Gunman In Canada Parliament Shooting Is Son Of Immigration Chief

In the Californian desert, UK and US forces crave ‘a crack at the headcutters’ because media stories don’t tell the entire truth.  All the evil things the ISIS army is doing is EXACTLY the same things Saudi Arabia does day and night and has done for the last 100 years.  They are imitating Saudi Arabia’s rulers.  This includes forcing women to wear Saudi-style veils.  Beheadings, beatings, persecution of all other non-Sunni religious people, stoning women, enslaving children and foreign workers and other religious believers, etc. is exactly how our best ally in the Muslim world does daily.


Now that the facts are coming out about the shoot=out in Canada, note how this is tied in with the issue of immigration and other matters:  Revealed: Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the privately-educated son of country’s immigration chief and has links to Syrian terrorist, claims friend from mosque…


He had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’ – despite his mother being on Canada’s immigration board.  He had multiple drug and robbery arrests, and a 2003 weapons charge.


Shooting came on the day Prime Minister Stephen Harper was due to give Nobel Peace Prize winning activist Malala Yousafzai Canadian citizenship.


Report claims his father fought among anti-gaddafi rebels in Libya in 2011.


We are at war with a billion Muslims.  Our governments go out of their way to make this worse and worse.  Every day, they discover new ways to respond to ‘terror’ which is to do terror, too.  Our tools are bombs from the air, stealing Palestinian lands while bombing them while they are nearly totally disarmed, overthrowing governments via coups and invasions, using drone assassins to murder people…on and on and on.


‘Hero’ Canadian sergeant-at-arms, 58, who shot dead terrorist Zehaf-Bibeau had not exchanged gunfire in 30 years but you can bet, just like in 9/11 or the Boston Bombing, the ‘terrorists’ will find a million ways to retaliate.  I recall the Vietnam War.  Once we decided it was too stupid to fight, we up and left and guess what?  The fighting stopped!  The Vietnamese learned that communism stinks and today they trade with us.


Glenn Greenwald is correct with this editorial:  Canada, at War for 13 Years, Shocked That ‘A Terrorist’ Attacked Its Soldiers.  We were stunned that the Saudis and two Egyptians, countries we call ‘allies’ attacked the Pentagon successfully.  The concept that we get to bomb anyone while they can’t hit back, has to end now.  We gained no moral superiority after 9/11 because we did what they did that day, every day!


Fighting simultaneously in Iraq and Afghanistan created “perfect storm” for British Armed Forces which are, like Germany, France and other fake allies, they have defunded their military and want us to do all the fighting including in Ukraine.  And pick up all the pieces and fix that, too.  While all run trade surpluses with the US which is Japan’s plan, too.


‘Follow the footsteps of our brave brother’: ISIS calls for more attacks on Canada amid fears more than 130 youths have already left to join group which means there will be endless excuses to continue our religious wars.  All religious wars are particularly bloody and mindless.  This is why our Founding Fathers tried so hard to write into the Constitution some sort of system to prevent this.


Turkey’s Erdogan Slams US Arms Airdrops in Kobani as the US arms Kurds who are at war with the government of Turkey.  U.S. to train Syrians only in defensive role Meanwhile, More Troops, Arms: Iraq Pushes US to Expand War so we can pay for everything and do all the killing/dying for them.  Blackwater security guards convicted of war crimes which happened during the illegal and illicit invasion but they are the guys at the bottom of that ladder of crimes.


All at the top who took 9/11 caused by mainly Saudis, and whipped up a propaganda storm to blame Saddam who had absolutely nothing to do with it, and then invade when the UN gave no permission to invade…all are war criminals and should be arrested.  This includes media owners who pushed the propaganda.  Apply all Nüremberg rules to them, definitely they apply.


Ditto for Israel.


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12 responses to “Gunman In Canada Parliament Shooting Is Son Of Immigration Chief

  1. tio

    “British Armed Forces which are .. fake allies”, well this perfidious poodle nearly choked on his G&T.

  2. Luke

    Meanwhile in Sweden, ‘Muslims in Malmo have driven almost all Swedish Jews from the city. Muslim population has doubled since 2000 to about 550,000 out of a total population of 9 million.

    Middle Eastern and Black African Muslims are pouring into Sweden at a prodigious rate.

    Its against the law in Sweden to criticize this turn of events. There have already been riots, and neighborhoods set on fire. How much longer do you thinks that this Nordic Socialist paradise is going to last? What’s to prevent Stockholm from looking like Newark? Newark was a nice place at one time too.

    If current rates continue, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t, Muslims will make up about 40% of population in Sweden by 2030.
    Do you think Stockholm will look the same and still be a Nordic Socialist Utopia when this happens? I tend to doubt it.

    Also I refrained from mentioning Somali Tribesmen — arriving in sub arctic Sweden not knowing how to wear pants or use modern plumbing — raping blond Swedish girls on the streets of Stockholm.

    The headlines read “Girl Raped by 3 Swedish Men”, and then its not until the bottom of the article, the last sentence, that mentions their names, Mohammed, Mustafa, and Muhhamad. So the media in Sweden are lying, cowardly PC POS just like here. One wonders where are the Swedish men, descendants of Vikings?’

    [actually the Vikings had slaves and the present day swedes may be the bloodline of the slaves. I dunno].

  3. Luke

    Again, Its against the law in Sweden to criticize this turn of events.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    The endstate is the goal; terrorism is the reason and the price for cheap oil.

    A billion muslims shaking their fists in a cycle of hate fueled by their own governments distracting them from rulers busily looting their birthright for ten cents on the dollar. Terrorism is a tool for muslim leaders to marginalize and eliminate any internal opposition, in a synthetically self-reinforcing cycle of violence on both sides.

    Apparently the siren song is so appealing it can make well-to-do westerners jump ship.

    But after he fell for the scam, and decided to sacrifice his life for a misguided political statement, how did he decide that his best target was some poor soldier guarding a tomb in the cold? How did that poor enlisted guy get to the top of his suicide target list? Bizarre? He was right next to Parliament? He could have driven to a billionaire’s home, a general’s home? I suppose the fishiness is consistent with the synthetic nature of the movement; I mean, who would create a violent movement as a fraudulent distraction and then let it target self or friends?

  5. emsnews

    This reminds me of 19th century anarchists.

    They assassinated US Presidents, Prime Ministers, judges, rich capitalists and topped this off with the assassination of an Austrian Archduke which launched WWI.

  6. Seraphim

    @All the evil things the ISIS army is doing is EXACTLY the same things Saudi Arabia does day and night and has done for the last 100 years.

    It is what the Muslims did since the Hijra (1392 years to date)! They draw their inspiration from the Quran, Hadith and Sira texts.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    @emsnews: “This reminds me of 19th century anarchists.

    They assassinated US Presidents, Prime Ministers, judges, rich capitalists and topped this off with the assassination of an Austrian Archduke which launched WWI.”

    They went after important people they held accountable, not some poor enlisted soldier guarding a tomb in the cold.

    Anyhow, this type of deliberate blowback has been going on for a long time. How to fill someone with an idea that outweighs certain death? Spartan, Berzerker, Kamikazi, terrorist etc. How many of those 19th century anarchists would be rolling over in their graves if they understood that many had been dupes for agents of foreign powers, proxies for the very concept of statehood they abhored?

  8. emsnews

    These assassinations led to fascism, WWI and WWII and the crushing of the anarchists with fanatical communists who hate anarchists and killed them at every turn, winning instead. Not to mention the equally deranged and vicious fascists also killing all the anarchists.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    So too synthetic terrorism leads to fascism.

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