Liberals Dragging Down Democrats To Total Defeat Thanks To Global Warming And Unpopular Race/Immigration Planks

Here in a very sad nutshell or shell filled with nuts, is why the Democratic Party is dying: the liberals, themselves, have butchered their own party.  They are so completely out of touch with reality, they cannot see how they, themselves, menace the middle class in nearly every possible way.  Their collective clarion call this election is, ‘We are going to ROAST to death unless we have high energy taxes and you move into a Tiny House@ and ditch your cars!’  If that splendid message fails, they have this one: ‘You are evil whites who have no right to self defense if black thugs attack you or rob you!’  A big, big winner.  Then there is Common Core schooling add it to ‘the schools need to be integrated even more!’ and you have a dead duck party floating in the slime.

To top it off, when it comes to foreign policies and wars, the entire Democratic Party is every bit as noxious as the Republican Party.  The leaders all are Bilderberger gangsters, they all at the top are friends (Bushes and Clintons get along quite splendidly!) and belong to the Council of Foreign Affairs and are owned by or close buddies of Netanyahu and his gangster buddies.  In the latter case, this is the only distinguishing characteristic of Obama, he really hates Netanyahu and doesn’t bother to hide this much anymore although his flunkies, Biden and Kerry are both Netanyahu’s biggest ass kissers.


The liberal online media honchos don’t understand how stupid they have become at this point.  Here’s how we beat the right: How progressives withstand Fox News, the last Obama defenders, and chart a new future –

I was born to parents who believed if you didn’t vote Democratic you couldn’t be buried in the Catholic Church. A family joke is that my first word was “vote.” The Church would later switch parties. Not me. On Tuesday I’ll stand at the polls as I do every year and say that if Democrats win, people’s lives will be better.


Each year it’s a harder case to make, even to other Democrats. Each year the middle class grows smaller, the democracy grows more corrupt and the chance of stopping global warming in time to save ourselves or our planet grows dimmer. You can’t run forever on the slogan “Die Slower! Vote Democratic!” Time’s running out on the democracy and the middle class, just as it is on global warming.


This is all tragically funny.  Sad, even.  Pathetic.  The End of Times theology of the global warmists would be amusing except they are out to destroy the last of the middle class!  They hector everyone about living in houses, buying stuff and having fun.  They are told, this is pure evil and the only fix is to live frugal, small, at starvation level lives sort of like…North Korea!  This is a gigantic turn off and when coupled with the ‘Let’s bring in armies of illegal aliens!’ and stir the pot with ‘We love black gangsta thugs and think the cops shouldn’t shoot them’ and you get a complete collapse of the Democratic Party.


Telling us we are destroying the planet by being alive is disgusting.  Telling us that we have no right to stop ebola carriers from coming here and killing us is disgusting.  Telling us that we have no right to defend ourselves from blacks who are either committing crimes or openly jumping us in the dark, this is disgusting.  Telling blacks that WHITES are killing them all when the vast majority of black deaths are due to blacks killing each other…is disgusting.


The left wing is totally totalitarian and here is a typical example:  Attention, media: Stop giving this deceitful climate denier a platform which is all about how the founder of the Weather Channel is horrified about the global warming lies and was on TV debating with one of these naked liars and Salon’s writer thinks it is evil to even allow us sane people a platform of open debate!  This is utterly disgusting.



Sunday, CNN gave Coleman yet another platform from which to spout his nonsense, inviting him onto “Reliable Sources” (irony noted). While he doesn’t think there are two equal sides to climate science, host Brian Stelter explained, Coleman’s association with the Weather Channel made him “unique.” (David Kenny, the current CEO of The Weather Company, begged to differ: “We’re grateful that he got us started 32 years ago. But he hasn’t been with us in 31 years,” he said. “So he’s not really speaking for The Weather Channel in any way today,” he said.)


In the course of under five minutes of air-time, Coleman managed to say a lot of very, very wrong things. “I resent you calling me a denier. That is a word meant to put me down,” he began, before going on to, well… this: ”Climate change is not happening. There is no significant manmade global warming now, there hasn’t been any in the past, and there’s no reason to expect any in the future.”


The liberals rage at the temerity of someone being allowed to contradict their stories.  Online there are many sites now that use cold facts, research and information to debate the global warming story line which is of course, in tatters due to the sun and the climate utterly unresponsive to the ‘warming’ story line.  Instead of facing reality, the warmists move the goal posts so often, it seems attached to a Corvette moving at 90mph.


They even changed the name to ‘climate change’ and just this fall, have now openly declared that CO2 causes record ice sheets in the South Pole, rising ice sheets in the North Pole, more blizzards, earlier snow storms, later springs, colder summers and all sorts of Ice Age conditions.  At the same time, they also claim that polar bears are dying even though they are certainly not dying at all, that glaciers are melting even as hikers in the Andes and Himalayan mountains and other places are being buried by blizzards, it just goes on and on and on.  Shamelessly.


Even the money mongers at the UN are backing off finally.  In the latest IPCC report, they claim we will all die but no warming will show before 2100.  This is an entire century later than their predictions in 1990 that we would roast to death by 2015.  They even admit after ravaging my poor astronomer dad, Dr. Aden Meinel, about his predictions that the sun would be ‘cooler’ with fewer sun spots for the next 30-300 years, that yes, the sun is going ‘quiet’ and yes, this means it will be cooler, not hotter.  But even then, they yell that once the sun does come back into full blast, we will roast to death for sure even though this hasn’t happened in the last 60 million years.


Why US Green Groups are Talking About Abortion This Election: they know the warm story is in the freezer so they want population control instead.  I am pro abortion.  I once had one due to the fact that I was literally dying.  It was the only way to save my life so I could raise my other children.  It also saddened me because I adore children.  It was my choice and necessary.  No one’s affair.  But it had nothing to do with ‘saving the planet’.


The Hill is a wonk blog for DC and they firmly believe that howling about us roasting to death when severe cold looms yet again for everyone outside of Florida (except northern Florida which had severe cold this week!) and California:  Why candidates should take a stand to limit global warming.  According to these geniuses, it is a hot topic issue that will decide the election because everyone, that is, their media buddies in LA, are going to roast to death and are scared of it never ever being cold again!  Huh?  HAHAHA.


Midterm elections: Why environmental groups are backing Republicans – is particularly hilarious.  The story line here is, ‘Green, conservation and global warming people are backing Republicans and middle of the road Democrats to increase their power.’  In Maine, for example, rather than backing the global warming hysteric, Shenna Bellows who wants taxes on energy, shutting down power plants in winter in Maine, the…


LCV instead endorsed Sen. Susan Collins, her Republican opponent, who is favored to win come November. Despite the fact that LCV has given Collins a D-level rating on green issues, Collins is among the most pro-environment in the GOP. She’s also a key dealmaker in an increasingly fractured Congress – and on climate change, environmentalists are realizing, it will be hard to succeed without reaching across the aisle.


Their belief is, they are buying power so that some GOP will vote for very unpopular things most people do not want and which the GOP leaders don’t want.  Talk about naive!  As well as disgusting since this is a naked attempt at bribery.  And the #1 problem facing Congress is exactly this sort of bribery.  They are there to do what the VOTERS want not what some money bags of any sort, want.  This is the entire problem in a nutshell and shame on ‘liberals’ for doing this.


But then, I recall when Common Cause had a huge battle with me over exactly this issue.  They decided to encourage bribery because…it works.  Sort of.  I was outraged and left the organization.  This was nearly 20 years ago.  What a shame. What a sham organization that spent most of its money raising money and feeding it to the people running it.


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15 responses to “Liberals Dragging Down Democrats To Total Defeat Thanks To Global Warming And Unpopular Race/Immigration Planks

  1. kenogami

    Elaine said:

    “What a sham organization that spent most of its money raising money and feeding it to the people running it.”

    You just described Greenpeace, which I call Greenpi**. I regret to have given donations to them when I was young, poor, and gullible.

  2. Christian W

    Here’s a picture from warmist propaganda on the Norwegian state television recently. The picture shows a “future forecast for the year 2050” with 40 C/ 100 F predictions for parts of Norway.

    This was part of a “global” drive where famous meteorologists around the world did the similar “2050 warmist” predictions.

  3. Christian W

    Linky didn’t work, but this one to youtube should. You can see some of the “2050” forecasts here.

  4. emsnews

    Chances are it will be 0F weather, not the 100F.

  5. Christian W

    Heh, yes. When I saw that forecast my first thought what will these people say when their prediction proves spectacularly wrong…

  6. larry, dfh

    Remember, those going to vote today: your elected representatives, your congress person and senators, they despise you.

  7. Christian W

    How strange (not!) that the electorate is being pushed further and further right. The political goal posts are being moved every bit as quickly as the global warming/climate change ones. The bought and paid for fake liberals are doing a splendid job.

  8. Luc

    Speaking of the ‘Race Card’, after seeing the clip of her son attacking someone [before he attacked someone armed who killed him] this is -almost- unbelievable,

  9. emsnews

    Yes, it seems they want chaos. I know from living in black neighborhoods in the past, a significant number want no laws and the right to loot their neighbors whenever they feel like it and to steal from stores and taxicab drivers, etc. not to mention, dealing drugs, shooting each other and anyone else and so forth.

    And there is a significant but fading number of blacks who want real law and order. They also suffer from racism and can’t stop this madness on left or right anymore than I can stop it.

  10. DeVaul

    Is this the place to mention that the Ferguson Police Department demanded a no-fly zone for media choppers only?

    Yes, that’s right. They had to word it very carefully so that citizens would not know what they really wanted. The government helped them, but admitted it only in the back pages of newspapers way after the fact. The police there interfered with local air traffic in order to hide their activities during demonstrations. Only police choppers could fly. What country does this remind you of?

    Black thugs against Stasi thugs. That’s our future.

  11. emsnews

    Hell’s bells!

    They did that UNDER NIXON. And used military helicopters to drop vomit gas on anti-war demonstrators. I WAS THERE.

    The wind blew the wrong way so ALL THE GAS HIT THE COPS!

    I ran up to them with a gas mask and yelled, FOLLOW ME. I took them to a fire hydrant we opened and washed them off.

    The cops became my buddies after that day and were very nice to me. Started an entirely new relationship with them all. Never again did they attack me. Or arrest me like previously.

  12. DeVaul

    I doubt the cops will become buddies with anyone in Ferguson or vice versa. In fact, I believe there are no “good guys” in Ferguson. Even in the South, it is strange nowadays to see an all white police force lording over a largely black residential area.

    Neither are going to become friends with each other. The black population is heavily dependent on the drug trade for jobs, and the police force is tasked with disrupting this economic activity because it is “illegal”. How then can they become friends if their economic interests conflict in this manner?

    The chasm between them will only grow over time.

  13. emsnews

    Bingo! Illegal drugs make the State and the poor rich and then BOTH waste this ‘wealth’ in stupid, destructive ways.

    Ever since Nixon started his idiotic ‘war on drugs’ it has been a total disaster but the Bilderberg gang seem to love this odious business and so it roars onwards, destroying society and making some people very rich.

  14. Christian W

    The CIA is the world’s largest drug runners by far. The DEA is involved in drug trafficking from Mexico. Isn’t it a wonderful system? The owners benefit each step of the way. They put blacks in the profit prison system. They sell arms and ammo to the cops (and the black thugs). They cash in on the drug sales themselves taking their cut from the drug lords. They white wash drug profits in their banking systems. The drug industry is a great alternative to having blacks in real jobs and in real unions messing with the profits. They can use the law enforcement agencies as Pentagon style profit milk cows on the tax payer’s account, and so on. Yay. Go USA.

    In this kind of system, do you believe they will let a person become President of the US who is not corrupt enough to allow this to go on?

  15. emsnews

    Yes, the CIA and the bankers LOVE the War on Drugs. It scares the middle class to death, it raises huge tax revenues, it suppresses student uprisings and it keeps the underclass fed and happy.

    Downside: occasionally like in the rich, powerful Biden family or George Bush Jr, it snags THEM. This requires bribes and other tools to clear up the messes.

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