Climate Chaos: As It Gets Colder, Global Warmists Make Up Silly Explanations

october 2014 wind and hurricanes Atlantic Ocean


Hurricane Gonzalo can be seen grinding away towards Bermuda while cold air pours down from Greenland and the Arctic bringing the beginning of winter to the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean.  Note how there is very little wind over the continents, in general.  The most dynamic part of the earth’s wind systems are the oceans and these are cooling off, not heating up.  The predicted el Nino event still is floundering, too.  Colder and colder it gets.


Blizzards kill at least 25 climbers in Nepal with another 85 missing and this isn’t normal.  It is unusual.  And cold, of course.  Rescuers airlift 154 to safety after deadly Nepal storm with many avalanches and waist deep snow.


 Weinstein (from Israel) said he would never have headed out on Tuesday if he had been given prior warnings.


“Whoever is in charge of communicating weather warnings to trekkers has been totally negligent,” he said.


Keshav Pandey, vice-president of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), an industry body, said the Himalayan nation has no warning systems in place to inform trekkers of severe weather conditions.


“We don’t expect this kind of storm in October, but we also have no warning system to help us prepare for it,” Pandey told AFP.


“Huge ice growth surprises climate scientists” … “Like one not seen in decades”!  Yes, the global warmist crew can’t figure this tricky matter out.  They come up with wild, unsupportable explanations for this exceptional situation.


The penguins which we are supposed to worry about are being hard hit by record Antarctic ice, for example.  This is how they all evolved, by the way.  Hard years cull the flocks and over time, only the fit survive and voila!  We  get penguins.


The Antarctic ice is setting records and now the Arctic has 29% more ice and it is only three weeks after summer!  The German scientists at the Mad Max Planck Institute (I lived with a professor who worked there when I lived in Germany many years ago) are predicting colder winter and cooler summers.  Oh no!  How will the warmists explain away this?


New South Wales Hit By Freak Snow Storm which isn’t ‘freaky’ if we are having global cooling.  This is the New Normal.  We are heading into a steady state of cooler, not hotter.  And it is now officially spring there, not winter, going into summer and last winter was colder than normal.


Japan is roughly the same distance from the equator as California and yesterday, Snow falls on Mt Fuji summit 3 days earlier than last year and last year was much earlier than previous warmer years.


Water temperature of the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than normal.  Even as Obama and his lunatic gang ordered the Pentagon to be more worried about global warming than anything else, the Coast Guard is warning people that the Great Lakes are extremely cold and thus, dangerous.


Here is the ingenious tricky explanation by warmists about how all this ice and snow is happening due to ‘global warming’:

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 8.12.45 AM

What el Nino?  There is no el Nino!  It has died in the cradle several times this last dozen years and the NOAA and NASA people keep claiming that it will be reborn, just you wait.  And it dies in the cradle again.


Since there was no, absolutely no ‘el Nino’ the last three years, that isn’t what is causing all the ice to form.  As for the water with no salt, good lord!  This is NOT the Arctic.  The Arctic is nearly enclosed by all the continents drifting northwards.  Antarctica, on the other hand, is surrounded by oceans and as we see from my top picture of planetary winds, howling, raging winds roar around it constantly especially when the seasons change.


Now, the sun is shining more and more and now we should see ‘ice melt’ and we are not seeing this at all!!!!  The ice melting from volcanic heat from the underside still isn’t enough to dilute water beyond one mile from the glaciers and the ice sheets over the ocean are covering many, many thousands and thousands of square miles.


Around the ENTIRE perimeter.  This is ridiculous.  These explanations are childish.  They act as if we can’t see geology and geography.  This cutaway diagram has no incoming data, it is all suppositions.  They have to prove all this much more information is needed for us to not use the much more useful and true explanation: it is COLDER.  Duh.


Yes, we had a revival of sun spot activity during September but that is fated to fade fast now that the sun is past its maximum activity cycle.


New York winters could look like Alabama’s by 2050 according to the clueless people working for NOAA.  NOAA used to be useful long ago.  Now, it is a comedy routine.  No sane farmer pays the slightest attention to their forecasts which have been utterly wrong nearly continuously these days.


It always predicts warmer than normal.  Always.  Disastrously, last year.


Last but not least, as it gets colder and colder, the warmists are reduced to whining about the oceans drowning Malibu not that this is bad news to most of us.  To put the ocean in persepctive:  Claim: No change in sea level until modern times – but that change is dwarfed by sea levels of the past | Watts Up With That?

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 8.38.50 AM


Each interglacial is cooler than the previous one.  We are still in the Ice Ages and as time passes, this will only get worse as the continents slide into the North Pole.  What is funniest: Malibu, California, the hot hot spot for Hollywood hot shots…will get there long before my own mountain in upstate New York.


The entire West Coast is shooting northwards at a mad rate compared to the much slower moving, and moving mainly westwards North American continent.  Tucson, Arizona will eventually merge with Tokyo, Japan while California will be stuck with their beloved polar bears.  The bears will thank me in advance for this prediction. Yummy.

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20 responses to “Climate Chaos: As It Gets Colder, Global Warmists Make Up Silly Explanations

  1. DeVaul

    “Fresh Cold Water Floats on Surface”


    Cold water does NOT move upwards. It moves down, while hot water moves up. This is pure insanity!

    The only hot water near the bottom of the ocean is generated by volcanic rifts and openings in the earth’s mantle. It then floats upwards — if it can force it’s way through the mass of cold, heavy water sitting on top of it.

    There is another rift growing — inside my mind — between Orlov, Greer, and Kuntsler on one side, and Elaine on the other. The former still believe in the inevitability of global warming, while people like Elaine (and me) look out the window and see another dark, cloudy, cold day as if we were in Germany.

    That is what I am looking at right now in Kentucky. It has been Germany for several weeks here now. Kentucky did not even have a fall this year, unless you want to count August as “fall”.

  2. DeVaul

    More insanity:

    Guess I won’t be moving to Norway. Ever.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    So if it’s actually getting colder, then, real or imagined, the job of the “Global Warmists” is done: Mission accomplished; good work!

  4. emsnews

    It is getting colder. Not in LA or Malibu, even Alaska is being somewhat spared but this is a mere sliver of the planet. And you all get the fun stuff from Fukushima.

    Which our media never mentions even though the poison is pouring into the Pacific Ocean every single day and the recent typhoon pushed tons of radioactive waste into the ocean where it will circulate to Alaska and California, etc.

    Do note that the moral scolds screeching about ‘climate change’ have had ZERO giant demonstrations in Manhattan demanding Japan clean up Fukushima.

  5. CK

    Ice, which was cold water, floats. We are really lucky that ice floats
    If ice sank, drinking would be intolerable.

  6. Alaskan Ice

    “Do note that the moral scolds screeching about ‘climate change’ have had ZERO giant demonstrations in Manhattan demanding Japan clean up Fukushima.”

    It’s a clear indication that the green movement has been completely co-opted into a controlled opposition.

  7. Jim R

    Fresh water floats on salt water, it’s a fact.

    Seawater is about 3% salt, and that makes it denser than fresh water, regardless of their relative temperature.

    Also, the fresh water freezes first. Salt water has a lower freezing point, and is heavier. So when a big floating ice sheet melts, like the Arctic in summer, it leaves a big lake of fresh water. Depending on conditions, this lake can float for quite a long while. In the winter, the fresh water is first to freeze. Which also makes it exclude salt.

    One of the more interesting recent discoveries in ocean/atmospheric science is this: where ice is floating on salt water, the salty inclusion in it are concentrated into super-salty brine, which works its way down through the ice and drips out the bottom. And where there is a lot of floating ice, like the Arctic in winter (and the Antarctic ice sheets), these brine drops add up to a huge cascade that causes cold surface water to be drawn down to the bottom of the planet’s oceans.

    It makes a ‘conveyor belt’ that moves oxygen down into deep water and causes cold cold upwellings at random places, some in the tropics. It makes for interesting weather patterns.


    ELAINE: One of my greatest wishes is for people to read carefully. Yes, ‘clean’ water flows off of the glaciers due to friction below as new snow presses down on the top of the ice sheet of Antarctica.

    But once it hits the ocean, WINDS that rage around Antarctica MIXES this pretty thoroughly. If scientists were to measure the salt where there is a lot of ice will find less salinity due to the fact that the act of freezing reduces salinity whereas heating concentrates it.

    During the warm years of the 1990’s, did Antarctica’s ice sheets grow or shrink?

    GUESS WHAT! The ice sheets shrank during the warming! Logically, when it is colder, the opposite happens. Standing all this on its head is insane. These ‘scientists’ are liars.

  8. Luke

    When I mentioned how COLD North America has been I was told ‘It is 2% of the earths surface’. Is that true?

  9. emsnews

    Yes, BUT the super cold also flowed over half of the Atlantic Ocean which is a huge hunk of the planet.

    The warmists made fun of those people suffering last winter. Very cruel. As well as lying about the cold. This naked contempt and sneering runs alongside whining about the heat in the sliver of land on the West Coast.

    Liberals love to parade around claiming they love humanity and want to save everyone yet openly sneer about how they will destroy white males by flooding the country with illegal aliens or freezing us to death to make Malibu slightly cooler in summer.

    They really want to murder most of us every bit as much as far right wingers want ethnic/religious warfare or Muslim hate groups fighting the Shiites, etc.

  10. DeVaul

    “Fresh water floats on salt water, it’s a fact.”

    I did NOT know that. I did know that ice floats, but there was no reference to ice floating. Thanks for explaining all that to me.

  11. Has anybody seen those Haarp videos on Youtube via depicting Pacific storm systems disintegrating before they hit WA & OR via satellite time lapse imaging? To the non meteorologist it does seem that something more than a stationary high pressure ridge could cause that.

  12. Jim R

    Another interesting factoid about water is that as it cools, at about 4°C it stops shrinking and begins to expand. Just before it freezes into ice.

    This causes freshwater lakes to ‘turn over’ as they freeze and thaw, if they are in an appropriate climate zone. And as the water turns, it transports dissolved oxygen to the bottom. It’s a pretty big deal in limnology.

    And saltwater doesn’t freeze until it gets down to about -2°C. This interplay of salty, fresh, brackish, and frozen water makes oceanography an interesting science.

  13. DeVaul


    That’s the first time I have ever seen that word. I have no idea what it means.

    I guess this means that when the Mississippi enters the delta region, the warm water from the river then glides over the salt water coming in from the sea. Is that correct?

    Is this why we throw salt on snow and ice? It seems like a waste to me if the temperature goes way down beyond -4 C. I usually just wait for it to melt, or crawl along with a hammer and break it up.

  14. Jim R

    More info here:

    And, correct. Wherever a big river, like the Amazon or Mississippi enters a body of saltwater, there is a fresh/brackish stream that meanders out over the saltwater for quite a distance (can be miles, or tens/hundreds of miles), until it mixes in and disappears.

    Also, correct. It is useless to throw NaCl on ice if it’s less than -4C. There are some other salts that are more effective, down to about -10C I believe. I think CaCl2 is one. But don’t quote me on that, I don’t live in the North any more. If it snows in South Texas, we just stay home for half a day until it’s gone.

  15. emsnews

    Only the Mississippi and Nile, for example, flow into calm waters in general

    The seas around Antarctica are extremely rough with high winds! This is the most violent seas on earth not the fairly calm Mediterranean Sea, for example.

  16. Jim R

    And, you may well know, there aren’t any big rivers flowing out of Antarctica. Maybe a little meltwater in the southern summer.

    There is an old mariner’s term “the roaring forties”, for the weather around 40° S. It’s because there is a complete circle of open ocean around that latitude, so it’s like the weather on Jupiter. No land masses to slow down the wind and waves, so they just blow endlessly, driven by Earth’s rotation.

  17. emsnews

    Thank you, Jim R. Comparing that ocean’s turbulence to the much much more placid Gulf of Mexico is ridiculous.

    Scientists are supposed to see fine differences. Watching them make up stuff wholesale to explain away obvious facts is infuriating.

    IF ‘melting ice makes more ice’ in Antarctica, why didn’t that happen when the climate was much warmer during the late 1990s? It did NOT happen back then so it is not causing it today.

    Making up the story that the planet is heating up when it is not and THEN explaining away the truth that ice is growing, not shrinking due to cooling not heating up, is a big challenge and the liars who are keeping up the fiction of global warming have no shame.

  18. emsnews

    Yes, guess we will have a lovely Halloween blizzard! 😦 I am still not ready for this!

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