A Proposal: We Need A Disposable Isolation Unit That Protects Doctors And Nurses From Dying Ebola Patients

ebola isolation unit

Here is my first proposal for an ebola isolation unit which should be used when a patient becomes toxic to doctors and nurses.  The problem is, using individual suits DO NOT WORK.  Especially when handling dying patients who have rampant germs that spread very, very easily.  The concept is fairly simple: the gloves attached to the plastic cover unit reach all the way inside and can be applied wherever the patient needs services  There can be an opening for inserting needles, etc.


This way, people can work around a patient while NOT wearing tons of stuff that doesn’t really work, anyways.  It also totally isolates the patient from sneezing/coughing/sweating transmission.  Since this is to be made of plastic, it can be destroyed when the patient dies.  This isn’t perfect but it is a start.  Any suggestions?


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16 responses to “A Proposal: We Need A Disposable Isolation Unit That Protects Doctors And Nurses From Dying Ebola Patients

  1. CK

    It is starting to appear that this version of Ebola is not quite as transmittable as the fear mongers would wish; nor as deadly. Nurses getting clean bills of health, etc. etc. So maybe the next scare will work better. Maybe ISIL will become locally credible, maybe the Russians will really let Ukraine and Europe go cold, maybe the new Asian multinational bank will include Iran and allow the complete bypassing of the US financial wire network.
    Two weeks until the house and the senate become even more Zionist.

  2. Christian W

    I don’t know. The patient needs to be cleaned and lifted/turned over as well and have bed sheets and diapers changed and the dirty stuff has to be taken out of the ‘tent’ etc. The key to me seems to be proper cleaning and decontamination of the suits before they are removed or handled by other people. I suspect most problems occur when people remove dirty suits or have inadequate suits/partial protection that leaves gaps for infection.

    If you look at the picture from the other article where one of the nurses, standing beside a potential “Ebola bed”, does have eye cover but not head cover, I wonder if that is adequate protection really.

    It is crucial to understand how this US doctor got infected. He clearly cannot have seen himself as high risk for infection as he was galloping about openly.

  3. Christian W

    It is starting to appear that this version of Ebola is not quite as transmittable as the fear mongers would wish; nor as deadly.

    It is definitely transmittable and deadly enough, even if those infected seem to be people who have handled infected cases directly. It is one thing to have a few, isolated cases in special wards receiving 100% specialized and extremely expensive care by specialists. If there is an outbreak in the West that reaches a few thousand cases the outlook may look entirely different because more and more people will have to handle more and more infected patients. That is the reason Obama’s Ebola czar is a lawyer, to protect the system from law suits and economic break down.

  4. Jim R

    We saw something like that recently, in the video tour of that medevac plane they used to transport one of the ebola doctors. But it had a complete doorway, where they could unzip it and enter the same air space with the patient.

    Of course, this sort of glove box is SOP in a lot of lab environments. For example, we saw them fifty years ago, whenever they’d give a tour of a place doing nuclear research. They kept the radioactive chemicals in a glove box so that it didn’t get spread around and inhaled.

    Likewise, they use gloveboxes in the biohazard labs for exactly this reason.


    ELAINE: I used to run a ‘clean room’ at RPI institute. Yes, we had this sort of ‘rubber room’ set up.

    Good idea.

  5. Jim R

    CK, there are a lot of variables in that ‘transmissible’ thing, and you can’t treat it as a single dimension.

    These viruses are not able to survive drying out, for example. It looks like this outbreak might be more sensitive to sitting around in the outdoor air, drying out, and of course sunlight. It can only travel in a water droplet if the droplet does not evaporate. On the other hand, it is not as delicate as HIV, which dies if it isn’t kept at body temperature, at the proper pH and salinity for its life to be maintained. Ebola can stand a little bit of variation in those parameters.

    Also, the virus has to penetrate a living cell, and Ebola doesn’t seem to be very good at that. It only manages to infect if it gets into the blood or into a wet area like inside the eyelid.

    But when it finds itself in a suitable host cell, it replicates faster than just about anything.

  6. Christian W

    The Norwegian doctor with Doctors Without Borders who had Ebola is also well now.

  7. melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    The Norwegian Dr. was treated with one of the last available doses of Zmapp.

    Zmapp is gone and the transfusions are only an option if you have the same blood type as a survivor.

    If this thing takes off, Zmapp cannot be manufactured in time, any potential vaccines are still in the early testing stages (some not even) and demand will outstrip the ability for survivors to donate blood.

  8. Alaskan Ice


    I agree with you.

    Ebola is an unfortunately hyped hot-button issue, another distraction line of fearmongering prior to the midterm Congressional elections. Virtually all the cases here were brought back from Africa.

    Every effort is made to keep the subject matter of elections away from the issues that the fascist-privatesector and agency bureaucrat handlers of both parties care about most.

    Fiscal Policy – What about that 2013 staged budget “default” that justified a credit downgrade that was already coming, and fooled the Tea Party into step in front of it? Best of all was the meme spun by the media: that spending is good because failure to spend caused a downgrade; rather than spending being out of control because the downgrade was the result of too much debt and deficit.

    Foreign Policy – we’ve been at war with so many countries recently, I’ve lost count. Yet Congress hasn’t bothered to make one formal declaration of war? Not to mention some of them aren’t going so well, unless chaos was the goal to keep oil prices down and consumption low? If so, let’s hear it.

    Monetary Policy – when are these Congressman going acknowledge their constitutional responsibility to control the money supply. And no, removing the fed from Congressional control doesn’t remove banking from politics, it just removes banking from the politics of democracy and gives it to the politics of bankers.

    Economic Policy – What is the reasoning that ties all these things into a coherent plan?

  9. Jim R

    Another one just arrived.

    They could have stopped routine air travel from West Africa, but of course we can’t have that. It would be bad for bidniss.

  10. Christian W

    I thought the Doctor didn’t get the Zmap as it was all out, that was what they said at first. I see know that she did in fact get a dose and the hospital treating her had two other experimental medicines at the ready if needed.

  11. dick

    I think this is a bad idea.

    Whatever happened to the old fashioned leper colonies…or fema camps?

  12. emsnews

    The doctor had the same blood type as the survivor who got the Zmap. If this hadn’t happened, the doctor would have died.

    This is a VERY serious plague and VERY catchable for anyone HANDLING DYING PATIENTS aka, doctors and nurses.

  13. emsnews

    MORE NEWS: the states of NY and NJ are imposing much stronger ebola quarantine rules now. Thank god.

  14. Luke

    ‘Thank god’. Interesting use of ‘cap’ and ‘not capped’ there. In any case the whole country-world needs to face what could be a pandemic if caution is not heeded.

    here, http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/malis-first-ebola-patient-two-year-old-girl-dies-n233651

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