Ebola Quarantine Totally Fake And More Muslim ‘Terror’ Attacks As US, EU Wars Widen In Middle East

This new ‘quarantine’ is a complete joke!  US expands Ebola checks; Rwanda to check Americans | Daily Mail Online


The measures will be introduced next Monday across six states, according to CDC director Tom Frieden
Passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be asked for emails, phone numbers and addresses
Travelers will be given a kit from the CDC which contains information cards and a thermometer to take their own temperatures


We already know when the nurses were told to stay home, they all thought they were on vacation and began flying and sailing across the planet, endangering everyone.  Will an army of foreigners coming here do any better?


Of course not!  This is a pathetic response.  Asking them to take their own temperatures?  Giving email addresses? This childish attempt at controlling this disease is crazy.


Then there is our endless wars against Muslims: they bite back.  Recent Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who shot dead a soldier and opened fire on Canadian Parliament recently had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’.  Another case of unable to control borders or airspace.  BREAKING NEWS: White House on lock down as intruder jumps the fence and makes it onto North Lawn before being taken down by guard dog because our stupid President has full armed guards to protect him even as he refuses to protect us.


Terror alert had been raised in Canada two days earlier after ‘lone wolf’ jihadi killed soldier in car attack and ISIS singled out country for revenge over air strikes: I recall the pre-9/11 world.  The US and EU as well as Israel and our entire media overlords decided getting rid of rulers in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq and Libya was a smart idea.  And using drones to assassinate people in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other place would cause Muslims to surrender and let us rule them with imperial pride.


We couldn’t even tame the Taliban in Afghanistan!  And our imperial pretensions are going up in flames, every time our rulers do something stupid, more ‘terrorists’ pop up. They are now popping up like poppies in the fields of WWI.  Blood red all over the place.


We have stories now about how Syrian rebels are stoning women for adultery.  As if this is something new!  Saudi Arabia has been doing this forever.  My own mother once stormed out of Saudi Arabia when my dad was on a mission there when a young princess was stoned to death and another woman was run over by a car filled with religious police because she rode a bicycle.  She was Dutch, not Saudi!


Our lovely ‘allies’ do this all the time and ISIS is copying the Saudi royals.  Our buddies.  You never hear about them stoning women or beheading people who are the wrong religion.  But they do this all the time.  Try handing out Bibles there.  More dangerous than doing this in North Korea.


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4 responses to “Ebola Quarantine Totally Fake And More Muslim ‘Terror’ Attacks As US, EU Wars Widen In Middle East

  1. Alaskan Ice

    Ebola and terrorrism are both fake politics.


    ELAINE: You picked a bad day to make that statement.

    We are at war with a billion Muslims many of whom are quite willing to fight and die here as well as there.

  2. melponeme_k



    The coming bitter cold is held off for just a bit more by some stray flares from the sun.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, we will have a warm blast from it!

    The sun controls the climate.

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