Nigerian Passenger On Flight To JFK Throws Up Violently And Then DIES On Plane!

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Here comes the tsunami: ebola zombies are trying desperately to come to America and it looks as if one of them died ON A PLANE flying from Nigeria!  This is going to be a major issue in the looming election and Obama still sits on his rear end, trying to ignore this mess.  Congress hearings with CDC head ends with political divide as Democrats try to mollify blacks by keeping the door to Africa wide open.  This is fatal for the party.  Worse than the excuses for riots in Ferguson.


New York PostAlarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK: this is horrifying news.  The most toxic point in ebola transmission is when death occurs.  Even touching any of the mess created by these victims can cause ebola!  This puts the issue square in the lap of our irritating President: he now MUST quarantine all west African flights until this epidemic is brought under control.


If this man refuses, I see not only a huge GOP victory this election taking over both houses decisively but also an impeachment.  I would recommend an impeachment because this is rank incompetence.


Air France jet isolated at Madrid airport amid Ebola fears after passenger started shaking on flight from Nigeria also and Europeans are beginning to wake from their own slumber.  But the EU organization which rules the place, will have to be forced to act by public rage of some sort.


Ebola-stricken nurse Amber Vinson may have had symptoms almost a week ago – BEFORE she left Dallas for Ohio, went bridesmaid dress shopping, and flew BACK to Texas meanwhile, thanks to her refusal to stay in quarantine,  Bridal store closed after Ebola-stricken nurse visited and the people making a living with this business will probably go bankrupt.


Ebola fears grip Cleveland: Seven people in quarantine, two schools shut and medics on paid leave after second US nurse to catch deadly virus visited Ohio thanks to this nurse and the CDC not being energetic or even sane about the dangers of this disease.


Nurse Nina Pham transfers to an isolation ward at NIH Hospital – removing the last Ebola patient from under-fire Texas hospital but alas for the original hospital, I bet it will also go bankrupt.


Texas Presbyterian nurse who cared for Ebola-stricken colleague reveals ‘protective’ suit had hole, that is, it didn’t cover the NECK at all.  Shocking.  The CDC should have had exact description of what is a safe hazmat suit.  Then we have this fool:  Ebola ‘a hard disease to catch,’ Columbia doc says in Daily News Live Chat.  I hope that idiot volunteers to go to Africa and work there.


Head of Centers for Disease Control tells Congress that Ebola is ‘not a significant public health threat’ to the U.S...he should go, too.  U.S. General: ‘By the end of the year, there’s supposed to be 1.4 million people infected with Ebola and 62 percent of them dying’ sho


Virginia inmate who recently traveled from West Africa is latest to be quarantined for Ebola symptoms sparking fears the disease could spread behind bars which illustrates the terror of this disease.  Every time I think I am done with the ebola story, shocking news comes in. What is our President going to do?  Obama May Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola: Sources.  Hello, soldiers!


There comes a time when you all have to yell, ‘No way in Hell!’ and this is it.  They should be protecting our borders which is their real job!


FDNY BANNED from saying ‘Ebola’ on the radio to avoid creating widespread panic: so what do they say?  ‘We got a hot one’?  Or, ‘I quit!’  In Africa, it is the latter.


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34 responses to “Nigerian Passenger On Flight To JFK Throws Up Violently And Then DIES On Plane!

  1. Thien

    Elaine, don’t you see, it’s working exactly as planned. We as a nation are neither stupid nor pandering to the supposed sensitivities of blacks.

  2. Jim R

    Thing is, the Republicans won’t shut the airlines down, either — wouldn’t be good for ‘bidniss’.

    I keep expecting more cases around Dallas, among people that aren’t even being monitored. How is that maintenance guy doing, the one who washed down Duncan’s sidewalk?

  3. Alaskan Ice

    I get why two nurses caught it from person infected in Africa.

    I get that it’s easier to catch diseases in the confined spaces, facilities and airflow aboard a plane.

    But, if it is a big risk of transmission on planes, where are all the cases of flight attendants who would have caught it by now? Even I would have expected more cases of that than what we’ve seen, and I believe the “outbreaks” will be isolated in non-HIV-ridden communities.

    Anyway, the planes themselves don’t just turn circles between countries. A flight into JFK from anywhere might be using a plane that was flown out of Liberia the day prior, etc.

    Less people flying should make the global warmists happy; less flights means less fossil fuel emissions.

  4. melponeme_k

    Look at the pics of Obama talking about Ebola.

    He has a dead eyed stare. I think the man has completely lost his mind. There is nothing left but a little, greedy worm hoping he will be able to access the talking fees scam once he leaves office.

    And we already figured out why they won’t close the border, we need some that Black Friday Foreign junk for Christmas!

  5. Alaskan Ice

    “If this man refuses, I see not only a huge GOP victory this election taking over both houses decisively but also an impeachment. I would recommend an impeachment because this is rank incompetence.”

    So, it seems on one hand he has all his advisors telling him there is not a big risk of transmission or uncontained outbreak in the U.S.

    On the other hand he has a public scared and whipped up by media moguls focusing on a handful of cases being treated here, only one or two of which were actually transmitted here, and those involved people who had to physically touch the patient.

  6. emsnews

    Once the Grim Reaper enters the front door, it is very difficult to shove Him back into the street.

    This is why there is panic. Better to fight Him now than to passively wait until He is sitting at the table with fork and knife cutting into your flesh.

  7. Luke

    EMS, time to admit Barak Ebola was groomed for his job. The do nothing guy who went to the best schools [grades hidden], got elected in Chicago [most corrupt political machine in USA?, and Rod B is now in prison for trying to sell Mr Ebolas seat]. President Ebola has neither the morals nor intelligence to lead the USA.
    You did admit he should be impeached.

  8. Luke

    From Kunstlers site,
    Glorious Leader Frieden: Only a hundred people come from the infected area of Africa every day.

    Only a hundred – far, far more than enough to start a pandemic. This guy is a disaster area and needs to be forced to resign.
    Message to all Ivy League do gooders gone to Africa to save Africans: Please stay in Africa. Don’t come back and spread these filthy infectious diseases, derived from squalor and eating half cooked monkey (Bushmeat) around here, looking for free medical care. Go ahead, assuage your personal guilt and in some cases exercise your personal mental illness; become full bore do gooders and sacrifice yourself on the alter do goodism liked you learned back in Sociology class.

  9. Luke

    Re, it’s working exactly as planned. We as a nation are neither stupid nor pandering to the supposed sensitivities of blacks.
    The Nurse was paid to stay isolated and did not. Guess her race.

  10. Luke

    ‘he now MUST quarantine all west African flights until this epidemic is brought under control.’
    Quarantine West African flights? what about people from those countries traveling here from points elsewhere?

  11. Luke

    Either BHO wants ebola spread worldwide or he is very stupid. Or both.

    Obama had previously pledged to send 3,000 troops to Western Africa.
    Obama authorizes call-up of National Guard to fight Ebola ……call…fight-ebola/thu-10162014-112pm
    12 hours ago – U.S. Marines set up a landing zone at a construction site of an Ebola …

  12. Luke

    Kunstlers Blog,

    In the ad for the Ebola special, the narrator asked in an upbeat voice, “Is America ready for Ebola”? As if it was a good thing or at least no more than the flu or an issue of winter tires.
    Just a day ago, one police type guy was calling the infected nurse “a hero”. That’s really frightening because America always loves such heroes and will do anything to get more of them.
    What I’m trying to say: America seems to be accepting Ebola when it doesn’t have to. And that’s infuriating. And this demented message is coming from the top – from the people who are supposed to protect us.
    Americans always want more heroes – in other words, they’re being seduced into accepting the presence of Ebola when it could be stopped from coming here.


  13. Luke

    ‘Congress hearings with CDC head ends with political divide as Democrats try to mollify blacks by keeping the door to Africa wide open. This is fatal for the party. Worse than the excuses for riots in Ferguson.’

    Millions may die in Africa soon and the pandemic [if it goes to that] could kill BILLIONS and you worry for yr political party! WTF?

  14. Elaine: There is nought wrong with your crystal ball

    Now what was that about plague ships? and bingo just on cue one appears of Belize

  15. Christian W

    @7 Luke

    They are ALL groomed for office. Look at Cameron in the UK, trust fund baby (middling stock broker father) from Eton, Oxford and the Bullingdon club. Dubya Bush the same. Obama wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the White House if he hadn’t sold out completely. But Luke, what do you think would change if Obama got impeached.

    Do you think you would get a sane white president to make things better? Or would you get a Reagan, Bush I or II, a Clinton or a Nixon? It is the system itself that is warped, blaming the token black guy in office is ridiculous. Yes, he clearly is pursuing fucked up policies but that is his job the way the system is set up now. To blame it on Obama being an African or Muslim is ridiculous.

    I agree with Mel, you can see Obama knows he has sold his soul to the devil. Eventually he will get as mad as Tony Blair.

  16. emsnews

    All our Presidents are vetted by the Bilderberg gang. Our media big shot owners and presidents of corporations meet secretly with EU elites to pre-choose Presidents and anyone else who leads us.

    This is why anyone outside is hammered hard by our media including total lies and fabrications. No one else has even the slightest chance. The last third party candidate to have a significant following in an election was way back in the early 1990’s.

    Remember ROSS PEROT? I voted for him.

    He was anti-free trade. He got nearly 20% of the vote! With our media attacking him relentlessly and cruelly. He is the famous ‘giant sucking sound’ as jobs in the US vanish overseas.

    “In the 2000 presidential election, Perot refused to become openly involved with the internal Reform Party dispute between supporters of Pat Buchanan and of John Hagelin. Perot was reportedly unhappy with what he saw as the disintegration of the party, as well as his own portrayal in the press; thus he chose to remain quiet. He appeared on Larry King Live four days before the election and endorsed George W. Bush for president. ”

    He then endorsed Romney and decisively joined the Billionaire’s Club. The media which attacked him relentlessly then decided…HAHAHA…at a Bilderberg meeting in 2002 to stop attacking him and basically wipe his previous activities from their collective hive minds and he now is One Of The Borg.

    Then there is Ross Perot, the comic successor. Runs for office, collects money from believers and then QUITS at the very, very last minute! Gah.

    How can we be saved? We can’t right now. History is running on iron rails here and since the very rich rule us, all I can say is, we will have to go the French, not American revolution track.

  17. Maddie's Mom

    Re: Belize

    Oughta do wonders for the cruise industry…


    ELAINE: Yes, I just read about it! The cruise ship is being quarantined there due to one of the nurses in Texas going on it. The third nurse, that is.

  18. Christian W

    Cruise industry, air line industry, tourism industry, service industry, shopping and retail industry leading of course to stock markets, financial and banking industries and Wall Street etc.

    You can see why Obama and the rest of them are scared witless of doing anything that might ’cause alarm’ or ‘rock the cruise boat’…

    A financial crash that the elites are NOT able to paper over, even momentarily, will force a lot of unsavoury stuff into daylight. Problems the elites have been postponing by artificial means for years if not decades will suddenly become very real and very public issues and the elites themselves will be the ones in the cross hairs this time.

  19. Jim R

    I remember Perot. Yup, giant sucking sound. Maybe the last honest voice on the political stage.

    Came here to mention the new ebola case, but everyone has seen it.

    I wonder how long they can keep it quiet if it’s running rampant on the streets of Dallas?

    May put an end to a lot of ‘hospitality’ industries… cruise, air, hotel, etc.

  20. Maddie's Mom

    @Christian W,

    Re: scared witless

    Especially with the make-or-break holiday shopping season nearly upon us…

  21. Maddie's Mom

    I am proud to have campaigned for Ross Perot. It was the first, and last, time for me to do such a thing. There’s never been another presidential candidate in which I would invest my time or energy.

    He was a genuine threat to the “machine”, imo, and so, had to be “dealt with.”

  22. Jim R


    President Biden? Oh well, the world needs a good laugh about now.

    Obama has set race relations back at least a half century, maybe more. In addition to the other stuff … spooky cruel wind blowin’ down on the political stage. Hasn’t been this bad since the 60s, at least. Or maybe the 30s…

  23. Jim R

    Nicole Foss compares today’s conditions to the South Sea bubble in the 1720s.

    Now maybe with a little black plague thrown in.

  24. Luke

    ‘He then endorsed Romney and decisively joined the Billionaire’s Club.’
    He already was a self made billionaire so he fit right in.

  25. Alaskan Ice

    The grim reaper isn’t every guy in a hoodie.

    I’d say you have the politics of this thing a bit backwards, especially if it turns out to be a bigger risk of opportunistic infection in HIV-ridden nations.

    The Ebola scare is one more scare in a long line of distractions. These hot button issues keep people from focusing on the only issues over which both parties have been bribed to march in near unison: foreign policy, economic policy, monetary policy and fiscal policy.

    In this case, Republicans won’t be tempted to rock the foreign policy boat by using the debacles over supporting Ukrainiane neo-nazis or the Syrian Resistance cum “ISIS” as a weapon in the next U.S. election. Not when they’re conveniently being handed the “Ebola” sword, and a media frenzied public that cares more about two domestic cases of an infectious disease than two more wars gone sideways.

    The wars going sideways was always the point: dividing and divvying. That’s not ready for prime time, so the dems can’t defend themselves with it. Enter Ebola and Ferguson.

    And, as always, we the people get to watch the constitution whither a little more in the process: now we have another “noble title” sounding “Czar.” Next we’ll have a “war” on Ebola, maybe lose a few rights, who knows?


    ELAINE: I see you signed up to represent the Virus Empire in their eternal quest to rule this planet. You realize, their reward will be using your body as a nursery for an army of virus babies?

  26. DeVaul

    “The Nurse was paid to stay isolated and did not.”

    I thought this was why the two nurses were not at work. I don’t know if it is true because Luke did not give the source, but it cannot be a coincidence that two nurses who handled Mr. Duncan ran off to party and play.

    I know of no medical personnel who get a month off from work.

    Maybe Texas is a socialist state.


    ELAINE: Yes, all the nurses treating Duncan were told to stay at home so they scattered across the planet and hung out where there are many people. This shows why quarantine must be much more severe like in the Old Days of Yore like when I was a child.

  27. DeVaul

    “Obama has set race relations back at least a half century, maybe more.”

    Oh yeah. That is why I had a sickening feeling inside when I saw that photo of the smiling black nurse. She did not help matters at all.

    My wife saw her this morning being interviewed and asked me why she was smiling instead of upset. I didn’t know what to say. If it happened, then that just shows how callous we have become as a people.

    Now, another plague nurse is on a cruise ship. What was she thinking?

  28. emsnews

    ALL cruise ships are plague ships.

  29. vengeur

    And now form the CAN’T MAKE THIS UP DEPT. : Obama’s new Ebola Czar: A Jewish lawyer!!!! LOL

  30. Alaskan Ice

    “I see you signed up to represent the Virus Empire in their eternal quest to rule this planet. You realize, their reward will be using your body as a nursery for an army of virus babies?”

    Are you kidding? Viruses lie worse than people.

    If we start to see local outbreaks of tens of cases involving transmissions between Americans in America, then I’m all for quarantine. It’s safe to say we have time given the slow pace; it’s day 27 since Duncan and others started running to the West and we only have three(?) cases of transmissions in the West.

    So far we can count the number of transmissions outside of Africa on one hand. And, if you know all the cases by name, it’s not an oubreak yet. Precautions should be taken, just like with any other of the vast number of infectious diseases out there.

    Folks inside and outside government have been making a farce out of democracy for a long time by taking advantage of people who are a little more apathetic, a little dumber, and a little more credulous towards authority. It’s got to the point now where it’s almost all lies, omissions, or spin. Although a real risk, Ebola has been turned into part of that political spin, helping to obscure more important issues not up for democratic debate: foreign policy, economic policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc.

  31. Alaskan Ice

    @vengeur: “And now form the CAN’T MAKE THIS UP DEPT. : Obama’s new Ebola Czar: A Jewish lawyer!!!! LOL”

    It’s telling that they didn’t choose a doctor/organizational-leader; they chose a political operative. That tells us what this is all about.

  32. Maddie's Mom


    The article says the CDC went onto the plane, examined the dead body and declared that he did not have Ebola.

    How could they determine this so quickly? Is there any more information on this incident or is it “Case Closed”?

  33. emsnews

    They had NO WAY IN HELL of seeing if he had ebola or not.

    They will have proof when they come down with the symptoms only they were the only ones with hazmat suits.

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