Second Nurse In Texas Ebola Victim: Handling Dying Patients Is Deadly


Obeying orders from the White House, the CDC refused to take ebola seriously or order strict quarantines of anyone from the Ivory Coast and Liberian regions of Africa and was quite careless about ebola, minimizing the dangers from day one.  And now we have a full blown epidemic which hits the nursing staff very, very, very hard.  And even now, the CDC is dragging its feet on this issue, refusing to order immediate protocols to protect nurses and implementing this everywhere.  This is Obama’s fault entirely and he remains silent about Africa and ebola instead of leading us, he is ignoring us and playing golf.


Obama, Abe discuss TPP, Ebola by phone: Japan stalled on ‘trade talks’ (the government there is extremely hostile to US imports into Japan which runs trade surpluses with us for the last 50+ years) and so Obama called the fascist, Abe, and also talked to him about ebola?  What the hell?  Ebola isn’t a problem for Japan.  And Obama never talks about what to do about this, here, either.


Nation of the Dead continues with the only thing saving our nurses is if they have the same blood type as survivors of this plague who wish to donate blood to save them but there is LIMITED AMOUNTS of this blood available and how long will the few survivors donate this?  It isn’t infinite!  Second US Ebola Patient Identified as Young Texas Nurse


By evening, she had received a transfusion of plasma from Kent Brantly, a Texas physician who survived the virus, according to her pastor and the nonprofit medical mission group Samaritan’s Purse, Associated Press reported.


Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Monday that Pham was “clinically stable.”


Frieden apologized to officials at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas. He said his comments Sunday that Pham’s infection was the result of a “breach of protocol” did not reflect on Pham or the hospital’s efforts.


“I apologize if people thought I was criticizing the hospital,” Frieden said at a news conference Monday. “And I feel awful that a health care worker became infected while helping an Ebola patient.”


This creep DID blame the nurse/victim.  And never said anything nasty about the guy who deliberately carried it over to our shores and certainly didn’t criticize  the ebola nations for doing little to stop this epidemic nor did he talk about the Netherlands which refuses to stop ebola flights from Africa.


All over Europe and the US, nurses are panicking since they are the ones most vulnerable:  ‘Nurses are not protected, they’re not prepared to handle Ebola’: Angry nursing union says | Daily Mail Online


‘Nurses are not protected, they’re not prepared for Ebola’: Angry nursing union says NO US hospital can cope – and claim hazardous waste was piled to the CEILING of Thomas Eric Duncan’s room
National Nurses Union made allegations against Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas
There were no concrete protocols to deal with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, nurses claimed
Union director RoseAnn DeMoro alleged her nurses were left unprotected and at the mercy of the killer virus
Nurses angered by CDC director Tom Frieden’s attempts to pass the blame to infected nurse Nina Pham
Nurses alleged they had to use medical tape to cover exposed necks because their suits were ill-equipped
‘No hospital in the United States can deal with Ebola,’ DeMoro said
CDC confirmed on Tuesday that 76 medics who treated Mr Duncan are being monitored for Ebola exposure


The nurses are right about all of this.  There are no realistic CDC ebola protocols.  And nurses go all over the hospitals which is where the disease will spread quickly like wildfire if nothing is done.  Most Americans desperately want to quarantine African nations with ebola and all we got from the White House was sneers that this won’t work which is pure insanity.  It DOES work and has been used for all history to stop the spread of disease.  Pretending it doesn’t work is insanity.


I believe that the only ebola protocols that work is for nurses to wear ‘moon suits’ with air piped in to them and to have this thoroughly cleaned with strong disinfectants before disrobing.  Even more, I believe when patients go into terminal decline when it is most infectious when they have massive explosive ejections from mouth and anus, they be abandoned to die or mercifully put under.  This disease has to be terminated  brutally, alas.  You can’t do normal loving care of the dying with this disease anymore than in the Middle Ages.


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WHO: Ebola spreading in W. Africa, threatens Ivory Coast; some areas see fewer cases – The Washington Post

The Ebola virus is killing 70 percent of those infected, and there could be as many as 10,000 new cases a week in West Africa by Dec. 1, a top official with the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

There are some signs of progress in West Africa, with new cases dropping in several areas that had been hit hard by the virus earlier this year, noted Bruce Aylward, WHO assistant director-general overseeing the organization’s response to the epidemic. But the disease is spreading across a broader geographical region, including along the border with Ivory Coast, and it continues to be rampant in national capitals.


CDC Says It’s ‘Not Necessary’ to Release Ebola Patient’s Flight Information – ABC News


The CDC announced that the man has tested positive for the disease, making him the first person to have discovered he had the virus while on U.S. soil, and they made it clear that he traveled from Liberia to America to visit family in Dallas.

“If we need to contact passengers we have a way. We’d call ourselves,” the CDC spokesperson said.



Ebola screening: Immigration officers shaking hands with passengers at Heathrow – Telegraph


Immigration officers at Heathrow have been shaking hands with passengers on the first day of the emergency screening measures for Ebola.
Reports suggest the screening is being carried out on an “haphazard and voluntary basis” in apparent contradiction of health advice about contact with potential carriers of the deadly virus.
Travellers on connecting flights from West Africa – where the disease has killed over 4,000 people in Liberia and Sierra Leone – said they were being given the option of being screened for symptoms of the virus rather than being obliged to undergo checks.
Sorius Samura, 51, a documentary maker who had spent 10 days in Liberia making a film on the crisis, said the British authorities did not appear to be taking the situation seriously enough.
He said: “I’ve just come back from via Brussels and our flight was met by an airport official saying we might be screened.


No Ebola Checks at Brussels Airport After Flights From Liberia


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29 responses to “Second Nurse In Texas Ebola Victim: Handling Dying Patients Is Deadly

  1. melponeme_k

    Who cares if everyone dies of Ebola! We have to have the Satanic Christmas Season! Zuck, and the rest of the elites need Black Friday dammit!

  2. Jim R

    It’s another barn door that won’t be closed until the horse has died of old age. …

    In a few months, after planes have been flying empty for a wile because everybody is afraid to get on them, they will ‘quarantine’ countries infested with Ebola. Which will be almost all of ’em.

  3. e sutton

    Yes, Jim R,
    We have almost passed the stage where the quarantine could do the most good. Ideally, quarantines could have been implemented over two months ago with financial and medical aid from around the world going to the effected areas of Africa. Allowing the virus to spread to other continents was irresponsible at best and perhaps criminal at the very worst.

  4. melponeme_k

    Quarantines should have been done the minute this thing hit the major cities in Liberia etc. THAT occurred back in May. I was dropping news stories about it on this site because I knew it would be bad.

    But heck. Now you can shop for Christmas at 6pm on Thanksgiving day courtesy of Macy’s

    BUY for you DIE of Ebola!

  5. Luke

    ‘ refusing to order immediate protocols to protect nurses’. The way to protect people is to stop flights to and from all African countries. And not allow African Passport holders in. Africa and Europe will probably have things much worse than USA. This could be ‘it’ [the new black plague].

  6. e sutton

    Yes, but quarantines serve no purpose when it comes to free trade and open borders, as Elaine so often points out. You are making the fatal mistake in assuming lives matter to the NWO. They most certainly do not. The only lives that matter to them are their own. To give you an idea, Victoria Nuland, Barack Obama, et. al. have about as much compassion for our lives (the little people) as you and I have toward cockroaches. Fortunately for us, we can be trained to work as slaves and bled dry through taxes to support the MIC.

  7. DeVaul

    “It’s another barn door that won’t be closed until the horse has died of old age. …”

    This made me laugh out loud. That’s a great variation on the old saying. I have never read that one before. Did you make that up yourself?

    Meanwhile, how incredibly lucky that three of the four ebola victims in the US had the same blood type as Dr. Brantly. I don’t think that luck will hold forever. Also, I too suspect that quarantine is now useless. Those here that claimed we were hysterical will grow silent as the victims pile up.

    It was not hysteria. It was simple foresight.

  8. Maddie's Mom

    I certainly slept well after hearing Frieden tell Megan Kelly last night that he doesn’t expect a “large outbreak” in this country. I believe he just told us (without telling us ;-)) that we have an outbreak.
    How many cases make an outbreak? 3, 5, 8, 20, 50??? More???

  9. It has just got a whole lot worse

    US health officials are seeking 132 people who flew on a plane with a Texas nurse on the day before she came down with symptoms of Ebola.

    The nurse, the second person to catch Ebola in the US, fell ill on Wednesday.

    Both she and Nina Pham, 26, had treated Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, who died on 8 October, in Dallas.

  10. DeVaul

    “Vinson was among 76 hospital workers who cared for Duncan, a Liberian citizen who died from Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian a week ago.”

    Holy shit. 76 people at the hospital! And now 132 people on a plane?

    She visited two cities right near where my sons live with their idiot, sociopathic mother and their “let’s travel all over the place while pretending their father does not exist” grandparents!

    This is my worst nightmare.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, it is a nightmare. This is why we must all get hysterical over the nonexistence of global warming! Oh dearie me.

    The liberals make huge mistakes just like conservatives. I am basically liberal but oppose a fair number of liberal beliefs. The many, many billions spent on fake global warming studies and these are in immense numbers, everyone in academia knows they have to connect their studies in some way to global warming in order to get funding…rather than on say,ebola studies that look into vaccinations for it not to mention the now-mutated enterovirus that is causing polio reactions and killing small children.

  12. Jim R

    I want to know how that maintenance guy is doing, the one who power-washed the sidewalk in front of Duncan’s apartment. Also any passers-by on the street while droplets from the power washer were flying.

    .. it is far from contained ..

  13. charlottemom

    There is no way that US “health” officials didnt see this coming…deception from the top. Deliberate sowing of chaos and fear with misinfo, lying, pandering, lax restrictions. Cdc head should be fired!! Id love more of the backstory on why WHO has been warning about ebola and the gap in serious preventative measures enacted by cdc. Also which countries are/have been quarantining like south Africa israel saudi arabia etc. What else is who doing to prevent global spread?

    But hey now Obama has a reason for financial collapse…ebola..not currency wars or trade wars or sanctions etc.

  14. DeVaul

    I guess the word “monitoring” does not mean what we thought it meant. If a nurse who handled Mr. Duncan at the hospital in Texas can fly to Ohio, then the world “monitoring” has no meaning in American English.

    My son has promised me not to go to these cities or let anyone take him or his brother there, but that will not stop infected people from zipping over to Youngstown for a “night out on the town”. I guess that means they are being “monitored” (free to travel anywhere).

    The head of the Center for Disinformation and Censorship is going to have his head handed to him before this is over.

  15. Maddie's Mom

    Seriously. Who would get on a plane now, besides someone trying to make a point and keep the public calm (and flying)?

  16. Maddie's Mom


    I truly think most people would rather die than stay put somewhere, under quarantine.

    They simply won’t do it.

  17. John

    e sutton

    …the catalyst leading to the ultimate decline of capitalism, an economic system which thrives almost entirely on imperialism, and is undergoing a possibly terminal crisis, as described by the French economist, Thomas Piketty in his best-selling work “Capital in the 21 Century….

    That line is from the article you linked. It is erroneous; corporatism is what thrives on imperialism. True free markets are anathema to imperialism.

    And from what I see, Piketty is just another Marxist, wearing nose and glasses to try to fool people.

  18. vengeur

    It took ’em two month to come up with a name for it! LOL Why don’t they just call it operation “Eternal War” and get it over with.

  19. DeVaul


    I truly think most people would rather die than stay put somewhere, under quarantine.

    They simply won’t do it.”

    It appears you are right, but I must confess I simply don’t understand it. If you are near a hospital that can treat Ebola, why would you go on vacation if you knew you had handled an Ebola patient and might come down with it?

    I’m just flabbergasted.

  20. Christian W

    They simply won’t do it, that is true. But it is more accurate to say they would rather kill other people than face their deaths in quarantine. There will always be people like Duncan who will try to out run their deaths, never mind anyone else.

  21. It was exactly the same with the black death.

  22. DeVaul

    I could understand if she was placed in a cage or cell with no guarantee she would ever get out, but she was simply asked to “stay home”. How hard is that to do? I have a gazillion things to do at home, and with my disability, a month off would be great for getting a few of them done.

    Sons of Lir!

    I now have visions of armed militias setting up impromptu roadblocks… but of course this cannot happen because, as we were all told, the virus cannot spread here. No way, no how.

    Where are all those people now? Why so silent?

  23. Alaskan Ice

    We’re on day 25 since Duncan started running around the U.S.

    Ebola has an average incubation of 10 days, with a range of 2-21 days.

    In 25 days, two nurses have been infected, although one appears fine now.

    Certainly cause for concern and appropriate precaution. But, two tragic transmissions in 25 days (to two of the people most at risk because they had to touch Duncan as part of their jobs), doesn’t make this a U.S. epidemic, it indicates that it will be contained.

  24. DeVaul: As people are generally unimaginative they will take their cue from the zombie movies.

    I wonder if sales of the film outbreak have taken off?

  25. Eric Blood Axe

    Well, realistically there are far too many people in the world right now. A 75% cull would make a lovely world for the 25% who survive. The survivors of the “Black Death”, were much better off afterwards.

  26. Christian W

    AI, why gamble with the risk of infection? We were told that the nurses taking care of Duncan were perfectly safe as the protocol in place was, well, perfect. This didn’t turn out to be true.

    This nurse could well be much more contageous than Duncan was as she was just about to show symptoms when she was travelling in close proximity to other people.

    The authorities are taking calculated risks, but what if they lose one of their bets?

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  28. DeVaul

    Well… that was unusual.

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone invest in “facebook poker chips/cheats” since they probably will have little effect on the Ebola virus.

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