Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

Because the EU and US elites needed badly to demonize Russia again so they could control their home populations, scare them and herd them into destructive economic choices, they used the shooting down of the Air Malaysia flight as a propaganda tool.  But this works only if no one sees the actual evidence so they deliberately hid this now for two months.  I keep waiting for them to release this data online and of course, the longer it is buried, the more obvious it is, the actual data totally contradicts the official stories put out by Western media and all the EU/US rulers who conspired, yes, CONSPIRED to lie about this matter.  Now, investigators who are professionals are refusing to go along with the ‘Blame Putin!’ game and are telling the truth.  The contract for Putin to supply the Space Station was terminated even though it was very cheap, and replaced with a very expensive alternative run by our billionaires, the ‘Dragon’ rocket which was named after the song.

MH17 might have been shot down from air – chief Dutch investigator: no kidding!  I think it is utterly obvious.  The puncture holes I got to see in the forward section of the plane where the pilots sat were in straight lines, not ‘scatter shot’ if it were a rocket doing this.  Since our rulers refuse to let us see all the data including the all-important conversations between the Kiev coup control tower staff and the plane and most importantly, with the fighter jets that were flying towards the plane, I assume that all this data backs Putin’s understanding, not Obama’s storyline.


This is utterly disgusting.  During the Cold War, we had the Cuban Missile Crisis.  My father was directly involved in that because the US spy camera used to photograph the missiles going to Cuba was built and designed by him and President Kennedy wanted him to be in the meetings talking about the pictures.  He wanted to be 100% right before confronting Khrushchev.  He was already suspicious of the CIA and wanted someone who was not conspiring to drive America into a confrontation.


He then defused the confrontation via direct conversations with Khrushchev and defused the confrontation by withdrawing NATO missiles from Turkey.  In other words, he used diplomacy correctly.  Our present rulers never, ever use diplomacy correctly.  They imagine they rule the planet and are ‘exceptional’ and therefore, can do as they please and what they do is spread hate, chaos and destruction as they muscle one country after another, funding coups and invasions and imposing cruel embargoes on all and sundry who resist them and one victim is Cuba.  Which takes us all the way back to the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Kennedy didn’t survive his refusal to be confrontational.  LBJ immediately used false charges to invade Vietnam and kill millions of Vietnamese.  The Cold War became dangerously hot and we were constantly on the verge of nuclear war.  Back in the 1950’s, due to WWII impulses, our government did many things to try to get us all ginned up for WWIII and people built bomb shelters and we had nuke drills at school. NO ONE does this today except the fringe survivalist families.  Certainly, our cities and schools never mention WWIII or nuclear bombs.


The reason these drills stopped was due to us peaceniks.  We demonstrated against the CIA and WWIII dreams of the Pentagon and forced the US to back down again and again.  They had to stop the draft, for example.  And to keep people from connecting political events and warmongering with WWIII, our government decided to totally end all civil defense training and efforts with the public and then pretend there is no WWIII looming even though the CIA and the Bilderberg gang continue their confrontational chaos that will cause WWIII.


The US space program is falling apart at the seams.  They had to rely on Russia to supply the Space Station and due to the need to demonize Putin, they had to end Russia’s work and try to supply the station by our own selves.  The capitalists wanted to make oodles of money doing this so NASA was privatized.  No longer dealing with rockets, it has been turned into one of the stupidest things on earth: a propaganda machine for the CO2 derivatives traders who base their work on sucking down huge taxes on energy produced in traditional ways.


So now the rocket has blown up, this takes me back to the good old days when our German Nazi rocket scientists did poorly against the Russian Nazi scientists.  HAHAHA.


There is still a $30M reward for who shot down Malaysia airliner and I think Putin should collect the prize.  Malaysia has the data and could collect the prize so the fact they continue to hide it means our rulers bribed them with more than $30 million, probably trade deals that wreck our domestic economy even further.


I almost forgot: remember all the propaganda from Sweden about how an evil Putin sub was invading their coastal waters?  Turns out there was no sub there at all.  It was all made up!  Note how NO ONE at the top is apologizing to Russia or Putin.  No one!  What’s next?  I am certain they will cook up another false story hoping to scare everyone into attacking Russia again.  Remember: Europe has attacked Russia on false charges far more often than the reverse.


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12 responses to “Puff The Magic Dragon NASA Orbital Resupply Rocket Goes Poof—Explodes During Virginia Launch

  1. Christian W

    The Swedish “sub” hunt was a complete farce. Blurry pictures of a retiree out fishing for sea trout and pike became Spetsnaz frogmen operating in the Swedish archipelago.

    Pure insanity – and pure propaganda brain washing again. The brain cannot think in terms of “no” since it sees images – so the propaganda plants images of Putin and subs and Spetsnaz in the minds of Swedes and other Europeans. Even if we all know there are no Putin subs we still see images of Putin and subs when we read the articles or see pictures with text telling us what to think, that is brainwashing.

    This is how the US got 90% or it’s population to scream Sieg Heil when Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

    You can see why Assange is smart staying the way hell away from those lunatics in Sweden. Nobody does farce up the way Swedes do, they match the Kiev Ukrainians easily.

    And I got modded on the Guardian when I pointed out that Sweden/ Finland, Scotland/UK, France, Germany have all invaded Moscow… I was pointing the historical context out to someone catapulting the propaganda how evil the expansionist and militarily aggressive the Russians were. Bam, the Guardian sensors protected the operator.

  2. Christian W

    Argh sorry for the muddled English, been up too long after a night shift.

  3. melponeme_k


    Our agricultural exports were just about the only bulwark against ZIRP/Free Trade. Now, thanks to our stupid leadership, we don’t even have that anymore.

  4. Jim R

    Hey, they can blame Putin for the rocket failure, too!

    The first stage uses RP-1 (kerosene) and liquid oxygen (LOX) as propellants, powering two Aerojet AJ-26 engines, which are modified Soviet-built NK-33 engines. Together they produce 3,265 kilonewtons (734,000 lbf) of thrust…

    The “commercial private enterprise” rocket engines were from Russia! Will Russia still supply NASA if we start a war with them?

  5. emsnews

    🙂 🙂 🙂 And supposedly Putin is screwing up the internet connections at the White House. Some jokers are saying he is using Comcast. 🙂

  6. Peter C.

    Russia just launched a resupply rocket for the ISS that didn’t blow up.

  7. melponeme_k


    Dr Ebola lied to the police about his travels around NY.


    And another story at dailymail, ebola nurse refuses to follow voluntary quarantine at her home in Maine.


    Can these people be disbarred from practicing medicine already! Can someone press criminal charges against them and sue them for every penny. I want Ebola Doctor to survive, just so we can have the satisfaction of putting him behind bars.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, the Russians can launch rockets.

    Now, imagine WWIII. The US throwing rockets at Russia and Russia tossing rockets at us.

    Who will win? Ahem.

  9. emsnews

    Oh, and NY taxpayers (ME) will pay the million+ bucks for taking care of the Ebola Doctor who has no insurance.

  10. Joseppi

    New Creation Myth…
    God created monkey and was disappointed so he created man, still disappointed he created woman, suffering more disappointment, God then created nuclear weapons.

  11. emsnews

    So, Joseppi, where did men come from? 🙂

  12. Joseppi

    Elaine, I was so hoping you would ask that question……Until recently, some anthropologists believed that the men in the news making lewd remarks directed towards women from construction sites and creating violent misogynist videos descended from a primate that had a muted Y chromosome with externalized genitalia.

    Before this mutation appeared all ancestors of the Homo Sapiens were happy parthenogenetic females. This first mutated male became aggressive due to feeling inferior, or so goes the theory, and centuries of male dominated drama……

    New evidence points to men merely falling out of a barrel full of monkeys, all the while arguing and hitting each other with sticks, so goes the new theory, or what I’ve been led to believe by my dear wife.

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