EU And US Elections All About Stopping Immigration Floods, Bilderberg Gang Wants More Aliens, No Borders

Jon Stewart Perfectly Sums Up The GOP’s Closing Arguments by making fun of very reasonable fears and demands of the US middle classes.


Our nation and the entire EU is run by and for the richest elites who have these secret meetings which our media owners never, ever mention and the few people covering these meetings are mocked as ‘conspiracy nuts’ but the Bilderberg meetings are very real and very important and they set the rules by which we live and examples abound.  One of these is the persistence of propaganda about global warming which has risen to a fever pitch as the planet decisively cools down.  The other big thing beloved of this crew is open borders everywhere on earth except for Israel.  » Official Bilderberg 2014 Membership List Released Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Copenhagen, 26 May 2014 – The 62nd Bilderberg meeting is set to take place from 29 May until 1 June 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. A total of around 140 participants from 22 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media have been invited. The list of participants is available on


The key topics for discussion this year include:


• Is the economic recovery sustainable?
• Who will pay for the demographics?
• Does privacy exist?
• How special is the relationship in intelligence sharing?
• Big shifts in technology and jobs
• The future of democracy and the middle class trap
• China’s political and economic outlook
• The new architecture of the Middle East
• Ukraine
• What next for Europe?
• Current events


The Quantitive Easing whereby central banks which are owned and run by Bilderberg gangsters, buy up government debt and then hand out ZIRP loans to the very rich to prop up stock markets and free trade.  This system runs utterly counter to classic capitalist economic systems and is doomed to collapse but they keep zapping it alive via madly printing money which is why there is raging inflation in food and other necessities which in turn, is squeezing the middle classes.


So it is horrifying to see these monsters discussing the ‘middle class TRAP’ because they are directly responsible for creating this and one of their favorite ways of wrecking the middle class is to bring in armies of aliens into former sovereign nations and thus flooding the job markets with more people which then drives down wages and raises the cost of social services, forcing reductions of these, too.


In Europe, there is open revolt over open borders as eastern Europeans flood into all other nations wrecking the middle classes.  Elections show this very clearly.


In Denmark itself, the buzz (at the Bilderberg meeting) is centered around Morten Messerschmidt and the Danish People’s party, which won 27% of the vote in the Euro elections and doubled its number of MEPs. Although some are wary of Messerschmidt’s far right inclinations, his success reflects a general resentment not only in Denmark but across Europe towards immigration and the welfare state, concerns that the EU has only exasperated.


Meanwhile in France, Marine Le Pen is carving out a role as the face of a conservative movement that threatens “to break up one united Europe,” with her European election win being described as an “earthquake” that has rattled the political heart of Europe.


And this is true in England with the rise of UKIP. Bilderberg conspirator, Osborne, has had to respond to UKIP by going against open borders to save his own political party, so he digs in after Merkel warns on EU immigration that she will kick England out of the EU if they impose border restrictions on immigration:


George Osborne today dismissed as “speculation” reports that Angela Merkel would rather see the UK leave the European Union than change freedom of movement rules. He insists that Britain’s national interest will form the basis of David Cameron’s plan to renegotiate EU immigration rules.


The middle class is in full panic now seeing their doom and rage is rising fast:  ‘Block all benefits for migrants’ say Voters sceptical on immigration curbs and fearful of collapse of social services, British voters want  EU migrants to be stripped of benefits.


Germany (That is CORPORATE Germany) Welcomes Immigrants to Spur Economic growth of the Bilderberg elites… – Limits to Growth: Germans are no longer having children because it is expensive and social services are collapsing.  So the rulers have decided to eliminate Germans as a people which is quite ironic.  Many Israelis are moving to Berlin to replace Germans there, for example which is tremendously ironic.


Hitler didn’t just push for Germany to be ‘German’ but decided to conquer Europe and do the same by annihilating everyone in his path.  Now, Germany is being annihilated internally and soon will cease to be German at all. I am half German and find this very ironic indeed.  At the same time, Jews are trying desperately to suppress the growth of Palestinian natives so they can Nazify Palestine and to do this, they need many babies so they have very generous welfare benefits for Orthodox and Hassidic Jews none of whom want to defend the state so the fighting Jews are fewer and fewer in number and of these, many move to foreign countries with open borders to escape the draft.  All highly ironic.


The Bilderbergs rule German with an iron fist so we have this:  German minister dismisses fears of immigration from eastern Europe …except German voters are increasingly worried about this.  Like in the US, voting for either party leads to the same results because both are run by the Bilderberg gang and do the same things after promising not to do the same things.


Most Voters In Europe Support Limiting Immigration – Pew Global Attitudes Project reports in recent polls.  Virtually no leaders agree!  Expats in Crosshairs as Swiss Vote on Immigration Limits after Swiss voters were warned to not do this.  EU Terrorizes Switzerland Over Vote to Limit Immigration because the Swiss might cause a full revolt in Germany, the keystone state for dominance via crushing unions and middle class.  Germany’s unions are still relatively strong and have to be diluted and destroyed and Merkel’s job is far from done.


Naturally, Germans would vote just like the Swiss on curbing immigration but this news has to be buried in a deep grave along with anyone in Britain wishing for this.  The busy bodies who launched UKIP laugh at all this but I wonder when their leaders are lured into the Bilderberg castle to be defanged.


As for QE, in Germany there is reluctance to imitate England, Japan and the US: Monetary Fallacy? Deep Divisions Emerge over ECB Quantitative Easing Plans.  Since Germany’s leaders have decided to kill off all Germans via immigration and making it too expensive to have children if you are middle class, why not destroy the entire banking system and economy, too?


Too Poor For College, Too Rich For Financial Aid – Forbes: US media has noticed this year that the middle class in the US, like in Germany, can’t afford to have more than two children.  Poor families are rewarded if they have children.  More children=more money.  The rich can afford anything they want.  Poor kids make poor students and if on welfare, poor workers whose only job expectations is more welfare.


The rich spoil their children and render them, after three generations, incapable of functioning as sane adults and usually end up crashing and burning.  The core of any economic system that works well is the middle class and strangle that, you get death, doom and destruction.  This latest election which is going on today is supposedly about saving the middle class yet BOTH parties flood us with illegal aliens, kill unions, destroy our schools, and in general, makes it impossible for the middle class to have more than two children each.  The liberals actively state they hate the future and fewer humans means no more global warming, more polar bears and less pollution while the right claims to love fetuses and then leaves them to die after birth due to neglect.


Both extremes are crazy.  And this is our choice today?


Rock the Vote hypocrites Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg didn’t take part in last midterms: one of the Bilderberg games is to keep the pretense of democracy while strangling it.


At least five stars in a recent Rock the Vote PSA urging youth to exercise their franchise didn’t bother to show up to the polls themselves in 2010

Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne, Glee’s Darren Criss and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star E.J. Johnson did not vote four years ago

Neither did Goldberg or Dunham, who admittedly voted for her ‘first time’ in the 2012 presidential election

Only a quarter of 18-29 year olds voted in the last midterms; the same percentage are expected to vote this year


I am guessing the liberal wing isn’t too keen on youth voters this time around since the latest poll shows that 51% of these favor Republicans this election.  I have pointed out the reasons why but alas, the global warming theology has a total, vampiric grip on liberal minds and is not only their #1 issue, it seems to have shut down their brains nearly entirely which is why they cannot debate this issue at all.  And the Bilderberg gang loves this because their main way of raising taxes on the middle class is to append a CO2 tax on EVERYTHING produced or any energy system.


Another little tidbit which I find most interesting:  China unveils anti-drone laser weapon able to shoot down ‘small aircraft’ within 5 seconds — RT News which means our lovely assassin drones are history.  At least, if they go into Chinese or Russian airspace.


The US military is to get a new drone, small enough to fit into a uniform pocket, weighing a mere 80 grams. The so-called Extreme Access Pocket Flyer can fly for two hours, transmitting HD-quality video the whole time, without resorting to Wi-Fi.


According to a report by the independent, nonprofit, public policy institute, Stimson, the US has the “world’s largest and most sophisticated fleet of weaponized UAVs,” though America is “not likely to remain the world leader in the development of innovative UAV technologies.”


And of course, the Pentagon doesn’t think that rivals can do this same?  Even ISIS will end up with drones.

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    I always wondered what Bill Gates real interest in Africa was, and now someone has found out:

    I knew he did not care about real people. He never did.

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