Over 80% Of America Wants Travel Ban For Ebola Nations, Obama Refuses

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Retired Perv on Twitter: “To fortify yourself completely against ebola virus ,add this salt to your bathing and drinking water http://t.co/VEuLayAkxk”:  a number of people in Africa have already died trying this fake, magical cure.  Taking in a ton of salt is deadly. Back in Dallas, Ebola hysteria hits Dallas as train station is closed after woman who stayed at ‘patient zero’ apartment complex spat on platform.  And I am not surprised by this news:  Dallas hospital where one man died of Ebola and two more contracted the deadly virus has become a ‘ghost town’ as patients are avoiding facility over safety fears which are understandable.


Mr. Duncan is bankrupting a hospital, a wedding dress store, perhaps a number of airlines, ships, etc.  He is one very expensive alien brought into the country due to no quarantine on travelers from ebola nations.


This disease is unusual in that the symptoms are quite common to other diseases until the bleeding begins and the inside of the body disintegrates.  This makes the problem with ebola so taxing and frightening: it doesn’t look like much early on. PressTV – US can detect Ebola virus in seconds: 


American researchers working at the Department of Energy have developed the test in a laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee and now they are attempting to find a partner to commercialize the know-how, the International Business Times reported on Saturday.


So far, one contractor named Healtheon Inc. of New Orleans, which produces various diagnostic tools, has expressed readiness to cooperate with the department.


Let’s hope this is good news and it nips this epidemic before it spreads wildly:  Canada Will Send Experimental Ebola Vaccine to WHO.


The epidemic continues to kill more people every day and spread further afield:  PressTV – Ebola hits Sierra Leone unaffected area, kills two.  All epidemics begin with two people.  Leading scientist warns Ebola is changing to become more contagious  because viruses evolve.


In many cases, the diseases get milder over time but this is not true of certain diseases like say, rabies.  I got Panda, Tippy and Crockett their rabies shots on Thursday and they were very cranky and tired on Friday but are back to normal today.  We have killed rabid animals here on our mountain in the past, this isn’t us supposing the skunk and raccoon were rabid, they were tested by ENCON.


England has decided to check for ebola which is kind of silly since there is no real way to do this unless the person is dying and then they are totally toxic at this point. A lot of foolish people say, this is no worse than other dangerous diseases but I don’t recall anyone wearing moon suits to bury the bodies of flu or pneumonia or even AIDS victims.


Far from stopping ebola carriers from coming here, Obama fast-tracks Ebola-zone visas to U.S.


The Washington Post reported the number of visas issued to Liberians by the U.S. has spiked, with about 3,500 granted last year. Another 10,000 were given to citizens of Guinea and Sierra Leone.


CDC Director Tom Frieden has admitted that from 100 to 150 people from the Ebola region are entering the U.S. each day.


Then there is the Washington Post run by Bezos of Amazon.com fame:  Want to feel better about Ebola? This (massive) chart should do the trick.  By Phillip Bump.  He has this grid that shows how many ebola cases there are which is virtually none compared to 300 million people.  This is beyond childish, all epidemics start small.


What is really sad is how the CDC is competing with NASA and NOAA to be stupid: CDC: You Can Give—But Can’t Get—Ebola on a Bus | CNS News.  Frieden actually said that.  A person can send out ebola germs on a bus but you won’t get sick?


Over 100 lawmakers now in favor of West Africa travel restrictions because they are not stupid, they see the polls showing overwhelming support for stopping the granting of visas to people in the ebola areas.  I saw a headline earlier today which an anonymous White House person said  Obama was very angry about the response to ebola.  I found the story: Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe – NYTimes.com which is a Bilderberg operation so I am not surprised to see this utterly fake story there.


Angry with exactly whom?  He could easily stop travel from the ebola countries and the nation and Congress will applaud this outside of say, 15% of the nation that thinks this is racism.


There are already howls about racism with this terrible plague but the fact is, 99% of the people carrying this germ are black.  Some plagues like the bubonic plague, come from central Asia and Asian people bring it, it isn’t racism during an epidemic to restrain Asians who want to travel.


No biohazard facilities in Japan can handle Ebola after Abe announced Japan is prepared.  This was a lie.  They lie all over the place, pretending ‘first world countries’ don’t need to fear this disease.  Train stations, boats, planes, buses, hotels, schools, etc. are being closed and sanitized due to fears this is spreading.


Disney Carnival Cruise Ship in Manhattan

Disney Carnival Cruise Ship in Manhattan

Here is a satellite photo of a typical ship docked on 55th Street in Manhattan.  Diseased passengers disembark right in the heart of one of the biggest and densest cities on earth.


The Ebola Boat Tour which the nurse who worked on Mr. Duncan in Dallas, still has no port and the passengers on this hellish voyage went from one country to the next, even Mexico would not let the boat dock.  While the US lets in armies of possible ebola carriers to pour in from Africa, this boat, which may have just one ebola person, is quarantined by many ‘second and third’ world nations!


Today Obama tried yet again to talk about ebola:  Obama on Ebola: ‘We Can’t Give in to Hysteria’ so why is he letting in a flood of possible ebola carriers???  An hour ago, a Chopper Lands for Blood Sample in Ebola Cruise Scare.


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49 responses to “Over 80% Of America Wants Travel Ban For Ebola Nations, Obama Refuses

  1. ziff

    well it works, you won’t die of ebola!

  2. Jim R

    I still want to know how the Dallas power-washer guy is doing?

    No word on him, yet. Maybe or maybe-not another case from Duncan’s Dallas apartment. But I expect more.

  3. Dick

    Hi Elaine, You no doubt saw the Johns Hopkins study basically stating the annual flu vaccine is useless…or worse. According to the article, the CDC marketing campaign increased annual dosages from 35 million to 135 million, and that the studies supporting such usage were fundamentally flawed.

    It’s true for all the other useless vaccines pumped into children every year. Look up Guardisil for some real scientific insights.

    Let’s see if you can accept the truth…finally



    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Antivaccinationists have all sorts of beliefs. Look, flu shots are an ATTEMPT and PREDICTING what flu viruses will show up. They don’t always match. WHEN a flu DOES show up, they immediately work to bring out the right flu shot. I know because I have had very rare winter illnesses thanks to flu shots ever since 1970.

    On the other hand, I have gotten viruses like the one that came in with a Carnival Cruise ship into Manhattan two years ago that had an enterovirus which causes pneumonia. I wish they had a vaccination for THAT thing!

  4. Jim R

    I assume you mean Gardasil. And it’s a good idea, since it eliminates another nasty virus.

    It’s so sad, you know. We almost had smallpox eliminated, and then found out the war-germ people were brewing up tank car loads of it. Then there was polio, which was down to a little patch in Pakistan. Now that they sabotaged that effort, it’s on the loose again in Asia.

    There are dozens, probably thousands really, of viruses that are considered merely ‘annoying’ in that they don’t do what the flu does and kill lots of people. But you know, any one of those little buggers can mutate into a slightly different virus, and once in awhile you get one like 2014 Ebola.

    This isn’t over by a long shot, and it will go down in the history books by the time it is.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    Don’t bother quarantining passengers from Africa or even restricting flights from Africa unless all planes that landed in Africa in the last month are also excluded, regardless of country of origin. This virus stays alive in bodily fluids even after death, like, say, sneezes on cushions.

    Either it’s not a danger that requires restricted travel, or it is? But wait, can’t say that, that would shut down the airlines.

    Not to worry, what they’re not telling you is the rate of transmission in HIV-ridden nations is exponential, not so much in other contexts. And, the viral load of Ebola in a body with an immune system destroyed by HIV is very highly infectious, not so much in other contexts. But wait, can’t say that, they’ve been lying to us about the percent of Africa that is infected with HIV.

  6. onion

    One of my family members works in a unit that is being prepped to treat Ebola. He is very unhappy that there is no travel ban from these countries. He has also received guidance on PPE that states that ‘too much PPE could be counterproductive’, this from the CDC. He will insist that they are provided with the same moon suits that the adult unit have (that particular unit has been preparing for Ebola for many years and was specifically convened for Ebola). He also wants the unit to receive proper training in avoiding transmission from professionals who have worked in the field, not some CDC bureaucrat working from theory.

    This outbreak has seen zero cases of transmission for some AID organisations dealing with hundreds of infected people in Africa. Yet the first US case results in at least two cases of transmission. To me this suggests the US is becoming more institutionally ignorant.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    The political operatives along with the press here are successfully scaring so many medical professionals in the U.S. that, were we to encounter a real plague scenario this year, most wouldn’t show up for work.

    Nice job! you pieces of collective work!

  8. Alaskan Ice

    I guess it did get Rand Paul mouthing off about the administration’s Ebola policy instead of, say, its Syria policy or its Ukraine policy. Translation: U.S. oil policy, and foreign policy, not up for democratic process.

    Garbage in, garbage out democracy at its best.

  9. hans

    Cuban doctors and nurses have been battling Ebola for tens of years in Africa, why is their rate so low, why is there no hysteria in Cuba, i know there are a “dictatorship”. Cuban specialists have volunteered to work with USA and EU specialists, their request has been denied. Something is fishy here?

  10. emsnews

    The US won’t listen to Russia about this, either! We are back into the stupid Cold War all over again thanks to our stupid elites and this is all a Bilderberg game. They meet secretly to decide who gets whacked each year.

  11. Jim R

    Most of what you say sounds about right, but you keep going on about HIV.

    Ebola and HIV are orthogonal to each other, if I may use that term in a biological context. While there are some fine examples of commensal life amongst the microbes, this is not really one of them. The outbreak may improve HIV statistics in some places by killing off victims of both, but I doubt any moreso than with, say, TB or malaria. By the way, more than 99% of life on Earth consists of microbes of one description or another.

    So far, the outbreak in the USA is exponential. Although it is only a few cases, it has gone from 1 case to 2 more cases in the few weeks Americans have been watching. Hard to say how long that trend will continue, but going from 1 to 3 is every bit as ‘exponential’ as is going from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000. And it isn’t at all clear that the latter won’t happen.

    Of course, these exponential trends never continue forever. The virus will eventually run out of victims.

    In some of the African villages where previous outbreaks occurred, there were followup studies that showed a majority of villagers carried antibodies to the virus. And most of those who carried antibodies had never shown symptoms of EVD. That’s the way it works: either your immune system gets control of it before symptoms appear, or you go into a symptomatic condition where you are likely to die.

    How much of that Ebola antibody titre do you think is present among the US population? My guess is that you could count them on one hand, and know their names.

  12. Luke

    ‘There are already howls about racism with this terrible plague but the fact is, 99% of the people carrying this germ are black’.
    Black people and dishonest White libs cry ‘racism’ regularly.
    Nations [Israel, One or more of the ‘Island’ nations etc] are closing their borders. Black African Nations have closed their borders to the infected Zombie Nations. They don’t feel guilty of treating other Blacks this way. Maybe they are really are more intelligent than Whites – certainly the members of the PC Suicide Cult.

  13. charlottemom

    Thanks for the update. I have not moved on my original thesis that obama admin is doing its darnedest to sow fear and chaos. I am still unsure as to why though.
    Would love your thoughts on new ebola czar..not a doctor but a dual citizen pr lobbyist who has yet to say or do anything!!! What a wicked sounding job title… perhaps Grime Reaper Czar is more appropriate.

  14. DeVaul

    African nations full of HIV people have closed their borders. Apparently, they are not suicidal, nor are they controled by total idiots.

    America has a large number of HIV positive citizens… oh wait! I forgot, Alaskan Ice has declared that Ebola cannot spread here very easily.

    I guess we now know the sexual orientation of the nurses who cared for Mr. Duncan.

    Letting in more Liberians and West Africans is bad news for Alaskan Ice, as he knows that HIV is how it spreads. Guess AI did not see this one coming when he said quarantine was stupid and useless: “Hey, let’s have more of them come here!”

    Heck of job, Ebolazar.

  15. Luke

    Judicial Watch has recently reported that those in DC have been working on a secret plan (with no approval from Congress) to flood the USA with foreigners from Africa that are infected with Ebola so that they can to get “treatment” at the expense of USA taxpayers.


  16. Luke

    ‘dual citizen pr lobbyist’ WOW. Thanks for that information.

  17. Luke

    I can not find anything online that says Klain is Israeli dual citizen.

  18. Alaskan Ice


    Ebola and HIV are not unrelated, in the sense that Ebola is an opportunistic disease. People in HIV-ridden nations who know they are HIV positive often don’t care about unprotected sex amongst each other any longer, they have no immune systems left thanks to HIV, so they transmit opportunistic diseases like Ebola easier, and they have a higher viral load of those opportunistic diseases in their bodily fluids (again because their immune systems are gone), so they are even more infectious to the non-HIV infected public.

    And, no, it’s not exponential, we have had a number of cases of Ebola in the U.S. that came here from Africa for treatment, the resulting second “generation” of only two transmitted cases, transmitted in a period of three times the average incubation period of 10 days is more like a halving, or a quartering, . . . or a petering out.

    Generally, folks have done a good job of taking appropriate precautions in a Western population that is not as vulnerable to begin with.

    This rest is hype.

  19. Alaskan Ice

    Nevermind enterovirus, in the last 30 days, how many Americans have been killed by the flu?

  20. Alaskan Ice


    I would expect nations with high HIV populations to close their borders with nations that have active Ebola outbreaks, just like I noted Haiti did a couple weeks back. I guess the reasoning is that there might be some critical mass, or percentage, of more vulnerable and transmissible HIV infected population where the disease begins to spread quickly. That’s just not happening here, for whatever reason. HIV isn’t the only way it spreads, it just makes it that much worse.

    And no, I believe the nurses probably contracted Ebola through tiny holes in latex gloves, or other flaws in their protective gear. Duncan was just that contagious; I suspect he did have AIDS.

  21. Alaskan Ice

    I’m sorry if you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around the concept of opportunistic disease and the difference in HIV rates between Africa and the U.S.

  22. larry, dfh

    And then there’s this. Will these people ever learn?

  23. tio

    My foil hat is twitching again …


    “So we are not surprised that the resolution that was purportedly designed to establish a no-fly zone is being utilized to wage all out war against a North African state. I think this has grave implications not only for the people in North Africa or the Middle East but also for the people here in the United States. What it represents is the continuation of the same policies that have been enacted under the successive US administrations.

    We could talk about the role of Lyndon Johnson in the Congo during the 1960s, the role of Eisenhower and the assassination of Moomba in the 1960s, Nixon’s war against Vietnam, the Nixon administration’s support of Portugal during the national liberation struggles in the former Portuguese colonies, the ongoing support of the United States and Britain for the abrasive apartheid regime in South Africa and Namibia in the 1980s and early part of the 1990s. ”


    ” Is Ebola just a result of health crisis in Africa – because of the large gaps in personnel, equipment and medicines – as some experts suggest?

    That isn’t true at all. This is just propaganda being put out by everyone. It seems to me, that what we are dealing with here is a biological warfare work that was conducted at the bio-warfare laboratories set up by the USA on the west coast of Africa. And if you look at a map produced by the Center of Disease Control you can see where these laboratories are located. And they are across the heart of Ebola epidemic, at the west coast of Africa. So, I think these laboratories, one or more of them, are the origins of the Ebola epidemic.”

    Lisa McDowell: So why did you come here?
    Prince Akeem: To find something special.
    Lisa McDowell: It’s a long way to travel.
    Prince Akeem: No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks.

  24. emsnews

    The bio-warfare labs of the Cold War were stupid due to the fact that all epidemics in wars spread to EVERYONE so it backfires badly in the long run.

    But people do many stupid things when there is secrecy and power and very stupid people at the apex of a war machine.

    This does NOT mean that all epidemics are caused by bio-war labs!!!!

    This is due to the fact that for the last billion years, the Virus Empire has been at war with all living things that use or make oxygen. These things live inside of living things because viruses can’t live where there is oxygen.

    So they have colonized the inside parts of all living things and in retaliation, living things have various counter-strike tools like white blood cells that struggle to stop virus invasions.

    Viruses EVOLVE RAPIDLY when attacking! And don’t need any stinking humans to do this, they do this all by themselves.

  25. Luke

    Dailymail claims that Grosse Point has built walls around its town.

  26. DeVaul

    “…many Americans have been killed by the flu?”

    Umm… that’s why we prepare for the flu every year IN ADVANCE. We take it seriously, and we don’t have talking heads hired by the government on TV every night telling us our chance of dying from the flu is “insignificant”.

    What more do you want the government to do about the flu, Alaskan?

    “That’s just not happening here, for whatever reason.”

    So, basically, you are saying that you have no idea why it is not spreading here like it did in Africa. I mean, that is what you are saying. I will note here that the family was not near Duncan during the most contagious moments of the disease (the end) and the nurses were, and that it was so contagious that it could penetrate tiny chinks in a protective moon suit and infect them.

    Nurses don’t wear moon suits around people with the flu, nor do doctors or paramedics, so apparently it is not as deadly as Ebola — which kills anyone, not just the elderly who are the vast majority of those who die from the flu.

    Finally, no, I don’t have trouble wrapping my mind around opportunistic diseases, which is why I want a travel ban and quarantine. The family of Mr. Duncan is proof that it works. They are now free to go, and people no longer need fear being near them, as they did before.

    Is three weeks really such an assault on one’s liberty that it cannot be tolerated for the common good and to prevent fear from spreading?

  27. Jim R

    Just got back from the Dr’s office, where I received vax’s for Hep A, Hep B, and Pneumococcus. We talked about stuff … agreed that a flu shot is WAY more important than one for Ebola. It’s a simple matter of statistics.

    It looks like the Dallas branch of this outbreak is fizzing out, but it is still too soon to tell what it will do worldwide.

    And, Elaine is right about this: this virus is straight from the jungle, no lab was needed. The bio-specialists, whether for warfare or general research, set up labs in places like Kinshasa. They do it because that is where the virus lives.

  28. DeVaul

    @Jim R

    Why did you get a vaccination for Hepatitis A and B?

    I got my first pneumonia shot ever this year. Are you planning to travel abroad this year? Why did you need Hep A and B shots?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking.

  29. Jim R

    You can get Hep from a salad bar right here in the Hew Hess of Hay.

  30. Jim R

    My doc said that, among the nasty tropical diseases, Dengue is more likely to be found here in the Texas capitol (more likely than Ebola). All those fine and lovely folks coming from CA have been bringing it here.

  31. DeVaul

    Wow. I did not know that.

    However, after dismantling and finding a huge cesspool in the bottom of my dishwasher last night, I may now be so filled with white blood cells that no virus could find a way in. My dishes were “sanitized” with e-coli and salmonella and whatever other bacterial infestations can emanate from 2-3 pounds of rotten food packed tightly into a strange circular container lying in waste water at the bottom of a “food chopping” Maytag dishwasher.

    I am a little outraged, to say the least.

  32. Alaskan Ice

    DeVaul, it would be easy enough to clarify what was going on with a simple study that compared the percentage of Ebola patients infected with HIV to the percentage of HIV infected population in Liberia.

    So for example, if, say, 50% of the Ebola cases in Liberia turned out HIV positive, when, say, only 15% of the general population there was HIV positve, it would be safe to start drawing some scientific conclusions about why Ebola is spreading faster in countries with larger HIV populations.

    No hysteria, aliens, rank-racism, or secret bio-weapons labs required.

    For whatever reason, your mind is closed to this possibility.

  33. DeVaul

    “For whatever reason, your mind is closed to this possibility.”

    I’m afraid so. Such a study would be a waste of precious time and money — money that could go directly towards a vaccine.

    Also, I do not believe any of the three nurses who tested positive for Ebola were HIV positive as well. That amounts to a 100% transmission rate among non HIV positive patients outside of Africa. They also lived in first world countries where sanitation was way, way higher than in Africa.

    You seem closed to the possibility that Ebola will attack any person regardless of their HIV status, so we will have to disagree on this matter.

  34. Alaskan Ice

    Part of the reason for obscuring the possibility is that officials have been downplaying the true HIV numbers in Africa, and they don’t want to acknowledge it now.

    Anyhow, following your chain of logic, the far more lethal flu “epidemic” that has killed many more Americans in the last 30 days than Ebola, well that flu “epidemic” also could be hindered by implementing quarantines and traval bans. Undoubtedly that would save the lives of some people in the future by preventing them from getting the flu. 20 MPH speed limits on all our roads and highways would save lives, many, many, many of them. Etc. It’s about prioritizing risks and deciding which risks society will tolerate to keep functioning.

    Shutting down air-travel with flight bans and quarantining aircraft for days so they can be steam cleaned with bleach doesn’t seem warranted at this point with Ebola, given all the other infectious diseases around, and only two cases transmitted here.

  35. Alaskan Ice

    I have never said Ebola can only be transmitted to HIV positive people, I have only written that it is quite possible that it is more infectious in HIV positive people, and more easily transmitted to HIV positive people.

    Perhaps a major factor accounting for the difference between only 2-3 transmisions here, and the 10,000 cases in Africa.

    “Such a study would be a waste of precious time and money — money that could go directly towards a vaccine.” I don’t believe even you believe that.

  36. Alaskan Ice

    You could quarantine yourself.

  37. DeVaul

    @Alaskan Ice

    I do believe it, and that must really shock you because you are here to “win” and not simply state your opinion. You cannot even agree to disagree. You must put down anyone who disagrees with you. What a child!

    Let’s follow your logic: you take a group of people who live near where a virus has broken out (historically, over and over again) and then see if they are afflicted with some other disease, then you conclude that that other disease is why they got the new virus de jour and gave it to others.

    So, according to your logic, the common cold, which is unknown in West Africa and afflicts Americans every year by the millions must be transmitted by those who are already sick. With what? Well, it is obvious. Many Americans have cancer, so that is why the common cold is more easily transmitted here in America and not so easily in Africa. It also explains why older Americans die of the flu and the common cold more so than younger Americans — because they have had or have cancer!

    I am not inclined to make such dubious medical analysis and conclusions as you do, which is why I do not make any. I merely point out that your resistance to quarantine and a temporary travel ban are against common sense and against the common good of our country.

  38. Jim R

    So could you. Read my comment #11, since you do not seem to have noticed it. The last couple paragraphs.

    And, your suggested study would be a stupid waste of time. It’s not that people with multiple infections aren’t sicker, nor that they aren’t a lot sicker. It’s just that you’d be doing pointless busy work.

    This outbreak has attracted a lot of attention mostly because this is perhaps the ‘hottest’ virus to ever escape the jungle, and because the responses of public officials have been hysterical and counterproductive.

    So far so good, only a handful of cases in the ‘civilized’ world. What is disturbing is that it could quickly become a lot of cases, and essentilly nothing is being done to forestall them.

  39. Jim R

    (that last was addressed to Alaskan Ice)

  40. melponeme_k

    At last someone puts a travel ban on the table.


    But the comments! Castigating him for being republican and racist!

    I guess the Jon Stewart propaganda compaign worked. These people are barking all the talking points. They would rather the US burn with plague rather than step out of their political ideology.

  41. emsnews

    Well, I am a liberal and am horrified at the stupid global warming propaganda and the destructive ‘we need more illegal aliens!’ propaganda.

    Liberals who think both are great ideas are crazy but then the right is crazy thinking that having many guns makes them safer when the problem is, sudden rage and suicidal impulses are much worse with guns in hand.

    Left or right: BOTH ARE WRONG very often.

    The middle is being suffocated by propaganda from both directions.

  42. melponeme_k

    The true middle road conservatives are being called crazed liberals by the extreme right and crazed racist conservatives by the extreme left. There is no room for logical debate. No one wants to leave their talking points behind.


    Rwanda has the right idea. Anyone lauding them for it on Huffpost is being called a backwards Republican who wants to use scare tactics. The “liberals” on that site are using propaganda spewed for them by the Stewart crowd. That is the same crowd that writes the talking points for the republicans.

    Can’t anyone figure this out? Don’t they know the elites read Huffpost comments and laugh at them?

  43. Alaskan Ice


    “Let’s follow your logic: you take a group of people who live near where a virus has broken out (historically, over and over again) and then see if they are afflicted with some other disease, then you conclude that that other disease is why they got the new virus de jour and gave it to others.”

    No, like I said you comapre the percentages within the populations to see if they’re out of whack, then you formulate hypothesis and draw scientific conclusions. That’s how science works. And it’s certainly not a waste of time. It could be done contemporaneously with exiting data by scientists who are not first responders.

    I’m not saying I know for sure how it would come out, just that the study isn’t being done because of the politics around acknowledging the HIV problem in Africa.

    My big objection to you is I think you’re smart enough to avoid sophistry and mischaracterizations in your argument. Basically, I’m calling you a liar.


    I read comment 11 and noted that Ebola in the US is not exponentially growing, it is exponentially petering out. Many cases have shown up here and the second generaltion was only two or three transmissions, with nothing to follow, after several iterations of the average 10 day incubation period.

    You as well know that it isn’t pointless busy work to identify vulnerable populations beforehand, and take appropriate precautions where they will be most effective.

  44. Alaskan Ice

    beyond Africa it also would be helpful in the West to know whether Ebola patients who happened to be HIV positive were appreciably more contagious.

  45. DeVaul

    “No, like I said you comapre the percentages within the populations to see if they’re out of whack, then you formulate hypothesis and draw scientific conclusions. That’s how science works.”

    LOL. Uhh…. no, I don’t think so.

    You certainly blew a lot of hot wind up our butts just to say I am a liar, although you neglect to inform us what I have lied about.

    “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” — Mark Twain

    That last category applies to you, Alaskan, because it is the most deceitful.

  46. Jim R

    I think AI got a sand burr in his paw somewhere back there and it’s thown him off track.

  47. emsnews

    Or maybe it is winter coming to Alaska puts him in an ill humor. 🙂

  48. TexasRanger

    Experts Research Support Ebola Travel Ban and Scientific analysis shows airport screening ineffective.

    Thanks to Obama’s No Travel Ban policy America is now the country with the greatest number of Ebola cases outside West Africa! And, Obama continues to use his expert yes men to oppose and stop a travel ban!

    New York – A team of physicians with experience in epidemiology and health science research applying scientific methods and statistical analysis have concluded that as long as travel from West Africa remains open, there is no way to stop the international spread of Ebola.

    Researchers: Can’t Stop Ebola Without Travel Ban



    Experts Research Support Ebola Travel Ban and Scientific analysis shows airport screening ineffective.

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