Klinghoffer Opera Drives Zionists Nuts In NYC: One Small Chorus About Nabka (Palestine Ethnic Cleansing)

The Death of Klinghoffer: Chorus of Exiled Palestinians – YouTube

All my life I went to the opera all over the world and played in the orchestra pit in college for various operas there, too.  I love operas.  There is this huge battle raging in Manhattan over John Adam’s opera, ‘The Death of Kinghoffer’.  All because of this one little song,  a sad song, about the helpless natives of Palestine being driven from their homes! This is less than 10 minutes of singing in an over two hour opera which is all about the bad Palestinians who hijacked a ship and killed a Jewish American man in a wheel chair.  The Jews in NYC are screaming their heads off over the song because they want all Palestinians be seen as evil and deserving to be wiped out as vermin and sub humans and untermenschen a la Hitler’s definition of people who deserve to be ethnically cleansed.



As per usual, the craven politicians both black, Hispanic and Jewish, join together to demand the Palestinian people be abused totally and all the time and denied even the smallest human rights, these anti-free speech political operatives want to stop a political opera because it irritates Jews who want their war crimes to be totally hidden from view:  Protests Greet Met Opera’s Premiere of ‘Klinghoffer’ – NYTimes.com


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended the opera, Met officials said.


Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld, who was the rally’s master of ceremonies, said he did not expect protesters to react inappropriately. “But you can’t be responsible when the Metropolitan Opera advocates terrorism and incites violence — you can’t know what will happen,” he said. “And anything that happens, that has besmirched this Metropolitan Opera, and besmirched Lincoln Center, is to be laid at the foot of Peter Gelb.”


One protester at the rally, Hilary Barr, 55, a pediatric nurse from Westchester County, said she believed the opera made excuses for terrorism. “By putting this on a stage in the middle of Manhattan, the message is, ‘Go out, murder someone, be a terrorist and we’ll write a play about you,’ ” she said…


The protests were initially led by several smaller Jewish groups and conservative religious organizations. The larger Anti-Defamation League brokered a compromise with the Met, which pleased few on either side, in which plans to show the opera to a wider audience in movie theaters were dropped, but the New York production would otherwise go on. Leaders in the more liberal Reform Judaism movement have condemned the opera, but did not call for its cancellation.


Yes, the Jewish scream machine managed to force the Met to cancel the simulcast transmission of this opera!  The Zionist Machine will now crush Mr. Gelb who put this production on and he is a Jew but it is worse because he is a Jew, he will be most severely punished socially and financially and you will never see his name again and this is how Hollywood operates, too.


Encased in this self-worshipping cocoon, the Jewish community will sail along merrily until their Titanic in Jerusalem crashes into multiple ice bergs.  How dare the ‘liberal reform Jews’ condemn this opera for mentioning that there were victims of Jewish ethnic cleansing in Palestine.  This is a historic fact that can’t be erased and is very directly connected to the Holocaust.  Both are the same thing.  Both are about religious warfare, ethnic cleansing, stealing land and goods and then boasting about it claiming ‘I am superior is so many ways and my victims are animals!’


No difference at all.  The Jewish creative community is like a snake eating its own tail.  Recently a movie was made by a Jewish director about Jewish terrorists blowing up a theater filled with Nazis and then laughing about it all.  Har har except Jews didn’t do that during WWII.  The Zionist Jews were operating mainly in Palestine blowing up BRITISH soldiers in hotels and other venues.


I wish someone would make an opera about that!  There isn’t even a movie about this since the script would be tossed in the trash and the writers banned for life for submitting such a script.


All very sad considering how Jews desperately need societies that are liberal and have freedom of religion and no ethnic cleansing!  It is life and death for them all.  And they are tossing this out in favor of Naziism.


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7 responses to “Klinghoffer Opera Drives Zionists Nuts In NYC: One Small Chorus About Nabka (Palestine Ethnic Cleansing)

  1. melponeme_k

    Fundamentalists are insane.

    I remember they took offense at Spielberg’s Munich a few years back. A film that made only the slightest protest against Israeli assassins. But there was nothing that they could do to him. Spielberg is Hollywood right now.


    If he ever loses his midas touch for film gold, heaven help him. They won’t forget the offense.

  2. John

    Jews have one of two choices. They can utterly and permanently reject the doctrine of goyim. Or the rest of the world will wipe them all from the face of the Earth. Just as with the banksters, Bildabergers and other parasites in power suits, humanity as a whole is waking up to the inherent racism of much Jewish dogma.

    I very much hope for the Jews who are not racist in this way to wrest control of the “tribe” away from the racist goyim-haters. I firmly believe that most Jews really don’t buy into goyim hate, and only remain silent about it because they believe that they are in danger from non-Jews. Gentile fear instead of goyim hate, if you will.

    And if you substitute kafir for goyim, the above applies to Muslims as well.

    Somehow, humanity must purge ALL the ancient tribal bigotries from itself, or outright disaster will be unavoidable.

  3. DeVaul

    Yesterday I saw on RT that the president of Israel stated that his country had fallen into a death spiral of rampant violence and that it must be cleansed of this new disease. What a startling revelation… not.

    I wish him luck. Over 90% of Israelis approved the destruction of Gaza (again) because of some homemade rockets and the kidnapping of three teenagers (hundreds of Palestinians were murdered as a reprisal).

    All of this will come back to haunt Israel, which I do not see surviving into the 22nd century. I also hope that their religion dies as well. I would gladly trade any extinct Native American religion for what passes as “Jewish religion” any day. It is far more like “madness” than any real religion.

    (And no, not all religions are a form of madness, so spare me.)

  4. Eric Blood Axe

    As I understand it, only the jews in the city were enslaved after the fall of the city to Titus. The jewish population outside the city remained. They were at least in part the ancestors of the palestinians, and are purer israeli, than the european jews.

  5. emsnews

    This is exactly why the Jewish state refuses to do any genetic tests to learn who is really ‘Jews’ from back then.

  6. larry, dfh

    There are some very black Africans w more ,’jew ,genes’ than many European jews hvae.


    ELAINE: Such as Ethiopians.

  7. DeVaul

    I often wondered whether the Israelis did blood tests to determine who is and who is not a “pure-blooded jew”. It seems that a “purity by blood” law would require such a test if one wanted to become a citizen of Israel.

    What a complete farce Israel is.

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