Global Warmists False Claims About ‘Warmest Years Ever!’ This Year

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Antarctic ice is greatest since the last cooling cycle which happened to be the 1960-1980 cycle and so the global warmists have declared that The Planet Just Had Its Warmest September On Record, Continuing Hot Streak.  And which continent had the most ‘warming’?  Why, Antarctica!  And Canada and more than half of North America which had a frigid winter that was much longer than usual and a very cool spring and summer, was ‘warmer than averge’ which is pure insanity.


The entire NASA map is insane.  The above map was done by computer, not by obvious observation and careful tracking of temperature because the computer program is designed to homogenize temperatures from cities to expand this to 1,200 miles beyond the cities.


Facts like the length of time the Great Lakes was frozen, for example, are ignored by the California based NASA global warming crew.  It WAS hot in California but this was probably the only place on earth seeing ‘heating’.


The place that NASA thought was heating up greatly was mainly Antarctica which saw record cold this last year.  There are very, very, very few temperature stations in Antarctica, only one of which is in the center, the others being on the perimeter.  This bogus map shows the entire continent as ludicrously warming when it is obviously not doing that.  Nothing is melting there.  Below is a screen shot of other Huffington Post silly weather stories:

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 6.00.04 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 6.01.04 AM

First off, a number of ‘scientists’ disagree that California is warming due to ‘climate change’ because…climate changes all the time and California has had identical droughts like clockwork, frequently over the last 10,000 years.  It has nothing to do with CO2 levels or it would have not happened during the last 1,000 years which had low CO2 levels compared to say, 2,000 BC.


The craziest story is about how we will see coastal flooding due to Antarctica freezing to an extraordinary degree.  I scratch my head on this one.  Both the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are growing rapidly as the planet begins a typical 30 year cooling cycle.  The NASA map pretending it is super warm carefully cherry picks the previous cooling cycle in its entirety and compares it to the beginning of the present cooling cycle so it looks as if it is heating up when it is cooling.


An honest NASA map and NASA is no longer honest about anything anymore which is why our space program is falling apart, too, would compare a map showing COOLING from 1960-1970 to today’s cooling cycle.  By including the coldest part of the cooling cycle while including in the data for today’s map, the heating cycle’s complete transit so that warm temperatures of 1990-2000 are included, thus hiding the truth about this cooling cycle beginning.


Anyone who lives in the freezing cold parts of the country know that last year could not possibly be the warmest ever, that is insanity.  Doctored Data, Not U.S. Temperatures, Set a Record This Year


Raw temperature data show that U.S. temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than they are today. In fact, raw temperature data show an 80-year cooling trend. NOAA is only able to claim that we are experiencing the hottest temperatures on record by doctoring the raw temperature data.


Doctoring real-world temperature data is as much a part of the alarmist playbook as is calling skeptical scientists at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, NASA, NOAA, etc., “anti-science.” Faced with the embarrassing fact that real-world temperature readings don’t show any U.S. warming during the past 80 years, the alarmists who oversee the collection and reporting of the data simply erase the actual readings and substitute their own desired readings in their place. If this shocks you, you are not alone.


The bureaucracy at NOAA and NASA who report the U.S. temperature data undertake what they term “correcting” the raw data. These corrections are not just one-time affairs, either. As time goes by, older temperature readings are systematically and repeatedly made cooler, and then cooler still, and then cooler still, while more recent temperature readings are made warmer, and then warmer still, and then warmer still.


Science blogger Steven Goddard at Real Science has posted temperature comparison charts (available here) showing just how dramatically the NOAA and NASA bureaucrats have doctored the U.S. temperature data during the past several decades. As the before-and-after temperature charts show, government bureaucrats with power and funding at stake have turned a striking long-term temperature decline (as revealed by the real-world data), into a striking long-term temperature increase.


One of the saddest part of this campaign of deception is: the fact that many temperature stations have been gradually surrounded by asphalt and city heat islands and instead of lowering the heat readings today to reflect this fact, NASA and NOAA do the exact opposite.


They ‘cool down’ past temperatures so that the hot 1930-40 cycle vanishes and becomes colder than usual!  By being dishonest about past temperatures, they can then gleefully make maps and statements that it is ‘hottest ever!’ when it was much hotter and drier in the past.


All over the planet last year were reports of severe cold records being shattered and it even snowed in Egypt which is amazingly unusual.  Examples this early winter also abound.   Heavy snow in Kyrgyzstan – Four people frozen to deathSnowfall warning for Northwest TerritoriesRare snow in the Urals hits crop productionNew-All time Record!! North America Sept Snow Cover Highest Ever in 45 years of DataKansas – Earliest frost on record – Growing season now third shortest on recordand NASA Stumped – Deep oceans have not warmed since at least 2005 which kind of wrecked NASA’s previous bellowing that all the heat we are supposed to be seeing is hidden at the bottom of the oceans.


Using Asphalt To Influence Politics In Canberra | Real Science is today’s example of temperature rigging by ‘climatologists’:


The BOM thermometer at Canberra Airport is cleverly located adjacent to a huge parking lot, and showed 2013 as the hottest year ever. That thermometer shows Canberra warming at 3.3°C/century since 1996


Satellite photos show that the temperature gage today is situated right next to a huge asphalt parking lot whereas data from the same thermometer in the past came from open countryside with no parking lots within a ten mile radius.  So comparing temperatures from 1930 to today gives a false reading of it being warmer today.


The satellite data of the same area from the last ten years shows clearly that it has cooled, not heated up.  Instead of examining why the data diverges so badly, NASA simply doctored previous data to negate information from satellites showing the cooling.


They are rewarded with more money for ‘climate studies’ now that they have surrendered leadership in space to other countries.  Because we have punitive ‘global warming’ taxes on everything, governments love this and are using these taxes to fund wars and other activities, so they have to keep up the fiction that the planet is going to roast to death or there will be taxpayer revolts.


United States is expected to overtake Saudi Arabia this week and become world’s biggest liquid petroleum producer thanks to fracking.  The price of fossil fuels continue to drop.  And anti-global warmists continue to fly and drive all over the planet with impunity and live in palaces while lecturing us all about consuming fossil fuels.


Meanwhile, yes, the Hubbert Oil Peak still looms in the future and yes, we won’t be able to use fossil fuels forever. That is impossible which is why we have to figure out how to create other forms of energy eventually.  But not because of global warming but because the planet isn’t a ball of fossil fuels.  It does have considerable internal energy (volcanoes show this most clearly).  And we still have the sun, too.


NASA doesn’t talk about tapping solar energy 24 hours a day via satellite transmission to the earth.  This is the real future.  There are people pushing for work on this but are being ignored.


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20 responses to “Global Warmists False Claims About ‘Warmest Years Ever!’ This Year

  1. ziff

    where does the heat go at night?

  2. Jim R

    ziff, it goes into the cold cold cosmos.

    Space is so very big, and there is so little matter in it, that heat radiates away from star systems and just disappears into a background temperature of about 4°K (-269°C).

    A theoretical ‘black body’ at Earth’s distance from the Sun will arrive at an average temperature in between the Sun’s 5000° and the cosmic background, and that turns out to be a few tens of degrees below freezing. The Moon is very close to this theoretical state; if you dig below the lunar surface a few meters, the day/night variation averages out and you have a climate a bit colder than Earth.

    Because Earth has an atmosphere, and because that atmosphere has water vapor in it, some of the escaping heat is retained, and the climate is just a little warmer than the Moon, on average. It works like a blanket does, in that the heat escapes but more slowly.

  3. ziff

    so with GW it should be warmer at night, the best place to measure that would be the desert.

  4. melponeme_k

    Typical story about the our stupid elite.

    I’m sure Zuck is really worried about that there…Co2 global warming. He personally emits more Co2 with his far flung travels than the farts of all America’s cows. LOL

    And even more stupidity…he paid millions for the privilege of soaking in Fukushima waste water in Hawaii.

  5. Jim R

    Yup, and that effect is real and measurable. The night sky is a few degrees warmer now than it was fifty or 100 years ago. Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa has lost most of its snow cap.

    But when you look at any local weather pattern, it’s hard to say how much influence this effect has on it.

    Of course, Al Gore is famous for his concern, and has been wearing sack cloth, and walking barefoot to conferences in Belgium from his 100 square foot cob house that he built himself…

  6. emsnews

    All the glaciers and even Kilimanjaro are beginning to grow again as we enter yet another 30 year cooling cycle.

    There was probably no glaciers there way back during the much warmer Minoan Era 4,000 years ago. And the immense ice sheets covering much of North America and Europe melted very suddenly so it was nearly all gone by 8,000 years ago.

    And all interglacials are 80-90% shorter than Ice Ages.

  7. ziff

    I think the ‘warmists’ could have not bothered with all the science and just looked at the history of glacial advance/ retreat.

  8. ziff

    and theres an additional factor, more cloud will lower the DTR producing a false AGW signal.

  9. Luke

    Huff Po = Hysteria.

  10. Jim R

    Clouds have different effects depending on whether they are high clouds or low clouds. High clouds are cooling, while low clouds are warming. That effect outranks other greenhouse effects all by itself.

    And ‘wattsupwiththat’ is a crackpot anti-science site, publishing cherry-picked weather and outright lies. I don’t read it, and don’t care if that shill Goddard repeated what I just said, or not.

    As for NASA and the like, I have nothing to say in their defense. They did good stuff 30 years ago but have been starved of funding and taken over by nazis (corporatists, if you will), so they can’t be counted on any longer. They have to hire the Russians to even get to the space station, fer cryin’ out loud.


    ELAINE: good lord, EVERYONE ‘cherry picks’ when they make graphs and charts and hockey sticks, etc!!!

    If you want any honesty with climate, all climate data should begin 3 million years ago before the great Ice Age cycles began.

  11. emsnews

    Low clouds usually come with warm air which is being pushed by cold fronts which is why the warmest winter weather is right about when snow storms come whereas clear winter nights are bitterly cold.

  12. Jim R

    That sounds about right.

    Back when I lived in Indiana, we used to say “too cold to snow”, when it was clear like that. You didn’t want your car to stall on a country road when it was clear and cold.

    In a northern winter, snow is actually a warm thing.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, ‘snow is warm’ and bitter winters have a lot less snow than warmer winters. Understanding this is key to understanding weather systems which are not ‘temperature’ or ‘humidity’ but wind-driven events that concentrate or push air masses from one spot to another across the planet.

    Just like Jupiter has ‘weather’ too which we see as stripes, for example. The sun has wind and ‘weather’ such as sun spots which are ‘storms’ and tornadoes, etc.

    What makes this ‘weather’ is rotation plus energy from the sun and heat from the center of stars and planets if they have a hot core still, etc.

    Far from being sophisticated, modern ‘climatologists’ have dumbed themselves down and use crude, ill-informed, badly designed computer programs to make climate models which obviously are totally out of whack with reality.

  14. Jim, yes i realize “whatsup” is not the best but if you read it it seems pretty fair. Problem is there are only a handfull of papers , some show the expected decline ( in usa) others show an increase. There is one shows an increase in Eur. Another from shows the effect of ubanization in decreasing DTR ( rural stations DTR was flat).

  15. emsnews

    90% of global warming that was real was due to the immense spread of auto-related asphalt/city building since 1930.

    There are precious few real rural thermometer stations because the lazy weather services prefer to have these in cities and suburbs which are all heat islands.

    By the way, I wanted to prove this via one of the longest records of totally rural temperature data specifically from Mount Washington which has had readings since 1897 and…the only readings NOAA has is from guess what year?

    1978, of course, the coldest year of the Little Little Ice Age! Almost all temperature data is from that time despite there being real rural thermometer stations all over the place many running for more than 100 years.

    The 100 year data let through to the public is usually ‘homogenized’ with urban data to show global warming in the countryside in recent years and this depresses the much warmer temperatures of the 1930’s peak of global warming due to the 30 year cycle.

    And Steve Goddard (Tony) has documented this thoroughly and without prejudice.

    Why someone can say he is a crank while he is telling the truth shows how liberal propaganda is as destructive to the intellect as right wing propaganda. BOTH ARE DEADLY.

  16. Luke

    ‘There are precious few real rural thermometer stations because the lazy weather services prefer to have these in cities and suburbs which are all heat islands.’ Lazy or something more sinister? You know it is the latter.

  17. Whether we have global warming or global cooling is irrelevant to the point I am about to make (we ARE having global weirding and that ISN’T irrelevant): we can’t keep on extracting fossil fuels out of the Cave of Wealth and Death and expect only good and benign things and events to happen as a result. Eventually the Cave will drag all its carbon Wealth back, because it is also carbon Death.

  18. emsnews

    Yes, the Hubbert Oil Peak is still very, very real and coming at us eventually.

    And there are solutions but taxing CO2 and making the rich, richer is NOT the solution.

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