Continent Of The Dead: Nurse Who Cared For Ingrate Duncan Definitely Has Ebola

Isle of the Dead: music to play while reading about this plague.

Texas health care worker tests positive for EbolaTexas medic who treated Thomas Duncan tests positive for Ebola: the most intense vector for transmission of this deadly communicative disease is via nurses who are the ones who handle these highly toxic patients.  The family of the man, Duncan, who brought in this disease, are trying desperately to drum up support for demands that the medical system be blamed for his death when this man came over deliberately and got this poor nurse sick.  Obama still has our borders wide open to ebola carriers.  He refuses to do a thing about this except wave temperature wands and people coming in from mainly Brussels.  We should shut all air traffic from Brussels, too, if they refuse to stop this.


Ebola decimates Duncan’s neighborhood in Liberia: here is his home, a filthy place and he obviously had no real funds to fly here.

Duncan's Liberian hovel

In Liberia, Officials ‘muzzling’ reporters trying to draw attention to Ebola which is yet one more reason for the entire planet to impose very strict quarantine  there.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 8.20.22 PM

DeVaul sent me this news article.  The way the nurses get this disease is by touching the hazmat suits!  Look at that soldier being trained!  He is wearing nothing except very flimsy gloves.  The suit of the ebola nurse brushes against the soldier’s clothing.  The main way of transmitting is when a nurse or someone undressing them touches their faces which is very common in hot climates like where the ebola is spreading.


As I said before, sending thousands of soldiers there is insanity.  Soldiers are notorious since the dawn of warfare, for spreading diseases.  It is the nature of the beast.  Living in close quarters in places that are not very sanitary, they are one of the chief means of causing epidemics.


Brooklyn teen in hospital after showing Ebola symptoms following trip to Sudan: the panic is spreading.  Ebola false alarms mounts as panic grows over spread of disease  which should surprise no one, the symptoms are exactly the same as the flu.  And the flu kills, too, just not as efficiently.   New York hospitals have been sending in actors with FAKE Ebola symptoms which is spreading the fear, ironically.


Friend of British ‘Ebola victim’ in Macedonia claims he was joking about virus which shows us how hard it is to diagnose this disease in time.


In Europe, they are administering a Ebola test for missionary in Brazil who has travelled from Guinea because missionaries are very much a carrier group for this disease.The nurse in Spain got ill thanks to one.


Homeland Security chief denies claims that ISIS members crossed Mexican border which may not have happened but is entirely too easy to happen.  We have no Homeland Security at all.  And no President has thought very hard about any of this, either.  They just wanted unconstitutional spying powers for political power.  And more ruinous foreign wars that do zero to protect us otherwise we would have bombed Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, after 9/11.  Or bombed the very rich, for that matter, since they ruined the world economy, too.


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28 responses to “Continent Of The Dead: Nurse Who Cared For Ingrate Duncan Definitely Has Ebola

  1. e sutton

    So now the obvious question are: Who has the newly infected healthcare worker exposed to ebola? How and where do you isolate all of them for a 21 day period? At what point, if any, does air travel from Africa to the States go into effect? Without a U.S. Surgeon General at the moment, who is Obama going to use as a fall guy when the eventual panic sets in? I’ll take odds on Tom Frieden, who might well be the first in a long line of Jews to be thrown rather viciously under the bus.

  2. e sutton

    Seems like inconveniencing those with dual citizenship (gee – wonder who those might be) would be a good reason why Tom Frieden doesn’t support a travel ban to/from Africa.

  3. Wow…I check the news online and see headline about nurse in Texas with Ebola…I turn on CNN and there is nothing?

  4. Luke

    Open Borders = Death [in many ways].

  5. Petruchio

    Ingrate is the right word. It has always stunned me the deep sense of entitlement some foreigners have towards the USA. They come to this country-no visas necessary-and they are immediately eligible for all sorts of freebies. Thomas Duncan is just a typical example. Duncan just proves that the US ruling class will do ANYTHING to destroy the Middle Class.

  6. DeVaul

    At my wife’s swearing in ceremony a year ago, some new “citizens” were allowed to stand and speak about what this meant for them. Not one word was mentioned about the Constitution, freedom of speech or religion, or the right to meet and protest, or be free from persecution of any kind, or anything like that.

    Instead, they — each and every one of them — talked about the enormous job opportunities they hoped to find here in America and several said that America is the only country where anyone can become a millionaire. The presiding judge then gave a speech in which he agreed with them.

    I was embarrassed to even be sitting there. I couldn’t believe it. They just came here for money and had no desire to live any differently than in their home country regarding all other aspects. The Constitution meant nothing to them. “Freedom” — to them — was a high paying job.

    I asked my boss the other day if I should file a class action lawsuit against the family of Mr. Duncan (or his “estate”) for endangering millions of American lives through lying and deception. I am sure that the best lawyers will rise up to defend Jesse and the family, though, but I think most Americans would probably join my action — even signing their names to it.

    My boss said I should do that, but I know the government would quash it. Still, I keep thinking about it. It may be enough to shut these ingrates up, but something deep down inside me tells me it wouldn’t. (That’s why we call them ingrates.)

  7. DeVaul

    My boss and I also discussed how it is impossible to stop the spread by using hazmat suits, since any sane person removing someone else’s hazmat suit must also be wearing a hazmat suit, but then the question is: who takes his off and on and on.

    I know of only one solution: the person wearing the suit must remove it himself and throw each piece into an incinerator, with the gloves being removed last and tossed in. That is the only way to kill the disease on the suit without spreading it, but we don’t have enough hazmat suits to do that.

    That means that nurses and doctors will be the first ones to fall until they panic and stop showing up for work, which is now happening in Africa and in Spain.

    Why has that company in Texas not received the piddlin 36 million to churn out 100 million doses of its vaccine yet? Did they lie about that?

    We don’t know. All is silent now, except for communiques from the Communist Department of Commissars regarding whose fault this is.

    (If the CDC keeps blaming doctors and nurses for spreading the disease or contracting it, they will stop showing up for work. My prediction.)

  8. e sutton


    I suspect you’re right about the doctors and nurses not showing up for work after getting blamed for “spreading ebola”. Watch for a similar reaction if the cops keep getting hammered for trying to keep a lid on the crime in Ferguson, et. al. As we are watching these events unfold, dare we take a peek at those who are behind the curtain?

  9. e sutton


    The only requirement for those wishing to become new U.S. citizens (your wife excluded, obviously 🙂 ) is to be unquestionably stupid. Europeans and other whites need not apply.

  10. DeVaul

    My wife was something of an exception to the general rule, for which I feel very lucky. She wanted to marry an American or European because of a Thai custom that she hated intensely (she still will not mention her father’s second wife), that of Thai men having more than one wife. What we would call a “mistress”, they call a “second wife” and her offspring are treated as family members. In fact, my first visit to Thailand was inspected by her half brother and not one member of her “real” family would meet me or talk to me.

    The two Europeans she met before me did not fare so well, even though one was a German millionaire and one was a well-paid oil rig worker from Norway. I was a Deaf, disabled potter at the time, which I am sure horrified her entire family. (Fortunately, I am genetically inclined to horrify people while not suffering any guilt or remorse about it.)

    When I found out about the other two men many years later (Thai women are super secret about personal info), I asked her why she chose me over them. She replied that I had written her a letter by hand introducing myself whereas they had (sigh) flown into Bangkok and called her mother’s home without prior notice and/or emailed her to introduce themselves, respectively. The millionaire showed no sense of etiquette whatsoever and the Norwegian was ill-tempered. She would not go anywhere with them without an escort. (Probably a smart move.)

    The people in Thailand are very friendly, and I felt welcome there, but I noticed they stared at me a lot. I thought it was because I used sign language, but it turned out that they were staring at my white skin. I thought my fiancee was joking, but it turned out to be true. I sweated so much there that I used my shirt as a mop while walking around, thus showing off my entire white torse in the bright sunlight. She did not believe me when I told her that Americans wanted to have brown skin.

    It’s a strange world, but I like it that way.

  11. Luke

    Elaine, long ago you said ‘Mittens would have been worse’.

    Clearly BHO wants ‘mericans to die.

  12. Luke

    REMEMBER DE VAUL, At the ‘citizenship ceremony’ you heard from the better of the ‘new un americans’. You saw and heard from the legal immigrants.


  13. Luke

    This is from various places on the web,President Barak Ebola
    ‘’Ebola is such an enormous problem in Africa that we have to send troops,
    But it’s such a trivial problem that we shouldn’t keep Africans WITH ebola from coming to the USA. This makes perfect sense in our ‘ Community Organizers’ world
    Americans do not matter in the least.’;_ylt=AwrBJR5TpjFUnzkApgPQtDMD

    I was on a flight from Frankfurt to US today. Plane was filled about 35-40% with West Africans. Not saying they all have Ebola, but rather those that have enough money to buy a ticket are getting out — and of course coming to the US where they know they can stay as long as they like. And Barack Obola and his fellow Dems are 100% behind that – even more new Dem voters from these “biological refugees”. Ask any airline crew member, they know.
    Hussain is probably all excited about being able to import yet another disease into America. Enterovirus from flood of illegals, and Ebola/Marburg from Africans.
    How much more will it take before congress sees how urgent it is to remove this traitor from office?
    ….deployed 3,000 troops to Ebola infested Africa….where they’ll be
    infected and then will become vectors for that disease to be imported
    back home to other members of the military, and THEIR FAMILIES.
    For someone who supposedly has a thing about not putting our troops “in harm’s way” this is certainly a departure.
    There’s a part of me that doesn’t even want to THINK that he’s this clueless, but…..
    The germ-fighting troops. This puts me in mind of the time O used the marine to hold an umbrella over his head. I’m not saying there is anything wimpy about fighting germ warfare, but sending ground troops to Liberia is insane and a complete misuse of power. What do they know about how virulent viruses can be! And why send so many. O is the stupidest excuse for a person we could have.

    Obama’s actions betray somebody that is doing everything in his power to ensure that Ebola spreads in America. There are several possible reasons for this, but either way it’s undeniably true that boots on the ground are not trained or qualified to deal with Ebola, and even trained medical professionals have gotten sick. So it seems their infection is a foregone conclusion, and naturally nobody will oppose letting troops return safely home, going to all corners of America to spread the disease.
    People should be furious. What’s almost as infuriating is left wingers like Van Jones and Jon Stewart trying to convince us to be ok with this, and that this proves that government is working and we should give them more power over us. Just insane.

    Do you love the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama at war with seven countries and opening our borders to Ebola and the trillions of debt we don’t have?

  14. hans

    Contrast the Cuban response of sending Cuban medical brigade (165 doctors) to west Africa, saving and helping the community medical support group, to the the ZNATO response of military presence, lots of silly comments. I see Israel is not sending any medics, i guess Ebola patients don’t have healthy organs!

  15. Christian W

    According to the CDC there could easily be 1.4 million cases of ebola in Africa by January 2015. With an exponentially increasing epidemic good luck containing that after it reaches those numbers. And for certain when it does there will be many thousands more Duncans trying to outrun their deaths and jumping on any plane/train/bus they can get on.

    I believe the US government is scared of only one thing, that the consumers stop shopping. That may be crassly put but that is the symbolic red line for a functional US society in their minds. No shopping means the end of the US economy and that is the one thing they fear and the one thing they bend all their resources on preventing. All the wars and all the market manipulations are just means to the end of keeping the current scam running as long as it can even as it becomes more and more perverted the more it is manipulated. All the so called leaders are simply trying to get all the profit they can for themselves and ensure that anything negative ends up not on their CV but anyone but theirs, they don’t care whose. This is Fukushima mentality US style. There is endless money and resources for the elites and their pet projects like the Military Industry and the Banking Sector (Wall Street) but nothing for anything else (hence Austerity) apart from keeping the populace in enough money to keep the wheels turning, but just barely. Even better than cash is creating and building the debt of the consumer.

    This is the mentality of Obama and all US leaders and oligarchs. Nobody is taking responsibility for anything. They all love taking credit for imaginary/fake success and prance about in pomp and circumstance but there is nothing genuine or real beneath the facade. They are no longer capable of making real decisions. They will simply head for the bunkers to save themselves if the shit hits the fan and leave the rest of the populace to rearrange the chairs of the Titanic as best they can.

  16. emsnews

    It is NOT ‘Obama’ because the Republican leaders who also left our borders totally open before and the more significantly, AFTER 9/11. The rich elites need illegal labor to drive down wages at the bottom and at the top of the employment pyramid, they need skilled legal immigrants to do exactly the same thing.

    The Republican party ran the nation after the Civil War and they, too, let in a flood of immigrants for the same exact reasons. 90% of our national population is immigrants brought in after 1860.

  17. melponeme_k


    “I believe the US government is scared of only one thing, that the consumers stop shopping. ”

    I believe you got it right. Here we are going crazy assigning crazy reasons regarding why the elites are disallowing closed borders when really all they are thinking about is Christmas season. Closing borders will mean their foreign goods can’t get into the country.

  18. Maddie's Mom

    Christian W,

    Re: shopping

    You got that right.

    Anyone want to f&$k with the government, legally?

    Stop buying shit.

  19. DeVaul

    “I believe the US government is scared of only one thing, that the consumers stop shopping. That may be crassly put but that is the symbolic red line for a functional US society in their minds. No shopping means the end of the US economy and that is the one thing they fear and the one thing they bend all their resources on preventing.”

    I agree. This actual thought crossed my mind as I stepped out the door this morning on the way to work. However, I viewed as Obama being ORDERED to keep the borders open in order to facilitate commerce and international business travel. To be sure, it is also entirely possible that he just does not give a damn like those who order him around, and there is the fact that he came from the Chicago political machine (think mafia).


    The Mexicans who built my roof back in 2008 seemed to be pretty decent, hard-working men compared to the other men in my neighborhood. I actually asked their leader if he could do some other work for me, but he seemed reluctant. I think because he was chock full of work from the housing market. After that collapsed, all the hard-working Mexicans disappeared and now we just have homeless or shiftless Mexicans hanging out with our native homeless population, neither of whom can make a straight cut on a two by four.

    I think the best Mexicans went home after the work opportunities vanished. There may still be a few here, but not many.

  20. DeVaul

    Oh man! Y’all should read this:

    If the Russians succeed, then our country will no longer be the leader in advanced medicine or perhaps even in any kind of medicine.

    I hope they succeed.

  21. Luke

    DeVaul, USA has 50? MILLION Latinos. ‘They’ are not going home. Some of them want ‘reconquista’.

  22. Luke

    ‘It is NOT ‘Obama’ because the Republican leaders who also left our borders totally open before and the more significantly, AFTER 9/11’
    Obama is in charge now and is – predictably- doing everything wrong w regards to this major crisis. Sending troops there, allowing planes from those 3 countries to land here etc.

  23. DeVaul

    Well, I live in Kentucky, and you live in California (formerly Mexico), which is where the bulk of them are.

    I fully expect everything west of the Mississippi to return to Mexico or some kind of “Latino” or native rule in the future after the Industrial Age is over.

    As for “Reconquista”, we wanted “Manifest Destiny”, and we got it. There is no law that says they cannot take back what was once theirs, nor is there any law that says native Americans might not take back most of the plains region when it runs out of water for farming. They are already reintroducing the buffalo to the plains reservations. They are thinking ahead to a future that most Americans cannot comprehend.

  24. vengeur

    @ Christiian W: I seem to remember George W saying something like “Go out and buy something” as part of his public response after 9-11. I believe you nailed our situation, in that the only thing that matters to TPTB is profits of their corporations .

  25. melponeme_k

    This winner couldn’t even hold quarantine. Filling her gob with soup was more important than the health of the populace and the people working in the store.

  26. emsnews

    Yes, Bush actually said for us to fight ‘terror’ by shopping for Chinese consumer goods. China approved of this most heartily.

  27. Christian W

    I had the Bush shopping comment in mind when I wrote my comment above. The US is a increasingly becoming a paper tiger.

    I believe the whole point with the “Lewinsky scandal” was simply to break the Presidency once and for all. Clinton always was a self serving bastard but after that he was a tame self serving bastard. The point was simply to prove that no one is above the system or more powerful than the system. From now on anyone going into the White House knows he, or she, is spied on 24/7 and the handlers will use their powers if needed.

    If the doorman/woman happen to have ideas of their own outside the accepted norms of the system and those who run it, they won’t last long.

    Obama is caught by various momentums and policies that basically forces his hand. It would not be different for any other President, unless it was a genuine reformer at the helm with policies aimed at turning the US system around to something rooted in sanity and reality. Such a President will never be allowed to come to power as long as the corporate machinery, oligarchs and special interests rule the roost.

    Checking Shadowstats you see that using the old way of calculating unemployment the US has about a quarter of the work force unemployed (permanently unemployed). This is an extremely severe and painful depression that is only visible and felt for the lower half of the population and the shrinking middle class that feel the pain and threat of that depression because they are so close to it.

    The elites are doing better than at any time in history, at least on the surface (if you buy into the illusion that the USD is actually worth what they pretend it is) and the whole policy game for them is to insulate themselves from the permanent depression they themselves created in the first place, and on purpose in some ways (as a means to and end to steal ever more for themselves). At this point in time the whole name of the game is to perpetuate the illusion of wealth and control using ever grimmer and more desperate means to do so.

    In that sense it is futile to rail against Obama; if he takes decisions that go against the momentum of the elites he will be crushed like a fly. He knows full well that the Holy Grail of the elites is the economy, the one thing they hate is someone messing with “their” money (power).

    Obama is the black guy the elites put in the White House to side step reforms after the hugely disastrous and unpopular Dubya. Obama knows this better than anyone. He knows he would never be allowed into the White House if he hadn’t signed up for that job description. And of course he ran on a ticket as a reformer of the system, of Wall Street and whatnot. This is just so typical of how the elites work. Widdershins as Elaine calls it. Or demonic if you will.

    You have to keep in mind that Obama is a murderer, fully capable of murdering people if he calculates it is worth it as a means to an end.

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