As Planet Gets Much Colder, IPCC Issues Panic Report We Are Doomed To Roast

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The Google news site has the usual iconic polar bears since a bunch of lazy walruses aren’t very cute, to illustrate how we are roasting to death.  Good thing they have polar bears on small ice floe photo stashes because polar bears this winter have plenty of ice to walk on as the Arctic Ocean and Siberia as well as Canada are now already locked in ice.  Periodically, there are warm surges as sun spot activity continues sporadically spraying the solar system with warmth.  So of course, due to these sputtering events, the warmists tell us it is hotter and hotter.

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Above is today’s morning freeze map.  Even California is now being hit by the Arctic blasts.  Here is a list of Google’s ‘we are roasting to death’ headlines:  Invest now or face ‘irreversible’ effects of climate change, UN panel warns but never fear!  Scientists say cost of avoiding runaway climate change is low just giant taxes on energy, closing down of power plants during cold winters and other small inconveniences.


‘Leaders must act’: UN climate panel issues stark climate change warning to make these ‘small, inexpensive’ changes!  On the other hand, these same people whine, UN: Climate Change ‘Irreversible’ so why should we all freeze to death and pay high energy taxes if this changes nothing?

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Above is today’s record heat waves:  Record snow in South Carolina capital in 134 years last night.  Record snowfall in Chicago – Happy Halloween! as the Arctic Vortex hits early on.  Winter storm warnings for the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains while California has heavy rain, the drought is ended.  More importantly, Bárðarbunga volcano pumping out 35,000 tons of sulphur dioxide per DAY!


That last story is about something very nasty.  The most dangerous volcanoes are actually rift zone events.  They simply roll on and on and cough up huge amounts of CO2 and SO2 and the real killer here is SO2.  My forest loves to eat CO2 but dies if there is too much SO2.


It isn’t just North America, Europe is cold, too.  Early snow deprives Novosibirsk region of large grain harvest and Bulgaria – The disaster continues in Gabrovo due to heavy snow.  Here is Russia’s Russia Temperature Map:

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 9.33.14 AM

The EU is still balmy but that is going to end soon due to the fact that everything is cooling off rapidly.  Just as the Southern Hemisphere saw record ice in Antarctica, so it is now happening at the North Pole.  This is ridiculously easy to understand: energy in from the sun=warm and less energy, even if this appears to be slight=cold.


And it is getting colder, not warmer.  Heatwaves In The Southeastern US Peaked In 1939.  There are fewer and fewer people who were adults back then alive today so the collective memory grows dim.  But facts are facts and there were far, far more frequent heat waves in the 1930s than today.  By far!  Even the 1950 heat waves which I very well remember!  Are ignored by young people who were born during the icy 1970s.


We can see clearly that the cold this summer in Antarctica has cooled the oceans down greatly in the Southern Hemisphere:  Seasonal Forecast – Environment Canada

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 9.14.37 AM


What is particularly scary is how the Antarctic sea ice is so huge while the Arctic is growing simultaneously.  No melting so far at either pole.


Peter Gleick Says  In BBC Interview That Climate Skeptics Don’t Believe We Went To The Moon except Buzz Aldrin and Dr. Schmidt both went to the moon and walked there and then came home and said it isn’t heating up due to CO2, that the sun controls temperature.


Below is a screen shot from the news from Anchorage, Alaska, talking about a deadly traffic accident due to the early onset of ice season.  Anchorage is the warmest part of Alaska and for the last several years had warmer than normal weather due to the lopsided effect of the polar vortexes.

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 9.18.39 AM

This winter shows that the polar effects will hit both the Eurasian landmass AND the North American landmass which is a sign of ice age conditions, not global warming.  I used to read ‘liberal’ comix in various media and characters like Tom Tomorrow for example, indeed, all of them are harping endlessly about how stupid we are to not believe in the global warming scam.


It is pathetic.  Every cartoon now has to insert this propaganda.  They are now desperate as it cools down.  Thinking that screaming about being warm will work, they toil away.  And so does Obama, obedient as ever to the Bilderberg gang who openly said, this was a great scam to tax the lower classes by charging them energy taxes to stop CO2.


Hard to hold that tax gun to everyone’s head while we freeze.  And this is a HUGE element in the looming defeat of liberals in Europe and the US. As already in Australia.


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41 responses to “As Planet Gets Much Colder, IPCC Issues Panic Report We Are Doomed To Roast

  1. Christian W

    These “liberals” about to be defeated are the fake liberals owned by the Bilderbergers. This is what people are increasingly sensing and why they are looking for alternatives. And that is why the elites are quick to push any emerging alternative back into the fold of control (Tea Party/UKIP).

    I love how you point out the marketing campaign with polar bears and pretty charts in “warm” colours to sell the “climate change” story.

  2. e sutton

    I hope they will enjoy the balmy heat wave in Ukraine this winter. Tropical drinks laced with vodka and splashes of mango juice should help cool off the relentless humidity they’ll suffer through, while smirking at what a fool they made of Putin. May they all remember their U.S. friends fondly.

  3. Jim R

    Hehe, e sutton, you beat me to it.

    Silly Putin, painting all those trucks white, for no reason at all…

  4. Jim R

    Can we characterize the GW movement as a religion yet? It has many of the characteristics of such a thing … denial of obvious facts for the sake of a belief system. 😉

  5. Peter C.

    The scary thing is when the ice age comes,it happens really quickly,possibly even over a few decades(or less!!).There is some sort of tipping point we do not understand that flips it over to cold quickly.WE could be witnessing this right now!

  6. Peter C.

    I was considering a move into the interior of BC ,but I think I might stay on Vancouver Island,it remained ice free the last ice age,

  7. ziff

    arctic sea ice is still below the mean in that chart.

  8. Luc

    No blizzard for the big football game in Boson today. Its a bit above freezing there.

  9. Jim R

    I’m not sure which chart you mean. But if you compare these charts from the UIUC cryosphere site, you can see that the Arctic is still below average. We won’t know for a few years whether there’s an actual reversal, but it’s true that so far, global ice levels are below the 1979-2008 averages.

    The thing is, climate change is one of the least important things we could worry about as a society. Other more important things might be the takeover of political machinery by sociopaths, and the rusting fleet of sixty year old fission reactors.

  10. Jim R

    Images don’t seem to display in WordPress. Here are the links:

  11. Jim R

    Oh, OK, they don’t need all the <img tags … just the links.

  12. ziff

    Jim , yes. there are bigger concerns.

  13. Luc

    Which is why the joosmedia pushes AGW-Climate Change to distract millions or billions.

  14. emsnews

    Hard to convince anyone we are roasting when we are freezing! 🙂

  15. Jim R

    In thermodynamics, we use the Kelvin scale. Makes it easy to calculate things that are proportional to temperature, like the expansion of gases. 0°K is absolute zero, the complete absence of temperature. It’s like a perfect vacuum, impossible to achieve in the lab, but they can get close.

    Anyway, and my point here, is that humans are a bunch of jelly-brained sissies when it comes to temperature. We are used to sitting around at 300°K, and if it gets up to say 310, we start complaining about the heat. If it goes down to 275, we start saying “oh noes we’re all going to freeze!” From a thermodynamic standpoint, that entire range is quite small. From a cosmlogic standpoint, it amounts to nothing at all.

    The CO2 level has a real effect on global temperature, but that doesn’t mean that winter is forever cancelled. Other things like volcanoes and sunspots have an effect, too. But the CO2 will hang around for rather a longer time than those other, short-term things (assuming the sunspots return next cycle). And the bottom line is, you don’t know what the temperature will do, either!

    As for these ‘carbon credits’, the politicians who run the program are simply frauds, and the projects they have proposed are all dysfunctional and counterproductive, and if anything will make the CO2 level worse. If humans really wanted a lower CO2 level, they would learn to leave nature alone.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  16. Luc

    ‘Hard to convince anyone we are roasting when we are freezing!’
    Hence framing the debate [if thats what it is] in terms ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Extreme weather events’.

  17. emsnews

    And moving the goal posts all the time. Everything is caused by CO2! HAHAHA.

    And I see all over the debates desperate attempts and explaining away the sun’s influence which is virtually the only thing that really causes sudden climate changes.

    There are short term changes caused by volcanoes. The only major earthly force that has huge changes is major RIFT volcanic events such as the gigantic Siberian and Decca Traps events which happened long ago.

    These were very destructive of life on earth! And less and less likely to happen as the planet cools down as it has been doing since day one.

    I am betting that tectonic plate movements a billion years ago were much, much faster and more violent than today due to planetary cooling.

    CO2’s effect on the climate is small and usually plants take care of it by eating it up as my own forest does every summer. SO2 kills plants including single celled water creatures who create a great deal of oxygen.

  18. CK

    Ah yes:

    A tune with something for everyone.

  19. Maddie's Mom


    Love, love, love that song! (And I’ve never heard a rendition I didn’t enjoy.)

    One of the best things about wintertime. 🙂

  20. Maddie's Mom

    It’s the little things in life… 😉

  21. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    I have called the Global Warming Movement a religion for over a year now.

    It has everything you would find in, say, a jewish religion: faith in the face of contradicting facts, dubious claims and arguments, secretly changing things written down hundreds of years ago, changing interpretations to fit the moment, and last, but not least, declaring anyone who disagrees an “enemy of the movement (religion)” by the use of various names.

    Also, the use of the word “mean” is often a way of deceiving people about the “average” — two words that have entirely different meanings, but are often used in statistics to create confusion.

    The “mean” is a statistical concept that does not have the more generally understood meaning of the word “average”, but it can be used sometimes to give a better picture of something when the average obscures it, such as the distribution of wealth within a society, for example. As far as temperatures and climate goes, over the long run you want to know the “average”, not the “mean”, which is a line that can be placed anywhere.

  22. Jim R

    Another cosmic event that can affect earthly weather would be anything that lights up the night sky. It wouldn’t have to be as bright as the Sun, but if a nearby star went nova and, as seen from Earth, gave off a few percent of the Sun’s brightness, that would warm us up noticeably. We depend on the night sky being cold to keep our average temperature where it is.

    Of course, it’s another short-term event like a volcano.

  23. Jim R


    ‘Average’ is just a word used in common parlance. For example, the Dow Jones Average, an artificial construct of the finance industry. It isn’t anything in statistics. It’s just a BS number created by the finance weenies.

    One of the most misleading words used by the propagandists is ‘median’. Both ‘median’ and ‘mean’ have clear definitions in statistics.

    Bill Gates walks into a bar, and on average, everyone is a multimillionaire; the median income barely moves.

  24. DeVaul

    “Bill Gates walks into a bar, and on average, everyone is a multimillionaire; the median income barely moves.”

    Yes, that is what I meant by using “mean” instead of “average” — a word which most people understand. The “mean” is the point where one half of all units are above the line and one half under the line. When computing the average income of Americans, for example, using the “mean” can grossly misstate the “average income” because a few individuals earning 100 billion a year can distort the final result substantially.

  25. DeVaul

    @Peter C.

    I was looking for info on the onset of the next glaciation period, and I found this site:

    Where do find information on a change that only takes decades? Are you only talking about the first stages of a new glaciation period? The chart on this website suggests it takes thousands of years for a glaciation to fully develop, unless I am misreading it.

  26. Jim R

    What I want to know is what evidence Elaine’s dad was looking at.

    He was not a mystic, he was a scientist. And regardless of any crazy religious ideas he might have had, when he did science, he based it on fact. His name is still well-known in astronomy. Sagan, on the other hand, was a publicist… there’s a difference.

  27. DeVaul

    Forget my comment above about “mean” and “average”. I don’t think I explained that right.

    I would like to know what the basis for a sudden change that brings on a glaciation period is. The website I posted above says we are sitting on the right temperature or something for it to happen, but it does not talk about any sudden changes.

    It seemed to say that the next “phase” would be snow lingering on during the northern summer months. That alone would be an agricultural disaster.

  28. kenogami

    In statistics, the (arithmetic) mean and the average are synonymous.

    The MEDIAN is the value such that half of all values are larger, and half of all values are smaller. If the median family income per year in the US is $50000, then half of all families earn less than $50000 per year, and half earn more. If there are several extremely large values in the data, then the median gives a better idea of the distribution of incomes than the mean (or average).

  29. Jim R

    Yeah, I was thinking of pointing that out — DeVaul had ‘mean’ and ‘median’ swapped back there. And while ‘average’ is sort-of synonymous with ‘mean’, it is a word which is used for many things, such as ‘weighted average’ which includes a fudge-factor into every item in the statistical set. Or ‘moving average’ which uses a subset of the set. Etc.

    But I just let it go… it’s a common error. And an illustration of how the propagandists will craftily use these terms to push whatever agenda they are selling.

    There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

  30. Jim R

    As for the ‘wattsup’ website, it’s another propaganda tool, on the anti-warming side. Elaine likes to quote statistics from there.

    An interesting item from the anti-warming side can bee seen on my cryosphere graphs in comment #10. I heard Rush repeating it on his radio show some time last winter. See that dip in 2012/2013? Yeah, the ice area went from -3 million square kilometers (relative to the average since 1979), back up to almost the average level. The rightwing loonies were all shouting “RECORD AMOUNT OF ICE FORMATION”, when it was just a(n almost) return to the mean after a record thaw. But it was a statistic.

    So, everybody’s wrong — Elaine, the ‘wattsup’ guy, and the ‘carbon credit’ guys. But they all prove their points with statistics. The ‘carbon credit’ guys are wrong by claiming that the dip in the ice level means the trend will continue. What we have is a slight trend toward less ice as the atmosphere (on average) warms by just a bit.

    The trend will correct as Nature once again asserts herself, and the human presence on this planet diminishes. And it will be not because we ‘roast’, nor even because of subtle shifts such as the ‘polar vortex’. It will be because, in our hubris, we have built a system based on endless exponential growth, which will simply stop happening, and our economy will once again be forced to comply with the laws of Nature.

    It’s just that simple.

  31. emsnews


    I invite you to come this winter to my mountain and debate global warming with me.

    I get to dress appropriately for my ‘cold earth’ theory and you can dress ‘hot as hell’ style namely, a swim suit. No snow boots allowed since you believe in warming.

    I get to wear my snow shoes, of course and light a fire, too. I will use coal, of course. 🙂

  32. Jim R

    I would be delighted to do that.

    But I have a life here, at a lower latitude/altitude right now. Other people, dogs, job, etc.

    But but but, there is a tiny, non-zero, chance that I will take up your offer. I’ll even help you chop wood in the summer. I like to fiddle with fires in the winter. I’m always poking at them and rearranging the logs so they’ll burn better 🙂

  33. Luc

    ‘The trend will correct as Nature once again asserts herself, and the human presence on this planet diminishes.’ Is there a die off in the offing?

  34. emsnews

    It seems the new liberal ideology is to have us all die. This is why I am so very furious and I am a real liberal, not a neo nazi liberal who wants everyone to die of either the cold or ebola.

  35. Jim R

    “Is there a die off in the offing?”

    If you read what I wrote, you would note that I said nothing about a die-off. However, simple Malthusian dynamics insures that humans will not continue to destroy Nature at an ever-accelerating rate. You’re trying to argue with math.

    Either humans will use less of nature per-human, or there will be fewer humans. I make no prediction which of those outcomes will be the future, nor what route we take to get there.

  36. DeVaul


    Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Thanks.

    (I think here is the place for me to complain about English, in that it has too many words that mean roughly the same thing. Asians have a hard time understanding that, and it is hard to explain it to them, especially in sign language. I wonder how we got to this point?)

    Does Rush Limbo quote “What’s Up”? Good grief.

    I wonder if there are any reliable statistics left anywhere. The destruction of carefully gathered temperature readings by thousands of individuals over many years by the NOAA was an outrage on par with, say, sanding down Egyptian hieroglyphics and replacing them with whatever you want.


  37. emsnews

    Spray paint graffiti! DeVaul, thanks.

  38. kenogami

    DeVaul writes:
    “I think here is the place for me to complain about English, in that it has too many words that mean roughly the same thing.”

    According to different sources, 45% of all English words have a French origin, following the Norman Conquest of 1066, when England came under the administration of Norman-speaking peoples. The majority of the population of England continued to use their Anglo-Saxon language, but it was influenced by the language of the ruling elite, resulting in doublets.
    For 300 years, the norman nobility would speak old french while the Saxons peasants spoke old english; (in fact, the english language almost died). So they had 2 words to describe most things and with the passage of time, the meaning of the two words evolve differently; often the word of old french was used to describe highbrow or more abstract things, while the saxon words was used for more concrete or lowbrow reality. Examples are:

    beef / ox, mutton / sheep, veal / calf, pork / pig, commence / start, continue / go on, disengage / withdraw, encounter / meet, vend / sell, purchase / buy.

  39. DeVaul

    That’s really interesting. I did not know the Normans continued to use French for so long. I thought it was over after 200 years, but that sure explains a lot. Thanks for that info.

    I’ve often wondered whether English can be returned to its Anglo Saxon origins and simplified by removing all French, Latin, and Greek words.

    ASL would definitely be a “peasant” language because it is very graphic, but I have noticed a massive, ongoing attempt to change it by the government and oralists allied with the government into something I call “Government ASL”, which is actually a form of English and not ASL.

    I cannot find any CD’s now that contain actual ASL as I learned it 25 years ago. They all follow the new Gov. ASL format that requires endless finger-spelling, English letter dominated signs, and talking in English while signing. If this continues (goes on), I’m afraid the original ASL will become extinct.

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