Chickensh*t Bullsh*it Zionists Cause Row, Go Insane At Obama

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Israeli Cartoonist Criticized For Comparing Benjamin Netanyahu To 9/11 Hijackers

The recent headlines about how an unnamed anonymous Obama agent supposedly called the world’s nastiest Nazi, Netanyahu, a chickensh*t’ has reached amazing levels due to the fact that Jews, for the most part, own or run most of our media and almost all are rank Zionists.  It is obvious to everyone except most Americans, that Obama is treated like the doorman to the White House which really belongs to Netanyahu thanks to all our many rich Zionists who run this nation pretty much so that Israel may commit war crimes and steal stuff.

This rank news story that has stirred the Zionist pot to a boil was created by a Jewish reporter who has zero proof anything was said to him.  And it wasn’t even Obama who said anything.  He knows perfectly well, he cannot tell his Masta anything that might even slightly irritate him.


Kerry, a closet Zionist who happens to also be half Jewish and whose family name was altered to make him look like he is from Ireland so that his daddy could run for office where there were many Irish voters, jumped to the rescue of his boss, Netanyahu, and condemned anyone working for his doorman boss man, Obama, for uttering something nasty about the Real Ruler.


NO ONE respects Obama.  How can they?  He doesn’t respect himself.  Congress openly obeys all orders from their real boss, Netanyahu while digging in their heels whenever the President wants something.  The Jewish sector of our media keeps this information from the voters because the blatant use of the US as a Jewish Zionist money machine has to be hidden from voters who should be freaking out over silly issues.


Because of the disrespect Jewish editors, media owners and rich capitalists have for Obama for not being a respectful slave, all Americans now disrespect Obama, too.  He, himself, has reduced his base basically to two public voters: global warmist liberals and blacks.  This is so small a base, the ‘popularity polls’ show him at less than 47%.


Congress, that collection of money grubbing toadies who work only for the rich, have a hideous, lowest in history, job rating:  8% Think Congress is Doing a Good Job.  Israelis, on the other hand, think Congress is wonderful and working perfectly fine.


Voters Strongly Support Quarantines, State Action to Fight Ebola 70% which is astounding.  The ebola nurse haunting Maine got permission from a judge to spread the disease while the governor of the state is furious as are nearly all this creature’s neighbors.  Americans Favor Temporary Flight Ban From Ebola-Affected Areas in Africa too.


Obama, passive in the face of this disease due to his favoring Africa emotionally, is destroying trust as Americans Are Losing Confidence in Feds, Public Health System to Handle Ebola.


Only 26% of US voters who are citizens support the ‘amnesty program for illegal aliens’.  Our media was ordered by the Bilderberg gang after a meeting in Europe, to never say ‘illegal alien’ and instead,  call them ‘undocumented workers’ even though many are not ‘working’ except if you consider crime to be ‘work’.


The question ‘why so many undocumented workers’ is never, ever addressed by our rich capitalists and their media buddies all of whom visit fellow elites and royals at super secret Bilderberg meetings to discuss immigration policies, national borders ( NONE except for Israel is all0wed to have sovereignty and borders!) etc.


Israel reopens Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound after closing it to Muslims who the Jews don’t want in the vicinity of their fascist state.  I’m absolutely certain that Obama requested that his boss do this because it is driving the US into a war with a billion Muslims instead of many millions of Muslims.


Sweden is joining more EU nations recognizing Palestine as a nation so the Zionists roar: ‘MidEast not IKEA simple’ – Israeli FM snaps at Sweden over Palestine.  Sweden just embarrassed themselves over the fake Soviet…er…Putin sub story that turned out, like the Malaysia jet shooting, to be utterly ridiculous.


It is doubtful whether this less-than-diplomatic comment will help Israel and its top diplomat change Stockholm’s decision. Commenting on the remark on Thursday, Lieberman’s Swedish counterpart Margot Wallstrom said:


“I will be happy to send Israel FM Lieberman an IKEA flat pack to assemble. He’ll see it requires a partner, cooperation and a good manual.”


Imagine someone in our diplomatic corpse (yes, it is a dead beast!) saying this to the Real Ruler!  And about real Rusky subs:  Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile which worked perfectly unlike the US rocket and the Virgin Airlines space vehicle.  We do NOT want WWIII with Russia, no way.  Russia is no longer weak nor poor.


NATO Claims Spike in Russian Military Flights Around Europe  even though the EU and especially the US do the same to Russia nonstop.  Including the CIA craft that secretly flew for three years spying on Russia and invading their airspace from outer space. The Russians are coming! UK media hypes up RAF interception of Latvian plane because every plane is from Putin no matter where it comes from, so many phantom jets flying all over and sailing under the seas!


Australia baulks at China bank sign-up as China uses its immense reserves to build business worldwide.  Chinese officials who lived with me way back in 1984 in the NYC area told me ‘I be bank’ way back then when I explained how money worked.  They are ‘bank’ today and not the US way where everyone seeking to destroy our home industrial and financial base is welcome to do this by our bankers and Real President who isn’t Obama.


Last of all, as the Egyptian coup put in power after the only real election Egypt has known in the last 100 years+, is working for Zionists:  Egypt to clear residents from Gaza border by wholesale removal of the entire population a la ISIS style and blowing up everything totally including mosques!


ISIS grows stronger and stronger thanks to all this.


Oh, last of all, Japan, our ‘ally’ who wants WWIII and is polluting the entire Pacific Ocean: Japan’s central bank shocks markets with more easing as inflation slows in order to weaken the yen while claiming they need more inflation.  Inflation rages but like with the US which has imitated all the mistakes of the Japanese Bilderberg elites and royals, worker’s wages continue to decline while food and fuel rise which squeezes them badly and voila: no ‘inflation’ since food and fuel and taxes are not counted in the inflation statistics.


This is another Bilderberg banker innovation: since 1990, food and fuel were capriciously removed from inflation statistics so there could be roaring inflation from ZIRP central bank loans while retirement savings, social security payments and worker’s wages could be suppressed or reduced with impunity.  This disgusts me no end and is destroying society.


And nary a peep about all this in our media which foams at the mouth whenever anyone disses our real ruler, Netanyahu.


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11 responses to “Chickensh*t Bullsh*it Zionists Cause Row, Go Insane At Obama

  1. Luc

    Yellen says ‘Inflation is just noise’ [I swear she said that].

    Bilderberg banker innovation: since 1990, food and fuel were capriciously removed from inflation statistics so there could be roaring inflation from ZIRP central bank loans while retirement savings, social security payments and worker’s wages could be suppressed or reduced with impunity. This disgusts me no end and is destroying society.


  2. JimmyJ

    Pork and rice prices at my local discount stores have risen 60% over the last year. These were the last affordable food items for my pension food budget but now I’ll have to be even more sparing. Already I rarely buy fruit and vegeys just cabbage and vitamin pills.

    The ongoing true inflation rate deception is one of the best indicators that we don’t live in a democracy anymore.

  3. Petruchio

    Great commentary, Elaine as per usual. Notice Obama isn’t campaigning for not even ONE Senate candidate? BO’s lack of popularity with voters is one reason, the Senate’s general hostility towards him is another. I wonder if the Prez ever thinks to himself, “Geez, I’ve whored myself to the max and is this all I get?” I bet it doesn’t seem worth it to him. More to the point: Obama’s masters just might throw him under the bus after he leaves office, meaning no lucrative book deals or speeches at $250k per. As a matter of fact, Obama’s owners just might throw him under the bus as it were literally. Barack Obama might have to look over his shoulder a lot after he leaves office. The guys he works for won’t hesitate.

  4. Henry

    People at the few campaign rallies for Democratic candidates where Obama has spoken are walking out during his speech. In many cases these people are black. Even the Blacks realize that this unprincipled opportunist and phony has sold them out.

  5. Luc

    Jimmy J, what do you spend a week on food? Where are you? Rice is up 60%?

  6. JimmyJ

    @Luc: living in North Central BC Canada. Cheapest 10lb basmati rice at Real Canadian Superstore up 60% in less than a year, pork bulk from Costco same. These were the cheapest meat and carb for my budget for last 5 years with fairly stable prices. Rice varied more than pork though.

  7. JimmyJ

    @Luc: after increases spent this month $36 on meat for 30- 45 days and $12 on rice for 45-60 days. Those are my main staples. Rest of $120 month for transit bus, drugs, incidental groceries like cabbage, cereal, milk etc. Not much room after rent. Hard to go by week since I buy bulk when I can.

  8. wellwell

    Elaine, someday I’d love to see you take on Sam Harris, the supposed atheist of Jewish descent who is now attacking the Islamic religion as the motherlode of bad ideas and worse than all the other religions – I’m so tired of supposed secular Jews who use whatever platform they have to create fuel for a global conflagration against 1.6 billion muslims – surprise! it turns out that these supposed neutral commentators are passionate zionists who want war. Christopher Hitchens was the same.

  9. emsnews

    Sadly, all Muslims, Jews and Christians worship the exact same anti-female, mass murderer god who hates humans in general and me in particular.

    They are all insane.

  10. Petruchio

    I think it’s more the people who promote their own agenda in the name of Christianity-or Islam or any other religion. These people do this in the name of religion because they know there is NO justification for their REAL agenda. It’s not the religion, imho it’s the cynical manipulators of public opinion using religion as cover. Reminds me of what that fat Nazi Hermann Goerring said about patriotism. The Nazis were able to manipulate public opinion simply by waving the flag. In the present day, the elites use the same tactic: USA! USA! USA! the crowd chants.

  11. DeVaul


    I am sorry your budget has been smashed by rising food prices. My wife was just commenting yesterday about how she thought she had placed 60 dollars worth of food in her cart, but the final total was 104 dollars. She was in shock. She does all the grocery shopping now.

    I estimate food has gone up here in Kentucky by at least 50 percent, and in some cases it has doubled. I have also noticed things for sale now that formerly were only available to high end restaurants, like whole pork tenderloins, huge steaks and rib-eyes, filet mignon, etc.

    I guess people stopped eating out, so the demand for these type A-1 items fell and they ended up for sale in the grocery stores at a fraction of the restaurant price. There was a glut for awhile, but now they are thinning out and the price for them is going up as well.

    My budget was smashed by plumbing repairs to 70 year old pipes that were clogged by grease and calcium deposits. At least now the drain by-passes these old pipes behind the walls, but my savings are gone.

    A falcon just flew past me three times from right to left. That is a good sign. Last night I prayed for more deer meat this winter, so maybe I will get it.

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