Doctors Without Brains: Ebola Doctor Ran Riot All Over NYC, Cops Handling His Stuff Dumped Gloves In Street Bin

I have lots of family in NYC.  The doctor who knew very well how to do a quarantine voluntarily, instead did what the nurses did: he ran all over the planet spreading germs!  Mindlessly and carelessly, but the worst part of this is, we now have proof that NO ONE knows how to isolate and prevent this hideous disease.  News is pouring out of NYC showing carelessness, incompetence and an inability to understand how easy it is to get this deadly disease.  The liberal community in particular, has been criminal in its inability to understand the gravity of this situation, making fun of it all, denying it is even happening and blaming fears on right wingers rather than understandable fear of contagion.  A ship of fools is sailing off the Niagara Falls.


ebola doctor Brooklyn bowling alley


Here is the bowling alley in Williamburg, Brooklyn on 14th Street.

546 West 147th Street NY NY home of ebola doctor

Here is his home at 546 West 147th Street, Harlem NY.

Many diseases spread by motivating their victims to run around as much as possible and make as many contacts as possible.  This is clearly seen with rabies, for example.


Ebola quarantine in Liberia threatened to break over food – CBS News: in Western Liberia, people are demanding food because the quarantine there has no services.  The US could help by dropping food supplies there rather then send in soldiers to handle the disease directly.


Sick Doctor Who Recently Returned to NYC From West Africa Tests Positive for Ebola (UPDATED) |


In the days before Spencer fell ill, he went on a 3-mile jog, went to the High Line park, rode the subway and, on Wednesday night, got a taxi to a Brooklyn bowling alley. Bassett said he felt fatigued Wednesday but not feverish until Thursday morning.


This demented doctor took the A train in Harlem to the L train.

Shocking moment bumbling cops leave Ebola doctor’s apartment and dump their protective gloves and masks in a sidewalk trash can which clearly shows few understand the complex protocols needed to stop this disease from spreading.  We see every time officials of any sort interact with these patients, this lack of understanding.  Intensive training is required and even then, as the Doctors Without Borders or Brains show, IT DOES NOT WORK.  Even caution fails in the long run.


The Democratic mayor of NYC continues the tradition of being utterly clueless about the dangers of this disease because he wants to placate black voters who are in denial:  ‘There is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed’: De Blasio in desperate appeal for calm over Ebola case… despite news that patient spent a week roaming New York.  This ‘What, me worry?’ attitude is going to slay the Democrats in the looming election.  It will be fresh in all minds.


De Blasio has let gun crimes flourish, for example, and has said nothing about this utter failure to stop it which worked under the Republican mayor, Bloomberg.  Robert Reich (Getting a Grip on Ebola): Robert is a leftist who I have some respect for yet he falls for the usual crap and shows this clearly in his insane, irresponsible editorial telling us that ‘ONLY 3 got ebola!’ as proof we need not worry our little heads about this deadly, highly contagious disease.


He scolds us telling us we are ‘hysterica’ and how stupid this is.  Rhetorically, he says, ‘Are we planning to quarantine Dallas next?’  Well, the place to quarantine is parts of Africa.  And anyone interacting with ebola there especially doctors and nurses!  They simply have to wait 21 days and then they can move about our country freely.  The ‘self quarantine’ is an utter, complete failure since we now have full proof none of the medical personnel who are supposed to do this, actually do this!


Since this mental inability to understand how the Virus Empire operates, mutates and colonizes new biomasses (human, animal or plant!) has led liberals to be in denial of the dangers of this obviously very dangerous epidemic disease.  Yes, it doesn’t spread as easily as the flu but the flu is contagious only for a few days and has a few day lead up time whereas this monster disease has a 21 day possible lead up time!  And the ‘contagion spread’ period is much longer than the flu, and is many, many times more deadly.  And anyone handling the corpse after death is particularly vulnerable, unlike the flu.


The disease continues to colonize new countries:  Girl, two, is first confirmed Ebola case in Mali despite WHO’s confidence that deadly disease would NOT spread to another African country as the disease continues to expand into other countries thanks to no realistic border quarantine controls.

Then there is the ISIS issue.  Our wars with Muslims are going very badly.  New York terror fears as ax-wielding ex-Navy man slashes Queens cop in the head and another in the arm in random street attack before being shot dead: the police are still investigating this, there are fears this is another ISIS inspired attack.


And in the news: the perpetual complaining about the cops dealing with black thugs carrying guns or beating up people for thuggish reasons:  ‘He was running away!’: Autopsy shows black teenager gunned down by off-duty St Louis cop was shot six times in the back of course, this happened after the teen shot at the cop and missed.  What blacks want is a society where they can shoot guns whenever and at whoever they wish and then no one is supposed to retaliate and the act of fleeing the scene of a crime is OK, police are supposed to give up if the young black males run fast.  This is ridiculous.  I am furious about this.  The most common tactic of thugs is to hit and run!


This reminds me of the faux liberal outrage over the story of the woman giving birth and her crazy  husband who refused to stop for cops who didn’t know he was running to a hospital.  The refusal to stop led to shooting guns to stop him from running red lights, endangering everyone else on the road.  I once drove at night through Newark, New Jersey, with a pregnant woman giving birth.  The police turned on their sirens and I quickly pulled over, yelled to them as they came up, ‘She is having a baby now!’ and they ran back to their car and escorted me to the hospital running the red lights but with their lights on alerting other drivers and hung out at the hospital to see that the lady was cared for and shook my hand and were very sweet to both of us.


The mother to be was a black woman who was obviously my friend.

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13 responses to “Doctors Without Brains: Ebola Doctor Ran Riot All Over NYC, Cops Handling His Stuff Dumped Gloves In Street Bin

  1. melponeme_k

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this disease had the same kind of psychological effect such as Toxoplasmosis. In which its victims get a sudden adrenaline rush which gives them a feeling of invincibility thereby motivating them to mingle as much as possible.

    Unfortunately the Republicans will not close the borders if they were in power anymore than Obama’s team will. They will promise us that they will but they won’t.

  2. Christian W

    Of course the GOP won’t close the borders any more than the Dems will.

    This whole right vs. left dichotomy is nonsense. They both are working for the same bosses – the purpose of the parties now is just to use different flavors of nonsense as emotional hooks to keep people running after an imaginary carrot.

  3. emsnews

    Both of you are correct.

    It now turns out that on Sunday morning, this doctor was strolling along the Hudson River where there is this jogging trail…at the same time I was driving right by there! I drove less than a block and a half from his apartment building and the jogging trail is right next to the West Side Highway which has traffic lights, etc.

    This is close to where I take my grandson to play, by the way. This really bothers me, not that I was exposed at all but because I and family go to this same spot to hang out and children put things in their mouths, etc.

    Knowing I was very close by where this doctor was hanging out is very infuriating.

  4. Jim R

    Interesting thought. Like the fungus that makes its insect hosts perch high up in a tree, where it can sprinkle spores on the other insects. Or the worm that makes infected roaches stop fearing the daylight, so that a bird will eat the roach and propagate the worm.

    Could be hard to contain this plague if true.

  5. emsnews

    There are a host of such examples, thanks for noting these. Germs are very creative thanks to evolutionary forces.

  6. Christian W

    I think Mel is on to something with the virus effecting the psychology of the infected individuals theory. What makes trained professionals refuse to sit out a mere three weeks quarantine for personal and public safety? This doctor decided to go for a run with potentially a deadly virus in his body. If a run doesn’t spread the virus rapidly throughout the body what will?

    Probably the victims first get a energy boost/adrenaline rush as the immune system mobilizes.

  7. Christian W

    I see others beat me to it with their interesting comments. I was thinking of myself coming down with a virus this May. I felt like a million bucks and went out for a long, brisk walk.

    Someone I knew had been very sick recently and I was in the ‘incubation’ period but didn’t think more of it. A few days later I felt like I had been run over by a steam roller… took me all summer to get over that virus.

  8. emsnews

    I was the very first person to get the Hong Kong flu while in America from a soldier who got it Hong Kong.

    Not knowing what it was after leaving him at the hospital in Oakland, I went my merry way.

    It was quite sudden: I felt ‘funny’ and dizzy so I decided to go see the doctors at the Free Clinic where I was a volunteer, mostly dealing with drug addicts.

    While walking the several blocks to it, I thought my legs were sinking into the sidewalk and the cement was slowing me down!

    In actuality, I was crawling on my hands an knees and luckily a dear friend found me this way and saved my life.

    These things are very sneaky, tricky and medical staff are MORE not less likely to catch and spread contagion. Which is why they in particular need to be more cautious, not less.

  9. kenogami

    I remember the “great flu pandemic” of 2009. The media were screaming “get the vaccine or you will die” for several months, the politicians and physicians were all screaming the same thing; people around me were running around like headless chickens screaming “we’re gonna die”. It was pure mass hysterics even if it was obvious right at the beginning that this was the mildest form of the flu in many years. As a consequence, the pharmafias made billions of $, millions of doses of the vaccine had to be thrown away.

    But contrast with Ebola, which has a death rate of 50-90% and which has the potential of being much worse than the Black Death 500 years ago.
    It is out of control in African countries. The idiot journalists are joking about it and mocking people who are concerned, the politicians are telling people not to be alarmed since there is no cause to be hysterical, WHO and the CDC have been sitting on their asses for months not preparing.

    The attitudes and non-actions of the autorities are so criminally stupid and irresponsible that it must be deliberate.

  10. Luke

    The MD should be executed, as should all who ‘try to start a pandemic’.


  11. Anjela

    It is all about entitlement isn’t it- thinking one is immortal and coming from a region where he was in contact with Ebola patients- but it is the god complex-and the selfish behavior of someone who has now wittingly and knowingly exposed so many people to his own brand of unthinking.
    Drs without Brains- well titled- So they all do it…. so it looks good on their CV but if you don’t have insurance here in the states ya might as well track down where Drs without Borders are and get a cheap ticket and try to get treated as they certainly don’t live on that street in NYC and hand out freebies- all for show.

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