Big Anonymous Anti-Bank Demonstration In London Makes No News In US

World wide, there was this million mask march by Anonymous.  The NATO spy/assassin killing/invade distant Muslim counties/kill Orthodox Russians in Ukraine machine hates Anonymous and whistle blowers like Snowden.  So these demonstrations which were so big in London, it led to riots and attempted attacks on banking buildings there, makes nearly zero news in the US which vacillates between right wing Republicans to right wing Democrats all of whom work for bankers and who build the CIA/NATO machine in the first place, both being identical when it comes to issues that concern young people like the members of Anonymous.


LA Times – Protesters march in Hollywood as part of Million Mask March with only 75 people participating but in London, there were riots as Million Mask March draws thousands in London on global day of protest | UK news | The Guardian:

In Berlin, a much quieter, smaller demonstration

In the future, unless our rulers wake up, it won’t be youthful Anonymous demonstrations but full fascism.  Workers are betrayed by everyone on either side of the political spectrum. Way back before WWII, Hitler figured out that workers wanted more socialism but also national sovereignty and he combined this in his nationalsocialist party, the Nazi party.  The main country to feature this sort of political system is Israel.


Israel is a nationalist socialist nation that gives total protection and social services including healthcare and housing but only to Jews because like Hitler, they believe that there are no real national borders but internal borders drawn by not class but ethnic or religious boundaries.  So the elite ethnic/religious groups get social services while ‘outsiders’ get nothing or are killed.


The US isn’t built on this fascist model today so we have a push on the right to destroy social services, for example, which is HIGHLY unpopular when it comes to social services that white people use like Social Security.  But highly popular is cutting welfare to families because much of that goes to either minorities or ‘undeserving’ white women (‘whores’).


Anonymous is an odd creature created by the more creative minds of our youth.  I would suggest their rage against bankers is well placed and well thought out!  Who is oppressing them?


Bankers! Directly!  At a young age!  I left school with zero school debts.  My son left with $25,000 in debt which has screwed up his life royally because he graduated in the recession and getting a good job took forever!  He is not unusual, his case is common.  Our young people are being crushed by debt the minute they turn full adult.


They have very good reasons to revolt.  A trillion and a half dollars worth of reasons.  This is a giant motivator for rebellion.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 8.22.14 AM

The Democratic Party that is offering no solutions to young people for this mountain of debt, is relying on minorities to carry them forwards.  As we see, this is impossible unless the party appeals to at least 27% of the white voters.  Increasingly, white middle class parents are worried about this mountain of debt for like myself, we have to help out whenever our kids change jobs or lose jobs because it has to be paid every month.


Jobs or no jobs.


It also prevents our kids from getting married and having children which hits us all very hard indeed.  Nothing we love more than seeing our kids settled and having grandchildren for us to enjoy (and I adore my own grandson and think he is heaven and earth and all things between!).


I think the Anonymous movement is necessary.  As the EU leaders follow the US, as Canada and Australia ape the US system, as they all have decided to dump a mountain of debt on our kids, Anonymous will grow.  University of California plans annual tuition increases for five years so it goes up 24% more!  UC out-of-state students increase as Californians’ admissions slow for natives of the state and out of state students increase to over 30% half of whom are foreigners.


These foreign students increased by over 250% in one decade.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 10.28.13 AM

All the schools in the US are trying the same scheme: force out state students and take in out of state/foreign students.  This makes double the money!  And wrecks the system in obvious ways as voters opt for less and less tax money going to these schools while their children have less and less a chance to go to the top schools and pay more for the privilege.


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8 responses to “Big Anonymous Anti-Bank Demonstration In London Makes No News In US

  1. Christian W

    If this was in the Ukraine it would be ok for the demonstrators to throw petrol bombs on the police…

  2. Christian W

    Also how are kids going to buy their own homes (homes that are increasingly expensive) once they are out of school and already heavily in debt? These policies are simply a way to turn the middle and working classes into eternal debt serfs.

    This system is ticking along now, while the current crop of parents and grandparents still have some equity and saving, but a 20 or 30 years down the road, when it is the current generation of debt slaves turn to help their children out into life there won’t be any money to do so.

    The fascists at the top are wrecking society for their own profit. The MIC will continue to grow, the endless flow of money to Israel will continue to flow, the red tide of debt will continue to rise swallowing more and more of the working and middle classes. The corporations will continue to cement their rule through TTIP, legistation, and other measures. The politicians will continue to whore themselves out or they will not be allowed to serve as politicians.

    It is obvious that the current masters of the universe have zero interest in democratic debate, for the simple reason they have already decided on all the policies. It is only for the citizens and subjects of the so called democracies in the West to realize and accept that fact and for the bought and paid for politicians to implement them.

  3. JimmyJ

    Not so sure the London demonstration was worth reporting. A geek from the tech website “The Register” London office wandered down to it and calls it a bit of a “damp squib”. Here’s her take on the whole thing…

  4. Christian W

    They always make fun of demonstrators and protesters. It’s supposed to be uncool to protest against austerity policies and the elites.

    Check out the Brussels demonstration instead.

  5. emsnews

    Look at the videos I posted above. The demonstrators in London were VERY active! The Register used to publish me long, long ago.

    No more, it was sold to someone who is….ahem…an elitist.

  6. Christian W

    They did exactly the same thing with Occupy in New York. The NYT sent out some female reporter to subtly mock the demonstrators. Just one example.

  7. emsnews

    Hell, they sent out reporters to openly attack the demonstrators!

  8. JimmyJ

    Regrettably I had to give up home internet and I’m only on mobile and can’t afford enough data to watch videos anymore. Happily I can still afford to read blogs.

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