Russia Has Ebola Vaccine And Is Sending It To Africa

Ebola Vaccine Would Likely Have Been Found By Now If Not For Budget Cuts: NIH Director: yes, the #1 economic power on earth can’t pay for anything in the US because we have no money.  We have plenty of money for foreign wars and coups but nothing sane for at home because we are frankly, broke.  Deep in debt, further than any nation on earth.  Now, Russia is going to save the world…again.


70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months — RT News


“Today we are discussing that we will have enough of Triazoverin vaccine in two months so that we can send them to our personnel in Guinea and test its efficiency in clinical conditions,” Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said.


The vaccine has so far proved efficient against various hemorrhagic fevers, including the Marburg virus which is very similar to Ebola.


“The efficiency ranges between 70 and 90 percent and this is a very good indicator,” Skvortsova said.


Russia’ Virology Institute is preparing a whole group of drugs.


So, will the craven cowards at the EU apologize to Putin?  Will the UN say that Russia is the savior?  Will Putin get a Nobel Prize or rather, the lab that he funded get a prize???  Or will the fascist attacks on Russia continue mindlessly?


NBC chief medical correspondent accused of violating Ebola quarantine to visit her favorite soup restaurant – forcing the entire crew into mandatory isolation which shows that even well educated first world women can’t figure out something simple about plagues.


New Dallas Ebola patient’s dog will NOT be destroyed but has been moved into quarantine – after outcry over killing of Spanish patient’s beloved pet.


European stocks decline on global growth worries; Dax down 0.51% and has been falling ever since the boycott of major economic trade partner, Russia, began.  Meanwhile, the lunatics running our economic wagon off the cliff assure us that Western sanctions for Ukraine conflict hurt Russian economy, open up rifts – The Washington Post:


Western sanctions have choked off financing to some of Russia’s economic juggernauts and denied crucial technology to the nation’s energy sector. But there is little evidence that the mounting economic pressures since the March annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula will soften Putin’s policies toward Ukraine and other nations in the former Soviet orbit. Putin still enjoys sky-high approval ratings, and ordinary Russians say they are ready to make sacrifices in a battle with the West.


Russia has reserves.  The dollar is strong because Asia, all of it, forces the value upwards to encourage exports.  Japan started this game and all now play it ruthlessly.  The dollar isn’t really strong at all, it is only due to ‘free trade’ that it has any more value than a German mark in 1923.


Russia isn’t falling apart, all of Europe is.  And the US, too, for that matter.  Europe is responsible for shipping ebola carriers to the US, some allies!  Israel steps up Ebola screening as Netanyahu calls virus ‘major border threat’ and is boycotting flights from Western Africa while at the same time, powerful liberals in the US encourage Obama to not do this even though a shocking number of these support Israeli policies blindly.


The Ukraine coup is going bankrupt and falling apart, faster and faster as Winter comes slouching in via the North Pole.  Even more interesting is the fact that the Malaysian airlines shot down in Ukraine is in the news after our rulers put a lid on all news about any investigation, due to the facts showing the Ukraine coup shot it down:    Dutch Official Criticized for Disclosure About Malaysian Plane Crash in Ukraine –


A senior Dutch government official’s disclosure that one victim of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in eastern Ukraine had been found wearing an oxygen mask led to dismay on Thursday among investigators and outrage among victims’ relatives.


“People are shocked when they hear this and wonder what other information there is but isn’t shared,” Veeru Mewa, a lawyer representing the families of several Dutch passengers who died aboard the plane, told Dutch television.


HAHAHA.  Share information about the real facts with the Western European peasants?  No way in hell.  This will be as buried as…um…the Kennedy assassination data or anything to do with Bush/Cheney involvement with the Saudi Royals to enable 9/11, etc.


Three months after Flight MH17 was blasted from the sky by ‘Russian’ missile, its victims’ possessions still litter fields in Ukraine: Scandal of the clean-up which has STILL to happen.


It is obvious that the explosion of hate towards Russia after the plane crash was pure propaganda.


‘F***, we’re dead!’: Pilot’s cry as Air France jet plunged into Atlantic as final moments of doomed Flight 447 and its two sleeping pilots are revealed FIVE YEARS LATER!  Talk about sharing news!


The pilots went to bed and left the one with no experience fly alone into storms they were warned about…similar news to what happened to the Ukraine flight, told to fly where it was dangerous.  When will that information from the Ukraine government air traffic controllers be release?  100  years from now???

After many military failures, Ukrainian Defense Minister resigns, Poroshenko to announce another candidate — RT News


He has recently faced harsh criticism over Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation failures in south-east Ukraine, particularly in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.


Earlier in August, hundreds of protesters in Kiev, many of whom were mothers and wives of the soldiers involved in the fighting in Donetsk and Lugansk, demanded Geletey’s resignation.


As a Defense Minister he has also been part of several scandals.

‘Almost lynching’: Radicals attack Ukrainian officials, throw into trash bins — RT News compiles all the fascist party terror against elected Parliamentarians who are being beaten up and thrown into the trash and abused in all sorts of Nazi ways. These are our allies, these fascists.


And Obama created them.  While whining about Ferguson and Trayvon.  Really.  Imagine this sort of fascism here in the US.  Well, it is coming, people are getting very angry about racism here due to a lot of left/right lunacy.  Tear up the nation, kill the center which is the vast middle class which is being squeezed to death by free trade and broken promises.


And yes, global warming isn’t causing any of this.


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30 responses to “Russia Has Ebola Vaccine And Is Sending It To Africa

  1. DeVaul

    Here’s why we don’t have a vaccine:

    Now we know. King George gave all the money to the military.

  2. melponeme_k

    Thank you Russia! You will save a lot of people in Africa and the rest of the world.

  3. Maddie's Mom

    $29+billion = insufficient funding?!?


  4. DeVaul

    From RT:

    “In August, American doctor Kent Brantly recovered from the Ebola virus after contracting the deadly disease in Liberia. He was treated with the blood plasma of an African child who had survived the virus, as well as with the experimental drug, ZMapp. Another US doctor, Rick Sacra, also made a full recovery from the virus last month after receiving blood plasma transfusions from Brantly, in addition to another experimental drug called TKM-Ebola.”

    I knew it. Note that they took the blood from a CHILD. His or her parents were probably dead and I bet the kid only got a few dollars for his blood.

    The same was used to “cure” the man in Nebraska. Blood was taken from someone — an orphaned child probably — and flown with him to Nebraska. How do I know this? Because there are no Ebola survivors in Nebraska, nor is that hospital a center of Ebola research. It is just in his home town. That’s how I knew he had taken blood back with him to Nebraska.

    While Russia prepares a vaccine, the NIH admits it cannot because it just does not have the money to do it in time. Wow.

  5. Maddie's Mom

    The Saudis?

    They own us.

  6. emsnews

    The man in Nebraska got blood from a REPORTER who survived earlier.

    Don’t look for nasty when there is none.

  7. Peter C.

    Flight 447 another crash partially due to pitot tubes malfunctioning.Primitive device…why do the plane manufacturers still rely on these for crucial airspeed information?
    My guess is cost of something better is more than….
    Like the ford pinto…Ford knew people were frying but lawsuits were cheaper than fixing the gas tank.

  8. Peter C.

    Flight 447…carbon fibre rudder ripped right off too,lighter than aluminum(saves money!) but not as forgiving.

  9. DeVaul

    “The man in Nebraska got blood from a REPORTER who survived earlier.”

    I see. So blood was flown to Nebraska from Dr. Brantly at Emory University. Took me awhile to find the name of the donor. Most articles don’t mention him by name or that he even got a blood transfusion.

    That is not going to sound good to the family of Mr. Duncan. They are going to ask why blood was not flown to Dallas so that Duncan could survive and then become a donor himself. I think I am beginning to see the basis of their lawsuit against the hospital.

  10. melponeme_k


    You are driving yourself crazy here with suppositions. Did you ever think the Hospital and its attorneys are not releasing full information because they are being sued?

    There are reasonable explanations why Duncan did not get blood. The main one being he didn’t match the blood type of any of the donors. They were searching for survivors with the right type. He was in too delicate a condition and advanced state of the disease to be transfused (his innards disintegrating due to the disease).

    No one wants anyone to die of this awful disease. However I will say Duncan held himself above citizens in the United States and the rest of the world by bringing his plagued ass back here. His family has no right to complain.

    The nurse who cared for him should sue them.

  11. DeVaul

    Wow. Did not mean to throw a grenade into the hen house.

    I was just openly speculating about the nature of the lawsuit by the family. I was not expressing an opinion on it or Duncan’s behavior, which I already condemned previously. It’s just that I work at a law firm, so I was wondering what grounds they might succeed on. That’s all.

    I did not know that a recipient must match the donor’s blood type. Is that a confirmed fact?

  12. Maddie's Mom


    “The nurse who cared for him should sue them.”


  13. Alaskan Ice

    “It is obvious that the explosion of hate towards Russia after the plane crash was pure propaganda.”

    The ‘explosion of hate’ lasted only as long as it took to delete 22 of the 23 Americans on the flight: about two days, from the 17th to the 19th. Since then it’s been a coverup, much to the benefit of Russia-NATO relations.

  14. larry, dfh

    The current low price of oil is possibly an effort at economic warfare against Russia. Trying to starve the Russians: not an historically proven strategy.
    Interesting that Cuba sends MDs, Russian sends vaccines, and we send our main export: warfare. Then again. Sparta didn’t need no stinkin’ vaccines…

  15. Alaskan Ice

    Russia and America are both saving oil for later. Amidst the backdrop of the Ukrainian “crisis”, the current low price of oil is an effort to fool the people of the producer states on the Arab Peninsula into believing that there is some other motive besides drinking their milkshake first, at the lowest possible price.


    ELAINE: Nope. The US is causing oil prices to drop due to all the fracking. We are now producing more than Saudi Arabia. And EXPORTING a lot of it to fix our stupid trade imbalance.

  16. Christian W

    Russia has reserves. The dollar is strong because Asia, all of it, forces the value upwards to encourage exports. Japan started this game and all now play it ruthlessly. The dollar isn’t really strong at all, it is only due to ‘free trade’ that it has any more value than a German mark in 1923.

    This is the crucial point that people refuse to understand, or at least talk about loudly.

  17. Alaskan Ice

    The dollar is supported by low oil prices.

  18. emsnews

    Alaskan Ice, ALL currencies are hinged on trade values. The US dollar is propped up entirely and ONLY by all our trade rivals piling up money in their FOREX reserves and thus, keeping their own currencies below trade values so they can run trade surpluses with the US.

    NO other consideration causes what we see today compared to the many trillions in trade dollars sitting in foreign FOREX reserves. China, Japan and the oil nations sit on at least $12 trillion in trade reserve dollars.

  19. Maddie's Mom

    Very interesting. Bill O’Reilly is adamant that we are being lied to by the CDC about how Ebola is transmitted. Do tell, Bill.

  20. melponeme_k

    The bitch who needed soup states that she was no danger to anyone even though she was in quarantine.

    The gall of this person. And I thought Duncan was an ingrate. At least he had understandable reasons for breaking quarantine and making a border run (still doesn’t make it right). This piece of filth was only thinking of her next meal.

    I wrote to NBC asking them to fire her ass.

  21. Maddie's Mom

    Another arrogant doctor who apparently thinks the “rules” are for the rest of us.

    I agree with the person who said her presence there was just drama (and primarily a ratings ploy, I say).

    She may not survive this, professionally.

  22. CK

    Rules are for the obedient. American’s have become a most obedient people.
    She will survive and thrive for a while. She is one of the protected minorities. A special snowflake.

  23. CK

    About the Russian vaccines, Ebola appears to have an exponential growth rate. So doing the projections for three months out ( the minimum time for the Russian vaccine to start to be applied if all goes perfectly), there will be over 50K infected in Africa. Unfortunately it does take a while to get production of any biological up to speed.
    Eventually someone will suggest triage on a larger scale. Give the medicine to the uninfected and allow the infected to heal or die as their constitutions and genetic inheritances allow.
    If the medicine comes from the USA, I doubt that most west Africans will be interested in taking it; if it comes from Russia, maybe; if it were to come from China, certainly.

  24. Alaskan Ice

    @emsnews: “NO other consideration causes what we see today compared to the many trillions in trade dollars sitting in foreign FOREX reserves. China, Japan and the oil nations sit on at least $12 trillion in trade reserve dollars.”

    Money is just an idea now. FOREX meant more when money was backed by gold. Anyhow, there’s a little bank in Belgium that will “buy” all those FOREX reserves in a heartbeat.

    The synthesis of FIAT, ZIRP, PPT and commodity price suppression are the game now. Oil at $200 per barrel, or $500 per barrel, or $1,000 per barrel drastically changes the value of a dollar. That’s why the commodity exchanges are so opaque. And, it succinctly explains our foreign policy.


    ELAINE: I know for a fact that the Chinese 50 year plan hatched way back in 1986, is for them to hold an immense FOREX reserve of US dollars and then suddenly dump these on international markets and thus cause a ‘German Mark inflation to infinity’ moment for us, destroying the US as an economic first world power.

    They are already well on the way towards this goal.

  25. Christian W

    Money is just an idea now.

    That is the second crucial point. Money is not “just an idea” really – but is is an “idea” in the case of the USD since the USD is overused to the point of worthlessess. (This goes for the Euro too which simply is a spin off idea to the USD.) This is why the US is enforcing the USD racket on the rest of the planet through power projection by various dodgy means (military, economic hitmen/bankers, intelligence, corporate etc etc etc).

    All US polices, domestic and foreign, spring from this crucial point. TTIP and such ideas are simply means to enslave the West to the idea of the USD as paramount, meaning the controlling tool for the wealthy. Since the USD is completely fake, it follows that the rest of the systems are fake – ZIRP, TARP, complete control and manipulations of “free trade” markets” etc even more so the political system that refuses to deal with this reality, consequently we all are forced to live in this fake reality where all systems are bent on preserving themselves even as they grow more and more absurd.

    It is interesting to see people like Ellen Brown, aparently respected economic commentators, completely ignore/overlook/pretend this aspect does not exist.

    But it is interesting to see how the “idea” of the USD differs according to at what level of society it exists. The value and idea of the USD is vastly different at the top to what it is at the bottom of society.

  26. Alaskan Ice

    As long as the prices are rigged, and the suppliers and producers are willing to go along, the dollar has value as a means of taking their stuff! Of which, the largest non-renewable resource here is oil, because it does more work than any other energy source. Thus, all the consumer (and even producer) nations will play along with the idea until the supplier nations have run dry.

    “Oil is struggling to find a floor after Saudi Arabia made clear that it was focused on maintaining market share, not supporting prices with unilateral production cuts.”
    Crude settles down 4.6%, lowest since June 2012

    That’s ridiculous! Cheap oil benefits consumers, expensive oil benefits producers. All “market share” means in this context is that their oil is going to run out first. And, the only driver price decline is someone selling paper oil, using the idea of imaginary money:

    Crude Crashing: Brent Is Most. Oversold. EVER

    What happens when the third world oil runs dry? Then the money idea reverses polarity: as their currencies fail, all the big players start tapping their hidden reserves when it’s finally conveniently cost effective for them to do so. And as their currencies evaporate, so does the imaginary debt piled up in the meantime to keep priced rigged. They get to have their cake and eat it too. There’s an idea. Maybe even become energy and foodstuff exporters, in the afterworld.

    That’s why ISIS is a SISI rolled over. The 12th Century fools are synthetic terrorist blowback designed to help the Wahhabist rulers on the Arab Peninsula keep their people divided and deceived by their treachery, and carve up oil rich areas that might otherwise sustain sovereign brains.

  27. emsnews

    Saudi Arabia is scared to death of Shiites beating them over the long run.

    I have written about this many times. The US embargo of Iran means they aren’t pumping oil like mad. Saudi Arabia IS. To support the filthy rich elites and keep peace, they are running full tilt into a mega-Hubbert Oil Peak event.

    And they can’t stop themselves because they need more mega yachts and giant jets and more palaces because GREED DESTROYS.

    Unfettered greed is very destructive and wins every time. It is one of the most interesting forces we monkeys can’t cope with.

    If you google Elaine Supkis Cave of Wealth and Death you can read all about infinity and death and how these are inherent in ‘money’ of any sort.

  28. emsnews

    On second thought, it is time for me to republish my opus about all this, the actual article. Anyone who wishes to understand the fundamental basis of money and society can learn something from this piece.

  29. Alaskan Ice

    Your theory is brilliant and I remember it well. Certainly it holds in a steady state system.

    I think there are some tweaks in a dynamic system of, say, growing or shrinking population or, say, growing or shrinking supplies of free labor, like energy.

    In other words, money, gold, death and infinity have taken a back seat, quite literally, to exploiting the greatest work-producing, non-renewable asset that mankind has every known. But, that won’t last forever; your theory eventually prevails; but I believe it can go on a lot longer in a dynamic wave than your theory would otherwise predict in a steady state system.

    Surfing peak oil on banking and then (maybe) surfing peak population on agriculture.

  30. emsnews

    Gold is 100% useless unless there is LABOR.

    Labor is wealth. Even the best fields, the deepest mines, the fishes in the seas, children, anything doesn’t do anything at all unless SOMEONE (often women) do LABOR and note that birthing children is called ‘labor’.

    No women laboring to create children, we get death and zero humans and all the gold in the universe would be meaningless even if you are a god.

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