Ebola Doctor Dying, While Ebola Nurse ‘Clear’ But She Whines About Quarantine

New York Ebola patient Dr Craig Spencer receives blood transfusion from survivor Nancy Writebol as he enters the ‘next phase’ of deadly disease and it is probably too late for any fix due to it eating up his entire digestive system.  He is most likely going to die.  This is less than a week after showing symptoms!  And the problem is, he came into the country and had no fever which is the only early symptom this disease shows.


Nurses aren’t stupid.  They know that handling the dying ebola patient is extremely toxic even if they are wearing the hazmat gear.  New York hospital treating Ebola doctor DENIES suffering ‘staff shortage after nurses called in sick out of fear of being infected with deadly virus’ but I bet the news is true, they are calling in sick.  I don’t blame them.  My drawing showing how the patients who are dying should be handled is correct, it is the only way to avoid killing off many nurses who are the front line troops fighting this disease, the doctors don’t have to touch anything if they want.  The nurses must!


Nurse returning from Africa to New Jersey rushed to hospital in hazmat suit because we have no quarantines that isolate these people.  The Quarantined Nurse Lashes Out After She Tests Negative for Ebola because she obviously doesn’t understand the need for a quarantine, she was annoyed that she had to be isolated and they did this only for a very short time, she could still harbor the disease.


Just like the doctor who is dying, she seems very self centered and full of pride, fighting this plague which blinds her to the reality that she and he, above all people, are the most likely disease vector for spreading the plague.  The problem with this disease is, ANY medical staff is going to be a carrier and has a high chance of being infected which means anyone doing this work cannot just go home and hang out!


They have to be isolated for 21 days if a patient dies.  This is ridiculous and the only solution is to have a total isolation unit designed which uses robots or other mechanisms to totally isolate dying patients.


Andrew Cuomo admits Ebola quarantine policy could be unenforceable which is why our curiously silent Ebola Czar has to impose this nationally.  This is all quite ridiculous.


On a similar topic, Obama’s refusal to be honest about the flood of illegal aliens has consequences:  Officials say suspect in killings of California deputies was deported twice.  This crazy illegal ran from the police and shot at them.  The fake story of thugs and crooks quietly surrendering and being helpless disgusts me.  I have made a number of citizen’s arrests and to a man, they fought to the bitter end and tried as hard as they could to escape.


We need stronger border controls and proper quarantine sites that lock up anyone coming from high danger epidemic centers.


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15 responses to “Ebola Doctor Dying, While Ebola Nurse ‘Clear’ But She Whines About Quarantine

  1. Eric Blood Axe

    One wonders if it is like hydrophobia, where the infected dog runs around trying to pass on the disease.

  2. Alaskan Ice

    More and more, from Ebola coverage to Ferguson, the subject matter and the headlines of this blog mirror the mainstream media. Content and opinion notwithstanding, part of the media control mechanism is what is in view and what is excluded or obscured.


    ELAINE: What you are saying is ‘Reality sucks!’ And you wonder why I don’t drink the Kool Kids Kool Aid.

  3. vengeur

    @Akice: Elaine’s opinions are more often than not diametrically opposed to what is presented in the mainstream media. With all due respect,your comment has to be one of the most nonsensical comments I have ever read here.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    Well no, opinions here are not so much different from at least one of the mainstream media narratives with both Ebola and Ferguson.

    But my comment is focused mainly on the volume of headline/coverage being mirrored, to the exclusion of other issues.

  5. vengeur

    ONE of the mainstream media out of how many? And you honestly mean to compare this site to Fox news? C’mon now.

  6. vengeur

    Elaine could never be on Fox News, because they would only accept a lame and terminally predicable liberal like Juan Williams.

  7. vengeur

    Predictable. I always forget not to try this WITHOUT GLASSES.

  8. emsnews

    Predicable: what you hear on TV when it comes in via cable. 🙂

  9. Jim R

    Being AI means never having to make sense.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    Vengeur, test your glasses. Pull up the big front page headline of cnn and fox news today and compare them with the headline here: quarantine nurse being upset. Not just today, that’s been fairly common here with relentless, daily big MSM headlines on both Ebola and Ferguson.

    Regardless of how different the opinions, the focus seems a bit askew and the field of view narrow, given other issues and world events, Ebola is being used as a distraction, particularly with so few cases transmitted outside Africa.

  11. Jim R

    In other news, they had an ‘election’ in Ukraine today. I don’t think they bothered to count any votes in a couple of eastern provinces. Or send absentee ballots to the million or so refugees currently unable to live in their homes due to shelling and cluster bombs from other Ukrainians.

    Elaine has covered the ongoing Ukraine story from time to time as well, even when it was completely ignored by the MSM. And as I recall, does not buy the ‘Putin’s fault’ story at face value.

  12. emsnews

    The Ukraine election is a farce. The coup is real.

    And yes, it was all Western/Catholics who voted.

  13. Alaskan Ice

    I along with I think all her readers appreciate her independent viewpoint and that she takes the time to blog each day. . .

    And, maybe it’s simply because of a lack of other news or information sources. . .

    But, if the MSM is using Ebola or Ferguson as a hot-button, fear/anger generating distraction by harping on them relentlessly to exclude other prominent events and issues around the world. . .

    Well, covering Ebola and Ferguson with the same frequency and volume is only helping in that distraction, regardless of the opinion.

    This is not just about a controlled dialectic; it’s about obscuring the discoursive space.

    If the MSM (and the internet trolls) can’t turn down the signal, they turn up the noise instead. It’s a tired old ploy that folks don’t seem to care enough to wise up to.

  14. emsnews

    If you don’t like up to date news you can go to some ideological site that covers only trivial stuff.

  15. DeVaul

    “This is not just about a controlled dialectic; it’s about obscuring the discoursive space.”

    You talk just like the head of the NIH. Do you realize that?

    He is currently worried about quarantines “disincentivizing” (this is not an English word, by the way, but he used it on TV yesterday morning) travel to West Africa. He is insane, of course.

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