Russia, China Alliance Grows Stronger, US Allies Undermine US Power In Every Way Possible

«Sukhoi» and «Mikoyan» Extreme maneuverability – Истребители «Сухого» и «Микояна» – YouTube

Time to talk about WWIII with Russia and China and our ‘allies’ who are not exactly very good to have in the rear since they all expect us to do 90% of the fighting and dying for them all.  The above video I got from a Russian news site.  I am astonished. Their fighter jets are totally mobile, they can fly BACKWARDS and pause in place like a helicopter!  Among other things, this isn’t shown much in the US due to the need to pretend the US is #1.  China watched last year’s air show in Paris and started immediate talks with Russia about sharing jet technology and buying Russian military goods.


Way back when China was trying to be sort of friendly, they bought Boeing jets.  Only the jets that were delivered were riddled with CIA and military spy equipment designed to control them remotely.  The Chinese took apart every jet down to the last bit and removed all this stuff and have been angry ever since.  The US diplomacy with its pivot to the East with rearming Japan and letting Japan make unilateral territorial demands, has driven China into Russia’s arms, and Russia’s arms markets.


New U.S. Stealth Jet Can’t Hide From Russian Radar: the F35 was built to loot the US taxpayers.  The most expensive fighter jets on earth, they function poorly and are being constantly tinkered with in vain attempts at fixing the multiple problems and so the Pentagon and military/industrial oinkers who just want more money, are boasting about how these turkeys will evade Russian radar…which is a lie.


In 1983, Russia had a much more sophisticated radar system than the US but thanks to the collapse of Russia caused by their economic messes (ahem, and what is the US?  Same problem!) we got access to their technology so our rulers now boast about how great everything is for us while pretending Russia is some backwater country with no brains.  So we go on and on forwards on a bridge to nowhere, blindly making every possible mistake including having very nasty allies who openly hate us.


The Japanese are abusing us:  Ex-U.S. POWs visit Japan, recall horrors of war the very same week 110 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends ritual offering.  Kennedy, who is our ‘ambassador’ says nothing about any of this as the LDP warmongers slap the US in the face with these official visits honoring the same people who made POWs suffer so terribly.


Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers’ Yasukuni Shrine visits which shows how strong the anger is and I marvel at how the US shows zero anger despite the fact that the Japanese warmongers did all of us and everyone around them, vast crimes against humanity, murdering millions and millions of people.


Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business as Japan openly competes with the US to sell arms to allies.  Selling arms is nearly our last export item to many of these Asian nations with Japan at the top of the list.  Now that Japan plans to kill this market, too, why on earth do we consider them to be allies?


To put the changes in context, Japan’s defence budget still takes up only about 1% of Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP), lower than China (1.3%) and a quarter of US defence spending, according to Japan’s Ministry of Defense. By comparison, NATO’s minimum budget requirement is 2% of GDP. Still, whether Abe’s changes are viewed as dangerous sabre rattling or — as his supporters insist — a necessary recalibration of Japan’s dysfunctional defence posture, few analysts have been left with any doubt that a new sheriff is in town.


The impact on Japan’s biggest military contractors has been striking. Shares in 20 of the largest — including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Mitsubishi Electronics and Kawasaki Heavy Industries — are up over 70% since Abe came to power, according to Goldman Sachs. The decision to loosen Japan’s rules on collaborating with European and American companies, meanwhile, has created “interesting possibilities”, in the words of Lance Gatling, a leading Tokyo-based military analyst and broker. He predicts a string of small-scale tie-ups.


China’s September trade surplus more than doubles while both Japan and the US run trade deficits.


‘High expectations’: Putin, Poroshenko to talk gas, Ukraine crisis in Italy after all the bellowing from the coup clowns, they now have to make nice-nice because winter is coming.  Who is the fool here?  The US public.  Whipped into a fury against Russia where all the silly propaganda from the Cold War was shoveled into our news stream and Congress, after promising to pay for nearly everything, all the bills run up by the coup in Ukraine…we get stuck with the debts that won’t be paid off.


Billions and billions of dollars in loans that are not really loans.  Cynically, piling on mountains of debt is normal for our rulers. They don’t care one whit.


Russia develops hybrid fusion-fission reactor, offers China role as the alliance strengthens thanks to the Japanese being very aggressive to both.


Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 6.49.34 AM

“Today we have started the realization of a distinctively new project. We are trying to combine a schematically operational nuclear plant reactor with a ‘tokamak’ to create a hybrid reactor,” he told RIA Novosti, referring to a type of fusion reactor design.


“This project is open for our colleagues, the Chinese in the first place. It’s being discussed,” he added.


Being a leading producer in civilian nuclear energy industry, Russia would benefit from improving its plant designs. A hybrid fusion-fission reactor may be several times more efficient than a traditional fission reactor. And building one is “a goal for tomorrow” rather than the distant future, as is the case for a fusion reactor like the famous France-based International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) that Russia collaborates on, Kovalchuk said.


And this made no news in the US despite Jewish-owned or run media dominating our lives here:  British Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine — News from  Dead silence.  Britain will be punished for this behind the scenes.  The NYT did carry this story:  U.N. Denounces ‘Provocations’ at Holy Sites in Jerusalem – as the Jews try to start the Apocalypse which they plan to ‘win’ via nuclear missiles.


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14 responses to “Russia, China Alliance Grows Stronger, US Allies Undermine US Power In Every Way Possible

  1. e sutton

    OT: Sorry, I couldn’t hap it. Apparently the French didn’t get Victoria Newland’s message loud and clear when she said, “FUCK the EU!”. So now we have this, from Merka with lotsa luv. 😀

  2. charlottemom

    With soldiers not doctors heading to africa to “combat” ebola i believe that us is again not wasting a crisis and looking to increase its foothold in africa and limit china’s growing influence there. Note uk poodle is doing the same..also sending in humanitarian soldiers.
    Brit parliament vote on Palestine is they get to act the good guys without doing a damn thing…ditto us complaining again about settlements.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    Western planes are no longer designed with the same “dog-fighting” thrust to weight ratio and maneuvarability as the Russian planes.

    I suppose the thinking is that medium range anti-aircraft missiles have gotten so good that the game is now intercept and stand-off. Chest-pounding-testosterone dog-fighting maneuvers are still good for air shows, and a thus nation’s morale, so that’s something.

    Now, if these guys were dodging and doing flips over dud-NATO-anti-aircraft-missile-mock-ups, I’d be impressed.

    Anyhow there’s a reason Putin refers to the West as “our partners.”

  4. vengeur

    Something (as a conservative) that really sickened me in one of the 2012 Presidential debates was when Romney declared that Russia was the biggest threat to the US ( I don’t remember the exact words.) It was for me a kind of “where the hell did THAT come from?” I can only surmise that the ENTIRE edifice built to vilify Russia leads back to Russian support for Syria and ultimately Iran and the Israeli obsession to see Iran neutered. I believe this ENTIRE posture of antagonism toward Russia leads back to the Israelis running our foreign policy. Sure there are other groups that are going to benefit from it, but I believe that to be the origin.

  5. vengeur

    So it is all falling apart already :
    “After months of escalating tensions over Ukraine and talk of a new cold war, Russia and the West could soon reach a surprising rapprochement. The eurozone economy is suffering badly and sanctions against Russia are partly to blame. Winter is also upon us, and that reminds every-one Vladimir Putin still holds the cards when it comes to supplying gas.

    The clincher, though, is that Ukraine is heading towards financial meltdown. Unless an extremely large bailout is delivered soon, there will be a default, sending shockwaves through the global economy. That’s a risk nobody wants to take — least of all Washington, London or Berlin.”

  6. Jim R

    Filatov’s email hacked … (

    Gives a little insight into what’s going on in western Ukraine. If these are not fake emails, they reveal perhaps a little tension between factions in the rabble that has been assembled to bring Ukraine into the EU and NATO. Turns out the Nazis really didn’t like the Zionists after all…

  7. melponeme_k


    Now we are beginning to see the disease take flight. Thank you Obama for not closing the borders. We all know Christmas junk from foreigners and illegal aliens are more important than the citizens.

  8. Seraphim

    @vengeur: “I believe this ENTIRE posture of antagonism toward Russia leads back to the Israelis running our foreign policy”.

    You can drop the “believe” part.

  9. John

    e sutton,


  10. DeVaul

    Here is something that all “free-market” believers overlook:

    No market is free. It is owned by one or more entities, and those entities will change prices for reasons that have nothing to do with supply and demand — the holy mantra of “free market economics”.

    American Robber Barons used to do the same thing.

    This is why I view libertarianism as a joke. It completely overlooks the realities of the marketplace — which is filled with non-economic factors that any realist will know about and see clearly. Putin sees this, and he and others will formulate a counter-strike, which will probably be political in nature.

  11. emsnews

    That is how most ships of that size are launched. Sometimes they goof and the ship sinks. 🙂

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