NASA Chief Wants Travel To Mars, But Reflexively Whines About Climate Change During Speech

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NASA ebola suits…wait!  This is a picture of how we will exist on Mars, not Africa.  Mars is colder than Antarctica and Antarctica is quite cold.  Its atmosphere is 95% CO2.  Note how hot it is!  The poles are -195 degrees but on the equator, it can heat up to 70 degrees during the day and fall to -100 degrees at night.  Much of the CO2 is sequestered in winter on Mars at the poles.  Yesterday, the head of NASA talked about ‘climate change’ and Mars which illustrates how out of touch with reality, NASA has become due to the reflexive need to hook everything into ‘CO2 is evil’ storyline.


First off, our own planet it getting colder:  Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | Watts Up With That?

Antarctica record ice 2014

‘Climatologists’ are stumped as to why the ice sheets on both poles are growing rapidly.  They can’t figure out how global warming is making it colder.  Or rather, their incessant need to jigger temperature data has caused them to reflexively change reality to their beloved global warming model and so they cannot see how it is getting colder even though all the incoming information clearly shows this.


So on to the insane speech by the head of NASA, an organization going rapidly crazy and my dad was one of the founders of NASA so this rather pisses me off.  I grew up in NASA’s shadow, after all. Getting to Mars will ensure the survival of our species, says Nasa chief – and he claims humanity needs to ‘get a grip’ when it comes to climate change | Daily Mail Online


Mr Bolden also explained how understanding Mars – specifically how it turned from what was thought a once habitable planet to the largely inhospitable place we see now – could reveal the future of our own climate.


He discussed the very ‘real’ danger of climate change – while not offering a firm opinion on manmade global warming.


‘We have got to get a grip on climate change,’ he said.


‘We have to understand it, it’s real. I’m not here talking about global warming, I’m just talking about climate change. This is happening, and we need to understand why.’


OK: a speech about Mars turns into a rant about global warming which isn’t happening.  Note how this idiot talks now about ‘climate change’.  What happened to Mars, anyways?  I would say, it FROZE.  Yes, it is very cold there and it froze.  When the earth has ice ages, Mars has ice ages that get worse and worse over time.  Duh.  This is due to the same agent causing both, the sun.


‘Mars used to have, we think, a climate and atmosphere, everything like we have on Earth, and at some point in its life the middle of the planet got turned off, and it lost its magnetic field and everything else,’ he said.


‘It lost the magnetic field that protected it like our magnetosphere protects us, and then solar winds and other radiation scraped off Mars’ atmosphere.’


‘That’s what Maven will help us understand. What’s left, what’s bubbling off the planet, is oxygen still on the soil, or are there the kinds of atmospheric gases we see on Earth?


Venus has an atmosphere that is also 95% CO2.  In other ways, Venus is the opposite of Mars.  It turns tremendously slowly, it has a very thick atmosphere.  It is  much closer to the sun.  On the other hand, like Mars, Venus doesn’t have a magnetic field.  Why do our neighboring planets not have this?


Why do both planets have nearly only CO2 atmospheres and one if terrifically cold and the other terrifically hot?  Then there is this curious fact:  Atmosphere of Venus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The cloud cover is such that very little sunlight can penetrate down to the surface, and the light level is only around 5,000–10,000 lux with a visibility of three kilometres. At this level little to no solar energy could conceivably be collected by a probe. Humidity at this level is less than 0.1%.[36] In fact, due to the thick, highly reflective cloud cover the total solar energy received by the planet is less than that of the Earth.


One of the big debates between ‘denialists’ who think global warmists are misunderstanding science and ‘climate change’ people is the fact that the computers used to show run away heating don’t include realistic data about cloud cover which reflects heat back into space, keeping the ground cooler.


We see this on cloudy days, of course.  The fact is, even when CO2 was a thousand times higher than today, there was no runaway heating on earth.  There were lots of jungles and lush growth.  And the clouds prevented Venus-type heating of the surface.  Generally speaking, over the last billion years, the earth has been getting cooler, not warmer.  During the last 2 million years, it has become much colder than normal.


The global warmists don’t understand what CO2 is on our living planet.  It is food for plants.  They grow faster when there is more CO2.  The reason extinction events happened wasn’t due to CO2 from major volcanic events like the Siberian Traps event that killed most living things, is due to the sulfuric gases which plants do NOT eat and which is a toxin for them and all other living things except for viruses.


Yes, viruses!  The ancient life form that evolved first when there was lots of sulfuric acid in the environment. Thermophile:


Viruses have been collected from very extreme environments, for example, a hot spring with a temperature of 87 to 93 °C (189 to 199 °F) and an incredibly acidic pH of 1.5 in Pozzuoli, Italy. These viruses were observed to infect cells in the laboratory.[32]


Burning hot, toxic environments is heaven to viruses.  They hate oxygen.  Oxygen is their enemy.  NASA is struggling with all sorts of irritating incoming data.  For example, it is now painfully obvious that the universe is not expanding faster and faster to infinity.  It is contracting.


All galaxies are falling towards other galaxies.  This cannot happen in an expanding universe.  Black holes are now more and more clearly seen and are not black holes at all but something else.  Presumptions about what we see blinds scientists from understanding obvious data that contradicts pet belief systems.


Astronomy in particular is ‘revolutionary’ literally, the term first was applied to study of the planets 300 years ago.  Galileo saw that the sun rotated and that the earth revolved around the sun.  Thus, the concept word ‘revolution’ became popularized.  Well, NASA has to change, fast, to catch up with incoming data and not reflexively defend obvious false presumptions.


Incidentally, Mr. Bolden praises Richard Branson, of Virgin Airlines, for taking people into space next year…to goof off!  These people madly produce CO2 while whining about it.  This foolishness has to stop.


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29 responses to “NASA Chief Wants Travel To Mars, But Reflexively Whines About Climate Change During Speech

  1. vengeur

    Nasa is a jobs program for scientists. And scientists are people, thus we have the head of Nasa doing the warming, I mean climate change song and dance for his dinner. I’ll bet you at some point these folks are going to change the whole scheme to “man made global cooling”. You already see hints of “warming is causing cooling” in their schtick. We all know money is driving this thing, and at present any scientist who professes disbelief in warmism is banished from the land of Government Grants.

  2. vengeur

    I’m surprised he didn’t link Ebola to warming too, while he was at it. From here on out, anything bad that happens in the world will be a result of warming, er…climate change.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    Scientiests are arguably our most important intelligent minds, in the sense that they discover and create tools, new cures, energy sources, means of transportation, etc. From the first fire-making gear and spears onward, science has elevated humanity from a purely natural state.

    The shame here is that science is undermining its own credibility and thus hindering future advancement by embracing sophistry.

    It is suprising to discover that so many scientiests seem unable to hold to their tenets of hypothesis testing and intellectual honesty when politics and money are at issue, more like so called “sheeple”, internalizing and rationalizing any crazy top-down edict from authority, more like “useful idiots” than the polished, psychopathic liars club of self professed “wolves”.

    I might have guessed the reverse, that the intelligence needed to manipulate “primitive” minds, to create and remain above narratives, that that “greater” intelligence would have more correlation with humanity’s vastly important scientific ability. That it does not indicates the purely parasitical nature of the liar’s mind for all humanity.

  4. vengeur

    I don’t need four paragraphs to explain it. It’s called SELLING OUT.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    You missed it; the wonder is that many truly believe.

  6. vengeur

    The great mass of scientists are followers. And recent events prove that. A few real geniuses with courage made the great advances in science. The rest of humanity rides on their coattails.


    ELAINE: NASA repudiated my father when he tried to get his paper, The Sun Is A Variable Star published. They attacked him, one of the Founders, and he died, I suspect due to suicide, after my mother died.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    Yes but the real geniuses were not psychopathic liars. Consider Einstein et. al. – they had a good and even predictive view of what their achievements would mean for humanity, but they evinced only a dim awareness of the other political forces and machinations at play in society and on their own minds. In those other respects, they were lambs compared to the liars of the day.

    The problem would be so much more intractable if the great genius scientists overlapped with the most conniving and deceptive political thinkers. No overlap means we don’t need the psychopaths around, much less in charge.


    ELAINE: my grandfather, an astronomer, knew Einstein.

    Einstein was against the nuclear bomb. From day one. My father helped enable the nuclear missile business. He brought over the Nazi rocket experts.

  8. Alaskan Ice

    Perhaps the self professed “wolves” could be cloistered with the child molesters in the future?

  9. Jim R

    Still pushing the crackpot science around, I see.

    Mars is cold because it is twice as far from the Sun as we are. Therefore it only gets ¼ as much solar radiation per unit of surface. When you average that with the 4°K of the cosmos you get really really cold.

    Venus is hot becausse it is ½ as far from the Sun. Same deal — you put four times as much of the Sun’s 5000° heat into it and you have a really hot climate.

    What you haven’t explained is how to save the corals and shellfish that did not evolve back in the Hadean eon when CO2 levels were at that high prehistoric level you keep going on about.


    ELAINE: WOW~ 🙂 You figured this out!!! HAHAHA.

    Look, buddy, Mars is cold because the SUN is far away and has gotten COLDER since say, the dinosaur age because the SUN caused this, too. And the earth is much colder during ‘global warming’ than during the dinosaur age, too.

    What caused this??? Figure this out and I will give you a lollipop.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    I agree the sun is the biggest influence on planetary temperatures.

    However, corals and shellfish are underwater, not exposed to atmospheric CO2. And it’s very much unclear that atmospheric CO2 level changes of a few parts per million have any effect on atmospheric temperature whatsoever, much less any influence greater than noise given the power of volcanos and solar activity to influence the earth’s temperature.

    Relatively large volcanic eruptions have caused snow in summer and crop failures in Europe within the last few centuries.

  11. e sutton

    OT: Healthcare worker in Dallas diagnosed with ebola. Here it comes.


    ELAINE: Yes, before we roast to death when it is below zero and snowing, we will die of a plague.

    I pray this vaccination works they are talking about.

  12. emsnews

    The OCEANS spill out CO2 in huge amounts due to all the underwater, deep sea volcanic action. Remember those chimneys spewing volcanic gases?

    The ones that CREATE life environments for sea animals like crabs and of course, bacteria and viruses?

    That is where all the CO2 messing up things comes from in great quantities especially after major earthquakes on the ridges deep in the oceans that is where the plates are spreading separating the continents.

  13. John

    Alaskan Ice

    Perhaps the self professed “wolves” could be cloistered with the child molesters in the future?

    And then we can just nuke the site from orbit? Sounds like a plan!


    What caused this??? Figure this out and I will give you a lollipop.

    The Sun is about 50% used up, so far as its fuel supply. Its output has decreased because of this. At least, this is my best understanding of it.

  14. emsnews

    Yes, our star is plenty old. It was much hotter a billion years ago.

  15. kenogami

    1 billions years ago, the Sun was 10 -15% less luminous than today and the amount of heat it sent to the Earth was less than today by the same amount. For the last 4 billions years, the luminosity of the Sun has been steadily increasing and will increase still more as time passes; idem for the amount of heat received on the Earth.

  16. emsnews

    Um, we were CLOSER to the sun back then. Every day, we slowly but surely move outwards. Just as the moon is moving away from the earth.

  17. Jim R

    Really? How much closer? From what evidence do we know this?

  18. Jim R

    Here is the correct link (I hope) to kenogami’s file. For some reason it didn’t get properly linkified by WordPress before:
    Solar Evolution — wikipedia

    The Sun was “colder” a billion years ago. Its surface temperature stays about the same, but it is getting fatter, and therefore its luminosity is increasing as it ages. Because it fills more of the sky, it will heat the Earth more as time passes, until it becomes a red giant.

    But those things happen on a billion-year time scale, while our pollution efforts are actually changing the oceans and atmosphere on a hundred-year time scale.

    See the difference there?

    The good news is that peak oil and resource depletion will generally put an end to those pollution activities. The bad news is that humans will probably burn every last blade of grass trying to keep “civilization” going, after which they will be truly SOL.

  19. Alaskan Ice


    As they burn the last blade of grass, they will burn every hunk of plastic too.

    The air will be poison.

  20. Jim

    Eleine, what I don’t see in your articles is the effect that money and greed have on this ‘Global Warming’ business, which in my mind is the real reason behind all this blindness and lies that you are fighting against.

    The ultimate aim of the campaign against the so-called ‘Global Warming’ seems to be an establishment of a global Pollution Rights Market. A device that the western elites believe so deeply in their black hearts and insane minds, could one day replace the failing Fracking scam and could bring a new era of prosperity and development to their world. Litterarly by selling hot air, from one to another, they believe they can remain in power forever!

    The problem is that the lack of sanity shown by the West in the last few years, on every single level, being it political, financial, scientific, millitary, or the very understanding of the world around us, is but a symptom of a nasty systemic collapse. People represented by the Official Elite Spokesperson Al Gore ™, have understood this and want to profit from this. And they can do it because they control the Media and they have a lot of fiat money to play with. Thus the ‘Global Warming’ scam and the ‘Global Warming’ media event, that feeds the needs of the families of armies of elites, politicians, journalists, academicians, business people, financiers and activists.

    Should reality clash with these goals, needs, greed, careers, money, lifestyles and things aren’t nearly close to what they say, then too bad for reality. The plan sticks. Money talks, hot air floats. Or so they think, for every single time in this environmental business, their plans fail miserably, due to contact with Reality…

  21. emsnews

    Yes, they want to force us to pay a pollution tax that brings in money they will NOT use to fix the environment, they will pocket this in order to live in more palaces and drive more gas guzzling cars and fly private jets and go about in gigantic yachts.

    All while braying to us to live in Tiny Houses @ and bike everywhere like in communist China in the past or North Korea today.

  22. kenogami

    “we were CLOSER to the sun back then. Every day, we slowly but surely move outwards. Just as the moon is moving away from the earth.”

    Tidal friction and gravitation transmit some of the angular momentum of the Earth rotation to the Earth-moon system and as a consequence, the moon gets farther away from the earth and its rotation is slowed down with time.
    Since the masses of the moon and earth are similar and the two are very close, the effect is significant with long time. The moon becomes 3.8 cm more distant from the earth per year, which makes 38000 km over a billion years, assuming the rate of things stayed the same.

    In principle, the same phenomenon applies to the Sun-Earth system, but in practice, it is utterly negligible because the Sun is 333000 more massive than the Earth and it is very far. Thus the earth get 1 millionth cm more distant from the Sun each year, which gives 1 km in 1 billion years.

  23. Jim R


    Thanks for finding that reference. I didn’t have one handy, but was suspicious that this was just more of Elaine’s astronomical BS.

    Tidal friction with the Sun is negligible, and the Earth’s orbit has not moved noticeably since the formation of the Solar System. Unlike the Moon.

  24. emsnews

    There are a lot of PRESUMPTIONS in this data you cite. If the sun is getting hotter why is the earth getting colder and ditto, Mars?

  25. kenogami

    Over the long run (millions years), the Sun is steadily getting hotter and bigger; but over the short run (10 ~ 1000years), there are small variations in the Sun output (mini ice age from 1300 AD ~ 1800 AD). The distance Earth-Sun varies also depending on the excentricity of the orbit. The inclination of the rotation axis of the Earth change the quantity of heat striking a unit area on earth. The distribution of land masses may completely change the (warm and cold) ocean currents; salinity of water also affect ocean currents; periods of volcanism increases atmospheric CO2; etc..

    I don’t know if current computer models on climate changes include all the important factors, since climate science is so complicated. But it seems more reasonable to believe natural scientists rather than amateurs on scientific subjects.

  26. Jim R



    Elaine has an unfortunate habit of conflating billion-year time scales with hundred-year time scales.

    And the Universe is not linear.

  27. emsnews


    This is exactly what ails ‘climatology’: it assumes the sun is either steady state of getting hotter.

    Which is FALSE obviously false. If the sun were getting hotter and hotter why would we have ice ages SUDDENLY. And worse, they all end SUDDENLY.

    The sun changes in significant ways we little understand and it ‘turns on and off’ with startling periodicity.

    If Ice ages were caused by the planet’s position relative to the sun, etc. changing over 36,000 year cycles then the end of ice ages would be slow, not nearly instantly.

    If astronomical events were causing all this, they would not go up and down so violently suddenly including the fact that Ice ages last many times longer than any interglacial era. By a long, long ways.

    The ‘hot/warm earth’ eras are shorter and colder each cycle, not hotter and hotter which makes utter trash of the belief that the sun is heating up more and more, IT IS NOT. It is VARIABLE. Big time.

    Of course, you won’t live to see that I am correct. But hints of this exist such as the absence of sun spots during the Little Ice Age which this lunatics at NASA and other places are trying to minimize or render invisible as well as attempts at killing off the Medieval Warm Cycle.

    But you can’t fool the sun. It laughs at your vain attempts at twisting reality.

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