Inept Computer Program Using IPCC Assumptions Shows Fishes Will Move North If It Is Warmer

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The ‘climate change’ people bring us yet another ‘study’ that ‘proves’ that we are all going to die if it is somewhat warmer in the future, though a lot cooler than during the Minoan Age, and this disaster will be caused by CO2 in the atmosphere.  Most ‘studies’ about the terror of ‘climate change’ are mostly computer programs using dodgy data to project into the future scary scenarios.  Then are reported in the news as facts, not computer programs using false data points.



So today’s scare story is about fishes:  Tropical Fish Moving Toward Poles Due To Climate Change, Could Affect Global Fisheries: Study


 As part of the study, researchers at the University of British Columbia, or UBC, in Canada, used the same climate change scenarios as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, to predict a large-scale change in the habitat of fish and other invertebrates. If the Earth’s oceans heat up by 3 degrees Celsius by 2100, which is considered to be the worst-case scenario, fish could retreat from their current habitats at a rate of 16 miles a decade.


Oh no, migratory ocean fishies!  Swimming away.  Unfortunately, reality says something quite different.  During the eras of much warmer climate such as the Minoan Age 4,500 years ago, there were plenty of fishies in the sea.  The Mediterranean Sea is warmer than oceans at its latitude.  This is due to it being isolated from the waters flowing around Antarctica or coming down from the Arctic.


So how did fish fare during that  much warmer time?  Art of the Minoans | The Emyoku Project

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Seems they enjoyed temperatures significantly higher than today!  All over the place, art about the Mediterranean Sea showed happy, abundant fishies.  Note all the marine life on the bottom of the sea, the urchins, etc. seem awfully happy, too.  Note also the diversity of the sea life, big and small, mobile and stationary.  The Minoan artists knew their subject well.


We can use art like this as proof about how something looked long ago because humans tend to be very astute observers.  We know from Ice Age art how things looked back then.  The Tundra of Europe teemed with mainly huge, hairy animals.  So we can safely assume that the much warmer Minoan Age had warm water animals in abundance.  It was not a ‘dead sea’ at all.


Using computer programs is the easiest research on earth.  You pop in the data and let it run without examining the core data.  And in the use of IPCC data leads invariably to disaster scenarios because the core data assumes we would ape Venus which is 98% CO2 with virtually no rotation and no magnetosphere and is twice as close to the sun.  It is a poor model to base CO2 research any more than Mars which is exactly the same except more rotation and little CO2 but little else, it is still 98% of the atmosphere.


All CO2 climate study is bedeviled by reliance of projection of ‘facts’ based on poorly understood models in astronomy.  This is infuriating because biological studies of the past show very clearly that warm cycles nearly uniformly if not absolutely are rich with biological diversity.  The Death Events that periodically plague the planet are due to huge volcanic/asteroid events that cause a lot of sulfuric acid.


The only life forms that love sulfuric acid are viruses.  And these also kill off any surviving host living creatures.  Viruses love disasters.


The maddening thing here is, how our media trumpet these stupid studies that are based on ridiculous presumptions while not examining how things really work in the past.  History has three elements: past, present and future.  And when we go into the future we have to be extremely cautions because even slight deviations from our assumptions lead, over time, the longer the timeline into the future, to greater misunderstanding.


And in the ‘global change’ game, presuming CO2 in concentrations one quarter the amount on earth during warm cycles that featured abundant, happy life forms, will cause future die offs is a fraud.  If we have another Siberian Trap event, yes, we humans will probably go extinct.  And this is a scary thing.  Except if you are a virus.


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3 responses to “Inept Computer Program Using IPCC Assumptions Shows Fishes Will Move North If It Is Warmer

  1. Jim R

    Fisheries are affected because factory ships with drift nets are ripping every last swimming thing out of the oceans.

    Changing migration patterns among the pitiful remnant populations have little to do with the productivity/profit from these fisheries. Regardless of the direction of that migration.

  2. Christian W

    Such wonderful artwork in that Minoan link. I much prefer it to the art of the Greeks much later. Warm, vibrant depictions of smiling people and wildlife so sensuous you feel the life force radiating. It is easy to think those must have been happy times.

  3. emsnews

    ALL warming times are happy times. All colder times are times of fear, death and disease.

    Anyone looking at history can see this quite clearly which is why the warmists are desperate to erase the Medieval Warm Period of 1100 to 1300 AD.

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