Obama Tries To STOP Any Quarantines! Ebola Nurse Complains Quarantine ‘Violates Human Rights’

Throughout history for centuries, the main way of stopping a contagious epidemic was to quarantine people.  The modern way is via vaccinations.  We have neither a working quarantine NOR a vaccine for ebola and this is crazy.  We have to impose a quarantine until a vaccination is handed out.  The Doctors Without Borders continue to show arrogance and pride and an utter misunderstanding how they are SPREADING this noxious disease, not stopping it.


Quarantined nurse knocks Ebola policy – CNN.com


“To put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable,” she said.


…Hickox told Crowley that mandatory quarantine is “not a sound public health decision” and that public health officials — not politicians — should be making the policies related to Ebola and public safety.


This ‘nurse’ is either stupid or insane.  Our public safety is menaced by her.  She is dangerous until she can prove she isn’t dangerous.  She can murder millions if she is a host to an army of virus determined to colonize all our bodies and multiply to infinity.  She is stressed?  We are all stressed!  She is emotional?  Guess what?  We are ALL emotional about this and she should be in strict quarantine for 21 days not three days.


And our President is doing nothing to save us from these lunatics coming over from Africa, spreading death and whining when we try to stop them:  White House Presses States To End Ebola Quarantine: Report:


Federal officials made it clear that they do not agree with the governors about the need or effectiveness of a total quarantine for health care workers, though they were careful not to directly criticize the governors themselves.
A senior administration official, who did not want to be identified in order to discuss private conversations with state officials on the issue, called the decision by the governors “uncoordinated, very hurried, an immediate reaction to the New York City case that doesn’t comport with science.”


These are the same people who, last winter, thought we were roasting to death and need to shut down more power plants which drove up energy prices during a severe winter.  My bill went from $100 to $300 thanks to Obama and his loony tune crew of liberals.  Now these jerks are telling us there is NO WAY of stopping ebola, we should let everyone come invading from Africa over and over and DO NOTHING??? What is the ‘science’ behind that???  There is none.


Top US health administrator calls 21-day Ebola quarantines ‘draconian’ as Governor Cuomo admits New York and New Jersey’s detentions are ‘unenforceable’ but guess what?  Draconian is what is needed.  Fake health policies leads to plagues, epidemics and deaths.  And realistic ones cause a bunch of scared lunatics to howl with rage and fear say, over simple vaccinations, for example.  We can’t let every self-centered crybaby stop public health that protects all of us.


U.S. diplomat travels to West Africa as Ebola quarantine moves take hold and Obama ignores Republican calls for a travel ban because he wants to prove that we can pretend there is no epidemic and there are no tools to stop these things because…he doesn’t want to irritate black voters?  I see no other reason for this crazy Democratic response to a very real crisis.  I am very disgusted.


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35 responses to “Obama Tries To STOP Any Quarantines! Ebola Nurse Complains Quarantine ‘Violates Human Rights’

  1. DeVaul

    This morning I watched in amazement a doctor from the NIH telling a government propaganda shill (Chuck Todd maybe?) that “science” is what we must use to make policy decisions and whole lot of other gibberish and contradictory statements that are usually not spoken in interviews, but rather written up in burocratic reports.

    To see just how insane this man was, the government’s own propaganda shill rolled his eyes right after the interview. Even he couldn’t take what was being dished out with a straight face. I saw him do it real fast before going on about ISIS and whatever with his usual straight face.

    Mitch McConnel will win re-election because of this decision by Obama to not protect American citizens from crazed doctors who come flying in straight from Ebola ravaged countries and then cannot sit at home or in a hotel and watch TV and rest for 3 weeks so as not to put us all at risk.

    In fact, I suspect the Republican branch of the Imperialist Party will sweep the “elections”, but will keep the borders open after election day anyway.

  2. Luke

    Obama is a Liberal. Hence ‘Rghts’ trump common sense. However BHO may want to kill us off and that may be his ‘reasoning’.

  3. Jim R

    100% correct, Elaine.

    A century ago, they put people into sanitariums. It was sort of like a prison, but the inmates were free to stroll around the grounds, and they got better food. For TB and its first-germ-cousin Hansen’s, they didn’t come up with antibiotics until the 60’s. Penicillin didnt touch them.

    There wasn’t any whining about ‘civil rights’, they just put people into these places on the basis of simple medical tests. The TB patients were released when they were shown to be clear of disease, but a Hansen’s diagnosis was essentially a life sentence. Those little buggers are hard to kill.

    Anyhoo, you’d think that of all people, these health-care workers would understand, and like DeVaul said, would be happy to sit in a hotel and watch TV for 3 weeks.

  4. Seraphim

    @This ‘nurse’ is either stupid or insane.

    This nurse is both stupid and insane. But that shows the complete failure of the “human rights”. What she argues for is the right to kill with impunity all who “impinge” on her supreme “I want/dont want to”.

  5. Mike Gibbs

    Something this profound transcends individual/human rights issues. 1919, when influenza whipped out 20 million people is not that long ago…especially if you are my age;>)

  6. vengeur

    My father had TB as a young man and had to go to a sanitarium in the late 1920’s( he was born in 1908) . He never liked to talk about it. It was a stigma, like cancer was at the time.
    The thing I remember him telling me about it was that the practice at the time was “fresh air” and hence that the doctors and nurses left the windows open, and that it was always very cold in the rooms. He told me the guy in the bed next to him died, and my father believed the thing that helped he himself survive was that someone had given him an electric heating pad to keep himself warm. He told me when he finally was released he gave the heating pad to another patient. Another time he told me that age ten (1918!) he had become deathly ill , so ill that he said he said he looked down at himself from the ceiling, and he gravely told me he thought that he believed he almost died that day. It was only many years later that I realized he probably was infected by that influenza epidemic. I myself was born in 1954, I must say it is strange to actually have known someone who experienced these things.

  7. emsnews

    The 1918 flu was like the Hong Kong flu. And that nearly killed me! Sadly, tuberculosis is coming back and we will have to do the quarantine thing again.

  8. Jim R

    Yeah, that petri dish called humanity (sorry humans but you’ve overdone it again) has created a TB germ that is resistant to the antibiotics they’ve been using.

    And the for-profit medical system doesn’t yet think it is profitable to really search for a new one.

  9. Luke

    TB is making a come back due to ‘open borders’.
    Obama wants it to be easier for those w Ebola to get into USA ‘in order to get treatment.
    and, http://news.yahoo.com/nurse-quarantined-ebola-monitoring-sue-lawyer-211329434.html

  10. Luke

    From yr link, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, says mandatory 21-day quarantines are ‘a little bit draconian’. + BHO choice of an insider for ‘our czar’ [rhyme intended].

    And http://www.naturalnews.com/047328_ebola_czar_ron_klain_obama_administration.html

  11. Christian W


    Amusing. That is why Obama (a lawyer) picked another lawyer as his Ebola Czar. It doesn’t take much to see a potential epidemic of lawsuits against doctors, hospitals and all and sundry that can/will spring from Ebola in the US.

    And yes, that nurse is nuts, in my humble.

  12. Seraphim

    @ tuberculosis is coming back

    As well as syphilis and the good old clap (supposedly eradicated). Do you know that in the backward socialist countries a pre-marital test for syphilis was obligatory? The incidence was very low.

  13. emsnews

    AIDs and HIV are all over Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union.

  14. Adam

    I take the other side of this. Its one thing to quarantine a person coming from Africa, but somehow no MD has been quarantined that has treated an ebola pt in this country. Alot of people will be ok with it until its them. If im working my city job and treat an ebola pt, and present no symptoms i had better be paid ot 21 days x 24 hours per day or be prepared to have to arrest me.

    All these comments show these people’s lives are ruled by fear by an overhyped media-fueled crisis. Where’s the quarantine for flu? Where’s the quarantine for aids? Both body fluid transferred. The hypocrisy is sickening.

  15. Jim R


    Flu doesn’t kill three quarters of the people who catch it. And there’s a vaccine, for those who care to avail themselves of it.

    Quarantine for AIDS is known as a ‘condom’, and it is actually being employed in many venues where there’s a risk.

    This outbreak is different. No vaccine, and right now the only thing known to work against it is to break the transmission chain. Therefore, quarantine.

  16. Jim R

    Quarantine for TB will make a comeback in the foreseeable future, and hopefully Hansen’s is extinct, but you can never count on a thing like that. It could return as well.

  17. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Russia is already has quarantines for incurable TB (penicillin resistant). This form of TB is running rampant in their prison system.

  18. kenogami

    Rights have become a form of madness in our western societies. There used to be a balance between rights on one hand, and responsibilities and duties on the other hand. No more for millions of spoiled children of any age. This nurse insists on her right not to be confined for 3 weeks against her will; the fact that she could cause the death of countless number of peoples does not change her viewpoint.

  19. melponeme_k


    The Rights madness is a direct result of Free Trade, Companies as People, Right to work policies as well as political movements such as Libertarianism.

    Milton Friedman/Chicago School of Business was one of the masterminds behind this change. They equated freedom with money, rights with money and changed the dialectic from civics/societal common welfare to individual “freedom”.

    Now we see the results of these changes. Companies with rights acting above governments and individuals acting like children only caring about their own desires.

    It took about 40 to 50 years to destroy the civic minded American populace from a unified political body to a nation of entitled individualists. It will take up to and probably more than 100 years to regain the mindset of civilians acting for the collective and sovereign common good. Perhaps we’ll never regain it.

    ELAINE: You are SO right, M.

  20. kenogami

    Margaret Thatcher said:
    “There is no such thing as society: there are individual men and women, and there are families.”

    No one is more blind than the religious or ideological fanatic.

  21. DeVaul


    Mitch McConnell is a “Conservative”, and he will keep the borders open because Conservatism trumps our basic human right not to be exposed to the plague. You wait and see. I will remind you when it happens.

  22. Christian W

    Thatcher died an “individual” woman, shunned by her family because her psychopathic traits made her impossible to live with I presume.

    These “individual men and woman” love to quote Darwin and the principle of survival of the fittest and winners “red in tooth and claw”, obviously because it suits their need to to promote themselves on the expense of others.

    The Russian Kropotkin has showed that there are at least as equally valid survival principles in nature that focus on the cooperation between species and individuals for common benefit. But Kropotkin is never mentioned as part of the propaganda machine.

  23. Christian W

    Peter Kropotkin was a very interesting fellow 🙂


  24. melponeme_k


    We have evidence that Communism is just as much a failure as the current Free Trade Super Capitalism we have today.

    We need a mix between the two…a balance. Which is tricky to obtain and requires strong sovereign, national power, with a civic minded populace and rational leaders.

    Rule by a confused populace going in 99 difference directions at once (communism) and rule by psychopathic Free Market individuals are equally destructive to a balanced society.

  25. CK

    Assume a homogenous population and a logistics growth curve and you can model your epidemics. The world is not a homogenous population for AIDS. The AIDS vectors are unprotected homosexual activity, and IV drug usage. Which is why so few straight people have ever been bothered by AIDS and those who have been have had that other vector in their favour. The world is also not a homogenous population for Ebola either.
    At worst, 10% of the American population has a genetic immunity. This is one of the factors that politicians calculate in allowing the borders to stay open at the federal level and forcing the State level pols to follow allong. Ebola is an African disease as was AIDS. It is no longer allowable to notice these things.
    There are actually “bug hunters” among the younger liberal populace who actively attempt to get infected with AIDS/HIV. They consider it a “gift” and those who currently have AIDS and willingly accommodate the “bug hunters” are called “gift givers.”
    And please stop calling Obama and the rest of those people Liberals. They are the misbegotten offspring of the Trotskyites, the Progressives, The Frankfurt School, the neocons.

  26. Christian W


    Kropotkin wasn’t a communist from what I understand. He saw it as a tragedy that the Bolsheviks took over, he knew what they were. I find it interesting that he questioned the concept of money – just look at the USD and the wars that spin off this concept.

    Did you see this interesting article by Pepe Escobar about in Rojava? Apparently there is a very specific approach in that area to bypass heirarchical systems, with women in the forefront in some ways.

    I wonder if that is part of the reason they redirected the focus of ISIS?


    based on this article in The Guardian:


    Btw: It seems there is a battle between the Goddesses Ishtar and Isis 🙂

  27. emsnews

    Women fighting is very communist.


    As the Germans discovered, when they invaded Russia, for example. We learned this in Vietnam.

  28. Given not only the virulent nature of ebola but the fact that, at this time, we don’t have a known cure and the resultant obvious devastating effects that could follow an outbreak spread by even only one infected person: EVERY person, (medical personnel or otherwise), who returns from known ebola infected areas, (currently west Africa), should be quarantined on their return arrival point – regardless of the numbers involved and regardless of their apparent medical status.

    And the way CNN are sensationally, (as usual), and thus harmfully talking about current decisions being taken by Christie, good decisions taken by Christie, if you lot don’t follow rigorous quarantining procedures, regardless of whether or not people returning are displaying an illness, we might soon have to consider the USA an ebola infected area and as a result, lock you lot up whenever you leave American territorial lands ~ not such a bad thing really when you think about it and let’s face it, only about 74 Americans have passports, don’t they????

  29. John

    I don’t think libertarianism destroyed civic mindedness. I think the media advertising culture, with it’s incessant appeals to narcissism, engendered a rampant self absorption. However, I agree that corporations as people has been disastrous.

  30. Luke

    John, think of the term ‘consumer’ that is so over used. Not ‘person’ or ‘citizen’. Reducing citizens to ‘consumers’.
    Plus studies show the more ‘diverse’ an area is, the less civic minded are its inhabitants.

  31. Christian W

    I think the media advertising culture, with it’s incessant appeals to narcissism, engendered a rampant self absorption.

    Media advertising culture has it’s roots in brain washing techniques pioneered by Edward Barnays (inventor of the concept of propaganda) and others.

    Barnays got women to start smoking by tying smoking to individual independence and female emancipation. Of course they have nothing to do with each other but Barnays and others figured out how to fool the brain through the Ego – the sense of “I” and “me” and “Us” vs “you” and “them”. Feed the “I” with positive reinforcement as opposed to the negative “other”

    This technique is very simple and very effective and they still use it all the time today in various settings – to make people accept aggressive war they sell it as defensive war against the “evil other” (Muslims, Terrorists, Commies, Gooks etc).

    To make people vote for one party they sell the “other” party as ‘the evil other party’ creating a false identification between “liberal” and “republican” (for example) when in fact both parties ultimately work for the same bosses. This is how they lead UKIP and Teaparty voters to attack “them” (immigrants, blacks, Eastern Europeans etc). They work extremely hard to equate “rich” with “successful” and therefore “right” making the “poor” “losers” and therefore “wrong” and immaterial.

    In this way they create squirrel wheels of heirarchies where people are trying to join the group they identify with ie the “winners”, the “successful”, “MY”” group” while being perfectly prepared to sacrifice or destroy the group they want to distance themselves from.

  32. emsnews

    All quite true, alas.

  33. John

    Exactly. Bernays was a straight up FDR leftist, who believed that humans were herd animals and should be treated accordingly. Textbook collectivist aristocratic thinking.

    And I completely understand the criticism of some self-proclaimed libertarians as selfish, Social Darwinists, etc. Just as the concept of community was perverted into communism, the concept of liberty has been taken to a ridiculous extreme by the anarcho-capitalists (or AnCaps), who proclaim that all government is bad and that if we simply had no government, everything would be rainbows and unicorn farts forever.

    These people are truly the exact mirror image of the communists; in fact, it’s really entertaining to point out to an AnCap that anarchy was the desired end result of Marxism. After the purges of the capitalist pig-dogs are over, there will be no more need for government and it will simply wither and die.

    Anarchists are not libertarians, no matter what they say. There’s a saying in the South: “you can put your boots in the oven, but that don’t make ’em biscuits.” 😉

    True libertarians operate on the idea that individuals should do everything for themselves that they can. The the community (for example, city or town) should only do those things the individual cannot, like police and fire. The county should only do those things the community cannot, the State only those things the county cannot, and the nation only those things that the State cannot.

    What this winds up being, in practical application, most closely resembles minarchism, where the government is understood as being needed only for national defense (military), domestic peacekeeping (police and criminal courts), and a venue for redress of grievances, wrongs and harm (civil courts).

    To this I would only add the maintenance of sound money, keeping the currency from inflating or deflating. The problem with the gold standard is that gold is a cornered market just like Federal Reserve Notes; using gold puts the same parasitic families in control of the world’s wealth.

    To me, it’s a fairly straightforward process: when quarterly GDP comes out, BY LAW the government must expand or contract the money supply by the exact percentage the economy grew or contracted, within 14 days. There would be some lag, but it would be a consistent lag, and thus would be a known quantity and should present only minor fluctuations in the value of goods and services, relative to the currency.

    The only regulation on any business is: you break it, you bought it. No more ability of corporations to limit the personal liability of owners, directors and management. If you frack, and poison 30 square miles of a town with a fracking accident, then you must pay whatever is required to make restitution to anyone harmed. And if that means all the executives lose every penny they have – well. They should be more careful when they do this stuff, shouldn’t they?

    I realize that this is all just an academic discussion, and mostly wishful thinking. Maybe, if H. Sapiens survives another two or three thousand years, we will have evolved to be free of psychopathy, and might actually be able to have such a world. The current human race is, to steal a line from a classic movie, “deader ‘n fried chicken.”

  34. WTF the worlds going mad

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