No Ebola Quarantine For African Travelers, Democrats Will Lose Senate

US imposes Ebola travel restrictions on passengers from west Africa by having West Africa travelers go to 1 of 5 airports all of which are the busiest in the US.  ZERO restrictions on granting travel permits at the US embassy in the cities heavily affected by the disease.  Latest example of this:  West African passenger being evaluated for Ebola at Newark hospital.  This minimalist approach will stop nobody.



Letting anyone travel here from the ebola places and screening them by waving a long distance thermometer at them is incredibly stupid.  It stops virtually no one.  We already know that ebola carriers have flown all over the place while developing symptoms on long international flights.


We know that it takes more than one flight and more than one day to fly first to Brussels and then to the US and then to US destinations.


Fury over growing Ebola panic as cruise passengers reach Texas: passengers were ill informed during that crisis.  Ebola could infect three passengers a month warn researchers  except it continues to expand in Africa and the US continues to let in anyone from that region so this number will double every few months.


Far from abating, it is getting worse:  Forty-nine new Ebola cases in a day leaves bodies piling up in Sierra Leone, as the deadly virus spreads towards the teeming capital of Freetown.  20 deaths a day, the number of dead in the small villages is unknown due to the impossibility of recording deaths in remote regions.


Ebola vaccine breakthrough could be weeks away says WHO which I think is unnecessary.  In the case of a raging epidemic, being this careful has a very high human cost. Every one who got the disease and dies between now and January is a victim of this slow system.


One of them, developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline from a modified chimpanzee cold virus and an Ebola protein, is in clinical trials in the U.K. and in Mali. It will be used in clinical trials in Lausanne, Switzerland, by the start of February.

The second front-runner, developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and known as VSV-EBOV, has been sent to the U.S. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland for testing on healthy volunteers, with results expected by December.

The next stage would be to test it more broadly, including among those directly handling Ebola cases in West Africa.


So it will creep forwards and not arrive in Africa for the masses there until around March?  This means around 20,000+ people will die before then.


U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training which is ridiculous.  Even highly trained nurses and doctors get the disease while doing intensive medical care. Doctors Without Borders Hits Ebola Breaking Point because few want to volunteer anymore due to the dangers.


Ebola Guidance for Airlines | Quarantine | CDC which are pretty useless.  Look at the rules below!  Note how even the stupid people at the CDC admit no one knows what is making someone throw up so the crew has to be scared sh*tless and take severe precautions!


Managing ill people on aircraft if Ebola is suspected

It is important to assess the risk of Ebola by getting more information. Ask sick travelers whether they were in a country with an Ebola outbreak. Look for or ask about Ebola symptoms: fever (gives a history of feeling feverish or having chills), severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea (several trips to the lavatory), stomach pain, or unexplained bleeding or bruising.

The risk of spreading Ebola to passengers or crew on an aircraft is low because Ebola spreads by direct contact with infected body fluids. Ebola does NOT spread through the air like flu.

Even if the person has been in a country with Ebola, cabin crew won’t know for certain what type of illness a sick traveler has. Therefore, cabin crew should follow routine infection control precautions for all travelers who become sick during flight, including managing travelers with respiratory illness to reduce the number of droplets released into the air. If in-flight cleaning is needed, cabin crew should follow routine airline procedures using personal protective equipment available in the Universal Precautions Kit.

See CDC’s Infection Control Guidelines for Cabin Crew Members on Commercial Aircraft for more information on practical measures cabin crew members can take to protect themselves, passengers, and others.

Follow these routine precautions

  • Keep the sick person separated from others as much as possible.

  • Wear waterproof disposable gloves before directly touching the sick person, blood, or other body fluids.

  • When providing direct care to a sick traveler who came from a country with an Ebola outbreak, also wear surgical mask (to protect from splashes or sprays), face shield or goggles, and protective apron or gown (see below: Universal Precaution Kit).

  • Do NOT give a surgical mask for someone who is nauseated or vomiting. Wearing a mask could harm a traveler who is vomiting. Give an air sickness bag if traveler is vomiting or reports feeling nauseated.

    • Give a plastic bag for disposing used tissues or soiled air sickness bag.
  • Give a surgical mask if a sick traveler is coughing or sneezing, if the sick person can tolerate wearing one. If a mask cannot be tolerated, provide tissues and ask the person to cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.


I hope the vaccinations work. Generally speaking, vaccinations are the best way to stop any epidemic. Better sanitation systems are important to keep plagues from popping up but in the high birthrate nations of Africa and parts of Asia, this is nearly impossible to do.


Now on to a related topic:  The Democratic Panic: a NYT editorial whining about the problems plaguing the Global Warming/ebola is OK party.


In hopes of preserving control of the United States Senate, Democratic candidates are keeping their distance from President Obama’s best policies, but that’s a risk.


‘Best policies’ are the giving citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, refusing to close travel and visa permits in African ebola nations and of course, encouraging race riots and lynch mobs in black communities.


Here is a typical article demanding we give everything to illegal aliens and not deport them:  Requirements Keep Young Immigrants Out of Long Island Classrooms—NYT Now.  So homeowners must pay higher taxes for educating illegal aliens in their home languages?  Or let them into the schools thus degrading them and spreading chaos with a flood of foreigners who are law breakers?


Anyone visiting schools with this sort of students sees very quickly they are degraded badly by this forcing families to pull out their children and move them into private schools which is what is killing public education in New York City, for example. New York City Council to Look at School Segregation – black politicians complain that NYC schools are ‘segregated’.


The package contains three parts. Mr. Lander’s bill would require the city’s Education Department to publicly report raw numbers for various measures of diversity in city schools. Some of the specific measures, which will be added to the bill before a hearing in November, may include race and socioeconomic level, but also the number of students in temporary housing, their place of birth and the number of students with disabilities.


What has killed the school system is exactly the things they want to emphasize!  They want MORE of what is destroying things!  The very last vestige of a functioning public school system are the schools requiring tests to enroll.


70% of the public schools are now ‘minorities’ while the vast majority of white children now go to private schools.  Only 12% of this 70% qualify to go to the speciality schools due to poor scholarship and learning etiquette.  Knowing how to sit in a seat, behave towards teachers and accept authority is key to learning and is what is missing from many minority homes.


Scant Support for Elite New York High Schools’ Admissions Options: desperate parents who work hard with their children to groom them for higher education are fearful that lower standards or the wholesale handing out school slots to undeserving students will not only limit room for hard working kids but degrade the schools to the point, they are as useless as the regular public schools for teaching anyone, anything.


Well, a clue: white parents withdraw children when the schools become dominated by out of control black students.  I had to do this 20 years ago.


I still cannot vote for Republicans because they want to destroy me, personally and I am very irritated about this.  Both parties are corrupt and disgusting and BOTH are run by Bilderberg gang members.  The ‘we oppose each other’ is a cynical game for our elites.  Both parties are run by multi-million and multi-billionaires and we live in a oligarchy, not a democracy.


Meanwhile, Demand Soars for Protective Equipment Against Ebola as our government flubs everything.  Amid Missteps, Nation’s Confidence Is Ebbing Steadily because everyone can see our government really doesn’t work for us.  But the fix is impossible since both political parties have a stranglehold on our election system which requires immense money for TV commercials and other venues.


Confidence in public schools, in functioning government systems is eroding badly as our country concentrates mainly on foreign wars mainly with Muslims and the old hoary ‘commie’ nations that no longer are commie, Russia and China.  Stupid policies digging us deeper and deeper into the Pit of Hell combined with freaking out about race here at home while social structures collapse and our children can’t get married and raise children or join the middle class due to high college loan debts…all of this is fixable but we have to get over various fixations.


Like our government supporting ethnic cleansing and religious warfare for starters.  And then have an honest discussion about the disintegration of black society and the near total destruction of the black traditional family and of course, stopping illegal aliens from flooding into the country and forcing wages downwards while making the black lower working class unemployable.


Fixing these means the Democrats have to stop pandering to the destroyers of society instead of enabling them to get even worse. And then there is this story from a private school for my kiddies top executive:  New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella awarded $84.3 million pay deal | Daily Mail Online


Satya Nadella was appointed Microsoft’s chief executive officer in February
Nadella was awarded a once-off stock option worth almost $80 million
He was also given a base salary of almost $1 million and a $3 million bonus
Next year his remuneration will fall to $18 million including stock options
He said women should accept ‘karma’ rather than looking for pay rises



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15 responses to “No Ebola Quarantine For African Travelers, Democrats Will Lose Senate

  1. DK

    Hi Elaine,

    This is starting to make sense now.
    if Big Pharma is developing a vaccine they would not make much money if it wasn’t needed in the USA.

  2. Peter C.

    OT BREaking News
    Shots fired on Parliament Hill Ottawa,one gunman on the loose.
    Thankyou Mr Harper for the blowback,,,that didn’t take long!

  3. Maddie's Mom

    Finally…some sanity…if you think you can handle it 😉

  4. Petruchio

    Getting, keeping, staying and hopefully expanding their power. This is the ONLY thing the elites care about; it is the only thing that motivates them. I think even the elites see the destruction of the US dollar as inevitable. I think the deliberate spreading of the Ebola virus into the US is done for a very cynical reason. The elites want to create a severe problem–such as Ebola–then pass themselves off as the only option to solve the problem spreading Ebola will create. Little wonder, imho, this crisis started in Texas, in a Dallas hospital. Once the elites decide to “save” the peasants, the elites’ message will be: “Look, you may not like us, we may be thoroughly corrupt, but like it or not we are your only option.” Apparently the elites think they are safe from getting this virus themselves.

  5. DeVaul

    Sorry Maddie,

    I couldn’t follow the guy. He chose NOT to speak in plain English, but his commenters did, so I read the comments instead. They were more literate.


    You know, the problem with the illegal immigrants is not so different than the problem the Roman Empire had with the Huns and later with the Visigoths. Once they arrive, it is hard to get rid of them without using force, so the politicians try to find a way to make them useful to “themselves” and thus make some kind of deal with them (a deal which they will later renege on).

    In the current case, the illegals will vote for whomever grants them immunity from prosecution for being illegal, and the politicians get to hold on to their precious tax-payer funded jobs for a few more years. That’s the deal.

    Once re-elected, the politicians will renege on many promises made to the illegals in order to pacify those who have been here the longest, and in the process anger the illegals, who will then seek revenge after many wrongs visited upon them (from their perspective) by the deceitful politicians.

    This process can go on for many years before it explodes into outright open warfare, which the illegals will win eventually since they outnumber the legal citizens and can bring in reinforcements from their homelands — something legal citizens cannot do.

  6. emsnews

    This is due to us having no real borders anymore.

    Thanks to the Bilderberg gang. Europe’s nations have ZERO borders and floods of aliens trample all over the place, mainly wrecking social systems.

  7. DeVaul

    I am not claiming that we monitor our borders properly. We certainly don’t, but even with stringent border monitoring, the refuges will still come as long as our ruling oligarchs create mayhem in their home countries.

    In the case of Rome, many barbarian tribes who crossed the border were fleeing the advancing Huns, and the Romans, being stretched very thin, were unable to stop this.

    We also have no real border guard along the Mexican border since most of our legions are stationed abroad in other parts of the empire, so Mexicans and other South Americans fleeing the warlord chaos in their home countries will still come here by any means possible.

    For them, it is a matter of sheer survival.

  8. Maddie's Mom


    Yes, I had to listen rather closely. He is a bit of a fast talker and I think there was some editing? I will listen again when I have time.

    Nevertheless, it made a lot of sense to me and starting off with talk of Black Swans will always hold my attention.

    How about that ‘no fever’ tidbit? 😮

  9. DeVaul


    Wait! You were listening?

    Is this a recording of some kind? I am Deaf, so all that I saw was badly written … notes? … followed by a comment section.

    If he is talking, like on YouTube, then I cannot evaluate what he is saying or pass judgment on it. I would need a transcription of some kind.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    For a vaccine to work, you need a functioning immune system.

    Meanwhile in the West, we’re on day 32 after lots of infected people have arrived from Africa, and still only three cases have been transmitted here. That’s not much to worry about.

  11. Christian W

    The spread of the virus itself is bad news. Over time it may well mutate into a more contageous version. What then? If/when it does, is that that the time to take it seriously? Let’s face it, on a world wide scale we would have been so fucked if this version had been air borne flu style.

  12. Maddie's Mom


    #10 on the “notes”:

    Some Ebola patients don’t present with fever, ever.

    Can I get a WTH?!?

  13. Jim R

    Here’s an interestng article by Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone. He seems so much more knowledgeable than our public officials, the bureaucrats at the CDC, etc.

    As for the “never presents with a fever” bit, perhaps that is because this virus replicates so very very fast, it outruns the immune system’s ability to work up a fever.

  14. emsnews

    Quite possibly, Jim. It explodes into action.

  15. DeVaul

    Well, a link posted here by vengeur recently showed that the medical scientists who have been studying Ebola the longest still do not know very much about it, and can make no definitive statements about how it spreads, how long it remains asymptomatic, when contagion begins, and a lot of other things, so how can we or the government know?

    Not one said they would make a definitive statement about Ebola like the government talking heads have done. That says a lot right there.

    I remember when Aids first came to light. People pooh-poohed that as nothing serious because only gay people got it, then it spread.

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