No Change: Democratic Leaders Keep On Trucking, Blame Voters For Defeat

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Huffington Post liberal comments about ebola showing how thoroughly they have been brainwashed into believing that quarantines are stupid.


Kaci Hickox, Nurse Who Fought Ebola Quarantine, To Leave Maine: Report: The entire Democratic voting base was tricked into supporting open borders to ebola carriers!  This insane policy was pushed hard by Democratic comedians, commentators, the far left in general and this was one of the most highly unpopular things the ‘Democrats’ ever, ever did with 80% of the public demanding ebola quarantines.  This, in addition to Ferguson and coddling black rioters plus the insane global warming hysteria as cold blasts the US repeatedly has driven the party nearly out of the political arena.


UN Secretary-General Warns Against Quarantining Ebola Health Workers this month which increases public rage towards the useless UN.  Whenever Zionists want war, the US public supports this and decries the UN activities thanks to our media being run by Zionists who support these useless, endless wars.  Unfortunately, we had virtually no anti-Muslim war candidates at this point in time so we had no choices.


The saddest thing I see across the entire left spectrum is the vain attempt at understanding why they lost so badly this time around.  Every possible excuse is cooked up to explain this defeat.  The idea that the top three key issues this fall had the Democrats on the ‘stupid/destructive/insane’ side doesn’t occur to them all at all.  That is, they ignore the real issues which poll after poll showed quite clearly, the public is on the other side.


Global warming should have been dropped like a hot potato last winter.  Instead, Obama redoubled his global warming stuff and then shut down, via his own fiat, many of the power plants using cheaper coal last winter.  My fuel bill shot up by 200% in one month!  I was enraged.  As were many voters. We knew this wasn’t mysterious, it was obviously caused deliberately by Obama.


How they hijacked the midterms by Thomas Frank shows how unrepentant Democratic leaders are.  They are blaming ‘lies’ by the GOP for this mess.  According to the Democrats, ‘poisonous lies’ especially about race, education, climate and disease issues led to victory whereas the angels running the Democrats were truth tellers.  This is what happens when lies are cooked up in secret such as the lies about how quarantines don’t work, for example.


The pool of knowledge we all drink from has been poisoned by ideologies.  THIS IS NOTHING NEW.  Both left and right have done this for generations.  Recognizing this is important.  Quarantines, for example, are the only way to stop dangerous diseases that are communicable when there are no vaccinations for it.  AIDS spread world wide due to right wingers refusing to take it seriously because it killed mainly gays.


Now it is all over the place and killing women, children, men, gays, straights and we can’t stop it.


Big Review Set By Democrats After Election Losses. Once again, Republicans used their patented brand of fake populism to make Democrats look like chumps according to leftists.  Note how liberals have decided that ‘popular’ is FAKE.  They are convinced despite polls that the general public is scared of global warming and want the cops to not fight off black thugs, for example.


GOP’s frightening plan to melt the planet: Koch $, burning fossil fuel, and junk science is a typical liberal take on the election blaming the Koch brothers for defeat when Mother Nature did this all by Herself via blasting much of the country outside of Miami and LA, with severe cold.


Liberals plan to double down on stupidity:  Where Obama went wrong: How failing to “seize the radical moment” explains his terrible week.  The liberal story is, Obama wasn’t doctrinaire enough.  He was too ‘nice’.


George Elonge · Top Commenter · Los Angeles, California
Lol…here is what went wrong. The Democratic leadership needs a backbone. Need to stand and defend your successes instead of apologizing for them. John Stewart said it perfectly the other day. Obama has tremendous accomplishments but these cowards decided to run away from his record. Just like Al Gore did in 2000. Ironically the candidates who openly embraced Obama all WON! That tells you something. So do not need a study. You need a backbone. Stop being such spineless cowards. Stand up and fight!


Jon Stewart has been key to this defeat.  His goofy broadcasts have spread many, many lies.  His ebola lies were particularly scary and his pretense that we are going to roast to death all last winter was just incredible. Stupid, that is.  As for some people ’embracing Obama and won!’ belief: these were nearly all minority candidates who get 98% of the vote no matter who they run as long as they are black.


Then there is this comment which makes a tiny bit of sense but still is in denial about the basic fact that the Democrats are pursuing policies the public hates:


Geoffrey Sea · Top Commenter · Harvard University
The DSCC decion to continually pump money into the Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign in Kentucky, when Grimes had zero chance of winning as indicated by the polls, was a sign of serious corruption at the upper levels of the party. Grimes was the darling of the Clintons, and became the nominee when the Clintons strong-armed Ashley Judd out of the Kentucky Senate race. Grimes wound up losing by 15.5 points.


The funding decisions made by the DSCC and leading Democratic PACS reflected control by the Clintons as preparation for 2016. That is why Democrats suffered such massive losses, after an apportionment of resources that bore no resemblance to strategic requirements.


Likewise in Ohio, the Clinton-connected ODP openly sabotaged the gubernatorial candidate, and the party did not even run candidates to oppose the GOP in many state legislative districts. Though Ohio once was a blue state, the Democratic Party itself has turned the state deeply red. Republicans have swept every state office in 4 of the last 5 elections.


Unless the party undertakes a house-cleaning of this corruption with a purge of those responsible, Democrats will not be winning any national elections, presidential or midterm.


Cleaning the leaders and replacing with what?  People who are convinced we need to fear global warming more than anything on earth?  Huh?  More people who think that ebola should come to the US?  More destruction of our schools in vain attempts to educate the black children who are openly refusing to learn much of anything anymore?


The expert in the above article bemoans how the Democrats lost Ohio.  I see it is easy to understand why:  Ohio crime statistics: 


The 3,524 violent crimes reported in the first quarter of 2014 represent a 17.8% decrease from the 4,285 violent crimes reported in the first quarter of 2014.
 The 20,881 property crimes reported in the first quarter of 2014 represent a 19.6% decrease from the 25,974 property crimes reported in the first quarter of 2013.
 All of the cities in this report experienced a decrease in both violent and property crime from the first quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014.


The Republicans cracked down on crime in the big cities!  In NY, this happened, too under the GOP and now that Blasio is running things, crime is climbing rapidly again.  Then there is Obama’s choice for AG:  Loretta Lynch from Brooklyn.  Black crime there is climbing rapidly while she concentrates on prosecuting white cops.


Loretta Lynch to be named top choice to replace Eric Holder – NY Daily News


“The nation is about to meet Loretta Lynch for the first time — but in the five boroughs, she is already known for her character, toughness and uncompromising sense of justice,” said Mayor de Blasio.


She is tough with cops and not criminals.   Back at Ferguson, things are out of control again.  Student journalist beaten up by Ferguson protesters in a church because he tried to film meeting because they are most likely plotting how to destroy the town further which is illegal.


Obama calls Missouri Gov. Nixon ahead of grand jury report on Ferguson shooting – Washington Times because he wants to prevent any force that can stop rioters!


Various reports have indicated that the officer, Darren Wilson, may not be charged with a crime. The news leaks have prompted predictions of more civil unrest in Ferguson, where protesters looted and burned stores after the teen’s death.


Earlier in the day, the president also received a briefing from the Justice Department about its “ongoing efforts to assist state and local government.”


The president will continue to receive updates on the situation from his team, including Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.


This is a black lynch mob like the one that persecuted Mr. Zimmerman.  In this case, it is worse because it is persecuting the cops.


Then there is the school business:  Racial Imbalance Persists at Elite Public High Schools –


Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott said the data showed there was work to be done both to get black and Hispanic students to take the test and to help them pass it.


“I’m not ever happy when I see a low percentage of those students participating in schools that are high rigor,” he said. “It’s important for the halls of Stuyvesant, the halls of the Bronx High School of Science, to be reflective of the city itself.”…


In this city of 1.1 million public school students, about 40 percent are Hispanic, 32 percent are black, 14 percent are Asian and 14 percent white. More than two-thirds of Stuyvesant High School’s 3,247 students are Asian (up from 48 percent in 1999). At Brooklyn Technical High School, 365 of the 4,669 students, or 8 percent, are Hispanic; at the Bronx High School of Science, there are 114 blacks, 4 percent of the 2,809-student body.


Basically, black students want the tests dumbed down and to have affirmative action giving them places there via skin color, not intelligence.  Affirmative action has destroyed black efforts at working hard to learn things.  They now expect to coast in via tribal choice rather than skills and this degrades people’s opinion of black student ability and they get lazier, feeling no effort is required because the up staircase for them is an elevator.


Elizabeth Sciabarra, who oversees student enrollment planning, said the city had increased its efforts to inform families about the test, with the hope that interested students of all backgrounds might start preparing earlier. But, she noted: “It is a choice. There are kids who might be wonderful candidates for this who will just not sit for the test. That transcends ethnicity; that’s across the board.”


Note how the ‘expert’ lies.  It is NOT ‘across the board’ problem, Asians work very hard and get in via scholarship.  Ditto, white students.  Many Asians are recent immigrants so the excuse about language is a lie.


Joshua N. Feinman, an economist who graduated from Stuyvesant and is the parent of a Bronx Science junior, recently released a study challenging the validity of the test, saying it had not undergone normal predictive bias studies to see if it was skewed toward any gender or racial groups.


The left is trying their hardest to claim that neutral tests are really racist.  And they are attacking education itself:  Expert claims good parenting has little effect on a child’s IQ.  I know many smart children who refused to learn from adults and ended up a mess by adulthood.  Children who work hard do well.  This salient fact is ignored by liberals.  The fact that ALL schools show the same problem for black students across the board is ignored.


Are all blacks suffering from lower intelligence or are they victims of their own culture?  It is obvious to me.  I knew a number of black kids who worked hard at school and grew up to be full adults doing well.  They worked hard because their parents didn’t tolerate the gangsta culture at home.  It is that simple.


Generally speaking, these were black immigrant families who didn’t qualify for welfare and so they worked long hours and pushed their children to work on school just as hard.  This is how Asians do it!


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14 responses to “No Change: Democratic Leaders Keep On Trucking, Blame Voters For Defeat

  1. melponeme_k

    I was in wonderment about how quickly they muzzled that nurse. I was also in wonderment how much they pushed her cause when she was obviously causing people to support quarantine procedures even more.

    The fact is, she has to leave Maine. No one wants her there. She is a pariah since she thought playing into media frenzy was worth more than protecting the health of Maine (and US) citizens.

    I doubt she will receive much welcome anywhere she moves.

  2. emsnews

    Exactly. I suppose she could move to LA or DC. Embrace Obama and make his Presidency even more toxic.

  3. e sutton


    Law, order, education, civility, decency? Just more stuff black people don’t like?

  4. Petruchio

    I used to post regularly on HuffPo, but stopped once they started heavily censoring unwelcome commentary. My commentary was almost always unwelcome. Once you had to identify yourself, I decided HuffPo wasn’t about free and open comments. As for education and what methods are effective and which are not, there aren’t many issues that are controversial. The “experts” who claim race neutral tests are racist know FULL WELL they are not racist; they get paid to lie. Just like the economists who lie and lie and lie some more about the state of the US economy. Example? The unemployment numbers. Another? The inflation rate. US elites are merely pushing the Nazi philosophy about educating the peasants: teach them to learn how to read traffic signs and count to 100. That’s all the peons need to learn.

  5. vengeur

    I have to disagree with you on this statement : “AIDS spread world wide due to right wingers refusing to take it seriously because it killed mainly gays.” People were calling for the closure of the SF gay bath houses when AIDS started to really spread. But it was not done. You can not blame that on right wingers. AIDS was not spread due to right wingers or even average americans. The blame for the spread of aids in the US lies SOLELY with members of gay male population who refused to curtail an insanely promiscuous lifestyle of UNPROTECTED gay sex . Please get real on this.

  6. DeVaul

    Off Topic:

    Hey look! I’m not the only person who mixed up Obama and Osama (a few years ago in a comment here). CNN did it too:

    At least “Obama” was not “dumped in the Indian Ocean”.

  7. Christian W

    Here is an article that puts the election into an interesting perspective:

    ” Eventually the tired game will exhaust itself. Beneath the billions of dollars U.S. elections are lifeless events. The predictable flopping from Democrat to Republican and back again, with voters given no real choice but to punish the party in power — by electing the party that was punished previously. This endless, irrational dynamic is the foundation of the U.S. electoral system.

    The motor force pushing this logic is money, billions worth per cycle. The richest 1% threw nearly $4 billion to influence voters and to prepay for political favors from the winning candidates.

    U.S. Elections have become corporate PR campaigns, with corporations doling money out equally to both parties. This bi-partisan vote buying guarantees that, aside from a couple of fervently debated social issues, a consistent, core economic agenda is firmly in place that favors the 1%.

    This is why voters always punish the party in power. The ruling party earns the hatred of working-class voters by proving their love for the corporations and billionaires. The economy — and specifically jobs — has always been a priority for voters, but the economy is used by politicians to enrich the already-rich, who under Obama have received 95 percent of wealth created since he began as president. Such brazen inequality doesn’t happen by accident, but by policy, and no politicians are complaining about it.

    During the “heated” debates of the midterm election, there was virtually no discussion of the economy. The two parties have nothing to debate about on this issue; they’re in total agreement. The same is true about foreign policy and the $700 billion dollars annually spent on the military.

    Neither party complains that U.S. taxpayers have spent, according to a reputable study, $4-6 trillion dollars on the ongoing wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bi-partisan consensus prevented the topic from reaching the campaign trail, while guaranteeing that the insane and completely futile war policy continues.

    Most Americans understand that U.S. politics equals legalized corruption. And consequently voter turnout sank to a new historic low of 38 percent. But even this number is highly misleading. One need only imagine if national congressional elections were voted on separately, instead of sharing the ballot with state elections and local ballot initiatives that voters actually care about. If this happened voter turnout would plummet to the teens, or lower, and could not be mislabeled “democracy.” The popularity of the U.S. Congress hovers around 10 percent, which means that 90 percent of the population consistently views this body as an alien entity, serving the interests of the parasitic super-rich.”


    Ironically, as Obama continues to act in favor of the very wealthy, the Republican-controlled congress will give the president a chance to regain his lost popularity among Democrats. The Republicans are likely to use their control of the House and Senate to put forward legislation to appease their Christian fundamentalist base, targeting either abortions, immigrants, homosexuals, etc.

    Obama will then get a chance to act as a “progressive” by using his veto power. After doing nothing for working people during his six years as president, Obama can become a “hero” again over a couple of social issues, just in time to re-energize Democratic voters for the 2016 election, which will falsely be labeled “the most important election of our lifetime.”


    So, is it strange that the popularity of Congress hovers around 10%, when 90% of new wealth created go to the already extremely wealthy?

    The US is self destructing rapidly and the voters know this and sense it. For the vast majority of Americans the US reached Peak Wealth two or three decades ago.

    Elaine mentioned that she got blocked from a news site because of a take over and blocked, along with other people, from another (fake) liberal site because her views didn’t match the official so called “Democratic” narrative. This is just part of those $billions the elites plow into the political system to control the official narrative at work.

    The bottom paragraph in the article also highlights something I mentioned a few days ago. The Republicans will push social issues that drives the “Dems” nuts – just in time for the Presidential election when the Dems will roll out Hillary Clinton as the Great Saviour, just as Obama was supposed to be the Great Saviour from Dubya Bush.

    And people actually fall for that crap and vote time and time again for their own self destruction at the hands of bought lackeys.

  8. emsnews

    BOTH parties are bankrupting America. BOTH parties support ‘free trade’ which have decimated jobs at home while running up an immense, gigantic trade deficit with the world, the biggest in history.

    BOTH parties lie about inflation, both lie about wars. Both are owned by Zionists and foreigners. Both let in a flood of illegal aliens to destroy unions and drive Americans into poverty.

    And I have railed against both parties for many years now. Sad, isn’t it?

  9. John

    It’s not the 1.0%. It’s the .01% that are causing this mess. The other .99% are the fall guys and plunder targets of the .01%.


    The blame for the spread of aids in the US lies SOLELY with members of gay male population who refused to curtail an insanely promiscuous lifestyle of UNPROTECTED gay sex .

    I don’t know if I agree with “solely,” but there is much truth in this. The bath-house bunch screamed blue murder when told to stop having random, unprotected sex, along the lines of “you’re not the boss of me!” Then they all expected a blank check for medical care when they got HIV and their bodies started to deteriorate. Then they screamed “homophobia!” when the medical community as a whole failed to drop every other area of medical research and focus only on AIDS research.

    It’s not just prejudice that has made social mainstreaming so hard for gays as a whole. The childish, churlish attitudes of many gays have made society as a whole dismiss them as irresponsible, whiny children.

  10. Luke

    One way to be ‘un blocked’ is contact yr provider and ask for a new IP.
    May work and only takes a few minutes.
    This may help,

  11. Petruchio

    I’m not sure the Dems really DO blame the voters. That’s just for public consumption. In reality, Obama and his handlers aren’t stupid; sleazy and corrupt and morally and ethically bankrupt, yes, but not stupid. Obama and his handlers know FULL WELL they are unpopular with the voter. The political wh#res of both Parties couldn’t care less what the voters think. That much should be obvious based on the past thirty+ years since Reagan The elites’ script says the Repugs retake the Senate this election–and make Obama a lame duck Prez. I suppose the elites are going to continue the ‘gridlock’ look for public view. You know, a pox on BOTH Parties, both Parties are to blame for this, blah blah blah. Arrest them all and start from scratch, imho.

  12. DeVaul

    Speaking of “no change”:

    “No more bailouts: BoE chief proposes global rules to stop taxpayers rescuing failing banks”


    “The new global rules will force creditors to bear banks’ losses, ensuring that taxpayers’ money should never be used again to bail out banks.

    The proposal was unveiled by Mark Carney, chairman of the Switzerland-based Financial Stability Board (FSB) and governor of the Bank of England.”


    “The new rules would require big banks to hold much more money against losses, which Carney called a “watershed” moment, adding that the bailout by the taxpayers in 2008 and 2009 was “totally unfair.”


    “The new rules are a long way off being implemented, however. They will need to go through consultation and most new rules will only take effect by 2019. They would also require big global banks to hold a minimum amount of cash to make sure they don’t have to run to the government for emergency help.”


  13. emsnews

    HAHAHA…the ‘banking RESERVES’ have to be at least 10% of loans.

    Alas, none of the EU banks except maybe Germany, do this. The US Federal Reserve has NO reserves anywhere near 10% or even 1%.

  14. Luke

    Well The Fed does print the notes, yes? When in doubt [or debt] print more.

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