Ridiculous Washington Post Editorial Explaining How Onerous It Is For Black Youth To Behave Civilly In Public

The WP is at it again with yet another editorial by an upper class black parent whining about what a chore it is to tell their children how to behave civil in public instead of indulging in acting like a total thug.  Liberals are directly responsible for the disintegration plaguing black communities by encouraging black racism, hysteria and a disrespect for the law and one’s neighbors.  Even as black criminal behavior terrorizes millions and destroys entire cities, liberals want less police and state restraints and this is most clear in NYC where a pro-active mayor, Bloomberg, has been replaced by a Democratic mayor whose wife is black, who has decided to toss out all the rules set up by the previous Republican mayor and replaced with ‘let chaos reign’ rule which has hit his home borough, Brooklyn, very hard as murders and shootings roar onwards, making life increasingly dangerous there.


Today’s news: Mom picking kids up at school hit by stray bullet | New York Post


Safia Bibi, 35, was walking to PS 253 in Brighton Beach at about 2:30 p.m. when someone at nearby William E. Grady HS started firing in a dispute, police sources said.
Bibi, struck on the arm, was treated at Lutheran Hospital.
“How do high-school students at Grady have a gun?” Bibi said ­afterward. “Does school staff not know what the students are carrying in their bags.”


We don’t even need to see any photos or read any information (which isn’t forthcoming even though the shooter is on the loose and roaming the streets of Brooklyn!) no description of the shooter is appearing which means he was a black kid.  Generally speaking, when the media alerts the public that some killer or vicious criminal is running around the neighborhood, if the description is missing then that person is black and this is ridiculous and makes the public suspicious of ALL blacks ALL the time!


Far from preventing ‘racism’ lest anyone notice that the vast majority of murders are done by blacks (and to blacks!) our media has made racism worse because we can’t know who the police are looking for since there is zero identification  information to help the hunt.  When the white survivalist in NY shot a cop dead, we had a full description of what he looked like.  Everyone knew his face and skin color.  He was white!


This bizarre state of affairs will end badly for blacks.  Why they wish for this baffles me.  Worse is pretending that blacks are being killed by white people.  Recently, there was this video of a ‘white woman’ wandering about the high crime/mostly black/immigrant communities mainly in Brooklyn, and she was cat called and followed all over the place by…blacks and recent immigrants!  Duh!


Then a leftist cartoonist did his take on all this. In the cartoon, the cat caller were young WHITE males and joined in by a middle aged WHITE BUSINESSMAN.  Who leered at the woman who was drawn to look more like she was Hispanic or Middle Eastern.


This was very racist.  The Problem With That Catcalling Video: They Edited Out the White Guys is what Slate Magazine is falsely claiming due to the fact that everyone else noticed the cat callers were mainly black dudes.  This charge of editing is a lie.


NYC Murder Statistics: Brooklyn The Bloodiest Borough, 60 Percent Of Victims Black, And More


1. Brooklyn 36 percent

2. Bronx 27 percent

3. Queens 20 percent

4. Manhattan 15 percent

5. Staten Island 2 percent


1. Black 60 percent

2. Hispanic 27 percent

3. White 9 percent

4. Asian -4 percent


1. Shot 57 percent

Nearly all the victims of shootings were black.  And most of the murders were blacks and the issue of black on black crime has to be addressed.  Instead, blacks who are at the top of the economic pyramid are doing the exact opposite.  From today’s Washington Post is this bizarre story:  I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong. These are just a few of the humbling rules that my wife and I have enforced to keep our children safer while living integrated lives. – The Washington Post


Please note that the black parents consider these rules to be ‘humbling’ rather than polite, sane choices for behavior:


1. Never run while in the view of a police officer or security person unless it is apparent that you are jogging for exercise, because a cynical observer might think you are fleeing a crime or about to assault someone.


When we ran patrols in Brooklyn years ago, we had a list of things to look for.  Black guys running up or down streets were high on the list along with ‘swivel heads’ who looked intently at all the cars and houses and people as they walked.  The jewelry thief I took down with a broom caught my attention because he was running down the street away from the shopping district and I assumed, correctly, that he was a crook.


2. Carry a small tape recorder in the car, and when you are the driver or passenger (even in the back seat) and the vehicle has been stopped by the police, keep your hands high where they can be seen, and maintain a friendly and non-questioning demeanor.


If ANYONE questions the cops, the cops get mad, fast.  If you are friendly, the cops are generally friendly.  And EVERYONE has to keep their hands in sight, you need permission to look into your purse to get out your license, for example.


3. Always zip your backpack firmly closed or leave it in the car or with the cashier so that you will not be suspected of shoplifting.


Shopkeepers know that white teens shoplift, too.  They are watched closely, too and open back packs triggers alarms in stores for obvious reasons!  Blacks only notice when they are followed by suspicious shop owners but this happens to many other people, too.  It is just that black shoppers won’t notice this.


4. Never leave a shop without a receipt, no matter how small the purchase, so that you can’t be accused unfairly of theft.


This is plain stupid.  I ALWAY make certain I have my receipt especially since I need this to possibly return something.  Never, ever leave without it!


5. If going separate ways after a get-together with friends and you are using taxis, ask your white friend to hail your cab first, so that you will not be left stranded without transportation.


This is a self-created problem for black people.  Since taxi drivers usually have a lot of cash on them, especially at night they are prime targets of crooks many of whom are black and have guns and will use these.  So they self-defend by avoiding potential thugs and to fix this requires the black community cracking down hard on street crimes.


6. When unsure about the proper attire for a play date or party, err on the side of being more formal in your clothing selection.


Oh no!  Dress nice is evil!  Why can’t our kids dress like thugs!


7. Do not go for pleasure walks in any residential neighborhood after sundown, and never carry any dark-colored or metallic object that could be mistaken as a weapon, even a non-illuminated flashlight.


Statistics clearly show that black males in particular are responsible for 60% of all shootings so yes, looking like a thug carrying a gun is going to get the attention of everyone including fellow thugs who are black and who shoot black thugs because they are in drug territory disputes.  To avoid this, young black males have to dress and act like they are not armed drug dealers!


8. If you must wear a T-shirt to an outdoor play event or on a public street, it should have the name of a respected and recognizable school emblazoned on its front.


This advice is to a black kid going to an ivy league school on the affirmative action ‘go to Park Place for free’ card.


9. When entering a small store of any type, immediately make friendly eye contact with the shopkeeper or cashier, smile, and say “good morning” or “good afternoon.”


This is the saddest of the ‘humbling’ rules.  Mr. Brown went into a Ferguson store, snapping at the clerk, openly stealing stuff and then physically manhandling the clerk who tried desperately to stop him.  Minutes later, he refused to follow the orders of a cop, manhandled him too and got shot dead.


Why is ‘smile, say good morning’ such an onerous thing?  Why does this upper class privileged black family think they have to teach their kids this NORMAL, civil behavior as ‘survival information’ that is ‘humbling’ rather than normal, civilized behavior?  How sad is this?  I assume the parents really wish their children could waltz into a store and sneer at the staff and disregard them entirely?


Or perhaps this?  McDonald’s in Philadelphia video shows women in chair-smashing brawl | Daily Mail Online as two black women attack several black men, throwing chairs at them, all because the staff at the store explained to them, the breakfast menu was finished for the day and they must order lunch menus instead.


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8 responses to “Ridiculous Washington Post Editorial Explaining How Onerous It Is For Black Youth To Behave Civilly In Public

  1. Luc

    I have been reading yr work for awhile. You had mentioned a CIA influence at the WaPo. Plus Buffett and Ms Graham [she is or was jewish].
    Somehow the dots must connect. Now the WP is owned by Bezos.

  2. Luc

    Look at the rewards for raising someone to be bad. raise a thug and yr a hero [or a victim of the system].


  3. Yes, Elaine, this is going to end VERY badly for the black minority in this country. I fully expect them to have their population “reduced” once the GOP fails (again) (and it may take repeated failures on their part and the Dems, too) and a strongman comes to power.

  4. e sutton

    Meanwhile, in Ferguson, a very distraught young mother silently grieves, awaiting the possible acquittal of a brutal white officer who gets his rocks off by slaughtering little black boys. It is now officially a crime to be a white man in America.


  5. vengeur

    Those “Behavior Rules” are great comedy! Such horrible discrimination they suffer! The lengths wealthy blacks must go to in order to prove worthy of being considered a poor, discriminated black person in racist America. Let’s just say it: these people are addicted to victim status. It really has reached the point of absurdity.

  6. Christian W

    Seems to me someone has gone to great lengths to convince them that emotional convinction is equal to a rational argument based on facts.

  7. John

    Christian W,

    Marxism has been sold to the masses based entirely on emotional appeals. Eternal Victim is a siren song to the mediocre.

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