Liberals Blame Everyone But Themselves For Record Defeats

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 9.01.20 AM – 2014 Election Maps

The Obama administration increasingly resembles the Nixon White House after the Watergate scandal began to unravel a President who previously won a landslide victory.  Obama is in hiding.  He hid during the entire election due to his gut reaction that he was very unpopular in all communities aside from high black population centers.  This is, as I have explained in the past, due to Ferguson.  Encouraging black riots is extremely toxic for a black President and it basically killed his political power.  Include the ebola refusal to quarantine and global warming taxes on CO2 and you get a perfect storm as liberals are now highly unpopular with the average, sane voter.


I am a liberal who voted twice for Obama.  And with rising alarm, I have gone after my fellow liberals for the last year in particular due to their increasingly detached from reality belief systems which are wrecking the liberal movement and destroying the Democratic Party.


Both parties are thoroughly corrupt and Congress will continue to be ruled by the Bilderberg gang and Zionists.  I had no illusions about this.  But the civil rights issues concern me greatly and watching liberals rip up this via their refusal to face facts is most upsetting to me.  Here is a typical take on the election by delusional liberals:  “The president is basically in hiding”: Thomas Frank unloads on Dems, Kansas and crushing midterm losses –


So to start, you obviously know a thing or two about Kansas politics. What happened Tuesday night – how did Brownback and Roberts manage to pull it off?


At least Frank acknowledges that Obama is hiding. He has been hiding all summer and during the run up to the elections.  He is not leading the nation anymore.  He has been actively obstructing governors of states like NY from doing sane things such as when he forced Cuomo of NY to back down on quarantines of ebola doctors from Africa, for example.  Christie stood up to Obama and his popularity ratings shot upwards, Coumo’s fell but not totally thanks to this happening just before the election.  Give another two weeks and he would have gone the way of so many other Democratic governors.


The crazy thing is that the polls were showing the opposite. I mean, Kansas is a notoriously difficult place to poll, because it has so many rural voters. But nevertheless the polls showed both Orman and Davis winning right up till the end there.


The polls plunged really badly with the ebola crisis.  By refusing to do even the slightest thing to stop it via any sort of quarantine, people just gave up and decided they need to change parties.  And this was the final push off the cliff.  Blacks voted nearly 100% for the Democrats in this election but whites who are the majority, didn’t and so the elections were lost.  Alienating white voters who normally support Democrats is insane.  This wasn’t a race issue, it was a pure health issue.  Obama turned it into race deciding that Africa should not be put under quarantine.


It’s something of a surprise. I guess you have to chalk it up to the national Republican wave. With Roberts, you saw this enormous effort by the national Republican Party to rescue him once it became clear that he was in big trouble back in September. The Republican Party started sending all of its heavy hitters out to Kansas to rally the troops on his behalf. And in fact I myself went to one of these events and described it in Salon the other day. Chris Christie was there and a bunch of governors from Republican states and Bob Dole all showed up. Brownback was there, too. At the same time, I went to a Greg Orman event and was the only media person there. Very peculiar – I’ve never seen something like that.


This is pure BS.  The Republicans didn’t spend more than Democrats.  A number of California rich dudes poured money into the global warming CO2 tax scheme politicians and they lost, big time.  This is because their thing is highly unpopular.  The global warming march in Manhattan infuriated most Americans and represented none of the hinterlands or anyone who lived through last winter and who are worried sick about this looming, obviously cold winter.


But the robocalls were coming constantly while I was there. You’d pick up the phone and it’d be somebody – I can’t quote it exactly, but we got a robocall two days ago at my family’s house urging them to vote for Roberts. Why vote for Roberts? This is what the robocall said: it would make Obama cry. And as risible as that appeal is, I guess it worked at some level.


This is classic: almost all of the liberals whining about the election which they lost due to wacky policy positions and due to reverse racism which blames whites for everything and doesn’t examine blacks to see why their communities are being utterly destroyed and why they are butchering each other.   The ‘blame white males for everything’ game has really riled white women.


Here is the latest example of angry, violent black women:  Michael Brown’s mother accused in armed robbery of t-shirt vendors | Daily Mail Online: this news story didn’t appear in any liberal media.  They ignored it.  The ‘gentle giant’ thug has a violent family.  After liberals pursued Zimmerman relentlessly, their flaccid investigation of this violent family is proof that racism is a big problem with liberals.


Since the Democratic plan was to appeal to white women, this coddling of black thugs while attacking anyone who defends themselves from these violent blacks was the electric third rail for Democrats.  The belief that white women hate white men and are allies with black women is ridiculous.  This change in status is obvious to me: many black women have become increasingly violent.  Even black men complain about this because a lot of black female rage is aimed at them, too!


This is another verboten topic for liberals.  They don’t understand that their vision of women united has a huge flaw.  White women do not want to be attacked all the time in public by black rapists, murderers or rioters.  And they don’t want their sons and husbands attacked, either.  And they don’t want them persecuted if they are attacked and fight back successfully only to be chased around by the Justice Department which has become utterly racist these days, totally one sided.


The Salon writer then goes on a rant about taxes.  He marvels that white working class voters voted for people who raised some of the lower level taxes and fees.  Across the nation, this has been the case as BOTH parties load taxes on the lower levels.  But what the writer ignores, being a liberal, is that the ENERGY tax on CO2 hits families very hard.  The global warming stuff which taxes thin air doing nothing, is harming everyone and is very highly unpopular because unlike a sales tax which funds actions at home, this tax is international and steals local money and moves it to Wall Street and DC.


I complained about liberals for so long people think I might be a conservative.  I am not a right wing conservative, I am a traditionalist who also believes in civil rights: gay rights, sexual rights, women’s rights, minority rights, citizen’s sovereignty, democracy and human rights.


The Democrats have spent the last year gloating about bringing in several million new voters who illegally invaded our country and took away many jobs that minorities who live here would have gotten in the old days.  This open gloating about swamping white male votes with illegal aliens was insanity.


And I greatly resent it, too.  For it dilutes my vote.  This cavalier attitude about citizenship which is all about sovereign borders irritates me and makes me want to not associate with liberals.  And ditto for all Americans who are running away from liberals even as they want many things liberals want.  The liberals can’t figure this out.  They think there is something tricky going on here rather than the failure of their own policies.


Liberals don’t want democracy, they want elite rule.


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20 responses to “Liberals Blame Everyone But Themselves For Record Defeats

  1. e sutton

    Black women, violent? Nah! Brekfuss no longer served cuz you wokes up too late?

  2. Petruchio

    “Liberals Blame everyone but themselves”? No, they are just following the script. The election results last Tuesday are supposed to convince the gullible voter that thing are gonna change now. And just as importantly, the election results are also supposed to make the voters believe that they have some say, some influence in Washington DC. The Real rulers are banking on a “honeymoon” period with the voters. The elites need to have the excuse, “This change for the better will take some time. Be patient”. Of course, there will be no change. Getting, keeping, expanding their power. THAT’S what the DC ruling class is really all about. Of course the “liberals” (not really liberals; neo cons-in-disguise is more accurate) will never blame themselves. That would be going off script; it would beg the logical question, “How to fix this disaster? What do we have to do to get the voters back?” The Dems have a VERY solid record of surrendering to and/or continuing Republican policies started under Bush; they have no intention of changing. How’s that for change you can believe in? Not.

  3. Christian W

    Exactly Petrucchio. This Liberal/Dems vs Conservatives/GOP nonsense is getting old. The system is completely fake now. Scratch the surface and it’s Neoconservatives vs Neoliberals as much as anything – and both are different sides of the same coin. The politicians are all Uncle Toms now, be they White or Black. The entire system is now focused on keeping the bankrupt Wall Street system running because that is where the MIC and the elites and Zionists have their money. Wall Street is the root of their power over the system.

    What they are doing with these fake elections is using various identity groups to play against each other to keep the illusion of choice going. They are using real issues – education, law enforcement, health care, racial identification divisions, illegal aliens, “global warming/climate change”, housing and so on and so forth to charge the various groups emotionally and pit them against each other.

    Until we get real politicians who are prepared to let Wall Street go bust and start again Israel will own the US and it’s politicians, it’s law enforcement, it’s generals, it’s intelligence services and ultimately it’s citizens (tax payers without choice) – and don’t you think Netanyahu knows this perfectly well?

  4. Christian W

    I told you before Obama was elected that you would get no joy out of him. Ebola and Ferguson are just tiny drops in a sea of mismanagement and nonsense. THAT is why the Dem voters stayed at home.

    Obama was specifically chosen to perform this job. I believe he personally thought he would get more joy out of the Presidency, but his owners are cruel and enjoy torturing this black narcissist.

    Hillary was cut out as a matter of strategic choice, probably kept in reserve for the Dem ‘soccer mums’ (another voter ‘group’, see how it works?) to vote in after the GOP candidates prove unelectable/insane and the blacks have been encouraged to go insane according to my second paragraph above about pitting various identity groups against each other.

    What is not allowed, never ever, is for a candidate to emerge that speaks for the public interest and common good across artificially induced political divides and against the interests of the elites. That is what I mean with a ‘real’ politician and not an Uncle Tom owned by elitist owners.

  5. melponeme_k

    All minorities reading this blog should take a long, hard, thoughtful look at the map Elaine included on this post.

    This is a warning that all of us need to get our acts together and stop playing the victim/pity/violence card.

    Not even with our collective vote could we put Democratic party members back in office. Not even a deluge of illegal aliens could change this fact.

    The politics of ethnic division or “multiculturalism” are a tool for disenfranchising groups of people.

    Becoming a small group of “others” in a nation rapidly heading for ethnic wars is not a good position. Because I’ve traveled around the US and I’ve met a lot of people. The majority of them great, kind and curious. And there have been some who were psychotically racist. But almost all of them were white.

    So just think about that map.

  6. larry, dfh

    Change you will believe when it’s too late; because you won’t hear about it until it’s done:
    -sale of the US Postal Service (deeply discounted)
    -reduction of Social Security
    -re-importation of $3T which will make your meager income that much more worthless, and theirs that much greater.

  7. John


    And there have been some who were psychotically racist. But almost all of them were white.

    Come to Memphis. You will see the black variety here. Not every black person here is that way, for sure. But a huge number of them are, and they aren’t bashful about it either.

  8. melponeme_k


    I have no doubt that there are black racists.

    However in a hypothetical US ethnic conflict, white people will not be wiped out. But Black, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish and Indian citizens most certainly would be.

    All anyone needs to do do to come to that fact is look at the map that Elaine has displayed.

  9. igneous

    In Australia we voted in Tony Abbot as prime minister. A right wing politician from a right wing party (called the liberals ironically but basically an australian version of the republicans). I never voted for him and am totally against him and his party.
    What annoys me more though is the criticism levelled at him by left wing liberals about things like university cuts. For one thing they only complain about policies that affect them personally. In Australia our state school system is terrible but very few liberals see it as a worthy issue because most of them went to private schools. They do however go to university!!

    Australia has a huge private school system that also gets subsidised by taxes enabling liberals from the middle class to send their brats to elitist schools where they sharpen their sense of entitlement.

    I dont agree with university cuts of course.

    The whole liberal political movement now is a massive wealth grab by the upper middle and capital classes. Ideologically it is underpinned by really degenerate identity politics who’s explanations of political and financial inequality revolve around the simplistic idea that different groups are simply oppressing each other. There is no attempt to understand the economic situations that actually lead to poverty of certain groups or difference in traditional roles between men and women

  10. Willy Nilly

    Well, one thing’s for sure, with those crazy liberals out of the way, we can now look forward to a middle east where Israel rightly triumphs and rules the area over those mongrel Ay-rabs. ISIS is quaking in their boots! The Marine Corps (Love those Leathernecks!) is coming and not a minute too soon. America and Jesus, fuck yeah!

  11. vengeur

    @ e Sutton: About those black women causing a mini-riot in the McDonalds because they arrived too late for the breakfast menu, this comment rom the comments section: “McDonald’s has this outrageous policy: no breakfast after 9:45. It’s infuriating Cutting off breakfast at 9:45 is clearly racist, having no doubt a disparate impact on the later-rising black population.
    These women are the Rosa Parks of fast food.” LOL America is soooo racist.

  12. e sutton

    IK, R? Maybe you remember me. I met you a long time ago. Was it Jim Kunstler’s place? Maybe? Maybe not. Anyway, you sure seem familiar. Gnome sane?

  13. Luc

    Notable Quote, ‘I have no doubt that there are black racists.’
    In USA every decade Black males rape a MILLION White women [and some White men].
    So who is it you call racist?

  14. melponeme_k


    I’m a non-white woman who has experienced racism from whites and blacks.

    So the term racist can be worn by everyone.

    But the fact of the matter is, non-whites are called minorities for a reason. And the map on this post proves it.

  15. emsnews

    And the saddest thing is, if push comes to shove eventually, Hispanics and Asians will both side with ‘whites’ if there is a race war.

    This is why the black communities are in serious danger from themselves. By not being honest about the truth that they, themselves, are responsible for the lawlessness, destruction of family structure, hostility and high murder rates, we will see them entirely socially and politically isolated.

    I do NOT WANT THIS AT ALL. I spent years helping blacks reform themselves after being put on parole, for example, helping black communities self-patrol their own neighborhoods, and above all, improve relations in schools only to see this all collapse as they embrace the welfare/free ride/thug culture more and more.

  16. Christian W

    I believe the “black community” has always been subject to more or less open and latent racism. But I agree with Elaine that that fact does not take away the responsibility for their own behaviour within the “black community”.

  17. vengeur

    @ e Sutton: yes, we probably met somewhere in the past. I used to post a lot at the old Prudent Bear, Wall Street Bear, and even Daily Kos (which was a real education). I enjoy your comments, because like Elaine (and others here) you refuse the comfort of the democrat-republican knee-jerk thinking.

  18. emsnews

    The day Daily Kos banned me there was a mini riot and dozens were banned. This was years ago.

    Years ago, Salon was in talks to hire me when the editor was suddenly fired and it was taken over by hostile forces and driven off the cliff.

  19. Luc

    CW, ‘I believe the “black community” has always been subject to more or less open and latent racism.’..and you are in North Europe?

  20. Christian W

    I am, but I was talking here about the US “Black community” coming from slavery, through the Jim Crow laws, to very recent (1960’s) voting rights (that’s only a couple of generations), to the current mess with so many young black males in prison (feeding the for profit prison system) or dying early deaths from drug related crimes, unemployment, ghetto life (all related to the War on Drugs) etc. The US supported apartheid in South Africa for many years, up until the 1980’s. Dick Cheney had no problem with that and he was vice President recently.

    I don’t think the current situation is only the “Black community’s” fault, but it doesn’t help there are a lot of so called black community “leaders” (vultures) who profit personally from playing on the victim mentality and creating a story of suffering and oppression as a collective self image for the Black community. No wonder the “blacks” put little stock in school if they already feel apart.

    For some reason, if you look at recent “black Americans” who have become notable figures in US society they have been of the “Uncle Tom” variety. Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice, Eric Holder. Quite a contrast to MLK. Condoleeza Rice and Obama are held up as role models for Black kids, right? In other words, tame “Blacks” who do as they are told and behave as they are told to, are the role models for blacks. (Oprah is an Auntie Jemima of sorts).

    It seems obvious to me a lot of old collective patterns are living on deep inside the US collective consciousness making things difficult.

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