Second Ebola Nurse Broke Quarantine To Fly All Over The US On ‘Vacation’ Instead Of Staying Home

evil warmongering Bezos Washington Post headline making fun of ebola

Above is a picture from the front page of the Washington Post making fun of ebola as a campaign issue.


World stock markets are falling rapidly as investors figure out the true cost of the ebola epidemic and the panic is spreading pretty fast now with 2 nurses sick and hundreds of people exposed in mainly Texas and parts of Europe.  Super Lame Duck, Obama CANCELS fundraising trips for emergency Ebola meeting at the White House as panic grows over the second home-grown US case although a meeting is useless if prejudices prevent action like quarantines.


Obama’s popularity plummets as he ignores ebola issues or has his minions mock ebola.  The entire left half of the media spent the last two months making fun of ebola fears and joking about epidemics that are terribly dangerous.  This is a huge black eye for liberals.


But then, liberals have been joking about killing or murdering ‘climate denialists’ who point out the inconvenient truth that there is no global warming. Ebola air scare in the US: Infected nurse flew on Frontier Airlines HOURS before she was hospitalized …and now the CDC trying to track down all 132 passengers aboard her plane   This is going to kill flying and airline stocks will now crash.  Then there are the filthy casino/tour ships that are never properly cleaned and which create virus vacation hot spots.


These plague ships are sailing mainly under the flags of third world nations like LIBERIA.  So the US doesn’t monitor them at all.  But they all dock here and can be seized.  But the government gets bribes to do nothing.


Mrs. Vinson, the latest nurse to get the disease, was told to not travel for a month but she went ahead and did exactly that.  This shows the problem of voluntary sequestration: IT DOES NOT WORK.  Period.  This is why islands were used for centuries to park plague people, so they can’t mingle. No one stays home voluntarily if they can leave at any time.


Frontier Airlines now has staff using latex gloves when handling stuff and I see this spreading all over the place.  Still no CDC instructions as to how to handle sanitation.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 2.03.14 PM

This plague vector victim flew all over the place.  Trying to get to Georgia, she flew to Cleveland and then Miami and then up to Georgia.  She intersected with thousands of people.


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16 responses to “Second Ebola Nurse Broke Quarantine To Fly All Over The US On ‘Vacation’ Instead Of Staying Home

  1. Maddie's Mom

    You know it’s gotta be serious if he canceled a fundraising trip.
    I think I’ll make that prep run to the store after all.

  2. Maddie's Mom

    Well, Dr. Nancy Snyderman set the precedent for all other health care workers.

    Why can’t people of influence make correct decisions anymore???

  3. e sutton

    Our government has long treated ebola as a big joke, something that happened in backward Africa. Due to the healthcare workers becoming infected, there is a growing consensus that respirators should be worn as masks are proving shockingly ineffective.

    My mother boarded one of those filthy day tripper “cruises” in Florida about fifteen years ago and came down with a very vicious respiratory infection. She died almost exactly one year later due to complications from pneumonia at the grand old age of 65. She never knew what hit her. Play around with this shit all you want, people. It will eventually get the last chuckle.


    ELAINE: As a 64 year old lady, my birthday was yesterday (anniversary of Battle of Hastings which made my Norman ancestors very rich) I am horrified to hear this.

    My condolences. It is always hard to lose mom. I should tell my kids that (ahem).

    I got pneumonia from a cruise ship that disgorged sick passengers less than a mile away from where I was staying in New Jersey and a huge number of people living there got sick with this stomach virus that turned into pneumonia. I remember waking up in the middle of the night feeling as if I had a huge hole in my chest.

    Take me to the hospital now! I whispered as I violently shook my husband awake. Not a minute too soon, too. Spent the night at the hospital and part of the next day.

  4. e sutton

    @Maddie’s Mom,
    If you’re really serious, better lay in supplies for about 6 months and count on not leaving the house at all. I’m not saying we’re there yet, but if it comes down to self-quarantine, we have to look at the long haul.

  5. melponeme_k

    Quarantine against affected African nations is still necessary. It will stop other Plagued people from coming and causing more exponential spread.

    Dallas needs to be quarantined. No flights should go into or out of that city. There need to be roadblocks.

    Separate facilities need to be erected to take care of only Ebola patients. These people should not be treated at hospitals where they can infect people with suppressed immune systems.

    Businesses should stop all unnecessary air travel. Conference calls and video conference calls can take care of most business needs. Businesses should also look into setting up employees to work from home for 1 or more days a week to lessen commuting travel and new methods of spread for the disease.

    Also travel advisories should be issued against all travel unless for severe emergencies.

    Oh yeah and cancel Christmas.

  6. DeVaul

    Self-quarantine was also my plan, but my boss reminded me that even after the dust settles, those that survive will still carry the virus in them, so eventually we will all be exposed. He is right.

    Without a vaccine, we must hope for a blood transfusion or we have a 50% chance of surviving at home after our healthcare system collapses.

    This nurse should be sued for all she is worth, along with those who failed to keep an eye on her. Forget Liberians. Our own citizens are so callous towards others that Mr. Duncan almost looks like…well… an American.

    How do we protect ourselves from each other?

    That is the Liberian question.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    What percent of those 10,000 Ebola cases in Africa are HIV positive as well. Not only is Ebola an opportunistic dease for the immunodeficient, but the corpses of its victims continue to be infectious, long after death.

    What’s a relief is that the transmission rate among Westerners is so low, even with lunatics running around breaking quarantine, that it seems it will not grow exponentially in the U.S,, and the “epidemic” here might be isolated to people coming in contact with folks who caught it in Africa.

    At this point, given a 2-21 day incubation period, I wouldn’t start to worry unless there were tens of cases of Ebola transmission in the U.S. in the next month or so.

  8. Dick

    Elaine, do you think the ebola show is for real, or just another “war on terror” which will be used to enforce draconian laws which violate the constitution ala 911?

  9. emsnews

    Nothing is realer than plagues. The Grim Reaper is quite real. And very inhuman being a virus or bacteria, the two former rulers of this planet eons ago. Before oxygen.

  10. e sutton

    Happy belated 64th! Thanks for staying on top of things. Stay healthy and keep reporting! 🙂

    @other commenters,
    Elaine never asks for donations but does have a paypal account. I spend a whole lot of time here myself, so I’m gonna try to scrape some pennies together for this site, which doesn’t exactly write or pay for itself! Just say’n!

  11. emsnews

    Muchos gracias!

  12. CNN is reporting that this nurse called the CDC hotline while between flights and was told to fly to Dallas? Does anybody know why she took such a circuitous route? Of course, no gov’t official will be sacked or asked to resign just like 9-11!

  13. Jane

    Long time reader, first time commenting.
    Dick, that’s exactly what I’m asking.

  14. emsnews

    What we know is, our ‘first world’ status didn’t make our system competent to deal with this really strange epidemic that requires hospital staff and police and ambulance drivers to act as if they are living on the moon.

  15. Luke

    Can I bring ‘Race’ into this or is that forbidden? Does race play any factor in the nurses foolishness?

  16. DeVaul

    Ok, Luke, you know what, I’ll throw you a bone.

    When I saw a photo of the nurse and realized she was black, I had a kind of sick feeling deep inside.

    You see, the Asian nurse stayed at home (“at home” meaning Dallas — the entire city, apparently), but at least she did not fly off to other cities after handling a man dying from Ebola.

    The black nurse wanted to go on vacation or visit her family or attend a wedding or something — I don’t know for sure what — but it raises quite a few questions:

    1) Did she not have any concern for her parents and siblings?

    2) Did she not learn anything from what happened to Mr. Duncan?

    3) Did she really not understand the importance of not traveling during the time the hospital gave her to stay at home?

    4) Did she really believe that a note from the CDC would grant her permission to fly anywhere she wanted to with no consequences?

    5) Does she not have even a smidgeon of common sense?

    This all plays right into the hands of those who think that black people are totally irresponsible and are the “main” problem plaguing the US. White people, especially those inclined to dislike black people, will now have an excuse to avoid black Americans in addition to Africans since they are “irresponsible” and cannot be trusted.

    You now have permission to avoid black people based on the behavior of this nurse, but what will you do when a white nurse or doctor does the same thing? That is when the true horror of medieval plague conditions appears.

    No one can be trusted.

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