The Very Rich Always Destroy Themselves: The Cave of Wealth And Death

CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH PART 1 | Culture of Life News


YouTube – Cave of Wealth and Death Part 1


From the very earliest civilizations, before the very first cities, humans connected dark caves with wealth.  They also connected wealth with death.  The Greek god, Pluto, is the god of wealth and death, just for example.  All mythological forces which humans used for thousands of years to understand the world of our species and the universe, are part of our brains.  We can’t escape this legacy.  We can only hope to understand it. Let’s look inside this mythological cave:


  The very first ‘wealth’ accumulated by our distant ancestors were stories.   The wisest tribal members could remember old stories and explain them.  Humans are scared of the dark for danger lurks in the dark.  We like bright, shiny things.  We like fire.  Gold is the earliest metal that came from the darkness but was pure and shiny no matter what.  So gold has been, since the earliest times, a religious icon of light and truth. And a lure to death.  Many people die due to the quest for more and more gold.  I like to think of all the economic forces we see today are all easily understood if we pretend they are gods, goddesses, dragons and gnomes.  When we view them this way, we can understand their essence better.



First, there is Libra: she is the one who, since ancient Egypt, balances the scales.  She is the guardian at the entrance to the Cave of Wealth and Death.  If we lead balanced lives, we have more happiness and can endure death better than if we live unbalanced lives.  When entire cultures try living unbalanced lives, the entire system can and will, collapse.  Since she judges all who die, she is also part of the death complex we are exploring. She is also a constellation in the Zodiac.  Long ago, she was Scorpio’s claws.  But was made less frightful over the eons. Now, Let’s go inside  the Cave:


There are two sisters who live in the Cave of Wealth and Death: the goddess of Infinity and the goddess of Zero.   These are philosophical as well as mathematical constructs.  These magical sisters can interact with each other in interesting ways.    They are the opposite of Libra, who represents ‘steady state systems.’  These two are extremely unstable. They are yin and yang.  They switch powers very easily.  And can even exist at the same time, tearing systems in two.


For example, if we want more money and add zeros to the number one, the closer to infinity of zeros we get, the more worthless the money we are using.  These goddesses are also known as other aspects: the goddess of Inflation and the goddess of Deflation. Any system using ‘money’ has to deal with both of these dangerous goddesses.  There is no escape.


When Inflation is just taking off, she is lots of fun.   This is Dionysian drunken fun, this is Pan who likes to have fun before panic sets in and everyone runs away.  Most everyone deplores Inflation but secretly, loves her.  We know from history that if we embrace her, she will take wing and fly to the outermost reaches of the Universe.  And leave us there, to die.  So our bankers swear, they will never release her from the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Oh, no.  They will fly only a short ways with her but keep her under control.


This control always fails!  Zeros are added since this is laughably easy to do and the temptation is too great.  Eventually, after flying with Inflation, we are thrown to earth to die.  This is when the Deflation goddess emerges from the depths with her flaming sword.  She destroys all the easy wealth we got by flying with the goddess of Inflation.


Medusa is another ancient goddess which is connected to death and wealth.  She defied the gods and was turned into a monster.  When she was slain by Perseus, out of her thrashing body came Pegasus.  Pegasus was a very ancient god from the first civilizations, from Ur.  He is a star cluster as well as a guardian of money.  This reminds us of another issue about the gods: originally, gods were natural.  They were either planets, stars, the sun, the moon or natural events like lightning, rain, birth and death.


Instead, over the eons, we evolved away from this and now, our gods are mostly elevated humans.  The systems have become totally detached from the natural underpinnings of the gods and goddesses.  Instead of being stories about natural systems, they are now stories about humans.  In other words, instead of humanizing the gods, we are now godizing the humans.

Our psyches are tormented by the Cave of Wealth and Death.  We yearn for all the things that are in there, yet we also suffer emotional torment because we find no love in there, it is anti-life.  We want to get our wishes,  by wishing on the stars, but even if they are granted, these can be most deadly.  Our deepest wish is to live forever, as gods.  We hope to do this in the afterlife.  Burials with worldly wealth such as gold and artworks, was a human attempt at carrying off loot to the afterlife.  But we raid previous tombs and carry off this loot!  This is why we fear the future.  We know there is no way to move wealth from the world of the living to the world of the dead.


Monsters that can eat wealth and drive people to suicide live in this cave, too.  Here is the Derivatives Beast, for example.  Human financial geniuses conspired to create this creature.  It, in turn, is now eating all the paper wealth on earth. Unable to rescue vast paper wealth from being destroyed after rousing both the goddess of Depression and her son, the Derivatives Beast, the bankers and financiers are now going stark, raving mad.

The entities that can protect us will not appear unless we first give up what ill-gotten gains we picked up in the Cave of Wealth and Death.  If we are granted life, we should be grateful.  For that is a tremendous gift, indeed.  Here is a picture of Hell from a very early Bible, drawn at the end of the Dark Ages.  It is a place crowded with unhappy people, naked and helpless, locked out of Heaven.6a00d83451c0bf69e200e54f182a458833-800wi

What is heaven?  All features of this place are familiar: there is a wellspring.  There are flying creatures there.  And people listen to music and write poetry and do all sorts of things which are the province of Pegasus, the magic horse of Mt. Olympus.  The rule in Heave is simple: eat, drink and be merry.  Recent changes in this place due to the need to believe that humans are gods have turned this fun paradise into a constant session of reassuring semi-god humans that we love them, not ‘sinners’.


Humans are very prone to wars.  Most wars are about human greed and longing to be lords of creation.  Ethnic cleansing wars are by far, the worst.  The people who died from 1930-1945, for example, were in the many millions.  Perhaps, over 35 million people or more, died early, painful, hideous deaths.  There are many people who actually pray and hope that their particular brand of Death Gods will show up, throwing lightning bolts and slaying most of us, as punishment.

This is called the Apocalypse and I call it, WWIII.  The desire to elevate various people to godhood via killing off most other humans, is despicable.  And is part of the Cave of Wealth and Death.  The desire to rule both heaven and earth is deadly.  And will fail.  For the real rulers are Reality: the various entities who run the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Infinity, Zero and Libra.


Enough of this grim discussion.  Now, let’s visit the financial gnomes who are the creatures who scurry in and out of the Cave of Wealth and Death.


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11 responses to “The Very Rich Always Destroy Themselves: The Cave of Wealth And Death

  1. Alaskan Ice

    Not forever; Gnomes are just going to hang out in the cave until all the third world cheap oil is gone, then the gnomes are gonna come back out and drill their secret stash.

  2. Christian W

    Ebola update: Second worker who cared for Duncan has tested positive for Ebola.

  3. John

    I’m glad you’re talking about this stuff again, Elaine. You are correct; it does bring things into a sharper focus when you put it in these terms. Please don’t forget to cover the “Outer Darkness” again, also.

    Alaskan Ice, I don’t think you quite understand what she’s getting at, here. If anything, the secret stash of oil is IN the Cave.

  4. JimmyJ

    I’m glad for another detailed account of this mythology Elaine.

    Leon Panetta’s book apparently discloses US Korean policy as nuke em all. I guess that is the US China policy too.

    The cheap oil will end when the US publicly declares SA is funding IS and condemns them to the same fate as other unlucky ME disaster zones.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    SA funds ISIS just like it funded Al-Qaeda. At the behest of western powers it helps keep the Saudi rulers in power while they milk their birthright dry for a nickel on the dollar. Synthetic terrorism diverts legitimate political opposition in their home countries and gives the West justification to kill their “good old boy” nationalists caught up in the recruitment, particularly when their own Generals might turn on them if asked to do the same.

    Until ISIS starts showing up with medium range anti-aircraft missiles, it’s safe to say they’re being set up by all concerned.

    It’s not rocket science to understand that if the West and SA fund a Syrian opposition, send McCain over to put his arms around them, let them become so wildly successful that they run across Western Iraq, and then . . . bomb them. Well then, they’ll start beheading people, and then they’ll become a ready-made, synthetic enemy for life.

    Now all the potential troublemakers will get siphoned out of the Arab Peninsula to join the ISIS siren song, put on black pajamas, and then get bombed to death, much to the delight and future security of the Wahhabist rulers funding ISIS.

    Do you expect that SA rulers will be publicly condemned for this when they are in turn selling oil to the West at whatever price the West dictates?

  6. Alaskan Ice

    ISIS is a SISI rolled over. A versatile patsy that allows borders to be redrawn “legitimately” when their conquered lands are liberated, either to make space for pipelines to the mediterranean or maintain ethnic or tribal stability, etc. It’s also an end run around legal liability in theater given Iraqi refusals to renew the status of forces agreement.

  7. emsnews

    Remember ‘Get Smart’ one of the funniest TV shows, ever? My NSA/CIA dad loved that show.

    The Bad Guys were KAOS. And that is what we see today: chaos caused by the CIA, Mossad and the Saudi royals who want to destroy the SHIITES not have an army of radical Sunnis overrun their country which is what will happen.

    Few people know that bin Laden’s Grand Plan was for the Sunni rebels overrunning Mecca and taking it back from the corrupt Saudi royals who drink booze, run with loose women and live lives of indolence and luxury.

  8. Seraphim

    Are you going to re-evoke Jack Parsons and Aleistair Crawley in the second part? Babalon? Astraea?
    An interesting topic is the relations between John Dee with his “Enochian Magic” and the Virgo-Astraea Queen (rather a “Scarlet Woman”), Golden Dawn and Crawley and the rest. All at the origins of the “British Intelligence Service” and as one can surmise of the CIA.

  9. emsnews

    They all wanted someone who could see the future than then freaked out when this happened.

    No one, NO ONE likes Cassandra.

    When I was a child and learned about her, I cried. It was a terrible moment in my life. 🙂

    Luckily, no one listens to me or Cassandra so nothing is my fault. 🙂

  10. Alaskan Ice

    I didn’t see it at first.

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