Biggest Tech Firms In US Hire Mostly Cheap B1 Asian Labor

asian tech workers seldom become bosses

The above bar graphs show clearly how our main tech corporations hire mainly B1 Asian labor while the bosses are mainly white European dudes who meet each other mainly when at a university.  I picked out only a few corporations to show this effect.  The fact is, all our corporations depend on foreign labor for greater profits for the very, very rich who get richer and richer faster and faster this way.  Another funny thing is, virtually all the tech corporations hired only 1% black but nearly all had 2% black executives which shows how debilitating the ‘token blacks kicked upstairs’ doesn’t help blacks in general, at all.


The Real Problem When It Comes to Diversity and Asian-Americans | TIME



The longevity of the idea that “all [Asian Americans] know how to do is sit in front of a computer” was highlighted recently when several top technology firms released their first-ever diversity reports. Those reports and media discussion of their findings centered on the obvious, important problem: an under-representation of women, blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. Very little was said of the discrepancy between the high percentage of Asian tech employees and the disproportionately low percentage of Asian leaders. The fact that Asians’ presence charted in bars more than a few pixels tall, it seemed, disqualified them from scrutiny.


This article goes on and on and on about how this is all about discrimination against Asians.  Not one word is said about how the majority of the Asians hired are B1 employees brought in to reduce wages of American citizens.  Nor is there any remark about how there is double the number of black executives compared to black tech workers.


A side story: recently I had the greatest displeasure of talking to a tech employee of  Unlike all times in the past where it was quite pleasant to talk and get information, I found myself talking to someone who could barely speak English and who was very rude and difficult and demanded I repeat information endlessly and was really, really slow in general.


This is infuriating.  I recently had a very difficult time talking to an extremely rude and linguistically deficient doctor in a hospital who interrupted me constantly whenever she asked me a question, I felt like I was talking to a ghetto trash employee with a sub-high school education.  ‘Answer my question!’ she would demand and I would say one word and she would resume babbling away, attacking me verbally.


My formal letter of complaint to the hospital was never answered.  I hand delivered it, too.  This degradation of our employment with citizens finding it harder and harder to get work coupled with dropping wages due to importation of legal and illegal labor, is something no one in Congress is fixing.  The Democratic leaders want more of this because it brings in ‘voters’ they imagine which is stupid since most immigrants tend towards conservatism.


And the GOP openly lies to voters claiming they want to stop this flood of cheap labor which the politicians don’t want because they get bribe money from the very rich.  Americans seem too befuddled to figure this all out unlike say, the hard focus on this same issue in Britain by UKIP.  The UKIP uprising is very much attached to the fury of citizens who see a flood of foreigners coming in, wrecking job prospects, schools, overloading hospitals, etc.


They have forced the Tory leaders to change course.  While the media mainly snaps and snarls at UKIP leaders.  Here, we have nothing and our Bilderberg rulers lecture us daily on how we have to let in a flood of foreign labor during a Great Depression (and this is a depression for US workers).


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6 responses to “Biggest Tech Firms In US Hire Mostly Cheap B1 Asian Labor

  1. melponeme_k

    I’ve hung around tech sites for games, programs etc.

    I’ve continually fought with Tech types about the need for them to unionize. They are almost all delusionally libertarian, love Ayn Rand, love policies that stiff them of a 40 hour paycheck (bidding on jobs) and believe they will merge with computers to become superhuman.

    Now there are graphs to prove that I was right. Most of the people I fought with around the web? I hope they still have good jobs…but I have a feeling most of them are convincing themselves they are happy with the piddling hours that the Apple store gives them.

  2. Jim R

    Even though it is now floating on an ocean of notional ‘money’, even Google’s business model can fail in a deflationary depression. Which is what we are heading into.

  3. vengeur

    Last night on PBS newshour they had two guys from the Obama Admin talking the economy, “wages aren’t rising fast enough” they said. LOL . You allow millions of illegal immigrants to suppress wages, then lament that wages aren’t rising fast enough. And of course the clueless PBS commentator never dared ask such a question. The hoot is how these people f*ck ALL WORKING americans , right left and center, then feign ignorance as to why wages are falling.

  4. emsnews

    And this is why you don’t see me on TV. Once upon a time, I was on TV and talked about all sorts of things, I was at the UN and at international meetings and at conventions of various sorts and made news, etc.

    So much so, Haley Barbour, when he ran the GOP, personally went to NYC to demand the media giants censor me! And they did!


    I knew this quickly because JFK Jr. told me and a NYT editor called me to warn me.

    To nearly everyone in the US, I am Mrs. Nobody. But not in Asia nor Russia. They all know me realllly well. It is just that the elites think they are on the right path, you see.

    They are getting richer and richer! Whoo hoo.

    They ignore History, that bloody bitch who sits next to the Grim Reaper.

  5. Luke

    A confidant in Silicon Valley reports that ‘I only sell houses to Asians new to USA. They pay a million in cash for a house in this area’. I shudder to think of the future. The Chinese as our overlords.

  6. Petruchio

    @vengeur: “then feign ignorance as to why wages are falling.” Of course, the political class–nearly all of them-know full well why wages are falling and have been stagnant overall for decades. Why wouldn’t they know? The elites have been at war with the lower 98% since Reagan took office in 1980. ( The wealthiest have ALWAYS been at war with the lower classes, but it took off most recently beginning with Reagan.) You don’t have to be an economic genius to figure out if you flood a labor market you will drive down wages. The elites also know, btw, that if you print an endless supply of money a la QE, you will lower the value of the dollar and rob savers. It’s all part of the plan…\\

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