Nationalism Rises As Economic Disparity Grows: Labour Party To Be Decimated By Scottish Nationalist Party

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As I predicted, the promises from both Labour and Tory parties in the run up to the Scottish referendum are now being ignored and this has an instant backlash in Scotland.  Far from Europe drawing together, all over the place we see a massive rise in both ‘nationalism’ and ‘regionalism’.  Everyone wants to split off from previous national borders and keep out outsiders while at the same time want no borders for neighbors and EU unity for their own interests.  And of course the Real Rulers continue to howl about Ukraine, demanding it stay ‘intact’ while at the same time, lose all sovereignty to Brussels.  Putin’s popularity continues to soar while the EU slides into further recession thanks to the boycott of Russia.


This was ridiculously easy to see in advance and as usual, I saw it coming.  The poll for remaining under the rule of the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – The British Monarchy royals.  Britain’s King George V changes royal surname during WWI to hide the fact that this destructive war was a battle of dominance between a bunch of nearly identical triplet brothers, the rulers of Russia, Germany and England.  Great War & Scotland | History | History of Scotland:


A total of 147,609 Scots lost their lives in the four-year-long conflict between 1914 and 1918. While Scotland had just a tenth of the UK’s population, its soldiers accounted for a fifth of Britain’s war dead. Or, to put it another way, twice as many Scots died per head of population than was the case south of the border…


Scots troops featured prominently in another of the most notorious engagements of the Great War – the notorious Battle of the Somme in June 1916. The Edinburgh-born General Douglas Haig, who was Commander in Chief of the British Forces and a national hero, was convinced that a powerful attack could determine the outcome of the war.


Haig was to be proved tragically wrong. Soldiers of the Highland Light Infantry were among those to be butchered en masse in the carnage that followed. Once again, they were told to make their way out of the trenches and across No Man’s Land to try and take over the German positions.


To the skirl of the bagpipes, the men went over the top. Once again, however, the Germans had ensured their own lines were heavily defended. The heavy machine guns opened up, and the Scots soldiers, along with other allied troops, were mown down. In one day of fighting alone, 20,000 allied soldiers died. The 17th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry alone lost 447 soldiers and 22 officers.


We are at the bloody anniversary of the beginning of WWI and of course our darling elites tried their very, very hardest to start WWIII last August with all the howling and keening about the Ukraine Malaysian Airlines mass murder.  Note how that false charge against Russia is now being quietly dropped due to the evidence clearly showing that Ukrainian coup military shot it down!  More and more investigators are admitting Russia didn’t do it.  Not one piece of evidence has been revealed due to it clearly showing Ukraine did it.


Membership in the SNP has tripled since the vote that supposedly showed that Scots didn’t want independence.  Labour in particular, worked hard to scare everyone on the left and so I suppose enough of the voters slit their throats to save Labour in the southern half of England.  Now, this plan is blowing up in the faces of Labour’s leaders who happen to be…David Miliband  for example, son of Polish Jewish immigrants who came over after WWI.


Labour faces massive losses to SNP at UK general election, poll shows  Scottish Labour Party deputy leader Anas Sarwar quits: The head of Labour Scotland is…Anas Sarwar who is also not a Scotsman or Englishman but is from Pakistan.  His brother also was in Parliament, Mohammad Sarwar to take Pakistan government role because there are no borders anymore for rich elites.  Both men came into Britain with oodles of money and bought their political offices and people wonder why Scots are now dumping Labour?  This is also why Labour is no different from Tories when push comes to shove and like in the US, all offices are bought and sold by rich elites making all parties one and the same, effectively.  Proof that Scots are not fooled by dual citizens:

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There are local issues, too:  Rank hypocrisy from Scottish Labour on railways as privatization roars onwards.  Claims this makes life better have been proven false over and over again.  It is all about cheap foreign labor and goods swamping native populations so that wages stink and the middle class is eradicated or buried deep in debt.


Hillary Clinton heckled by immigration activists at latest stop in campaign tour as foreign invaders demand citizenship, preferably dual like Israelis get, so they can wipe out our borders.  Hillary and Obama both know that polls show Americans do NOT want even greater floods of aliens.  This is ignored, of course, by BOTH parties who benefit from high illegal immigration.  I remember promises last time illegals were legalized:  A Reagan Legacy: Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants : NPR was supposed to be followed up with tighter borders.  Didn’t happen.


Then came the Assessing 1996 Immigration Amnesty under Clinton: same promises broken immediately.  Each time even more came in seeing that they can be legalized.  Now it is a flood and the cure is…more of the same.  Won’t work.  It is decimating labor, destroying unions, dropping wages while inflation rages, the bankers and corporations make out like bandits and things fall apart at home.


Silicon Valley company busted for paying Indian workers $1.21 an hour in America is a typical example of this process, destroying US jobs.  What is really, really hilarious is this story is also in Daily Kos, a left wing website that supports Bilderberg crooks and bans anyone mentioning that Hillary Clinton, for example, is a huge cog in the Bilderberg machine.  And incidentally, the Daily Kos supports legalizing illegal aliens who are brought in to destroy jobs for Americans.


Rule of thumb for all workers: if you let in a flood of cheap labor your own wages will collapse.  This is why NATIONAL SOCIALISM grows during economic chaos.  Yes, that is the name of the Nazi party.  This is who rules Israel, for example.  No one can come into Israel without first undergoing a blut-treu genetic exam to see if they are echt-Juden.  There are generous social services there and someone from Pakistan or the US who isn’t Jewish, cannot come in for any jobs, ever.  Much less, to run political parties and hold dual citizenship.


Imagine for one minute, 20 million Mexicans coming into Israel to take over many jobs there!


The demands that everyone have open borders and floods of cheap labor are in total conflict with private beliefs that borders that matter to the elites should be totally closed shut and the demand that workers in Scotland or the US have no socialism and no nationalism while Israel, for example, gets both, is disgusting.  Children in Landsberg School begin greeting one another with ‘Heil Hitler’ in former East Germany.  That country is being swamped by aliens.  And the local population has been giving up on having children with now one of the lowest birth rates in the world and like Japan, it is collapsing internally.


The main reason is, poor people can’t have multiple children easily because both make it very, very hard for them.  Unlike Israel with a much higher birth rate and lots of Jews on welfare, for example.  The Ukraine mess is all about National Socialism which is why the country must split in two.  Two rival religious/ethnic/language populations can’t share socialism so they are following the Israel model.


Speaking of WWI, ‘World War Three would have NO effect on the global population’, study claims.  Just lots of three headed children.  Hard to have a population boom when the landscape is poisonous.  But the elites are latching onto this news as proof WWIII will be no big deal.  Just all the cities in ruins, all the nuclear power plants spewing out poison nonstop like Fukushima…and I am still enraged that silly leftists marched, right before a super cold winter descends, against ‘global warming’ which ain’t happening, while totally silent about Fukushima.  Where are the giant demonstrations?


Oh, it isn’t in the news!  And it doesn’t make the rich richer playing energy derivative games and gaming the alternative energy program taxes.


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5 responses to “Nationalism Rises As Economic Disparity Grows: Labour Party To Be Decimated By Scottish Nationalist Party

  1. Christian W

    Small correction to an otherwise pretty much spot on analysis. The Labour party leader is Ed Milliband, David is the brother who lost the struggle for the Leadership of the Labour party to Ed.

  2. paul

    The “Scottish Parliament” title is wrong; the poll represents what Scottish representation in Westminster would look like.

  3. Christian W

    Scots have traditionally voted Labour for decades. I guess a LOT of voters, especially those that both wanted independence and/or have been voting for the “lesser evil”, now simply gave up completely on Labour after it’s betrayal.

    Labour in the UK is like the Democrats in the US. It doesn’t stand for anything really apart from taking bribes and keeping the wheels turning for the elites. That is why the Tories are still in government even if they are kind of a freak show, much like the rabid right in the US.

    Here in Norway the right wing popular nationalist party (UKIP/Tea Party) recently won an election and formed the government with the right wing party (GOP/Tories). Unexpectedly this deep blue coalition promptly proceeded to take the axe to the welfare state and give tax cuts to the rich. If the election was held today the left (Labour) would win handsomely because people were not impressed.

    Then again the new NATO secretary (a Bilderberger of course) is from the Labour party. The politicians here are rabid arse kissers of anything NATO and panic if they are left out of NATO plans to attack Muslims.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    @emsnews: “We are at the bloody anniversary of the beginning of WWI and of course our darling elites tried their very, very hardest to start WWIII last August with all the howling and keening about the Ukraine Malaysian Airlines mass murder. Note how that false charge against Russia is now being quietly dropped due to the evidence clearly showing that Ukrainian coup military shot it down! More and more investigators are admitting Russia didn’t do it. Not one piece of evidence has been revealed due to it clearly showing Ukraine did it.”

    You are mistaken. Russian involvement in the downing of MH-17 and the death of 23 American onboard is being downplayed for the same reason that, say, the Pakistani attackers in the Mumbai massacre were downplayed to just the 9 or 10 attackers who were killed in the raid, when clearly, that was a Company sized operation, given the number of targets, with most of the attackers melting into the populace, executing pre-determined link-up or escape and evasion plans.

    It’s like the reverse of the Gulf of Tonkin: if the establishmet wants to go to war, then they fool the people with lies to get them mad enough to go to war; but they lie to them to keep them from getting mad if the establishment doesn’t want to go to war.

    Pakistan and India don’t want to go to war (yet). So, India is lying about rounding up most all of the Pakistani trained attackers.

    Similarly, the west decided to pretend Russia didn’t shoot down MH-17, diverted inexplicably over an active war zone in Donetsk, and pretend they didn’t lose any US commandos or spooks in the process.

  5. emsnews

    Alaska, you are so utterly wrong and illogical. Why would the EU and US rulers blabber like lunatics blaming Russia and then when the black boxes were found and the tapes of the air controllers talking to the plane were given up to the EU/US investigators, they all suddenly SHUT UP and ceased talking about it at all.

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