NYT Attacks Putin’s School Book Ban While Ignoring Our Wretched School System That Common Core Is Actively Destroying

Like any hypocrite, the US loves to find every possible mote in Russia’s eye while ignoring huge red wood trees planted firmly in US eyes.  Here is this week’s sad example:  Putin’s Friend Profits in Purge of Schoolbooks – NYTimes.com:


Then there was the case of the colorful math textbooks published by a decorated educator, Lyudmila G. Peterson, cashiered for using characters from popular foreign children’s stories. Illustrating math problems with the likes of Snow White, Eeyore and Owl, in one expert’s decisive opinion, was “hardly designed to instill a sense of patriotism” in young Russian minds.
Articles in this series are examining how President Vladimir V. Putin’s system of personalized state-sponsored capitalism allows him to wield power at home and abroad.
By the time the school year began this fall, the number of approved textbooks for Russia’s 14 million schoolchildren had been slashed by more than half. The summary winnowing by the Ministry of Education and Science upset lesson plans, threatened the livelihoods of nearly two-dozen small publishers and left principals, teachers and parents puzzled and angry.


It took me exactly one minute to figure out why that popular text book was removed: Disney!  The pictures used were a rip on Disney’s cartoons and Disney is very big on suing even tiny day care centers who use these without permission much less a major text book!  More than one reader of the Time’s silly article noticed this fact too which proves it wasn’t all that difficult to see the real story which somehow eluded both the reporter and editor of the NYT.  Here is one publication that figured this out very swiftly:  I am shocked, shocked to find Putin cancelled school books using Disney characters … – The Unz Review


Which means this is a faux outrage story designed to demonize Russia.  Then there is Common Core which is hated by both parents and children but beloved of Microsoft and its very rich bosses who give very generously to politicians who pushed through this garbage on our children.  It is increasingly obvious that this methodology is wrecking our wretched schools even further.  The elites and any smart middle class people know that sending children to Montessori Schools means they will do really well which happens to be the schools where Bill Gates and a surprising number of Silicon Valley executives went to, themselves.


It baffles me why our schools don’t all get reformed and are run with the Montessori method!  I homeschooled my own children for a while using this method.  It works wonderfully. Below is a video from Europe showing a classic Montessori school for little ones:

Note how the children interact heavily with each other and move about from one activity to another and are often on their feet instead of planted in chairs.  They explore the world and learn social skills.  There is no battle between teacher and kinder over who has the most power of control.  No temper tantrums, either.  What is really sad is how minority children in the US coming from often chaotic and socially disrupted family homes are expected to sit still and obey teachers when they can’t sit still at all or obey anyone.  All that remains is a race to the bottom for them.


Then there is math.  Math is scary to children when it is presented as bizarre, mysterious and explained with weird verbiage that is cooked up by bureaucrats and university graduates who learn the ‘school speak’ so beloved of professors who want to sound ‘smart’.  Common Core uses this for small children which means they can’t figure out what the hell the teachers are telling them and poor teachers have to figure out some way of using commonly understood language to explain ridiculous verbiage which infests Common Core concepts.


In general, our simian brains find is very stressful to comprehend math which is a civilization concept created by people in the Middle East and India especially India, to explain commerce and taxes.  Yes, math was invented and numbers created to figure out business deals and percentage taxes!  It is very much an adult thing.  It taps into parts of the brain that didn’t fully evolve to embrace this sort of logic and emotions combined with the need to be logical leads to stress which is why so many humans struggled hard to make math easier, to find short cuts for reckoning numbers, etc.  Math fear video:

We must ask why Bill Gates who hires many Asians who excel in math, pushed so hard for Common Core which cripples US non-Asians so thoroughly:  Then there is Bill Gates who gives huge sums to politicians:  Common Core math can be a mystery, and parents are going to school to understand it – The Washington Post


Rochester is one of many school districts across the country teaching parents the new Common Core math in addition to their children. From New York to California, school districts are holding special math sessions for parents and caregivers, sending home “cheat sheets” and offering homework hotlines answered by math teachers, all in an effort to explain and demystify the new approach.


“The kids who come to us are a clean slate,” said Jennifer Patanella, an instructional coach with the Rochester public schools. “It’s the adults who have to be retrained.”…


In the past, math was learned as a series of memorized facts, formulas and shortcuts or tricks. The result, experts say, is that U.S. students struggle with math. Nearly two out of every three U.S. fourth-graders and eighth-graders were not proficient on recent national math tests. The Common Core standards differ from that previous approach in that they emphasize the concepts behind mathematical operations and stress that there are multiple ways to arrive at the same answer.


I NEVER struggled with math due to having all the information about how to calculate firmly affixed in my brain!  Neither did my ancestors who, since the mid-19th century, were all either teachers, professors or scientists.  All of them learned the old fashioned way and used various tools like the slide rule as assists in calculating astronomical numbers, since a number of my ancestors were astronomers.  I remember Univac at the University of Chicago back in the early 1950’s because that giant calculating machine complex was one of the few buildings air conditioned back then.  Computers have taken over many of the logic/math functions that so irritate our emotions.

Common Core is making me stupider. – MomDot: examples of the New Microsoft Math abound here.  Amazingly horrible methodology trying to teach small children how to reason and do calculations.  Do computers do it this way?  Of course not!


Part of the Republican surge in this election is due to Common Core because there is a rising, general revolt of parents furious with their children weeping while doing insane sorts of homework.  The other issues are obvious to me: Obama’s refusal to stop ebola due to his African roots, Ferguson which is all about blacks demanding whites no longer stop them from running riot (it is obvious to nearly everyone that the officer will not be charged with anything due to him acting in self-defense which means blacks will probably riot or go on a white hunting craze, attacking innocent people again like with the Florida self defense case!) and illegal aliens issues.  The average voter is quite angry about the flood of illegal aliens.  Business loves this same flood.


This flood is wrecking our school system because, like black children, it appears that Hispanic children seem unable to do well in school and are driving whole states down into the basement in school rankings.  Here is the state where I went to school the most in my own childhood, Arizona:

Arizona math test by race blacks hispanics do as badly as 20 years ago


Look at the numbers!  Note how Asians are nearly 100% ‘basic’ and 60% ‘proficient’ and the majority of the ‘advanced’.  How do they do this?  I know the answer, there are Asians married into my own family and it is the same answer as to why Jews did so very well before the creation of Israel (which has dumbed this group down badly as all fascist systems do): they expect their children to work very hard.  They have full confidence their children will master math and hire math tutors if the child struggles.  I did this, too.  Math tutors are great.  My children remember their tutors fondly.


Hispanic children are barely above black children in rankings and do even worse in advanced math.  Language is not the problem here because Asian immigrants do better than whites who are born here, too.  Indeed, the push over the last twenty years to reduce all language training to only Spanish in our schools has done great damage to our nation and the spread of Spanish in our businesses is weakening Spanish speaking students, not making them stronger and eventually will fatally divide this nation and even destroy it.  The only reason Canada isn’t split in two is due to the French sector being too small relative to the English sector.  But the desire to split is very high in Montreal.

California blacks hispanics do very poorly compared to Asians or whites

The tsunami of illegal aliens has turned the California schools, and I went to school there, too, long ago, into a basket case.  Like Arizona, whites and Asians have double the scores of blacks and Hispanics in maths.  But Asians do extremely well in advanced maths, overwhelmingly better than anyone else.  Much more than double the number of whites and the blacks and Hispanics barely make any showing in advanced maths, one tenth of the numbers compared to Asians!  But as we see in the above map, California is now at the very bottom of the ranking of states for math ability!


This is obvious: the majority of students are now Hispanics.  Blacks and Hispanics are now nearly 60% of the students and whites/Asians are only 40%.  The woeful performance of the no-longer minority but now majority of students has dragged down the entire state so it is alongside Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama and Louisiana.  All of which have a majority of ‘minority’ students whereas the highest ranked states uniformly have large numbers of European white students.


Last is the state where I went to school first when I lived at Yerkes Observatory:

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 6.04.44 AM

This state is one of the top six in the nation.  My children went to school in New Jersey which is also in the top six.  Due to fears of racism charges, the entire government system is hyper aware of the fact that Asian students excel in math and white students are very highly ranked, too, while states with a majority of ‘minority’ students do very poorly.  Instead, there is denial of reality as they pretend there is some system change that will magically turn ill-prepared, utterly disinterested in learning math students into good scholars via some sort of wand waving.


So instead of copying any Asian country, our rulers meddle with traditional learning systems to find some sort of way of getting superior students while refusing to understand why minority students stubbornly cannot learn.  And here is the hard truth:  Study ties hard work to Asian students’ higher grades. 


The authors of the study, University of Michigan’s Yu Xie and Amy Hsin of Queens College, City University of New York, examined two national surveys of students in kindergarten through high school, focusing on data for 4,246 white students and 989 Asian students. The authors compared measures of academic achievement such as students’ grades with teachers’ responses to questions as to whether their students showed a willingness to work. Hsin and Xie found that the differences in how hard students worked, according to their teachers, accounted for much of the Asian group’s better performance in the classroom compared to whites.


DUH!  I got a scholarship to go to college at age 16 not by goofing off but by working my ass off to master all sorts of skills.  This includes playing multiple musical instruments and learning how to read musical scores, mastering three languages, German being the most advanced, but also Russian and some Latin.  I read many, many books, including history books and amusingly, books about statistics which my grandfather gave me.


My reward for all this in school was to be ferociously attacked by students who didn’t want to do any work at all and resented anyone who did work hard.  So those of us who were doing much better and skipping grades, etc. were tormented including physical threats and attacks.  Ask any nerdy kid about this matter and all will have multiple horror stories to tell.  When the majority of students are at least making an effort to learn something, anything, nerdy kids can survive.  Put them in a school filled with students who are incapable due to family/culture reasons of learning hardly anything and the nerdy kids literally are driven to suicide or are murdered or become mentally destroyed by their peers who openly hate them.


Fixing this is extremely hard since our entire popular culture is bent on tormenting, killing or persecuting nerdy children!  This is ridiculous.  We can’t expect intellectual superiority in the world if our entire culture is all about being thugs, creeps and criminals!  But then…this describes our psychopathic leaders, doesn’t it?


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18 responses to “NYT Attacks Putin’s School Book Ban While Ignoring Our Wretched School System That Common Core Is Actively Destroying

  1. Jim R

    Profit from a school book deal? Haha, that’s BAU in Texas!

    Usually features a picture of Jesus on a dinosaur or some such thing…

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine: do you take special pleasure in being such an irritant to the rag of record, the NYT? HAHA. Keep it up, btw. The propagandist chooses his/her hit pieces carefully–because they know they aren’t dealing in truth. No, the propagandist-which includes the editors of the NYT-must choose his target with care. In this case, Russian education. How many of the Times readers know a damn thing about the Russian school system? Very few. This means the propagandist can lie at will and likely get away with it. But then along comes the likes of you Elaine. I’ll bet the Times editors have meetings about you! LOL


    ELAINE: Believe it or not, once upon a time the Times published me and then had this meeting in 1999 where they decided to annihilate me totally. Sad, isn’t it? I learned about the meeting via, of all people, JFK Jr. when he was still alive and was running George Magazine. A reporter there got the inside scoop and called me for a response!

  3. melponeme_k

    The reason why Gates and other oligarchs can destroy the country they were born in is because they no longer think of themselves as US citizens. Gates considers himself a citizen of Microsoft. The same for other Oligarchs thinking they are citizens of their companies.

    Companies act as their own nationalistic countries. AND THAT is why we need politicians who are hip to this fact and can act as very careful diplomats to these entities.

    These mega-companies are not nationals and they are certainly no allies. They are foreign/alien entities and should be treated as such by the sovereign state.

  4. Luc

    Book, ‘The Bell Curve’.
    Site, http://hbdchick.wordpress.com/.

    I ask myself, ‘Have women invented anything’? And all I can come up with is Heddi Lamars patent for cellphone technology. So the issue of IQ and science skills go beyond race and into gender.


    ELAINE: how limited you are. Did you know who invented ambulances? A woman, of course. Before Florence Nightingale, people who were wounded in battle or cities had to hitch rides with whoever!

    This is just one example.

  5. melponeme_k


    One Big Example
    Computer Programming – Invented by a woman – Ada Lovelace

    Thank you Ada for making reading and writing on Elaine’s blog possible.

    Also you fail to take into account culture and how it stifles development in women and “races”. For one we are all one race. The color of the skin doesn’t make us different. We can’t truly gauge differences until the culture is fixed which won’t be in our lifetime.

    If we want to talk about race and racial differences than we are talking about the difference between Homo Sapiens (us) and Homo Neanderthalensis.

    THIS is a hot potato subject especially since Africans, by majority, do not have Neanderthal genes. We are talking Africans still living in Africa. Black Americans are mostly mixed heritage with a great majority of white and Native American background… they most assuredly have Neanderthal genes.

    Do Neanderthal genes and the amount of them in people (Asians and Native Americans have Denisovan ancestry) affect intellect? We don’t know. And the study of it will most assuredly be controversial which is the reason scientists are avoiding it.


    ELAINE: Neanderthals had bigger brains. I assume they were not as ruthless as homo sapiens.

  6. JimmyJ

    I was skipped over Grade 6 and ended up leaving that school from the bullying from my classmates. This was a boarding school based on the old British bully privilege so it was systemic. I received the strap as punishment from the Headmaster over my anxious response to the bullying. A truly noxious school but it’s still well regarded. These are the schools that made our current crop of elites.


    ELAINE: Yes, that is the Old Boy School and I was trained that way, too. To this day, you can hit me with a hammer or stab me and I will say, ‘What the hell’ and try to hit back. I got beaten so often I have a rhino’s hide. The only thing that makes me cry is frustration or a crying child, seeing one makes me really shed tears. Unless the child is ‘fake crying’ from temper. But then, I do the same! 🙂

  7. kenogami

    “I ask myself, ‘Have women invented anything’? And all I can come up with is Heddi Lamars patent for cellphone technology.”

    A quick search gives me kevlar, paper bags, dishwashers, liquid paper, alphabet blocks, invisible glas, and many others, … invented by women.


    While it is true that most genius and inventors were men, I suspect that it has more to do with interests and mindset rather than lack of intelligence; women almost never choose to become unbalanced neurotic monomaniacs like a great number of artistic and scientific genius were, a large number of which were awful peoples and social morons. Newton, Beethoven, Wagner, Haber, Dali come to mind.

  8. aashild

    As Elaine has pointed out repeatedly, i believe there is a connection between the falling levels of education, and the so-called gangsta-rap culture. This popular ‘culture’ encourages young men to act like thugs and idiots. I have even seen this trend here in my own little country, although still to a very small degree. Among this group there is a high degree of school drop-outs, and criminals.

  9. melponeme_k

    Montessori gives children their autonomy. I remember being a child. I remember being angry that adults patronized me and treated me like an adorable little doll. Children HATE that, they want to be free, functioning members of society with something to offer everyone around them. Montessori gives them that freedom. The joy and love the student took in setting the table and preparing his fellow classmates lunch was and is so much better than being herded to a cafeteria like prison inmates.

    However I would really like to see this method in a school that doesn’t cater to rich children. I want to see it in action in a middle class or lower middle class/working class environment. How does Montessori handle children with learning disabilities, mental and behavior problems, and suffering parental neglect?

    It would do wonders for most children. But I have a feeling it would still lack the resources to deal with children growing up in gangsta culture.

  10. emsnews

    Montessori is great for disabled children! Also, when I taught it in NYC when homeschooling my daughter, I took up several other children, one of whom was Kaneesha, a lovely black girl who had been abused…she took to it like a duck to water and was so pleased to be treated with respect because she is a person, not a toy or irritation.

    Then there was Rainbow whose parents were…honest to god…North Korean communists! She hated everyone and the other children didn’t like her at all so I attended to her and teaching her to ask politely for something was a battle royal with her screaming, kicking, howling and I sat there watching her and taking notes until she was quite exhausted.

    She finally figured it all out and did it all the time with the others until she told me her parents punished her for being polite. I got in a fight with them. Sheesh. Now you know why NK is such an evil place.

  11. melponeme_k

    “ELAINE: Neanderthals had bigger brains. I assume they were not as ruthless as homo sapiens.”

    Which is the reason why they opted more for marriage than war with us. But I’m sure the fights took place and were very violent. I can only imagine how we appeared to them. Roaming around like revenants, howling and growling with our evolving half wolf/half dog canine companions as well as allowing stray, small felines the run of our camps. I don’t think we made such a great impression. They probably thought us incredibly filthy.


    Interesting discussions by parents who would like more opportunities for Montessori method in local schools. Proof that Montessori is now just for the rich, some parents discuss limiting the amount of their children in order to put their resources in one rather than falling economically behind with many.

  12. nclaughlin

    Regarding the Neanderthals, when it came out that many white people had some Neanderthal genes, an African newspaper claimed that this proved that white people, monsters that they are, were “animal-human” hybrids!

  13. Jim R

    Really! Did anyone point out to the African paper that they share 98% of their DNA with the great apes, such as Chimps?

  14. emsnews

    We all are the crazy chimpanzees.

  15. larry, dfh

    Prop 13 had alot to do with the descent of CA public schools.


    ELAINE: Nope. Arizona didn’t have that and as the schools went from mostly white to mostly ‘minority’ it, too, collapsed.

  16. JT

    “But as a single act of extermination, the Russian killing of an estimated 26,000 unarmed prisoner of war officers, lawyers, doctors, professors, civil servants, and journalists who fell into Russian hands after Russia invaded and occupied eastern Poland on 17 September 1939 remains the biggest one-off act of murder in the early part of the war. Andrej Wajda’s moving and slow-build film, Katyn (2007), is witness by a great European artist to what happened.

    For decades Russia pretended that the extermination of an entire generation of Polish leaders had been carried out by Germans. Sadly, successive British governments accepted this fiction in the belief that appeasing a lie would help promote good relations with the Kremlin.

    Will Putin now apologise for this Russian crime against humanity? The signs are not good. He has banned any showing of Katyn in Russia. Moreover, there is now a sustained effort to re-write history by proclaiming the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which gave the green light to Hitler to invade Poland as a master-stroke of Russian statecraft.

    In 1989, under Gorbachev, the Russian Parliament condemned the August 1939 treaty between fascism and communism as “without legal basis”. In addition to the partition of Poland between Moscow and Berlin, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact sanctioned the incorporation of the three Baltic states into the Soviet Union.”


    Both US and Russia should stop historical revisionism right away.

    Nations that do not know their past cannot plan for their future.
    The lies at the end of WWII are a good place to start in order to avoid WWIII.

    Disney has nothing to do with Putin’s plans and only an idiot would suggest that.

  17. CK

    The last allied troops ( Japanese ) left Russia in 1922. When Germany Austria and Turkey surrendered in 1918. the allies immediately invaded Russia on the tsarist side of that Civil War. Less than 17 years later, Russia is attacked from May to September 1939 by the Japanese at the battles of Khalkhin Gol. Zhukov defeated the Japanese so badly at these battles, that Japan signed a peace treaty with Russia and adhered to it for the rest of WWII.
    Stalin and Molotov having avoided a potential two front war, now signed the Molotov Ribbentrop pact and avoided a one front war. Until Hitler invaded of course. Stalin did not believe anything that came out of Great Britain or the USA or France as these nations had all been part of the invasion of the USSR in 1918. That they were trying to sucker him into another war was to him obvious.
    Putin has learned the lessons of the Americans and their allies all to well.

  18. emsnews

    ALLLLLL EMPIRES did massacres. England, the US, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, etc. etc. etc. etc. Japan did this, too! The Mongols did this. The Romans did this. The Greeks did this going back in time, the homo sapiens did this to the neanderthals.

    Good lord almighty. Prisoner abuses abound through history, too. Not to mention rape and looting.

    Funny, do you recall the Norsemen? I come from them. They came from your neck of the woods and descended upon Europe and destroyed everything in their path.

    And then sat down and imposed a rather crude form or rule on everyone. We call these invaders ‘royalty’ and celebrate them today and applaud whenever they pop out babies to rules us further.

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