‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

The EU economy is going down in flames thanks to the boycott of Russia and Russia’s retaliation for the overthrow of an elected government the Bilderberg gang wanted out of power.  The cockeyed plan hatched by our richest leaders has backfired badly.  Control of the oil and gas in Eastern Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands now while Russia knows Europe needs their cheap fuel badly.  A big power station in England blew up and burned taking out over 3% of their electricity just as winter looms.


And the global warmists are all at it again, as a powerful storm hits England, yelling that 2014 could become the hottest year on record which is about as insane as it gets, this is ridiculous!  The warmists are telling us, as we bundle up and snow flies all over the place, that the ‘pause’ is over and the earth is hotter than ever, ever before which is lunacy.


Russia knows the truth and laughs and I suppose Europe should be happy they are hot this winter as the blizzards rage.  Our gangsters think we can be fooled by these blatant lies.  Yes, it is hot in California.  No where else.


Our bankers can’t even run the system they set up so Mark Carney launches investigation after real-time payment system crash delays house purchases in England which is supposedly the most sophisticated banking system in the world which is laughable in the extreme.  The wretched mess of the banking world runs parallel to the global warming lies.


The Federal Reserve which was supposed to prevent inflation way back when it was launched by Brit and US rich people way back 100 years ago continues its inflationary rage with extending the ZIRP lending to bankers even though inflation in the last 10 years has risen in leaps and bounds while wages stagnate or drop.


Euro Stability Threatened If France Flouts Stability Rules so that France can go deeply into debt like the US and Japan.  This is the only way to run things because if any country wants to tax the rich, they either have a coup or pull out their loot or do various things including bribing politicians to keep their loot so the countries must fund things via either high taxes on workers or debt.


Since taxing workers while not taxing the super rich is very unpopular the rich avoid this by piling on debt but they also have to pretend this is a bad thing so they do this secretly or they just don’t talk about it anymore than the trade deficits or the looming fake energy crisis caused by the global warming lies which these same bankers tell us every day the top of their lungs.


Poland To Veto EU’s 40% CO2 Reduction Proposal because Poland thought they escaped Stalinism only to find out that the EU is imposing exactly that: miserable, cold, desperate lives living in Tiny Houses!  Thanks to global warmists and the bankers.


Nepal trekking disaster: Up to 40 Britons still missing in very early blizzards hammering the Himalayan mountains.  Heavy snowfall causes panic in Yekaterinenburg, Russia.  North polar ice cap increasing in size rapidly as The World is Cooling.  Siberian snow cover way ahead of schedule – Near record pace in ‘this warmest year ever!’


On top of all this we have the elites and their stupid open borders which menaces everyone:  ‘Terror’ attack on Canadian soldiers: Radicalized Muslim convert runs over two servicemen before being shot dead as he tried to charge cops with a ceremonial knife.


The push to destroy our voting ability by diluting it with aliens continues as does the campaign to force down wages by flooding the US with cheap labor:  Up to 34 MILLION blank ‘green cards’ and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant ‘amnesty’


An online draft proposal from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says it will look for a vendor to supply the blank cards.
At least 4 million per year for five years, including a possible 9 million in the early going because obviously we need more workers when many already struggle to find jobs….
Document says the move is ‘to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements’ which is due to Obama having pledged to unilaterally change US immigration policy this year, but recently pushed back his timetable until after November 4 elections.


The new ebola chief has not met with anyone yet and Obama opposes travel ban. So nothing will be done.


The Obama team’s interference with police matters also bears evil fruits:  ‘It’s murder and they will feel and see the wrath of God’s vengeance’: Michael Brown’s family react angrily to leak of Darren Wilson’s testimony which proves that the people ‘remembering’ stuff mostly made it all up while the forensic data clearly shows that Brown attacked the officer first and tried to wrestle the gun away.


So we will now have an attempted lynching/murder of a cop for doing his job by enraged and out of control mobs.  I don’t look forward to the future race wars where Hispanics will fight blacks for street controls over the drug trade.


Hispanics worldwide want no barriers to crossing into everyone’s countries any more than Africans want restrictions:  José Manuel Barroso: ‘Immigration cap will never be accepted by Europe’ – Telegraph


An “arbitrary cap” on immigration into Britain “will never be accepted” by the European Union, José Manuel Barroso has said in a direct blow to David Cameron.
The outgoing European Commission president said such an idea would create “first and second class citizens” within the EU and would not be agreed by member states.
Mr Barroso also accused the Prime Minister of double standards by revealing Mr Cameron called him personally to demand the freedom of movement principle was protected in Gibraltar, where EU citizens were facing long delays crossing the border.


HAHAHA…the Spanish are making it hard to move in and out of Gibraltar but want free access to all of England.  Typical.  The attempt at turning all of Europe into one big country with no particular ethnic/religious or language groups running things so the people have no unity internally is blowing up in the face of the Bilderberg super rich.


They created the EU in the first place.  This thing didn’t appear magically, it was discussed for years by the Bilderberg gang many of whom are publishers who coordinated their campaign to destroy sovereignty of all of Europe.  Now, with a flood of aliens tearing apart the more advanced economic entities like France, the low lands, England, Germany, etc. we see the results such as this week’s riots between Kurds and Turks in Germany or You are now entering Sharia law Britain: As Islamic extremists declare a Sharia law zone in a London suburb, there are worrying social and moral implications.


We see this in the US with Jews from Israel moving in and out of the country with no controls and dual citizenship destroying our sovereignty while aliens colonize parts of our nation and refuse to use English which is what united previous generations of immigrants.


Yes, we are an immigrant nation but ALL nations are this since humans started in one part of Africa and waves of humans have moved across the entire planet over and over again but this leads to violence every time and the take over of the US was violent, my Norse ancestors were very violent when they invaded southern parts of Europe, etc.


But this doesn’t mean we have to continue doing this mindlessly. That is crazy.  The Natives in North and South America tried to resist invasion, when the Mongols drove across Eurasia, Europeans fought them off, the Indians in the subcontinent failed to do this, etc.


The Brits in particular are being told, they have no right to stop foreign, hostile invasions:  ‘Thatcher would not have bowed to Ukip’ is a really ridiculous claim by the retiring head of the EU:


 As a former Maoist from Portugal who counts Tony Blair as a close friend, José Manuel Barroso might seem an unlikely adviser to the Conservative Party on free markets and Baroness Thatcher’s legacy.


But, as the departing European Commission president says: “The closer I get to leaving, the more honest I become.”


He is utterly dishonest and should work for NOAA or NASA, he would fit right in with them.  Migrants storm UK-bound lorries at Calais because they want British medical care for free like Mr. Duncan did in Dallas, they want Brit jobs, they want Brit welfare, etc.


Number 10 is understood to be considering controlling migration by capping national insurance numbers as this flood of aliens destroys all the social systems set up so painfully.  Driving every Brit into the poor house except for the very rich.


And then there is Putin who is dragging the West into murky waters – Telegraph:


With the end of the Cold War, it was generally assumed that the Russian navy no longer posed a serious threat to Western security, particularly after America and its allies spent an estimated £20 billion decommissioning Russia’s dilapidated fleet of nuclear attack submarines.


While many European countries – Britain included – are making drastic cuts to their defence budgets, the Kremlin has recently approved the construction of 10 new submarines to add to its powerful Northern Fleet, as part of its ambitious plan to rebuild its armed forces…While many European countries – Britain included – are making drastic cuts to their defence budgets, the Kremlin has recently approved the construction of 10 new submarines to add to its powerful Northern Fleet, as part of its ambitious plan to rebuild its armed forces…One of the more controversial decisions taken in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review was to scrap the Nimrod Maritime Reconnaissance and Attack 4 programme, thereby seriously restricting the ability of Armed Forces to identify and attack the positions of enemy submarines.


No mention of how this happened.  The growth of NATO, moving rockets and military to Russian borders, menacing Russia.  Demands Russia disarm while the US ran rampant all over the planet, overthrowing people and killing and spreading chaos.


Now Russia is retaliating!  Duh!  What a shocker!  Russia is no longer led by a feeble, drunk fool.  The West is.


Ukraine Confirms Winter Gas Deal With Russia and will hand over around $20 billion to pay back Russia for previous gas deliveries.  And now the coup leaders want another $30 billion from the US and EU!


Cold Ukrainian winter threatens German OSCE drone mission because Germany, while spending as little as possible on military stuff, decided to send German soldiers to Ukraine yet again, re inflaming Russian fury.  They have not forgotten WWII.


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12 responses to “‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

  1. aashild

    All immigrants who refuse to integrate into their new home country should be thrown out!

  2. DK

    Check out globalresearch.ca for this story:

    Shock Claim From Ghana: Ebola is Not Real

  3. emsnews

    Yes, the leftist press has decided to follow Obama and go full denial.

    As for integration: we have to have this in any country. When they divide along various lines, this always ends badly. It is good to be multilingual, I am, for example.

    But when you have enclaves, this spells danger. I remember ‘integration’: blacks wanted to live anywhere. The immigrants now want to drive out anyone who isn’t their own group as we see with Jewish communities invading from Israel, for example.

  4. melponeme_k

    “The immigrants now want to drive out anyone who isn’t their own group as we see with Jewish communities invading from Israel, for example.”

    I see it in my area, which has turned more and more Orthodox. Real Estate flippers will knock on any door they know is non-Jewish and will offer a cash buyout, as-is deal for their house.

    Before they started to do that, the neighborhood was a good mix. Now it isn’t. Not that this is a bad outcome, I’ve never encountered any racism (that I know of). It is just amazing how quickly things can turn.

  5. Jim R

    Of course, the CO2 reduction-weenies are going to be shocked when, due to peak oil, everyone reduces their usage, and CO2 keeps going up, because they’ve ripped out all the rainforest for ‘renewable’ plantations!


    ELAINE: Not to mention they are now burning US wood in huge power plants to circumvent the CO2 stuff!

  6. DM

    Yes, “integration” was reset to “multiculturalism” almost overnight in all 5 eyes nations, about 20-25 years ago. I don’t remember any debate about this. Just, all of a sudden, it went from four legs good to two legs better.

  7. melponeme_k

    “Environmentalists” pretty much want us to stop eating now.


    So we need to stop eating, stop using heat, stop using electricity while we freeze and starve to death in a local empty dumpster.

  8. Bar

    You are certainly right; José Manuel Barroso is utterly dishonest and should work for NOAA or NASA.

    According to Wayne MADSEN; Barroso Represents Just Another Fake Portuguese Socialist, a compliant stooge for the Eurocrats of Brussels and their globalist and international banker overlords.
    Barosso’s curriculum vitae strongly suggests that he was one of many Central Intelligence Agency plants inside the West European «New Left» movement of the 1960s and 70s.


  9. Eric Blood Axe

    If you are a Norse descendant, do you realise you have some Neanderthal genes? Most common, blue eyes are Neanderthal. Off topic, what were the “Hairy Ainu”?


    ELAINE: Absolutely I have Neanderthaler genes! Including the blue eyes but I also have brown corona around the iris due to genetic mixing.

  10. melponeme_k


    Any European, Asian, Native American, South Pacific Islander have Neanderthal genes. A great majority of people from Africa do not.

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