CDC Said Sick Nurse Could Fly All Over US And Now Is Backtracking: Chaos Grows At The Top

The roaring incompetence of the CDC and other agencies is glaringly obvious, they have no clue how to deal with ebola:  Second Ebola-stricken nurse, 29, arrives in Atlanta as it’s revealed she was given permission by CDC to fly on a commercial flight the day before she was diagnosed – despite her expressing concern because the CDC GAVE HER OK TO FLY: Second Ebola-infected nurse was cleared to board plane after she called agency for permission — her fever did not reach 100.4 degree mark, a slightly lower fever was supposedly OK?


It is ridiculous.  Nurses caring for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan didn’t wear hazmat suits for TWO DAYS after he was admitted to hospital and I bet few hospitals have enough hazmat suits for constant care of patients.


‘Who’s the idiot with clipboard?’ Disbelief and panic as mystery man WITHOUT a hazmat suit is seen helping 2nd Ebola nurse board her plane to Atlanta, disposing waste and then boarding the jet which is why our troops in Liberia will come home sick and carrying germs of this disease.  Few people know how to carry out all protocols.  I used to work at a top university computer chip research lab and I ran the protocols for cleanliness and chemical exposure and even wrote a book for the university about how to run such a tight secure lab…which the OSHA staff liked so much, this was used to draw up protocols for computer manufacturing laboratories (this was way back in 1996).


All such facilities have to have a clean place to robe and disrobe and they cannot be the same place if one is handling toxic chemicals or germs.  Understanding how to do this is very, very difficult and most people are quite unable to figure out how to do this without very strict rules of engagement.  I have seen photos of US troops learning to disrobe ebola staff wearing ONLY gloves!  This is insane.


The fellow following the hazmat suited people with the sick nurse was utterly unable to understand that he was NOT supposed to touch ANYTHING.  Period.  Without a full suit, himself!  Even if there is zero exposure, he still has to follow protocols because one error can lead to spreading the disease.  I remember when I imposed strict protocols on scientists at the lab, they were very unhappy and annoyed and tried to deliberately ignore these rules until I called in the OSHA people after I was fired.


OSHA agreed with me, not them.


Back to the ebola stories today:  ‘A victim of a broken system’: Thomas Eric Duncan’s nephew RIPS Dallas hospital in scathing op-ed complaining about how ‘inept’ the hospital was that hosted this killer.  Yes, he is now a killer.  These people feel zero shame.  The family that hadn’t seen this diseased man for over 17 years suddenly got the money for him to come here exactly after he was definitely exposed to a dying neighbor who he helped carry. He and they knew he might be diseased.


Mumbling that he come from Liberia while not telling anyone how much he was exposed to the disease, was his insane and nasty choice.  He didn’t say, ‘I might have ebola.’ Instead, he trotted back to his new home, hoping it was nothing big.  Now, they blame everyone for all the stupid, horrible things they chose to do.  I say, deport them all.


Obama orders federal Ebola SWAT team to any hospital with an infected patient which will last how long?  A month?  A year?


Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum • View topic – WHO Ebola Road Map 8997 Cases 4493 Deaths Oct 15


A total of 8997 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been
reported in seven affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, and the
United States of America) up to the end of 12 October. There have been 4493 deaths.

Data for epidemiological week 41 are incomplete, with missing data for 12 October from Liberia. This
reflects the challenging nature of data gathering in countries with widespread and intense EVD
transmission. These challenges remain particularly acute in Liberia, where there continues to be a
mismatch between the relatively low numbers of new cases reported through official clinical
surveillance systems on one hand, and reports from laboratory staff and first responders of large
numbers of new cases on the other. Efforts are ongoing to reconcile different sources of data, and to
rapidly scale-up capacity for epidemiological data gathering throughout each country with
widespread and intense transmission.



It is clear, however, that the situation in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone is deteriorating, with
widespread and persistent transmission of EVD.
An increase in new cases in Guinea is being driven by
a spike in confirmed and suspected cases in the capital, Conakry, and the nearby district of Coyah. In
Liberia, problems with data gathering make it hard to draw any firm conclusions from recent data.
There is almost certainly significant under-reporting of cases from the capital Monrovia. There does
appear to have been a genuine fall in the number of cases in Lofa district, but a concerted effort will
be required to sustain that drop in cases and translate it into an elimination of EVD in that area. In
Sierra Leone, intense transmission is still occurring in the capital Freetown and the surrounding


I would suggest the numbers of ill and dead in Africa are three to four times higher than official counts.  This isn’t burning out, it is burning wider and wider.


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13 responses to “CDC Said Sick Nurse Could Fly All Over US And Now Is Backtracking: Chaos Grows At The Top

  1. Jim R

    Maybe it’ll cull the ranks of the idiots, in a darwinian fashion.

    Only problem is, it puts all of us in jeopardy.

  2. emsnews

    Since I know how to run a ‘clean tech room’…I will survive!


  3. vengeur

    Flu season is coming soon. Now how in the hell is anybody going to tell here shortly if they have flu symptoms or Ebola symptoms. It will be impossible. So God forbid we have MORE infected people coming into the country with it.

  4. vengeur

    I’m wondering also how long it will take until some terrorists enter the country armed with this shit in an empty windex bottle, spray it around the subway. Shut the country DOWN.

  5. charlottemom

    Again..government solution is no solution. Mobile ebola swat teams to move from hospital to hospital. This will not work!!! All hospital facilities will never be equipped to handle this extreme bio hazard.

    Ps Hawaii checks and then quarantines all pets flying in. And no animals can be flown in other than dogs and cats. Why…because Hawaii doesnt want rabies on the island. Gee…what a novel public health prevention method.

  6. emsnews

    You couldn’t drive from Arizona to California for YEARS unless you first threw away any fruits or vegetables in order to stop pests!

    Also ditched by free trade today.

  7. Maddie's Mom


    Yes. All the more reason to stock up on food and supplies for the coming months. Stay out of the stores as much as possible.

    That’s my plan and I’m stickin’ to it.

  8. DeVaul

    Fear is spreading fast now because of the actions of this nurse. Those outside the healthcare system are wondering: if a nurse who handled an Ebola patient who died and a CDC worker cannot figure out something using common sense, what will happen to the rest of us?

    My wife does not understand what the CDC is. I cannot explain to her the concept of a dead government agency that still employs people as a form of political patronage in sign language. I tried describing it to her as the equivalent of the King of Thailand’s third or fourth wife, i.e. someone who has no real power or function, but eats up money nonetheless.

    I was married to a doctor before, and she regularly disregarded hospital rules about removing her hospital uniform and showering before leaving for home. She would walk right into our house in the same rubber shoes and pants that she had worn all over the hospital and right over the area where me and my son would play during the day. My son constantly had virus and other weird infections, which my then wife would dismiss as being “just part of childhood”.

    I knew where they really came from, but she would never change her ways, not even for her husband or her son. She once walked right into the transplant ward with my three year old son and my 3 month old son to visit me, but was cut off by a Registered Nurse who told her that children were not allowed in the organ transplant ward. My then wife simply smiled at her in a condescending way and said: “It’s ok. I’m a doctor.” She then proceeded straight to my room with my sons. This entire ward was being operated as a clean room with special air cleaners placed in each room to filter out everything in the air.

    News of what she did spread all over the hospital. The nurses were outraged, but the doctors closed ranks and protected her.

    Her attitude and arrogance were common among the “doctors” in her class. They had no real feelings for others and were mainly concerned with how to bill enough people in one day so that they could land a good, high paying job at an expensive hospital or clinic. The goal was 100 people a day.

    That is just a tiny bit of what I saw and experienced from the inside of our healthcare system. It is a disaster just wanting to happen.

  9. emsnews

    You are correct (as usual!). Doctors ignore rules a great deal. They think they are gods.

    Same goes with any executives. The world ‘execution’ comes from the same base word. They are killers.

  10. kenogami

    The real heroes of health care systems everywhere are the nurses. They are the Atlas holding the healthcare systems upon their shoulders. The day they shrug, the health care system will collapse.

    They are always on the front lines: the CDC sent them to war against a deadly opponent without giving them weapons, information, strategies or protocols. And when they get sick or dies of Ebola, these lying incompetent dishonest cowardly dogs at the top of CDC blame the nurses for their own failures.

  11. emsnews

    Yup. Blame the lowest person on the totem pole who is in actual danger.

  12. Luke

    re, ‘I’m wondering also how long it will take until some terrorists enter the country armed with this in a windex bottle, spray it around the subway. Shut the country DOWN.’

    Arab Teen Girls are willing to strap bombs to themselves. Bio-terror in the form of a Jihadist knowingly infected w ebola is an awful prospect.
    Carrying it in him or herself.

    The gay ‘activist’ Dan Savage proudly said he tried to infect conservatives w flu. He is a media darling and gets invites to schools.

    This is what just 1 ‘leftist media darling queen’ did, to another American,

  13. kenogami

    If even 1 person around Bauer died of the flu, this gay terrorist should be prosecuted for murder. And I am an atheist.

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