British Study For Nuclear War: Psychopaths Should Run Aftermath Because They Are Cruel And Inhuman!

Lunar Goddess

I grew up watching my dad work on various schemes including learning about how he brought home a bunch of Nazis from Germany at the end of WWII to build nuclear missile rockets so we could have WWIII.  I grew up wondering about WWIII on a daily basis and my father told me that if more than ten military jets take off from Davis Monthan Airbase one after the other in quick succession, I was to run for the mountains and hide because we will all be incinerated as Tucson was a major nuclear missile base site.

This actually happened: Assassination of John F. Kennedy on that Friday right after we came back into class after lunch, I was diagraming sentences and the teacher was talking at the chalk board when some military jets suddenly roared to life and each climbed straight up.  I sat very still and began counting.


When it was more than 12, I raised my hand and said, ‘I have to go now.’  The teacher said no.  I said, ‘I really have to go, we are all going to die.’  She said I was crazy and the roar of the jets was now deafening.  I got up and ran, yes, ran for my bike and took off peddling madly.  I saw cars pull over on Catalina Highway and slowed down to hear the news and it was about Kennedy being killed in Texas.


Far from being reassured, this made me more frantic, my dad worked close with Kennedy!  So I had to get home and get a hold of the shortwave radio we used to get information from the Soviet Union and tuned into Radio Bulgaria which had an English news show.  There, I learned that Khrushchev was assuring everyone he had nothing to do with the assassination and was not going to start WWIII.


▶ The Atomic Cafe – YouTube

We were minutes away from WWIII.  Thank goodness, Russia had some people capable of some diplomacy.  Now I am very angry about the refusal of the US and Israel to disarm their nuclear arsenals so no one else will do this so we are always one minute away from WWIII and annihilation.  Here is a news story about our lunatics who rule us:  UK Government considered recruiting psychopaths ‘to keep order’ after nuclear attack – Home News – UK – The Independent:


 In 1982, the Home Office tested how the UK would cope after 300 megatons of nuclear bombs have been dropped within a 16-hour period.


The detailed top-secret exercise, which was named ‘ Operation Regenerate’, imagined many cities flattened, millions killed by the blast and millions more suffering from radiation sickness….
Maintaining law and order would become increasingly difficult as police would be busy helping victims of the radiation fallout.


These predictions led Jane Hogg, a scientific officer in the Home Office, to suggest the police could recruit another group of people to help restore order – psychopaths.


OK: feel free to laugh. Our rulers ARE already ‘psychopaths.’  They don’t give two barks for the rest of humanity, indeed, they openly talk about annihilating most of us.  The recent news that a crazy study was done showing that all out nuclear war would have zero effect on stopping the population from growing which is hilarious because…the two continents least likely to be hit by any nuclear missiles are South America and Africa!


Both continents  have no nuclear arsenals, either and can’t do WWIII all out.  The EU, US, Russia and China and of course, Israel, bristles with nuclear missiles and thus are going to be totally destroyed in any all out war.


Both Britain and Japan have a 100% chance of being utterly destroyed with Germany close behind.  There is no doubt that thanks to being smallish islands plus the vast majority of the population living in one major city, a small number of well-placed tsar bomb russian biggest nuclear weapon 57000000 tons would leave nothing not even ruins.

WWIII will be launched by vicious psychopaths.  These are the same folk who blame Putin for everything and practice no diplomacy and invade counties disarmed by the UN and raise hell in Muslim nations and then blame the mess on them, not the psychopaths.  These psychopaths on both the left and the right have different ideologies but same belief: END OF TIMES.


They both want the Apocalypse from opposite ends of the spectrum.  Both talk endlessly about how they love fetuses on the right or polar bears on the left but both hate adult men, women and even children over the age of one day old.  Psychopaths, you see, hate everyone including themselves and will drive us all into a deadly confrontation just so they can lord it over everyone.  They seldom think through the actual mess they create.


If I survive WWIII, I promise I will kill any surviving psychopaths. Wait! That would make me a psychopath, too!


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10 responses to “British Study For Nuclear War: Psychopaths Should Run Aftermath Because They Are Cruel And Inhuman!

  1. e sutton

    🙂 I like how you can maintain somewhat of a sense of humor over all this. These people are so grossly insane it is unfathomable. I certainly have always understood, even as a child, that our rulers were extremely selfish, self-centered, and self important. It never occurred to me how seething with hatred and rage they are at what they deem “the other” -us- . So much that destroying the world is an okay outcome.

  2. melponeme_k

    They are, our leaders are all psychotic.

    Putin is their latest Bete Noire. He gives purpose and real flesh to their insanity. Before him, they were forced to spew bile against President Roosevelt. The New Deal makes them froth at the mouth. And they fear its return.

  3. aashild

    A German journalist explains how The US bribes European journalists into writing pro-american propaganda.
    (This is from a Swedish blog)

  4. First day of kindergarten, Daly City, Ca., 1957, first order of business was to indoctrinate us kiddies with “duck and cover”. Now at 62 I’m not sure whom I should fear more, the war profiteers or the psychopaths.

  5. That is to say I don”t fear the russians

  6. emsnews

    You know, in Tucson which was surrounded by nuke missiles and a major air force base, we NEVER did ‘duck and cover’ because we all knew we were toast.

    But not everyone knew to count jet take offs to decide there is a nuclear war looming. This was highly secret and whenever I clued in my playmates about this, they would tell their parents who would tell mine who then would say, ‘Elaine is insane, don’t listen to her.’ HAR HAR HAR.

    Luckily, the Russians were not suicidally insane!

  7. melponeme_k

    “Luckily, the Russians were not suicidally insane!”

    They are people who live in snow and ice most of the year. They even have the guts to live in places like this:

    When you battle the cold on a daily basis, it tends to beat the delusions out of you.

  8. emsnews

    Correct, you can’t be silly and survive. Which explains Malibu California compared to say, Wisconsin. 🙂

  9. I, Jane M Hogg, am definitely not the author of the Home Office document about Psychopaths recently released by the National Archives. The document, if true, would have been released in 2012, under the 30 Year Rule, not 2014.

    I left the Home Office on Monday 13th September 1982. I am not a Social Scientist. I am an Operational Research Scientist.

    Dr Sally Lievesley, a Social Scientist was brought in on Friday 13th February 1981, to deal with aspects before, during and after a nuclear strike. I was the Project Manager for REGENERATE and Dr Lievesley was placed on my staff and paid for by the Scientific Research and Development Branch where Alan Holt was a Deputy Director.

    The contractors working on REGENERATE were the Local Government Operational Research Unit (LGORU). There was a break point in their contract set for the end of March 1982. The trial play of REGENERATE held on 24th and 25th February 1982 was so dreadful that I was surprised Alan Holt did not operate the break point in LGORU’s contract.

    There is a letter in the National Archives dated 16th February 1982 addressed to Australia renewing Dr Sally Lievesley’s contract. Again I am surprised since I am not the author (as claimed) and Dr Lievesley was actually in England at the time and attended the trial play of REGENERATE held the following week.

    Dr Sally Lievesley may know who actually wrote the document about Psychopaths and when.

    Is an attempt being made to discredit me as a credible Whistle-blower? Please go to my WordPress blog,

  10. emsnews

    Thank you for your history of who the authors are. And I am not shocked that someone is stabbing you in the back.

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