Race Riots Will Destroy America, Blacks Must Face Truth About Social Disintegration That Is Destroying Them

Mob loots Brooklyn deli, attacks employee | New York Post: when mobs of out of control black youths riot, this is either excused as ‘They are angry because some cop killed one of them who was acting out earlier’ or isn’t reported at all except locally.  Black leaders including Mr. #1 Obama, never find the time to talk about this problem much less the even worse problem of blacks killing each other at a very high rate, far, far higher than whites of any sort killing any blacks of any sort.  When blacks complain about how they are being ‘killed off’ while at the same time ignoring who is killing them, this makes white people increasingly angry because it is racism for blacks to always blame whites for the high death rate of black and the increasing ‘avoid all blacks because they are likely to commit crimes’ society we live in today.


For example, in England there is this goofy editorial written by a black woman:  Our sons know they could be the next Michael Brown. But they should never surrender | Claudia Rankine | Comment is free | theguardian.com.  Comment is ‘free’ in the sense that the Soviet Union protected writers.  Here is a screen shot of comments about this article:

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 3.18.06 PM

This is page one of comments at the Guardian.  Here is the start of page two:

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 3.20.25 PM

I bet most of these comments pointed out that the author is wrong.  Black youths are NOT ‘surrendering’ they are attacking or fleeing after doing something antisocial.  Like shooting each other.  There can’t be a discussion about what ails the black communities if any discussion is not allowed.  The lack of self-examination is destroying the black community.  Here is a classic example of refusing to see social disfunction:  Jamelia: Respect for single mothers! | Life and style | The Guardian.  She complains about people saying that black kids riot a lot because of lack of male authority at home.


Here is  her video about how great a single mom she is and how single mothers are fantastic and why is anyone disturbed by all this anyways:

The professional rabble rousers have all descended upon St. Louis and Ferguson and are turning that place into pure hell, feeding the rage of entitlement which leads to a breakdown of law and order.  This is again expanding to other cities and happens out of nowhere:  Watch: ‘Heil Hitler’ at NYC Mob Vandal Attack on Jewish Store – Latest News Briefs – Arutz Sheva.  The Search Continues For Teen Suspects Who Vandalized Brooklyn Deli « CBS New York


Now that there is a new mayor, law and order has been slowly or rather rapidly collapsing as guns are now used all over the place by black thugs, killing each other and innocent bystanders.  The looming race wars are heating up for next summer.  Cops need to seriously investigate recent crimes against Jews in Brooklyn, pols and community leaders demand – NY Daily News.  Jews are very worried but then, they are collectively embracing rank racism quite openly.


Israel is one of the more racist nations on earth alongside Japan.


For many years, Jews in general supported civil rights actions because there was discrimination against Jews that was quite blatant years ago and so civil rights legislation and rules helped Jews.  Now, after pandering to others here while being very racist in their home state of Israel, the vultures are coming to roost so we see headlines like this one:  Ferguson Comes to New York as Mob Trashes Jewish Store | FrontPage Magazine in a Jewish-owned news site.


Black mobs aren’t just attacking Jews:  Memphis Mob Attack Echoes ‘Knockout’ Attacks That Have Hit Tri-State « CBS New York.  Then there is this video of black chicks attacking another black chick on a NY city bus:

It is very sad seeing how much the black community hates each other.  There is zero unity here except when the rare white killing a black person occurs.  Then they are all united briefly before returning to systematically destroying each other and having children out of wedlock.


Click here to see the long, long, long list of mostly blacks who are now dead in Chicago due to black on black crime:  Victims | Homicide Watch Chicago | Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.  Here is a typical example since many of these shootings are black thugs killing each other in between attacking store keepers and girlfriends and total strangers:

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 4.12.43 PM


The weeping and wailing over the deaths of black thugs at the hands of cops while totally ignoring black thugs killing shopkeepers and other taxpayers as well as 8-year-old boy shot and killed while sleeping in Detroit home when black thugs peppered the house with bullets for no reason.


Then there is this:  The Beggars of Lakewood – NYTimes.com which is all about Jews coming from Israel to BEG for money and then flying back home, and how Hasidic Jews take over towns and then destroy the school system by defunding it and also collecting welfare for their huge families because the men don’t work, they ‘study’ and they do this in towns that are mainly black/Hispanic and systematically drive them out which also is happening in Brooklyn and leading to tension between the two groups who are both competing for welfare money, too.


A Not-So-Simple Majority | This American Life covers this in their broadcast about various towns being taken over by the Hassidic Israelis and colonized quite brutally.


Before the war in the East Ramapo, New York school district, there was a truce. Local school officials made a deal with their Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbors: we’ll leave you alone to teach your children in private yeshivas as you see fit as long as you allow our public school budget to pass. But the budget is funded by local property taxes, which everyone, including the local Hasidim, have to pay — even though their kids don’t attend the schools that their money is paying for. What followed was one of the most volatile local political battles we’ve ever encountered. (4 1/2 minutes)


This is the end result of the dual citizen thing which the Jews wanted very badly and which is backfiring badly as I predicted years ago when I opposed this.  These people are also refusing to teach their children English and the dual Spanish system being imposed on us is also going to rend this country apart.  I am for unity, not separation but it looks increasingly like we will enjoy the sort of ethnic/religious/race wars we see all over the planet.


This is NOT Martin Luther’s dream.


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26 responses to “Race Riots Will Destroy America, Blacks Must Face Truth About Social Disintegration That Is Destroying Them

  1. melponeme_k

    New York in general is in a state of severe social flux of late. This is due to real estate moguls being unfettered in their desire to build huge, expensive condominiums for the world elite.

    This leads to huge expansive, empty and gated communities right in the middle of the city. Meanwhile most of the middle class is being squeezed out of the city leaving only the masses who live on welfare. Even the Jewish neighborhoods are highly stratified.

    We, the unrich in NY, are like those poor polar bears standing on melting ice caps that the environmentalists cry about so often. But we get no sympathy. In fact, they all are hoping we move into the next available trash dumpster.

  2. Jim R

    You know, Mel, polar bears can swim.

    Perhaps you can move to a less-stratified neighborhood.

  3. melponeme_k

    Where Jim?

    NYC is one of the few areas with jobs that are available. Move out to the boonies? Anything close to the city is already being purchased by the same moguls destroying NYC and they are selling this real estate to foreigners. I could move further but if it isn’t the taxes that will eat my paycheck it will be the transportation fees.

    Free Trade states? Those insane states destroy the industry for the rest of the country but they don’t even benefit. The companies move right out of their states and out of the country. The south pays for all of this with the highest rates of welfare in the country. So many times I’ve heard of people moving down there, only to be out of jobs and unable to leave.


    ELAINE: You are correct! My own children can’t afford anything but tiny apartments in NYC. It is super rich and super poor there.

  4. Luke

    Rosa Parks was mugged. I kid you not.

  5. Luke

    They chant ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’. Their dishonesty [intended or ignorant of which race is killing blacks] gets to me.

  6. DeVaul

    You know, some people are going to castigate me for saying this… but what the hell.

    I believe black people are actually preparing for the real future as opposed to the “make-believe” future that white middle class americans are preparing for. They will be better suited to endure the collapse of our economic system.

    The end of the Industrial Age will bring with it an end to meaningless office jobs and a host of other useless executive type and managerial type jobs. White kids are not being prepared for this, so they are copying the gang culture, which is preparing for a world without “jobs”.

    It would be better if kids today were taught real skills, such as farming, husbandry, woodworking, blacksmithing, sailing, and other jobs that will be needed when oil is no longer around or reserved for the military.

    Instead, they must choose between eternal debt servitude with no job on the horizon, or learn how to participate in the drug trade, which is booming and shows signs of increasing job opportunities over the long run.

    When empires collapse, barbarians succeed because they are ruthless and unemcumbered by burocratic nonsense. That is just history.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    Right after the 2008 crash, a couple of South American politicians came out and blamed “white people did this!” Then they promptly got politically muffled.

    Well, as we’ve seen, that crash got propped up and now all these plates are spinning in the air to keep oil cheap and consumer nations rich.

    If that fails for real, do you suppose the rest of the world will blame white people?

  8. Alaskan Ice

    Given that crash would be worse than if the chips had fallen in 2008, raises the question: are white people in a sense also destroying their own community, but on a march larger scale?


    ELAINE: Very true but you don’t have riots and demonstrations blaming some other ethnic/race group by whites. They are busy committing suicide, not street shootings. True fact: the more guns in a white community the greater the number of murder/suicides being successful. There were several this last week, for example, done by either sons, lovers or husbands for the most part.

    Blacks are killing each other over business territory (drugs).

  9. emsnews

    The Great Crash started in JAPAN. Not the US. The US is its own giant sucking sound for money hole. But Japan is even worse.

  10. melponeme_k


    Thank you for that link. It explains perfectly the mindset of Duncan and how he thought it was a-ok to drag his criminal, plagued backside through Europe and the US endangering all and sundry.

  11. Alaskan Ice

    With whites it’s more of a global community. As for demonstrations blaming other ethnic groups, well, you just blamed Japan, a conquered client/vassal state for all those years. Hardly the horse pulling the cart.

    Seems more like the Chinese are the newcomers who just hopped on board. I suspect they’ve arrived late enough to dodge the blame, particularly when they will have a billion fingers to point with.

    Anyway, I’m just highlighting the risk of the current plan. Given all the plates they’ve managed to keep spinning in order to prop everything up, I tend to believe they will be able to reverse polarity when the cheap oil is gone, devalue all the western debt and currencies, and then tap oil, resources and agriculture at home at the new “price” levels to maintain economic and military dominance.

    But it’s a risky course of action given the stakes. They have presided over a de-facto decision to consume the greatest non-renewable resource the world has ever known in just a couple of generations, with very little in the way of future planning except lies, fraud and theft, and primarily just because sucking up the mostest for the leastest kept consumer nations wealthy. And that the heedless expansion of oil supply kept the consequent buyers market rolling in the excess energy returned from the low prices.


    ELAINE: Japan has run trade surpluses with the US for over 50 years and when asked to open their markets, refuse. Then we fight to protect them when they pick fights with bigger, nuclear armed neighbors! This is NOT A VASSAL anymore than Israel.

  12. Christian W

    The crash started in Japan, why and how? Because the Japanese could not fix the economic crash in the 1980’s. They started to print money to paper over the cracks in the economy, the crashed housing market and to keep the factories and exports going (face saving devices again).

    This money printing come over time to morph into the Yen carry trade. Now what happened in Japan was a HUGE eye opener for the US elites and especially Wall Street. Not only did they use the carry trade to destroy the unions and to loot the home industries, they learned that they, the US elites, can also print as much money as they want, and take it all for themselves. Doing this will destroy the working and middle class, just as the working and middle class are being destroyed in Japan. But like the Japanese elite, the US elite decided that was a price they could easily pay, just like they can throw any number of Muslims into the maws of death without blinking (with their dead or scornful eyes).

  13. emsnews

    The very first nation to do ZIRP lending was Japan. Then it exported its depression to the rest of the world. In order to keep up exports, it pushed down the value of the yen.

    This is the root cause. Read up about the huge Japanese bubble which was BEFORE our own bubble, where a few square feet of Tokyo was worth entire cities elsewhere on earth.

    It is STILL crashing from that which was nearly 20 years ago.

  14. Alaskan Ice

    FIAT? ZIRP? Paper valuations? De-industrialization? Elites? Who outside the U.S. will care?

    Once it’s gone, the world may say the U.S. had 5% of the world’s population but drank 20% of the oil, along with a proportionately lavish standard of living.

    Anyhow, things haven’t gone south already in part because of de-industrialization spearheaded with Japan. It’s a high fidelity machine for exporting U.S. inflation, now that money is an idea.

  15. Petruchio

    @Elaine: ” My own children can’t afford anything but tiny apartments in NYC. It is super rich and super poor there.” The elites may truly regret this situation. I would assume that NYC is a prime terror target if/when they strike on US soil. This is sort of like putting all your eggs in one basket as it were. I would think this kind of concentration of the elites would make NYC an even more likely target. @Alaskan Ice: “the U.S. had 5% of the world’s population but drank 20% of the oil,…” And the biggest consumer of oil in the US is the US War Machine. The elites couldn’t care less if gasoline goes to $6/gallon for the consumer. THEY need oil to keep their neo con fantasy alive. Still, the Imperial Empire is collapsing and the crash will come quicker than these delusional incompetents imagine.

  16. Alaskan Ice

    “The elites couldn’t care less if gasoline goes to $6/gallon for the consumer.”

    I think you’re missing the link between cheap oil and consumer wealth. As oil goes up in price, western consumer nation wealth gets shifted to producer nations.

    I’m sure there are some people who don’t care, but the US/EU/Russia/China “good cop bad cop” charade very much cares about keeping oil cheap until the rest of the world runs dry. After then, they’ll tap their own hidden reserves.

  17. Well YouTube has terminated the account associated with the top video. because it shows young black toughs rioting in the deli and attacking the owner?

  18. Luke

    Ed, ‘world star hip hop’ is still there [as sites for violence in the hood go, it has it]. And ‘ambrose kane blog’ is another.

  19. Petruchio

    @Alaskan Ice: I know the oil companies love profits. What I was trying to say is that the elites have ZERO concern for the economic hardships $6/gallon gas will cause to the average American. Wealth gets re-distributed from consumers to both oil companies and oil producing nations. I was also trying to point out that the US military needs oil. It runs on oil. The US War Machine faces hardships when the price of oil goes up. But then, the US Military merely invades and bombs the s#it out of every country that tries to de-leverage from the US Dollar.

  20. Alaskan Ice

    @Petruchio: modern wealth is defined by oil pricing. At EROEI of 20:1 with oil priced closer to 1, consumers are 20 times more wealthy than their agrarian predecessors. With oil priced around 10, consumers are only twice as wealthy as their agrarian predecessors. You get the idea.

    In a buyers market of expanding supply, on the front side of the Hubbert-Peak-Oil-Curve, oil was naturally priced cheaply, closer to 1. At the top, and then afterwards, in an arms-length, free-market, price-discovery methodology, one would expect oil to be priced closer to 10, depending on the output volume of potential alternatives to pick up the slack. I mean, what would you charge, if it was yours, at a 20:1 EROEI?

    But, that would mean splitting wealth betwen producers and consumers for the first time, just as the overall amount of wealth was decreasing for the first time. Thus, they’ve rigged the currencies, and the commodities exchanges. Thus, they’re saving some domestic oil for later, for the last laugh as the last “producer nation.” And, thus, foreign policy is now all about (1) making sure the foreign cheap oil flows without true price discovery, and (2) decreasing overall global demand to make sure there aren’t any shortages to reveal the fix is in.

  21. Rob

    The black community does talk about black on black crimes especially where I live in Maryland. The misconception that since media doesn’t talk a lot about the discussion about black on black crime in the black community it doesn’t exist. I don’t think destroy a business is the right way to change the injustice in the legal system. A person that saying I can’t breath several time to a cop and he or she not let go of that person is wrong. There need to be a discussion about the injustice in the legal system by white, black and everyone.

  22. Rob

    There is a discussion about black on black crime especially in Baltimore City near where I live. There is a misconception that because the media doesn’t talk a lot about the discussion about black on black crime in the black community it doesn’t exist. It is wrong when a person tells a cop several times that I can’t breath and not let go of that person. There needs to be a discussion about injustice in the legal system by black, white and anybody.

  23. emsnews

    Except the left DELIBERATELY chooses to blow up and scream about cases that are OBVIOUSLY not the fault of the cops at all!

    This includes the ‘breathing’ case. I know for a fact, as someone who has held down more than one criminal waiting for the cops, they will pretend to be incapacitated and demand you release them so they can breathe or whatever.

    The instant you loosen your grip, they attack! Seriously!!!

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