Obama And Kerry Fail At Home And Abroad

Obama: ‘I hear you’ except he never heard anything because it is his own racism that drove so many white women to support the Republicans.  By standing idle or worse, encouraging black riots and crimes, the President has driven women voters away in droves!  Then his ebola position sealed the deal.   President vows to work with Republicans and the loonier parts of the left have this headline:  Obama should welcome impeachment: Take bold action on climate, immigration and force the right to overreach – Salon.com.  Yeah, right, do things that are very highly unpopular with voters!



From the above Salon article:


The GOP won because the 2014 electorate was even older than in 2010 — which is to say, it won because the demoralized, dispirited and divided Democratic base did not show up. The Democrats had no agenda that they were willing to clearly articulate, even though Obamacare has performed quite well, and their populist economics are, well, popular. And so their base stayed home. But policywise, the GOP had even less: no agenda at all, nothing to run on other than fear itself and Obama’s cooties. Hence, it has no policy mandate at all.


Quite the opposite, the clearest policy message of election night was something congressional Republicans staunchly oppose: Statewide minimum wage hike initiatives won big once again in four red states — 69-31 in Alaska, 65-35 in Arkansas, 59-41 in Nebraska, and 55-45 in South Dakota. Illinois also passed an advisory measured 67-33.


Note how liberal individual items pass easily!  There is a lesson here.  When allowed to choose something without lots of baggage, voters trend towards liberalism.  But when liberals, as a movement, embrace embarrassing or even outright insane positions, then they are shunned by voters.


‘Climate change’ is exactly that: it is a fraud used in place of ‘global warming’ now that warming is no longer visible, and lying about statistics with the overt encouragement of Obama and his gang, this simply erodes trust rapidly with NASA and NOAA bearing the brunt of this, both turned into propaganda machines that cook the numbers to hide the obvious truth anyone with a brain can see, just by going outdoors.


Just before going to the polling booths on Tuesday, my neighbors were all talking about the looming cold wave:  Winter is coming: U.S. braces itself for Arctic blast with average temperatures to drop 20 degrees below normal and they and even I have now put on our studded snow tires already.  We also talked about the disaster brought upon us by Obama when he unilaterally made our state shut down a number of power plants.


We will have sky high bills again this winter as well as possible brown outs and brown outs in particular will enrage voters further and they won’t forget this when summer comes, either.  We were NOT allowed to vote on the issue of our power plants!  This causes tremendous resentment.


I grew up near the Udall family and did stuff with them when I lived in Arizona.  But I must say, he lost his election due to ‘climate change’ and Obama and clinging to the helpless Raft of the Medusa, that is, ‘women’s right to abortion’, he lost:  Mark Udall’s Loss Is a Blow for Privacy, but He Can Go Out With a Bang: ‘Leak’ the CIA Torture Report  but of course, he has to make a living and digging his grave won’t work.


Obama Seeks War Authorization for ISIS Conflict and will get it easily because AIPAC wants this but the article doesn’t mention this point.   Jerusalem Mayor Vows ‘Fierce’ Crackdown on Arab Neighborhoods  as the Jews press harder and harder to alienate as many Muslims as possible.  Meanwhile, our ‘buddies’ in Saudi Arabia see the Beast they created and are increasingly scared:   PressTV – Saudi sacks minister after Takfiri channel shutdown


The former minister did not specify the reasons for banning the TV channel, but said the ministry would not hesitate to take action against any media that attempts to undermine the “nation’s unity, security and stability.”


Wesal has reportedly aired programs and messages hostile to Shia Muslims.


And who funds these renegades?  Billionaire admits Saudi funded ISIL


In a video message, Dakheel al-Qahtani declared “the establishment of the Arabian Peninsula liberation movement,” noting that it “aims to begin a revolution in the Arabian Peninsula in order to topple the government of Al Saud…[and] to uproot their rule.”


I am not the only one to notice that ISIS isn’t the only head chopper in the world:  Saudi Arabia beheads 19 in half month: HRW which is less than ISIS but ISIS is just another branch of the same Sunni belief cult.  They are basically Saudis, culturally.


President Obama comes up a lame duck once again as Forbes declares Vladmir Putin the most powerful person in the world which isn’t a surprise, Putin is smarter than Obama and the EU leaders are craven fools.  And all are Bilderberg gang members.


Russia’s advertising ban threatens independent cable channels which is true, Putin is shutting down conversations but he is also at war with the EU now thanks to our rulers.


Ukraine to Halt Pension Payments to Easterners which is theft, this is retirement money they earned!  PressTV – Kerry threatens Russia with more sanctions because Kerry is dumb and I guess he doesn’t care if the EU collapses further due to trade withering on the vine.


“The president and I have repeatedly said that if the Minsk agreement is fully implemented, sanctions can be rolled back and if it isn’t, pressure will only increase,” Kerry told reporters in Paris after holding talks with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.


The top US diplomat said on Wednesday that the sanctions could be rolled back if Moscow sticks to the ceasefire.


He also urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko not to engage in a tit-for-tat process with Russia.


Well, Poroshenko is ignoring Kerry like everyone else on earth.  And everyone ignores Obama, too.  They brought this down on their own heads, themselves.


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7 responses to “Obama And Kerry Fail At Home And Abroad

  1. e sutton

    “The president and I have repeatedly said that…” I used to crack my mom up with my imitation of Lady Bird Johnson saying, “Lyndon and EYE…” . Kerry talks like a girl standin’ by her man. Great commentary, as usual!

  2. Petruchio

    Remember the time when Obama was visiting the Russians-I forget what the meeting was for-and NO ONE would shake Obama’s hand? There’s a video of it on YouTube. A actual, serving President of The USA extends his hand to handshake the various notable Russians attending the Summit, or meeting or whatever-and they refuse to even shake Obama’s hand. Pretty remarkable, but indicative of the Russians estimation of the Barack Obama.I doubt if the Chinese have a higher opinion of the elites doorman, Barack Obama than do the Russkies. I wonder if people like John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Hillary Clinton ever doubt that they are the elite of the elite, the best of the best? I mean, how many times does a person have to be b#tchslapped before they start to question their self image of being superior beings? Maybe they are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment, that would be a plus in their jobs. Guys like John Kerry will just go to one of their get togethers at the NumbSkulls and BoneHeads, do their secret handshake and pat each other on the back on tell each other how special they are. At least guys like Kerry have a place where they WILL shake his hand! HaHa.

  3. emsnews

    Kerry and Hillary meet all the time with Netanyahu and he all but spits on them as they beg him to be their best buddy.

  4. Jim R

    Now they have an excuse for their failure: “The Republicans made me fail!”

    Before the election, they were running out of excuses.

  5. emsnews

    Actually, they are blaming white women voters who fled the Democrats after they went full on attacks on all white males.

  6. Christian W

    Who cares who these rotten Dems blame? Seriously. They serve the Oligarchs/Robber Barons first and then they complain people don’t back them up? It’s time for the Dems to get real, but they won’t. They will ride this momentum to disaster, then complain they were stupid and blind and should have known better.

    The fact is whites, blacks and everyone in between, globally, is under attack if they are below a certain strata in society.

  7. Christian W

    I took a look at the list of participants at this year’s Bilderberger meeting. One name jumped out at me and I looked deeper into who this person is:

    USA Gfoeller, Michael Independent Consultant

    Let’s look at who he is:

    “Ambassador Michael Gfoeller

    Advisor – The Chertoff group

    Ambassador Michael Gfoeller served 26 years as a U.S. diplomat including service in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Poland, and Belgium. He retired from the State Department with the rank of Ambassador in 2010. After his diplomatic service, Amb. Gfoeller was the head of Middle East and North African (MENA) affairs at ExxonMobil’s International Government Relations Department from 2010 to 2012.”

    So here we have one of the operators for our Overlords, a Zionist obviously, and Big Oil linked, CIA most likely given the places he worked in.

    Independent Consultant my butt, he is a minder and there to give policy directions/orders.

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