Possible Ebola Woman Lobbying For Africa Throws Up At Pentagon Scaring The Clowns Who Sent Soldiers To Fight Ebola

Star Trek – We are the Borg (2013) – YouTube

Hazmat teams swoop on the Pentagon in Ebola scare: Entrance sealed off after female lobbyist who’d recently been to Africa vomited in parking lot: hey, bring the War on the Virus Empire home!  This shows how clever the Virus Empire is, sending an agent over to lobby the Pentagon to send more troops there because the Virus Empire knows from History that…troops bring home epidemics and plagues!  Yes, that, and in a lesser extent, world trade does this too.

After all, the Black Plague hit Europe via Constantinople when it was besieged by the Mongols.  When they began dying off, they shot the dead polluted bodies into the city and decimated the defenders this way.  Then ships fleeing to Italy brought it over to the rest of Europe where it spread like wildfire as fast as a rat can run.  Rats and bats are like warhorses to the Virus Empire.


Humans hate thinking about other lifeforms or in the case of the Virus Kingdom, death forms, because we think we are separate from these especially the elder ones, namely, viruses and bacteria.  These two are major drivers of evolution as well as beings to themselves. They are the Borg.  They take over other creatures and like in say, rabies, the virus rulers tell the beasts to ‘go everywhere and bite everyone!’ and this happens quite irresistibly.


Many viruses take over their hosts, it is quite common indeed, it is how they evolved to greatest success after the initial shock of the oxygenation of the planet making existence impossible.  These very clever agents can destroy the mightiest of creatures and even kill off everyone if the Virus Kingdom decides in their queer way, to pull the plug.


Racial profiling? College professor claims American Airlines crew afraid of Ebola locked black woman in airplane lavatory when she vomited in the aisle which is why we will see some really ugly stuff in the future as people assume any sick person who looks African has ebola.  Since white people have had this, too, locking ANYONE in the laboratory is now essential if they throw up on a plane due to the fact that this is one of the symptoms.


Ebola scare on Caribbean cruise ship: Health worker quarantined in cabin after coming into contact with infected specimen from ‘patient zero’ at Texas hospital: ALL the staff, it appears, thought the 21 days quarantine was a get out of work free card for big international vacations.  Sheesh.  With the liberal media whining that this is all very silly even though all epidemics in history started with just one person…the staff of hospitals are torn in two.  They want to have fun, damn it.  And are told there is nothing to be scared of so they run riot thinking they are not sick until they throw up on a ship or a plane.


Frontier Airlines notifies 800 passengers they were on the plane that carried Amber Vinson as Ohio health officials monitor 16 people who had contact with her and then there is the ship…I wish these women chose to tour the White House and the UN.  Then I would give them a Medal of Freedom and of course, the Virus Empire could erect statues (made out of volcanic bacteria mats, I would assume) to these nurses for assisting the Conquest.


Amber Vinson’s family leap to her defense revealing she was not under any travel restrictions and did NOT call the CDC because she wasn’t supposed to after she claimed she DID call so SOMEONE IS LYING.  Another victory for the Viral Empire, it whispers in its victim’s brains, ‘Run riot, go bite everyone!’


Ebola is no longer an epidemic ‘it’s a humanitarian crisis that may not be over until we find a vaccine’, says scientist who discovered the virus and this enrages the Borg.  They have to do something, I assume someone will hear in their brain, ‘You are now part of the Borg, go visit this man and bite him.’  WHO admits botching response to Ebola as man who discovered virus blames UN’s ‘incompetent’ African offices but then, the EU and US people were also ‘incompetent’.  The Virus Empire laughs as they read the news (I assume via various germs floating about as spies, eh?).


Fears for Ebola nurse Nina Pham, 26, as her condition worsens from good to fair after transfer to specialized quarantine unit.  I hope she survives, of course.  I learned about the Viral Empire when it tried to assassinate me when I nursed a man from Hong Kong in San Francisco.  I remember well during my delirium, arguing with the Borg.  At one point when the Borg said I was dying, I sighed and said out loud, ‘If a bird sings in the window at dawn, I will live.’  And went back into a coma.


The sun rose three hours later and a wren perched on a bush in the window and sang lustily and I woke up briefly and said, ‘The fever is gone.’ and it was gone, I fell into a very deep two day sleep.  Not a coma anymore.


Since then, I take this army of microscopic creatures very seriously.  This is why I talk a lot about the only real weapon they fear: vaccinations.


Former Biden Aide Chosen to Lead Ebola Response which is great news…for the Virus Empire.  Maybe he can send Biden’s son with some snort to fight the Ebola Army in Africa.  If this clown still won’t close the borders to the countries conquered by the Ebola Army fighting for the Virus Empire, we are doomed and so I am assuming this new character will be as feeble and weak minded as previous clowns.  Gads.


I will note not ONE US media carried the story about the Russian vaccine.  The Virus Empire is delighted with this stupidity.  On the other hand, all over Europe, the leaders there are retreating rapidly from the War On Putin’s Gas Sales because the other power that rules us all and forces evolution along a rapid path, General Winter, is already invading many countries from His strongholds in the North and South Poles. And He ain’t Santa Claus.


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12 responses to “Possible Ebola Woman Lobbying For Africa Throws Up At Pentagon Scaring The Clowns Who Sent Soldiers To Fight Ebola

  1. Obama hires an Ebola Czar. Instead of hiring a doctor who has studied hemorrhagic infectious diseases he hires a lawyer from Harvard.

  2. vengeur

    Obama is in la-la land. It gets more obvious every day that we no longer even have the pretense of him running the country. He really should take early retirement before things get too out of hand and go play golf and hang out with Hollywood types full time. Maybe accept another Nobel peace prize for being black and president at the same time.

  3. Christian W

    Another victory for the Viral Empire, it whispers in its victim’s brains, ‘Run riot, go bite everyone!’

    I’m not sure if you guys in the US have heard about the Smurfs. Anyway there is a story about this kind of thing. Posting this as comic relief mostly :p

    “The Black Smurfs

    In a little mushroom village live the Smurfs, diminutive blue-skinned humanoid creatures. One day, one of them gets stung by a black fly that turns his skin jet black, reduces his vocabulary to the single word “gnap!”, and causes him to go berserk. He bounces around and bites other Smurfs on their tail, which turns them into black Smurfs as well. Soon, almost everyone in the village has become a black Smurf, and Papa Smurf, the leader, tries to find a cure and cease the tail-biting epidemic. The cure is found in magnolia pollen, which is gathered in great quantity and loaded in fireplace bellows to be used as impromptu ranged weapons against contaminated Smurfs. The black Smurf has to inhale the pollen, which, after a loud and powerful sneeze, causes him to revert to his usual blue-skinned bonhomie. A great battle is fought outside the village, as the black, tail-biting horde closes in, threatening to destroy Smurf civilization for good.

    The first black Smurf to have been transformed, meanwhile, recovers some semblance of ingenuity and paints himself blue to avoid being sprayed by the pollen-powered antidote. This allows him to ambush several normal Smurfs and reverse the outcome of the clash. In the end, only Papa Smurf still stands. He rushes to the lab to reload his bellow but is bitten while doing so. As he turns, he lets the large pollen jar fall into the fire, which causes the whole lab to explode. The resulting pollen cloud descends on the raving black Smurfs, reverting them to normality once and for all.”

  4. CK

    1) One must suspect that the life expectancy of a catapult crew handling contagious ammo all day, was short. I suspect that the human plague corpses via aerial bombardment is yet another Christian exaggeration/fear mongering. Animal carcasses made more sense.
    2) Charlie’s law: Do not be the second person to throw up on any flight.
    3) The snorting Biden is also busy with his gas company in Ukraine. ( can we now all sing a mighty chorus of: It’s a small world after all.?

  5. Luke

    ‘he hires a lawyer from Harvard’.[tribe?] Need I ask?

  6. Luke

    Since Ebola Outbreak, Obama Administration Has Made It Easier for West Africans Who Come to America

    The Obama Administration has gone beyond simply refusing to take the obvious common sense measure of restricting flight into the USA from countries where Ebola is raging out of control. It is actually going out of its way to encourage, facilitate, and expedite the immigration of potential vectors from these countries into ours — specifically because of E

  7. Alaskan Ice

    @CK: “3) The snorting Biden is also busy with his gas company in Ukraine.”

    Yeah, that’s bizarre. That guy is 44 years old but got commissioned last year as an ensign in the Navy. A 44 year old ensign? Remember Wesley Crusher? There are Navy Captains retiring after 26 years of service (including the academy) at age 44? And then the first thing this geriatric “Wesley Crusher” does is snort coke? Real piece of work.

    Then his reward is to get sent to run the Ukrainian energy industry? This is beyond nepotism. Nepotism without borders.

  8. Alaskan Ice

    When he got to Ukraine, I wonder if they gave him hockey pads and a helmet with a swatstika on the side?

  9. Alaskan Ice

    This is not putting our “best foot forward.” This type of vermin should be hidden from view by its family and its nation.

  10. emsnews

    I am off this morning to drive 200 miles to NYC to build my grandson his new two story loft (mum and dad live in a small but very tall ceiling Victorian apartment there!) so I won’t be posting anything today.

    See you all later.

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