Lots Of NYC Ebola News, Obama Continues To Dither, More Ebola People Come To NY, NJ Airports

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The Right-Wing House of Fear | The Nation: Tom Tomorrow’s cartoon making fun of rational ebola fears is typical left wing propaganda.  This guy is in hysterics about ‘global warming’ and calls everyone names who disagrees with his delusions, but his childish cartoon making fun of ebola fears is incredibly dumb.


‘I’m angry he’s getting trashed!’ Family leap to the defense of New York Ebola doctor – who spent DAYS roaming the city and even went out when he was contagious with symptoms of virus: the doctor who should have known better is being defended by his delusional family exactly like Mr. Duncan was defended by a family in denial.  This man had zero excuse for what he did to one of the biggest urban areas on earth, the Tristate Region which has 23 million people, one of the greatest on earth.


Mr. Duncan’s stupidity is bankrupting the hospital that took him in, the nurses who thought the quarantine meant they could fly or sail all over the planet, having fun, have destroyed vacations, a wedding business has gone under, restaurants ruined, and now we have another ebola guy doing the same as The businesses facing ruin after they were visited by contagious NYC Ebola doctor : Owners demand help from de Blasio – as new restaurant is named in virus scare.


‘Doctors Without Borders nurse’ is quarantined at Newark airport despite having no Ebola symptoms amid stricter screening for West Africa travelers because she, too, may be a carrier.  Obviously, the new regulations being imposed by NY and NJ to stop these plague carriers is already biting but the flood of people coming in with little barriers to stop them continues thanks to our Ebola Czar and his Boss, Obama the Terrible.


The ebola doctor was ‘normal’ when he arrived:  NYC Ebola patient PASSED new ‘enhanced screening’ at JFK Airport — only to fall victim days later which goes under ‘duh’.  Out of danger and straight into the arms of the President: Dallas nurse to contract Ebola is declared free of deadly virus- and gets hug from Obama in White House visit which is a fun thing but I want Obama to embrace the ebola guys as they come IN the country.  This poor nurse was put in mortal danger by these people.


Obama administration considers mandatory quarantine for health care workers returning home from Ebola hot zone which is way late but late is better than never. Why is this taking so long?  It can happen today!  Every hour, people come in and the iron law of chances tells us, more and more ebola carriers will come into America.


The Canadian Ebola vaccine that was shelved for TEN YEARS despite being 100% effective – and is only now being rushed through human trials as a number of countries now compete to bring out a vaccine.  Since the ebola epidemic continues to gather strength, time is of the essence.


Angry lawmaker tells HHS ‘preparedness’ chief to quit over Ebola as he frets about flying home in case someone ‘barfed on the plane’ which is reasonable.  The terror of this plague is how the symptoms first look and act like the common flu.


Nigerian drug smuggler who began convulsing at Madrid airport after bags of cocaine he’d swallowed split open was left to die because terrified staff thought he had Ebola which is reasonable.  There is no way the staff of any civilian operation can handle anyone who looks as if they have ebola.



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14 responses to “Lots Of NYC Ebola News, Obama Continues To Dither, More Ebola People Come To NY, NJ Airports

  1. Texas Ranger

    The doctor knew better, he was just to arrogant and selfish to admit he had Ebola! So, now many innocent people suffer in fear, not knowing if they are now infected with Ebola!

    Scary, but maybe New York will soon test this Ebola research conclusion!

    Ebola Can Spread by Air in Cold, Dry Weather Common to the U.S.


    U.S. Army: Ebola Goes Airborne Once Temperature Drops
    Ebola can go airborne but hasn’t in West Africa because it’s too warm, researchers conclude.

    Help Reduce the Risk of Spreading Ebola!


  2. John

    Texas Ranger,

    Please quit spamming. We aren’t signing anything. Either participate in a meaningful way, or go elsewhere.

  3. tio

    The wingnuts on my foil hat are starting to spin ..


    WASHINGTON’S BLOG: And Obama recently said – as quoted in the New York Times article – that he’s “curtailing” this type of defensive research, or putting it on hold.

    Do you believe him?

    DR. FRANCIS BOYLE: That’s the smoking gun, right there. Read that article [the New York Times article quoted above, which notes “a sudden change of heart by the Obama administration” about labs creating ever-deadlier versions of germs which are already lethal].

    The reason they’ve stopped it is to cover themselves, I think, because they know that this type of work was behind the outbreak of the [Ebola] pandemic in West Africa.

    But that’s an admission right there, de facto.


    Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, said he feared that governments and funding bodies would only take the risks seriously once an accident had happened. “It’s madness, folly. It shows profound lack of respect for the collective decision-making process we’ve always shown in fighting infections. If society, the intelligent layperson, understood what was going on, they would say ‘What the FUCK are you doing?‘”


  4. Alaskan Ice

    Tio, if Ebola were a bio-weapon, then it would be pretty ineffectual, considering the lack of contagiousness or outbreak here in the west. And, a bio-weapons lab would not be headquartered in a foreign nation, much less a volatile nation like Liberia.

    Most likely, Ebola is being spread around Africa between people with reduced immune systems due to HIV.

  5. tio

    Alaskan Ice, I can only guess but I imagine that an effective ‘strike’ of a bio weapon would involve the dispersal of a significant quantity of an active medium through an airborne or water contamination device (e.g. Unit 731 c.1937); thus achieving some sort of bio ‘critical mass’ for it to be truly effective. Permit me to torture this atomic analogy one further step and suggest that these (western) cases are stray neutrons, not inconsistent with the foilhat scenario. I have not one clue as to how critical West Africa has/will become.

    As for headquartering morally questionable activities in unstable foreign nations, I guess you must be right.

    As for susceptibility to ebola infection due to a pre existing immune deficiency, your logic cannot be faulted. Personally I suspect that ebola is an equal opportunities virus, otherwise why the interest? But again, I defer.

    As for my general wingnuttery wrt this topic, I suspect/truly hope I am wrong. But the fact remains that we play ‘tap the behind’ with the only other life form on the planet with which we direcly compete and cry ‘oopsie’ when we make a ‘boo-boo’. Just another Cold War Fukubar waiting to happen imho. Anyway who fancies a swift jar darn the boozer eh?

  6. emsnews

    Just because one thing happens doesn’t mean it caused another thing to happen.

    This sort of conspiracy thinking is a mental disease. Yes, they do biological warfare work which is utterly insane and stupid. But no, it does not cause every disease outbreak in Haiti or Africa.

    Natural evolution is the ultimate biowarfare lab. The Virus Empire has been at war with all living things since the beginning of life on earth. It is the oldest of all wars and one that is very hard for other creatures to fight, the evolution of white blood cells, for example, was 100% caused by this gigantic war.

    And yes, have a compromised white blood cell condition due to say, cancer or AIDs is very dangerous for the organism in this continuous battle with legions and legions of various viruses all probing for some weakness to get into something and colonize it.

  7. tio

    I am beginning to suspect an irony deficiency here 😀 Oh well a few pints of Guinness may help. I just wondered why there haven’t been any tests along the following lines published yet (from the above link)..

    [She said a lab accident is considered by many scientists to be the most likely source of the re-emergence in 1977 of an H1N1 flu strain that had disappearedin 1957 because the genetic makeup of the strain hadn’t changed as it should have over those decades. A 2009 article in the New England Journal of Medicine noted the 1977 strain was so similar to the one that disappeared that it suggests it had been “preserved” and that the re-emergence was “probably an accidental release from a laboratory source.”]

    I like conspiracy nuts (or the overly obsessive), I consume them not stare into them for too long. They are a rich source of truthiness (TM), a ‘digestif’ to the msm. No nuts and MH17, WTC7 & the Fed might appear whiter than white and that would be a shame. Ideas are useful or they are not, to be discarded as one might a tissue. But from what I have read recently I do detect a whiff and it isn’t perfume. I’ll shut up now.

  8. Luke

    ‘Green jobs’, AGW, overpopulation. Klain isnt just a democrat jewish lawyer, hes seems to be a puppet for the 1%.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNe5_JUqTjU

  9. Jim R

    Luke, our youtube guy is an idiot and I couldn’t listen for more than a minute. I’ll jut take your word for it.

    As for the Dallas hospital, we overheard a little gossip in the restaurant last weekend or so — the next table was a group of male ER nurses, gossiping away about their work. One of them said “You know they are operating that whole place for one patient..”, and another said “You mean the isolation ward?”, and first one said “No, the whole hospital. That nurse is their only patient.”

    Dallas Presbyterian used to be a nice middle class hospital where families from the suburbs came to have their babies and such. Duncan should have gone to Parkland, the city charity hospital. They have some of the world’s best trauma care there, and the ER there would not have let him walk away on the first visit. People in Dallas aren’t even going to the Presby for ER care any more.

  10. Luke

    Its unfortunate that the USA has open borders. Open borders has many consequences. Duncan was here to marry and stay?

  11. DeVaul

    What Jim R says is true. My boss told me that the ER room is receiving 0 patients after a daily average of 300-500. He heard it on the radio a week ago, and it appears to be true. No sane person will go there now.

  12. Luke

    With 50,000 deaths in USA annually from vehicular s, you are more likely to die in a car crash than from Ebola [assuming you stay w/i the USA].

  13. emsnews

    300 million use cars.

    Very few go to Africa to pick up terrible diseases.

    On the other hand, plagues kill massive numbers of people very fast and are much harder to avoid than car accidents.

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