man who kept saying, ‘I was joking!’


He is now under arrest.  Pictures taken by passengers shows people covering their faces with whatever they had and then freaking out while  kept on the plane for more than two hours and then being processed getting off.  It would be infinitely easier to make life a bit tougher for Africans where the disease is then to destroy our society trying to stop it HERE, not THERE.


The liberal press and media continues to lie about all this.  I googled ‘ebola fears overblown’ and got these:  West Africa Travel Ban: Why Ebola Fears Over US-Bound Flights Are Overblown, the article explaining how we are supposed to be calm and happy and not stop Africans with ebola from flying all over kingdom come.  From August:  Ebola fears in U.S. real but overblown:  USA Today.


The very liberal Mother Jones had this insane story back in August, too:  Here’s the Science to Refute Right-Wing Ebola Scaremongering … another August lunatic story from the left:  Ebola Outbreak Fears Overblown – Epidemic Not Likely – The Inquisitr.


Also from August, the Globe and Mail:  Ebola’s exaggerated fear being fed by stigma and stereotypes which has the storyline that if we want to stop diseases, we aren’t allowed to do this if the vector is in Africa because that is racist.


Home central for left wing propaganda ran this story in October when it was abundantly obvious ebola was in the US:  GOP Lawmakers Continue To Stoke Ebola Fears – Huffington Post.


Way back in August, right wingers also mocked the epidemic claiming it was a ploy for the government to control us, oh my!  America, Ebola, and Fear: Overblown Panic in America is a hilarious story in the Free Republic whining about federal controls and dictatorship.  The writer claimed that ebola would never, ever come to the US.  Which was insane.  All diseases fly everywhere very fast in the last 50 years.

▶ Ebola Panic in US is Overblown – YouTube: this NYU Medical Ethics clown makes fun of ebola telling us we are fools to worry about it.  The naivety of the doctor who is an expert and the young reporter is astonishing.  Obviously, either of them know a thing about how epidemics spread.  I, alas, learned the hard way back in 1968.


The ethics doctor says that illegal aliens can’t bring it in because ‘They will all DIE before making it across the border’ which is ridiculous.  The disease takes more than two weeks to present any symptoms and people are quite capable of traveling thousands of miles during that time frame.   Both ends of the political spectrum, but from opposite ideological beliefs, are credulous about the ebola epidemic and in denial about what this epidemic means.  There is likely going to finally be a vaccination for this disease and not a minute too soon.  But then, the completely crazy anti-vaccinationists will pour out of the woodwork wailing about that cure, too!


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42 responses to “Thanks To No Controls, US Sec Of Health Warns There Will Be More Ebola Here….DUH

  1. melponeme_k

    This plague terrifies me, I would consider to be a volunteer for the vaccination testing program.

    The NIAID listed another link in regards to another possible vaccination that hasn’t reached human trials yet, but it would theoretically provide immunity to Rabies and Ebola Zaire/Sudan.

  2. melponeme_k

    The link to the press release regarding the rabies/ebola vaccine.

  3. emsnews

    Thanks for the link! I do hope the rabies vaccination works. That means we can start using it now, not later.

    “In their investigation, the results of which were published online May 30, 2013, the researchers tested a replication-competent rabies virus vaccine, a replication-deficient rabies virus vaccine, and a chemically inactivated rabies virus vaccine expressing Ebola glycoprotein.

    Fifteen rhesus macaques, divided into four groups, were immunized intramuscularly with one of the three vaccines or a control vaccine. All of the animals were followed for both rabies and Ebola-specific immune responses. After 42 days, all of the nonhuman primates were transferred to NIAID’s biosafety level-4 facility at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, for challenge with the Ebola virus.

    Results and Significance

    All three vaccines produced potent immune responses against both rabies and Ebola. In terms of protection, the live replication-competent vaccines provided 100 percent protection following challenge with the Ebola virus. The replication-deficient and inactivated vaccines afforded 50 percent protection.

    According to the researchers, the protection of the immunized animals against Ebola virus infection was largely dependent on the quality of the B-cell driven immune response rather than the quantity of the response. These humoral immune responses as well as high glycoprotein-specific antibodies were particularly helpful in controlling Ebola virus infection after immunization, the researchers wrote.”

  4. kenogami

    When the panic starts, and the truckers refuse to transport foodstuff from one state to the next, how long before the food stores have empty shelfs?
    This Ebola epidemics is very dangerous because it seems airborne and has a long incubation period, unlike all previous forms of Ebola.

    Sensible peoples who do not believe the idiot media and the official lies should start buying concentrated foodstuff that can sustain them for many weeks at least.

  5. Normally Ebola outbreaks die out quickly because it spreads so fast (2 to 5 days incubation) it kills every one before it spreads. This is why no one used it as a biological weapon.

    This outbreak it takes up to 28 days incubation?? If Ebola is now transmitted by airborne means as well. All of which makes it idea as a biological weapon.

    So it looks like someone has weaponised Ebola. The Question is who?


    ELAINE: Who is easy! MOTHER NATURE. Viruses evolve all the time, they are champions at this and have been doing this for at least a billion years or so.


    As The USA just happened to have a vaccine that worked on a apparently new and unknown strain. This is rather a large coincidence. Too big a coincidence for my money. So suspicions rather point there…

    Which brings us to why should anyone do this sort of thing… Which reminds me that there is a new scramble for Africa on at the moment…

    An updated version of the methods used by the European settlers against the American Indians. The gift of Small Pox and Syphilis to name a few.

  6. kenogami: An Interesting subject you are touching on. It seems that the more technologically advanced a civilisation is. The more vulnerable it is to a breakdown of the essential infrastructure.

    Imagine for a moment what would happen if a number of electrical distribution nodes were destroyed… The Transformers for example…

    These Transformers have a long lead time, as much as three months to get replacements.

    Imagine the chaos if a city or a number of cities were without electric power, and water for three months.

    You could rob the transformers from else where but that would just spread the chaos.

    Would any government survive such chaos?

  7. Alaskan Ice

    Wait, if the Deputy didn’t have Ebola then not one single case has been trasmitted in the US.

    Probably more accurate for the Sec of Health to say that without controls, more people infected with Ebola in Africa will end up being treated in the US.

  8. DeVaul

    I am really glad to hear that a vaccine is at least on the horizon. It may save millions from the stupidity of our ruling oligarchs.

    However, it would be foolish to think that miracle cures will save us every time, as the cost of these cures is massive both in time and money.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Warren Buffet died from Ebola? I bet there would be a vaccine ready in one week.

  9. DeVaul

    @AI (artificial intelligence?)

    You remind me of an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand.

    A British man (who lied like Duncan) died in Macedonia and others have died abroad as well, so it can happen here. I wonder if you genuinely care about others.

  10. emsnews

    We don’t know yet who has it and who doesn’t. It has a 21 day incubation period.

  11. DeVaul

    Ostriches with their heads in the sand cannot hear you say that no matter how many times you say it or how loud you say it.

  12. Alaskan Ice


    Name calling? One has hit a nerve when lawyers resort to name calling.

    What do you suppose are the odds that a fifty-something, single male, in Liberia is HIV positive?

    Given a 21 day incubation period, even if there were a few cases of domestic transmission here by now (which there are not), the prospects of this disease going viral here in the US, at this point, are vanishingly small. For a variety of reasons, it is apparently not as transmissible here as it is in Africa.

    Certainly, infectious diseases are cause for alarm and precaution, but there are vast numbers of infectious diseases. If we were to close down air traffic to or from the locus for each and every case of any of them, we wouldn’t have international or domestic travel at all.

    The politics of this is specific to Africa, because Africa is an immuno-suppressed HIV infested continent, makes it an epidemic disaster waiting to happen. Folks in charge don’t plan to help, they’re more concerned with sealing the place off when it finally happens. Internally, the rulers in Africa are more concerned with “pacification” of the populace when it happens.

    The politics of this is also the politics of fear, just another bogeyman, like terrorism. To convince people to trade liberty for overblown security or unfounded health concerns is disingenuous.

  13. Alaskan Ice

    To that extent, some who are outwardly wringing their hands over the possibility of an outbreak were secretly hoping for a small one.

  14. DeVaul

    “What do you suppose are the odds that a fifty-something, single male, in Liberia is HIV positive?”

    What is your point? My point is “why let him into our country?” I don’t understand your obsession with Africa. Mine is with America (where I live).

    “For a variety of reasons, it is apparently not as transmissible here as it is in Africa.”

    Can you list these reasons?

    Do you know of any test that can show a 100 percent accurate ID of Ebola BEFORE the patient is vomiting and coughing blood all over the place?

    What is the name of the test?

  15. emsnews

    There is no such test. Tests work only after the ebola is transmitting to others which is TOO LATE.

  16. DeVaul

    @Alaska Ice

    “Name calling? One has hit a nerve when lawyers resort to name calling.”

    Yes, you did.

    I have children, so you hit a big nerve with your obsession with HIV positive Africans, their politics, culture, etc., etc., while claiming they can do no damage to my country or my children by flying all over the world.

  17. vengeur

    DeVaul is right on.

  18. ziff

    Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fevers are difficult to diagnose because early signs and symptoms resemble those of other diseases, such as typhoid and malaria. If doctors suspect you have Ebola or Marburg viruses, they use blood tests to quickly identify the virus, including:

    Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
    Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitors the United States for conditions such as Ebola infection, and its labs can test for the Ebola virus. Mayo Clinic does not test for the Ebola and Marburg viruses.

    from mayo

  19. Alaskan Ice


    “you hit a big nerve with your obsession with HIV positive Africans, their politics, culture, etc., etc., while claiming they can do no damage to my country or my children by flying all over the world.”

    First, I’m not claiming Ebola cannot harm children. Your mischaracterizations constitute intellectual dishonesty. Once again, it is impractical and unnecessary to institute mass quarantine and travel ban for each and every case of every infectious disease.

    Second, HIV in Africa is not an obsession; rather, it is a major salient difference between the ease of transmissibility in Africa relative to other countries. Others factors are (lack of) public health, sexual practices and condom use, etc. Those issues are also exacerbated by HIV positive individuals, say for example, who have given up trying to avoid STDs any longer with condom use. Two HIV positive indiduals with suppressed immune systems, having sex unprotected, perhaps because they no longer see the point in precautions, are much more likely to transmit and contract Ebola. These tiny differences in vectors and transmissibility can snowball into exponential growth for an epidemic that otherwise would remain localized in other populations.

  20. emsnews

    Any immune suppressive disease becomes host to many diseases. HIV was a complete disaster for public health. It gave ebola a host population that allowed this disease to mutate and become more virulent.

  21. Alaskan Ice

    Yes not enough attention is being paid to cure the host population of HIV, considering that Africa might become a disease factory. That means public health, cheaper drugs, socially and legally enforced condom use, monogamy, whatever it takes.

  22. emsnews

    Africa has the highest birthrate along with Muslim Middle Eastern countries and…highest child death rate.

    And here is the real problem: morals. You can’t do ‘clean’ without some sort of moral underpinnings which is absent in many places on earth including the US.

  23. Alaskan Ice

    Arguably, the high birthrate and promiscuous morals are influenced by the infectious diseases they help to foster. In other words, an “adaptation” to the presence of excess disease by having extra children with multiple partners maximizes Darwinian chances, by maximizing number of offspring as well as their immune system diversity/resistance. Particularly when pouring parental resources into one or two children makes less sense if they are unlikely to survive.

    And it becomes self-reinforcing by helping to spawn more disease.

  24. So our media are downplaying the threat Ebola poses to the general population. Typical. It really Sounds like our owners and our eladers, which they bought, would like to see the population reduced!

    But thanks to the vaccine research and the recent progress with the rabies vaccines testing, the real rulers hoping for a populace die-back shouldn’t get their hopes up.

  25. Alaskan Ice

    Not exactly, the media is downplaying the Ebola threat in Africa and exaggerating it in the West.

  26. Jim R

    No, AI, the media has been downplaying it generally. They are pushing the notion that this is just another virus, maybe a little worse than flu. Meanwhile, it is at (as yet poorly understood) a high contagion level, and with a much much higher level of mortality. If you get it you either die, or it ages you about fifty years by turning your vital organs into swiss cheese.

    We live in interesting times, that much is certain.

  27. DeVaul

    Africa, along with every tropical zone filled with humans, has always been a disease factory and always will be. It was a disease factory for hundreds of years before HIV every showed up, so… oh, wait, this is historical fact, and therefore must be intellectually dishonest. Disregard that.

    Also, since I and the King of Saudi Arabia are in complete agreement, something that has never happened before in human history, this must be more evidence of intellectual dishonesty. In fact, any argument that attempts to protect Americans, or anyone else, from plague-like conditions is intellectually dishonest, so don’t make such an argument.

  28. DeVaul

    Here are our soldiers preparing for life in Liberia:

    Notice that they are completely in touch with reality: why bother to cover your face while you pull off someone else’s hazmat suit when you know that Ebola only infects HIV positive men?

  29. Alaskan Ice

    No what I said was that HIV and poor public health seem to increase tramsission rates enough, in Africa, for this Ebola outbreak to be larger than the other smaller outbreaks that Africa has seen many times in the past. And, in the aggregate, all those cases certainly pose a very large danger of contagion, in Africa, to anyone, whether HIV positive or not.

    Apparently, that isn’t happening in the West.

    Rhetoric is one thing, but spare the sarcasm and histrionics. You’re smart enough to understand what I’m saying, even if you disagree. Why not have a real discussion instead of being intellectually dishonest?

  30. emsnews

    HIV certainly makes things much, much worse. Always and with any disease. It is also rampant in Eastern Europe due to the collapse of the socialist healthcare systems when Russia collapsed.

  31. DeVaul

    “You’re smart enough to understand what I’m saying, even if you disagree. Why not have a real discussion instead of being intellectually dishonest?”

    The same can be said about you, Alaskan Ice — more so, in fact. You are “intellectually dishonest” when you throw that phrase at anyone who disagrees with you or asks you for an explanation of what you are saying.

    You still owe me a list of reasons why Ebola cannot spread so easily here.

    When you claimed that you struck a nerve in me, I did not avoid the accusation. I admitted it and told you why, then I got slapped with “intellectually dishonest”.

    Caring about my children is NOT intellectually dishonest, and Ebola threatens them no matter how much you play it down without answering our direct questions to you.

    Why don’t you stop accusing everyone here of being “intellectually dishonest” and just say “I disagree” and then explain why?

    Can you do that, or do you need to put people down?

    The more you throw that phrase around, the more people will start making up names for you.

  32. emsnews

    I suppose he is here to cause distress.

    When some comment is distressing, it is OK to say ‘I am distressed and don’t like this’.

    Some people like to be contrarian. Don’t fall for that ploy.

  33. Name (required)

    Understand people, while this site is a pretty decent place to get information, Elaine is still one of the elites. This is a propaganda site. Anyone who argues against the propaganda will be marginalized, and if that doesn’t work, eventually silenced, just like at ANY OTHER PROPAGANDA SITE ON THE WEB.

  34. DeVaul

    How can a propaganda site be a “pretty decent place to get information”?

  35. emsnews

    I don’t lie about who I am.

    Good lord! My family came to England with William the Bastard, after all, and were barons and obvious oppressors of the peasants.

    I talk about what I know, personally.

  36. Name (required)

    It’s a propaganda site because it presents political viewpoints along with the information.

  37. Name (required)

    If you agree with all of the political viewpoints expressed here, great!

    But if you don’t, don’t expect this site to be some bastion of free expression. Yes, you will be allowed to argue, UNLESS YOUR ARGUMENTS START TO PREVAIL.

  38. Name (required)

    Notice how the blog owner subtly encourages the “faithful followers” to marginalize the dissenters:

    When some comment is distressing, it is OK to say ‘I am distressed and don’t like this’.

  39. emsnews

    Wow. A chip on the shoulder the size of a redwood.

  40. kenogami

    “It’s a propaganda site because it presents political viewpoints along with the information.”

    There is some confusion here: this site is not a news site or an information site. It is a personnal blog by the authoress and she has viewpoints and personnal opinions about many things. It is like reading a columnist or a political analyst in what used to be newspapers. As long as we know what they stand for, and their background, etc., and as long as they are honest and interesting, then we enjoy reading them even if we sometimes strongly disagree with them.

    A propaganda site is like CNN and Fox news and CNBC, which claim to be news sites, but are pathologically dishonest propagand outlets that distort reported events with outrageous lies for the benefit of those who pay them and for their own profits.

  41. DeVaul

    Back in 1984, all 600+ German newspapers presented their political views along with the information. This was known as “freedom of speech” — something we did not have because we only got to read the government’s story (also a political viewpoint).

    Your argument failed because it was irrational and unreasonable. Such arguments should always fail, and you must accept that and learn to change when someone else points out where you went wrong.

    How else can you learn?

    You are not entitled to “win” every argument you make, and if you make an argument that is right and reasonable and no one follows it (like Elaine often does), you must learn to accept that as well. That’s life, buddy.

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