10% Of Population, At Least 400,000 Probably Dead Or Infected In Liberia—Also, New Possible Ebola Test That Really Works

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The dynamics of the African epidemic continues to cause news.  Ebola: Liberia deaths ‘far higher than reported’ as officials downplay the real numbers…which makes perfect sense.  The official numbers are collected by governments (of a sort) in these African nations that can’t even do simple censuses, is woefully inadequate. I reason that roughly 10% of the population of Liberia is either infected or dead already.  And the disease continues to spread.  The good news for all of us outside of Africa is a new invention from Harvard microbiologists:  Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes — RT News, that is news from good old evil Russian media!  I am so happy I can get news from all over the world rather than from our much less reliable domestic sources.  Below is a picture of the RNA detection paper which can be used for other diseases, too, I hope.

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The liberal media continues to mock ebola fears and lie about the dangers and difficulties in isolating and stopping this plageu:  Jon Stewart Wants To Know Why Chris Christie Is ‘Such A D*ck About Everything’


Jon Stewart’s back, and he’s taken “The Daily Show” to Austin, Texas. There his team of correspondents have been working hard to cover the Ebola story from every Texas angle possible.

Stewart started by asking Dallas Senior Health Correspondent Samantha Bee how the city managed to get Ebola-free.

“Dallas officials tried every Texas solution they could think of,” reported Bee. “They shot at Ebola. They gave it the death penalty. They prayed for the virus.”

But, as it turned out, “all they really needed to do was just get their shit together.”

Now that Dallas no longer has active Ebola cases, the city can focus on a few other problems.


Here is a list of all the ebola stories the Huffington Post thinks its crazed readers should look at, all of which make fun of ebola concerns:

 A Million Ways to Die in the US – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

 Jon Stewart Rips Ebola Panic, Asks Why Christie’s ‘Such a Dick …

 Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart slams media for Ebola fear-mongering

 Jon Stewart Trashes Media for ISIS, Ebola Panic When Heart Disease Kills …

 In the Face of Ebola, Stay Calm


Ms. Bee is someone hired by Adriana to be a ‘reporter’, and this ‘reporter’ is a clone of that other blonde bitch, Anne Coulter.  The two women mirror each other exactly including being snide, smirky and arrogant.


Here is a list of stories at Huffington that shows the crazy belief system of fears that plague liberals today:  The Ebola Vaccine, Traffic Congestion, and Global Warming, the ‘global warming’ being the ‘real fearful thing that will kill us all’ for liberal minds.  Reading the comments at that web page brings up many horrifying gems.  Liberals have fallen lockstep into denying there is a threat of this disease and anyone who worries about it are stupid.  But while perusing the list of comments, I found this one which is chillingly dangerous since it is posted from Monrovia, Liberia:


Shadi Baki · Monrovia, Liberia

Steve Hutton – Exactly my reasoning as well. I lived here in Liberia throughout the outbreak. Once you have all the facts about this virus and you protect yourself, your chances of contracting it is Zero unless you fall into some ‘Final Destination’ circumstance. The cases here in Liberia has dramatically declined from peaking in August with 1000s of cases to currently approx 300 active cases.

Dont know why the media is not reporting this and keep reporting 10,000 cases from the 3 countries combined which is the cumulative number of cases since the outbreak started almost a year ago.


The cases in Liberia have NOT declined at all, it is spreading like wildfire.  The counting of cases has gotten so difficult, the government there has basically given up so the previous woeful undercount is getting more out of whack with reality as the plague deepens.  There isn’t 10,000 cases.  This number was passed long ago, way back in August.  And 300 active cases today is pure insanity.


Here is my local liberal Democratic governor:  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo defends his Ebola quarantine policy and suggests 21-day home inmates get comfy and read his dismally-selling book:


‘Enjoy your family. Enjoy your kids. Enjoy your friends. Read a book. Read MY book,’ Cuomo said.


Except NONE of the doctors or nurses exposed or carrying the disease sit at home, every blasted one of them immediately decided to socialize and travel often thousands of miles, when they knew very well they had to be under ‘quarantine’.  The Doctors Without Brains in New Jersey, now that she is released, is going home:  Nurse who battled Ebola quarantine in New Jersey now faces MORE time in seclusion at home in Maine and I am betting she will socialize as much as possible.  Her mate is going to the university there and I assume she will hang out on the campus.


Ebola outbreak: Australia denies visas from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone while the US continues to allow people to come from there and is still handing out visas!


Thanks in particular to this, Battleground Polling Shows Edge For GOP which doesn’t surprise me.  It isn’t getting hotter and hotter, it is cooling down so the global warming screaming plus the punitive tax on energy has people up in arms against liberals.  And then there is the ebola mess which liberals have decisively decided, due to obeying Obama’s obviously crazy wishes, have decided to double down on ignorance and lying about ebola.


Thomas Eric Duncan lied to hospital staff about his Ebola exposure claim the nurses and staff.  Which I believe.  The ebola baby in NYC evidently doesn’t have it, thank goodness.  But telling symptoms apart from the flu is extremely difficult.  And you can’t take a chance when someone is throwing up.  This is why the news about a RNA test is so wonderful.  This can be applied to anyone coming in contact.  Even so, it doesn’t have a 100% ability to detect the disease because of the 21 day incubation period.


Study: Current Aid Promises Won’t Contain Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak …


“While the window of opportunity for timely control of the Ebola outbreak has passed, the risk of catastrophic devastation both in West Africa and beyond has only just begun,” said study author Alison Galvani, a professor of epidemiology at Yale in a statement. “While vaccines to prevent Ebola remain unavailable, our study urges a rapid and immediate scaling-up of all currently available non-pharmaceutical intervention strategies to minimize the occurrence of new cases and deaths.”


And since real experts know that the only working solution is quarantine, why are liberals acting up like this is some terrible solution?  What are they offering us?




This story today in the WP illustrates how utterly inept the ‘quarantine’ in Liberia is and inadvertently reveals the fact that at least 10% or in some areas, 50% of the people are either infected or going to be infected in the next month:  In a Liberian slum swarming with Ebola, a race against time to save two little girls – The Washington Post


There may be only one way to halt the worst Ebola outbreak in history: find the disease’s victims, strictly quarantine them and monitor everyone with whom they interacted.


When Thomas Eric Duncan tested positive for Ebola in Dallas, U.S. authorities dispatched a team to identify everyone with whom he might have made physical contact. In a few days, they created a list of more than 120 people. Another team found 142 people who had contact with Amber Vinson, a nurse who became infected. Those measures appear to have kept Ebola from spreading in the United States.


But doing contact tracing and enforcing quarantines in a place like New Kru Town is a different story.


The stories coming out of the White House are the exact opposite.  Obama got Cuomo to drop the involuntary quarantines, for example.  His staff and his ebola czar loudly declaim that quarantines don’t work but have zero proof of this.  Logically looking at this problem, it is the ONLY solution until vaccines are created and so far, we have none.


The disease had been raging across Liberia for seven months. The girls (who slept with their dying mother and embraced her as she died)  had heard what it could do to a person’s body. They had listened to warnings on the radio. They had seen billboards that pronounced, “Ebola is real.”


In her sixth-grade class, Princess had been taught by her teacher, Mr. Ballah, that “you can’t touch each other anymore.” A community health worker distributed latex gloves in the area. When her mother got sick, Princess slipped on a pair…But the gloves eventually became dirty. And when her mother got really sick, Princess forgot about them…


They had heard about Ebola on the radio and in school, but it remained a mysterious, alien force. The men in moon suits aren’t health-care workers, they’re ghosts, Princess said. Ebola isn’t just a virus, it’s an evil spirit that takes over your body. To the girls, quarantine wasn’t a public health precaution, it was something that might leave you alone and hungry.


You can’t blame little girls for doing the wrong things.  They obviously loved their mother.  Now, they are carriers of the disease and homeless so they went to relatives’ houses.  Here is the ebola enforcement health officer working for the Red Cross trying as hard as he can to isolate the ebola victims:


“If you don’t go to the hospital, we will call the police on you,” Shagbeh shouted. “You need to accept that this man is infected.” (After relatives claimed he didn’t have ebola)


A crowd had gathered. Shagbeh and the sick man’s mother continued shouting at each other while the man with either yellow fever or Ebola sat in his sweatshirt in the 100-degree heat. (Note how this brings crowds to an obvious ebola victim!)


Then a man from the local UNICEF team, Chris Dassen, arrived.


“These people need pampering, not hardness,” he said to Shagbeh. “We don’t need the police.”


Shagbeh walked away. “There’s nothing the government of Liberia can do to enforce this quarantine,” he said.


Chris Dassen is a foreigner and a do-gooder.  He wanted the people to ‘love’ him and embrace him.  He interfered with attempts to impose some sort of quarantine.  Doctors Without Borders and the UN staff are directly responsible for SPREADING this disease!  They hold hands with the diseased people and then fly off to Europe or the US and attempt to spread it here like the irresponsible doctor in NYC.


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14 responses to “10% Of Population, At Least 400,000 Probably Dead Or Infected In Liberia—Also, New Possible Ebola Test That Really Works

  1. melponeme_k

    As well as needing to keep the borders open for the foreign Christmas crap coming into the country, the party in power now can’t have Ebola take away the spotlight from Global warming. They need momentum to push through the cap and trade emissions and energy taxes.

    The other party won’t do a thing even if they are voted into office. They will not close the borders or stop visas. They will instead lose interest in the deadly plague and tell us our real problem is abortion.

  2. Jim R

    NPR is running a story this morning, lauding the efforts of MSF in Liberia. The place name sounds like “Foya”. There are fewer cases in the clinic there now.

    Listening to the story, I couldn’t help but think that in this place, wherever they are, the disease has run its course. The remaining villagers have developed a natural immunity, and MSF is taking credit for it.

  3. Peter C.

    So its ok for Gaza residents to be under a LIFETIME quarantine,but us western white folk object to 21 days in our comfortable homes.
    What must they think of us?

  4. Moe

    Quarantine is the sole effective intervention for potential Ebola contractors at the present stage of treatment, i.e., no vaccines, etc. How the elected officials of the US could not implement this strategy is incomprehensible. The mind reels.

    Sorry to appear conspiratorial, but IMO, nobody could be that stupid, not even liberals. Not even Obama. And if this is so, what IS the US government agenda? What gain would they achieve from their apparent laxity? I don’t have an obvious answer, and would appreciate input.

  5. melponeme_k


    I don’t believe there is a conspiracy theory of any sort. The government lackeys are really that stupid.

    They are maniacally trying to follow the Elite Bilderberg agenda of global warming taxes and everlasting war plus keeping the ZIRP train chugging along. Ebola has thrown a wrench into the works.

    Plus all of them are delusional and certain that since the American populace is, on the whole, healthier than most Africans that we will naturally just shrug the disease away. That is really what they are thinking, as insane as it is.

  6. larry, dfh

    MSF, being French, HAS to be imperialist. The are pro-war in Syria, and were probably so in Libya.

  7. Jim R


    Perhaps what they want is chaos. Chaos in the Middle East, chaos here … it gives relevance and validity and justification to the police state.

    And the Ebola outbreak is another crisis/opportunity to exploit.

  8. DeVaul

    Evidence of Sanity:


    Russia abandons daylights savings time! Hurray!

    Would that we could become sane too. DST saves no energy at all, since turning the lights on in the morning to get to school and work wastes the same amount of energy as using them at night. DST was all about late night activities like shopping, sports, etc., etc. Going home after work or school does not promote a society based on consumerism.

    Now that the largest country in the world has abandoned it, others may follow suit when the late night shopping orgies finally end. People in Russia can go to bed at night without the sun shining in their eyes at 9 pm.

    If I were president, that would be my FIRST executive order, followed by a quarantine.

  9. vengeur

    Elaine, every time you as a liberal pound on the liberal leadership and media for their knee-jerk obsession with global warming etc., I can not help but despair that we have the same shit on the right, number one being the obligatory “support our troops around the world” sh*t ,(also known as endless war, and eternal occupations), unconditional support for our ally “the only democracy in the middle east, Israel”, the free trade is good for America bullshit, etc. etc. All these things are an unquestioned “given” for republican politicians. The poster boy for all this is John McCain, who is basically the Mad King Ludwig of the military industrial complex.

  10. e sutton

    @ vengeur,

    Elaine has indicated consistently that our two parties are just two sides of the same coin. Bilderberg Op big time. Obama, in his latest ridiculous spew about ebola, and how we Americans just have to send our troops over there and take one for the team, is the ultimate black, “Aw Shucks, folks!” messenger boy for the Bilderberg crowd. I’ll now move on to a wiki search for Mad King Ludwig!

  11. Alaskan Ice

    It’s not spreading here. For all we know, it’s lethal and spreading in Africa mostly amongst the very large subpopulations there already dying of AIDS.

  12. Christian W

    No, it’s spreading in Africa beause people are in direct contact with the disease there. Let go of this idea that it has anything to do with AIDS please. Western people without AIDS get it just as easily as Africans do if they are exposed to the virus.

  13. John

    There is a theory that the virus doesn’t handle heat and humidity well, much like the cold and flu viruses. The US is not as hot or humid, and Ebola may well be able to spread airborne over here.

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