More School Statistics Showing How Race And Culture Determines Success UNIVERSALLY


Time to make more comparisons of states when it comes to race/ethnic backgrounds and math scores in elementary and junior high school: it is sadly obvious that there is a huge chasm between Hispanic immigrants and Asian immigrants.  And an even bigger one afflicts black children who are at the bottom of every test group.  North, South, East or West, the results are identical with slight variations.  Texas, it appears, seems to be doing best for black and Hispanic students in basic math compared to other states but is identical for advanced maths which is 1 or 2 percent which is the lowest of all groups.  Universally, without exception!  Why is that?


This is a key question.  The entire point of Brown vs. Board of Education was that desegregating schools would bring equity to black educational achievements.  Instead, we had half a century of special consideration for minorities who get hired ahead of white males and get into better schools with less work compared to white males, for example has produced no good effect in the lower grades.  I know first hand how black students openly boast about how little they must work to qualify for a good school while fellow students struggle to boost test scores and other efforts to gain the same access to say, Harvard (aside from the legacy rich, of course, we are talking middle class here), this has translated into poor test scores even for top black students.


It kills any incentive to work hard!  This golden staircase to the 1% of black students who can do advanced math and English leads to corporate positions or government gravy while the rest of the black community sinks into the ghetto/gangsta life.  I noted in the past the astonishing statistics that Asian computer experts seldom reach corporate headquarters while being the majority of staff while black ones are 2% of the workers and 10% of the executives which shows this ‘kick them upstairs if they can do anything’ culture.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.43.24 AM

I know NY well because my children went to school there and I had to remove them to private schools because of the disgusting condition of the schools there.  Violent, dangerous, first day of school for my daughter’s school one year featured a shoot out at the front door and then it couldn’t open due to the body being wedged there, for example.  I called the head of the school district to complain and asked her (she was a black woman kicked upstairs) to come help us out…and she told me to write her a letter.


So I stormed into her office with a Daily News reporter and ordered her to go to PS 322.  She snarled and snapped and then dragged her carcass out the door somehow.  The chaos that rages in schools that are mainly black or Hispanic is a huge scandal that is studiously ignored by everyone as they try to reform schools while not doing one thing about this chaos which grows worse each generation.


One can learn a lot from basic statistics.  Since we can clearly see that blacks and Hispanics universally lag far, far behind all others, we have to isolate this group and study them to see why this is happening. These stats for NY, by the way, are for grade 4, by high school, the black/Hispanic grades drop like a rock.  Why this happens needs to be studied and I know why this happens, of course, due to knowing schools and kids pretty well.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.49.25 AM

Here are NY’s 8th grade graduates.  All race groups see losses.  Even Asians drop scores.  But blacks and Hispanics drop catastrophically.  Not surprising to me, both white and Asian advanced students increase.  Especially Asians who pull away at the top from all other races and groups.  Proficient math by Asian kids is quadruple or more of black or Hispanic kids.  And is 15 points higher than white students.


Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.58.07 AM

Vermont has one of the highest scores in the nation. And is nearly entirely white.  And the scores for whites are the same as other states, for the most part.  It is simply not dragged down by black and Hispanic scores.  Texas rates fairly high, too!

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.22.48 AM

The same forces are at work in Texas only one significant difference: the scores of black and Hispanic students are materially higher than such scores in other states, kind of bucking the trends.  But even more significantly, Asian scores in the advanced group wipes out all the other states, pulling up the statistics for all groups there.  I would suggest we study Texas to see why they are succeeding better than say, California which is in the basement.


The highest state for math scores is Massachusetts.  The state that conservatives hate so much.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 9.29.19 AM

The Asian scores wipes out everyone and unlike NYC which has a high Asian colony situation but many of whom are lower working class (though their children work hard at school) Boston has a large high-education population whose parents work inside the university/school systems.  Nearly half of their children are ‘advanced’.  The white children do well compared to other states in the advanced area, too, but not nearly as good as Asians who have more than double the percentage.


Here is a news story that clearly shows how insane, demented and obtuse ‘school reformers’ have become and how unable they are to see the destruction they are causing:  School grades: Department of Education data show less than a third of New York City high school students are college-ready – NY Daily News


Indeed, at 225 of the city’s 500-plus high schools, fewer than one in five students was college-ready by the end of four years, the statistics show. At just 25 schools, more than 70% of kids were college-ready...his year’s grades reflect the first time the city is counting college readiness as a measure of how well schools are doing.


You can bet those 25 schools are mainly Asian with  a fair number of Jewish/Russian/EU students of recent vintage.  Namely, immigrants eager to learn coming from families who want this, too.


Despite the shockingly low college-readiness rate, overall grades rose.


And this is bad news!  It means failure of other ethnic groups is being rewarded.  Poor work is given passing grades!


“School is not about silver bullets,” said Polakow-Suransky. “It’s about lots of small steps, and that’s what we’re building here.”


On this year’s report cards, 7% of high schools received a D or an F, down from 12% last year.


Now comes this puzzling part of the story which illustrates how bad students who can barely read or do math are kicked upstairs due to being black and put into colleges and universities even though they can barely do junior high work:


It Takes a Village Academy in Brooklyn scored the highest A in the city. The school illustrates some of the complexities involved in the new college-readiness measure.


The school did well at offering advanced classes to kids, and 90% of its graduates are enrolled in either college studies or a career program.


At the same time, just 12% of its students graduate ready for college, according to the official stats — a number that founding Principal Marina Vinitskaya said does not reflect her school’s actual achievements. She pointed out that nearly a third of the students are still learning English.


“These are kids who barely read in middle school, and they’re going to college,” Vinitskaya said. “It’s a huge improvement.”


90% of what they will study in ‘college’ will be courses that have no credit towards graduation as they retake all the classes they screwed up the previous 12 years!  This is a gigantic scam.  All these poor students will bear huge student loans for this and it is a total rip off and they will then never be allowed to shed these loans which will haunt them until they die!  In poverty, I am guessing.


This is happening now to England and Australia who are copying our insane, useless system: for a professor’s takedown of this mess, he is quite angry:


How is it that advertisements for adult reading classes can claim that we have over a million functionally illiterate adults in the country? How many can‟t do basic arithmetic either? How many functionally illiterate and innumerate young people are there in the pipeline…And these are not teenagers from remote, impoverished outback regions; most have been to school or at least have had the opportunity to attend school.

…In the 1970‟s, students, who would today be classified as learning disabled, left school at the end of grade 7 with the ability to do simple arithmetic and write a properly formatted and grammatically correct letter to a prospective employer. Now, at the beginning of the second millennium, fifty percent of first year university students cannot do the same. Class sizes in the 1970s were certainly no smaller, genuine poverty was greater and there was no shortage of dysfunctional families or poorly educated parents…


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10 responses to “More School Statistics Showing How Race And Culture Determines Success UNIVERSALLY

  1. e sutton

    It’s the elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. I taught for ten years and was let go, along with another white teacher. A year later a staff member told us that we we’re too “demanding” of our elementary school students, which stressed them. This was at a 98% black school. The administrators were all black, of course, pulling in 6 figure salaries. Stick a fork in this country. It’s done.

  2. melponeme_k

    I couldn’t be pushed up the ladder even though I was Native. In order to get the push, I needed a blood quantum certificate proving how much Native blood I had. If not that, I had to be part of a tribe.

    I got to College on my own steam and graduated. Ultimately it was better, No one could accuse me of jumping a line or not deserving my college place.

    In other interesting news, I worked at an office that provided new programs for teachers in order to improve student test scores. They serviced mostly inner city schools in various states. Not one of their programs addressed broken culture problems. All of the responsibility they pushed onto the teachers who had to be instructors, surrogate parents and best friends. A totally impossible amount of requirements for a teacher to handle. Before I left, they had numerous meetings with teachers about how classroom work should be handled and taught. At the last minute they threw out ALL of the suggestions given by the teachers. They threw out the program that ALL the teachers had a hand in planning. Then they put a new one in its place created by them. Which, mind you, none of these “education consultants” had any experience in the classroom.

    It was truly disgusting and then I knew why our schools were failing. Our teachers have been totally usurped by profiteers and ideologists.

    Of course I don’t need to tell you this company received Federal money. It also received big donations from the Bush family.

  3. emsnews

    I greatly appreciate all the background information you are giving. Yes, TRUST THE TEACHERS!

    Common Core is the exact opposite. Teachers are in despair because of all the fruitless testing that shows the same stuff over and over again: black and Hispanic students are NOT catching up or learning, they are abandoning school in huge numbers!

  4. DeVaul

    I would be careful with these statistics and this emphasis on “math, math, uber alles”.

    My wife is Asian and cannot find a single country on a globe or map, nor can she converse on anything outside of basic math. She is one of over a billion student who were set up by their governments to learn only one or two things so that the government could skim off the top layer of the best math and science students while tossing the rest into low-wage sweatshop jobs and outright poverty. And their parents had to PAY for this.

    Being good at math does NOT guarantee a meaningful or fulfilling life or career, nor does it make a person a better citizen or human being, as hundreds of millions of Asians are now finding out after it is far too late.

    The drop-out rate in China is going up, not down.

    Compressing all children into a math litmus test is about the worst form of education they can get.

  5. emsnews

    These statistics are nearly identical when talking about LANGUAGE and READING skills, too. It would be tiresome to go through these at this time.

  6. DeVaul

    Let’s assume they are. So what?

    In fact, if every child graduates with a perfect 4.0 in math, science, and language, what would change?

    The top 10% or so would still be skimmed off to fill the top jobs in math and science. What happens to the rest?

    Modern industrial civilization has no answer to this question, and does not care what happens to the bottom 90%. They are forgotten.

    My point is that children are not being trained for the real future that awaits them. They are being set-up for extreme disappointment — both by their parents and the government.

  7. Craggy

    You will often find in Chinese classical literature moral stories about penniless student scholars. Typically the stories go something like this: with no place to go and no prospect of employment the student has to hole up in an abandoned shack or monastery in the middle of no-where to continue his studies. Hungry and cold the student is beset upon by Fox Demons disguised as beautiful women showing the poor sap the illusions of a rich and voluptuous life. As he gazes in wonder at the dream world the demons suck out his life energy. The moral of the story is even in a corrupt world that does not recognize nor reward your talent and hard work, your personal responsibility and moral fiber depends upon continuing your studies steadfastly and resisting the temptation of an easy life. In the past, high achievement meant studying the Confuscian Classics, today it is Mathematics; either way, there is corruption in society and talented, hardworking people are often dissappointed but that should not dissuade the student from being steadfast in his studies.

  8. Luc

    ‘Namely, immigrants eager to learn coming from families who want this, too.’
    The ‘immigrant riff’. Here in LA many of the new bees are latino and dont care much for USA, its history, learning English, rule of law.
    Heres a tale, I met a Russian gal whose man stopped going to ELS classes
    [presumably free classes]. Why? ‘everyone there was conversing in Spanish’.

  9. emsnews

    Hispanics no longer have to learn English so they don’t. But in Chinatown, for example, for generations, the elders stuck to Chinese…but their children were pushed hard to learn English as well as Chinese and excel in school.

    It is this hard push to learn coupled with great respect for teachers. This ‘respect your teacher’ is key to learning! The black culture is all about ‘diss the teacher, they stupid!’ which means the children are helpless when it comes to learning anything.

    I have taught black children successfully not because I was good or anything. All the ones who learned quickly and well were highly motivated and respected me and their moms (only one had a daddy at home) were extremely kind, willing to listen and try, mothers.

    I salute them! They, not I, made their children a success story. They get 100% of the credit. One child, whose dad was a taxi driver, is now a successful lawyer and quite respected by his fellow lawyers in NYC.

  10. DeVaul

    “…today it is Mathematics;…”

    Yesterday it was mathematics, tommorrow it will be something else, and our children are not being prepared for it.

    Those Romans who dilligently studied Rhetoric as the Goths bore down on the capital did not fare so well in the ensuing chaos.

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