NY Gov Cuomo Retreats And Stops Quarantine, Democrats Will Be Slaughtered In Election

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Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post: The headlines says it all.  The liberal Democratic governor of NY backed down from his sane quarantine program is retreated to following the useless, ridiculous and utterly failed ‘self-quarantine’ even though not ONE ebola carrier or potential carrier ‘self quarantined’ in the past, every last one of them thought this meant they could travel literally all over the earth and hang out at every possible high population venue, interacting with as many people as possible!


BREAKING NEWS:  hat tip to Jim here in the comments section:  5-year-old boy tested for Ebola in NYC after return from Africa | New York Post: the child had a 103 fever, throwing up, etc, all the symptoms.  And he and his family roamed all over the planet this last week.  Under ‘self supervised’ quarantine at home which is, as always, utterly useless.


Republicans poised to take the Senate after new polls show lead in crucial states – as approval for Democrats in Congress hits 20-year low which is totally understandable.  If Gov. Christie stands up to the White House and this madness, he will see his poll numbers shoot upwards.  Cuomo will not only fall lower and lower in the polls, he might even be removed from office.


Bill Maher controversially describes murdered teenager Michael Brown as ‘thug who didn’t deserve to be shot’ : this is the twin killer of the Democratic Party.  To keep the black voters happy, the pols have to pretend that vicious thugs are gentle giants and pander to black demands that they have no police patrols anymore.


Which should actually please racists because the #1 activity in most black communities now is to be violent thugs and kill each other.  This sad state of affairs is now twin to the idea that blacks also want bizarre and dangerous tropical diseases to spread to the US and kill everyone.  Not a good plan and will end up further isolating black communities from everyone else.


Ebola quarantine U-turn as New York Governor now says medical workers showing no symptoms of the deadly virus can monitor themselves at home instead of hospital is so typical.  The ‘experts’ who claim…FALSELY…that quarantines don’t work are now going against sensible desires of the middle class for a proper quarantine.  Those of us, the middle class, who want to protect our children and ourselves, are being forced to live in greater danger because a handful of delusional people want to go to Africa, handle deadly diseases and then run back home again and…PARTY!


This is ridiculous.  As a survivor of a plague, I am horrified by this.


Bellevue Hospital staff have been ‘refused service at restaurants’ by New Yorkers afraid of contracting Ebola, Mayor Bill De Blasio reveals because everyone is understandably terrified of this disease and knowing that NO ONE will be placed in quarantine guarantees that more ebola carriers will come to our shores in the future and you never know when or who and this stupid ‘self monitoring’ program which has been shown to be  total disaster since no one, not one ebola person coming in from Africa has ‘self quarantined’ at all, we are now helpless.  Thanks to Cuomo backing down to Obama, a lame duck President who just might be impeached when the new GOP Congress comes into office.


And yes, he will be impeached.  I am quite certain of this now.


And here is why:  New U.S. operation flies thousands of U.S. soldiers and civilians to Liberia to fight the Ebola outbreak but the difficult mission may not be enough  and the White House wants to send more.  And not one of these people will be put in quarantine upon return and you can bet, every last one of them will want desperately to go out and party, have sex, hang out in crowds, etc.


Without a doubt, being young and feeling ‘high’ which is a side effect of a mild fever which is the first symptom of this disease.  This is how it spreads in Africa.


Hazmat team empties and cleans Ebola doctor’s New York apartment 

It is obvious that people hired to clean up ebola messes don’t have the faintest idea how to do this properly and safely.  Another huge reason for strict quarantines.


The Doctors Without Brains or Borders lady in New Jersey complained because she had to use an emergency port-a-potty.  I used one for TEN YEARS when we lived in a tent while I built my present home by hand.  She used one for less than a week!  And because of this horror, she wants no quarantines at all!  And her buddies, all liberals, don’t want it, either.


Instead, they want us all to live in a coffin for all eternity!


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15 responses to “NY Gov Cuomo Retreats And Stops Quarantine, Democrats Will Be Slaughtered In Election

  1. Jim R

    And another one …


    You are so right, Elaine, this political season will feature tar-and-feathers for any open-border pols. Which is most of ’em.

  2. emsnews

    Similar in England, France and Germany. Near riots in Germany as right wingers are angry about Kurd/Sunni riots in Germany and want to beat them up, too.

    UKIP is going ever stronger with the Tories backpedalling on letting in an army of foreigners.

  3. melponeme_k

    I once thought the new Fascism would be fueled by open borders. I never thought disease would be a factor. But that was short sighted of me.

    The Ebola will usher in severe right wing governments in many countries including the US. The EU will totally disintegrate within the next 10 years.

  4. Maddie's Mom

    Obama took Cuomo behind the woodshed.

    Must have beat the common sense right out of him.

  5. Luke

    Meanwhile on Staten Island,

    The mother of police-chokehold victim Eric Garner was pulled over for a busted headlight on Staten Island last week and promptly got the borough’s top cop to send out NYPD officers to fix the minivan for her so she could get out of the ticket, sources told The Post.

    Gwen Carr, 65, was furious when a cop pulled her over for the cracked light on her 2006 Kia Sedona on the night of Oct. 21, sources said.

    Before the ticket-issuing officer could get back to his station house, Carr called borough commander Edward Delatorre to complain, the sources said.

    Delatorre had given Carr his phone number in the days after her son’s death in case she needed to contact him directly, a law-enforcement source said.

    To the shock of many officers, Delatorre phoned Capt. Alan Larson of the Staten Island Task Force — and the cop who pulled her over was chewed out because he hadn’t recognized her name, sources said.

    Larson called a lieutenant in the task force and said, “Make this right, and go fix it,’’ a source said.

    The lieutenant called a sergeant in the Emergency Service Unit and told him to fix the light, sources said.

  6. Maddie's Mom

    Pucker up!!!

  7. Peter C.

    I always wonder about the motivation of somenone who wants to be a doctor or nurse or counselor.
    Are they doing it for altruistic reasons or are there other reasons?Rhetorical question.
    Obviously there are big egos involved with these nurses and doctors.
    Bunch of narcissists whining about lose of status.

  8. Peter C.

    I should say I have encountered nurses and doctors who do really seem to care about their patients.But these ones do not.

  9. DeVaul

    I watched an interview last night with the nurses who cared for Duncan. They were quite forward about how unprepared they were and how the CDC did not give them the proper equipment to care for him for at least several days. One nurse started crying when she was told he might have Ebola, but she cared for him anyway even as she recounted all the lies he told to the staff and the federal government about his exposure to Ebola and where he had come from.

    The nurses seemed to me to be genuinely caring of others, but they did not seem to understand the wider implications of Duncan’s actions — only that he was a “human being” who was sick and alone.

    The most telling part of the interview was how there were no doctors interviewed and apparently no doctors ever even touched Duncan. Only the nurses were sent in to care for him. This is a colossal divide within the medial profession. Even my ex-wife admitted while training to be a doctor that she would never actually use her stethoscope. It was just a prop.

    The real work is done by the nurses. The doctors simply diagnose and bill.

    I am not sure what the psychology at work here is, but Stalin once said this:

    “The death of a single man is a tragedy. The death of a million men is a statistic.”

    Perhaps the nurses just cannot see the forest for the trees.

  10. DeVaul

    Here is another colossal divide:


    No one asked a Deaf person if the man was a real sign language interpreter or not. They only asked Hearing People. Since only Hearing People can be interpreters, there is no way to verify if one is fake or real since proficiency in American Sign Language is not required of American citizens in elementary or high school — but Spanish is.

  11. CK

    There was a agitated fake sign language interpreter at Mandela’s services too. The whole 00.2% of the possible population of viewers is well served by having a faux performer on stage at semi serious events like Cuomo’s presser and Mandela’s farewell.

  12. Alaskan Ice

    Ebola won’t doom the democratic majority in the house and senate; rather, Ebola is a nullity, a fear-mongered epidemic that never actually spread much in the US, but perfect noise and distraction to keep the parties in balance.

    Ebola means not calling to light all the buffoonery and jackassery in the house and senate over the last term, from not declaring war in Syria and Iraq and Ukraine, to the staged government shutdown over the budget, justifying the first US credit downgrade in history, to overspending, etc.

    Of course, the handlers of both parties don’t want either party questioning foreign policy, economic policy, monetary policy or fiscal policy all that much.

    So, they get the press to hand the Republicans Ebola, the political equivalent of a double ended sex toy to wrestle with the democrats.

    And we the people maybe get some more ridiculous laws, and maybe some new reasons to be divided over fears that never came.

  13. emsnews

    The ‘handlers’ are all Bilderberg gangsters.

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